“Please sit down, Mr. Giles. I will be with you in a moment,” said with a blank expression on her face.

Brian sits down on the proffered chair facing her after having been left waiting in her reception room for 15 minutes. This is supposed to be an important meeting. At least that was what was stated in the memo, he got. But, she continues fussing with her paperwork, as he waits patiently to see what is to happen.

“Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with me,” she says in a very business-like manner. “I will try to not keep you away from you work, too long.”

He is silent as he awaits to hear what this is all about.

“Mr. Giles, I am going to address you as Brian for this meeting. It reflects the close working relationship that we have enjoyed for the last five years. You may address me as Helen for this meeting, too.”

“OK, Mrs. Jordan. Oh,….. Helen,” he corrects himself.

“Brian, I will come right to the matter at hand. It has come to my attention that you are seeking other employment. And that you have received some substantial offers elsewhere. You, of course, deserve them. You have been a very valuable member of our staff here. We would miss your considerable contributions here, if you leave.”

“Is there any way I can get you to reconsider? To get you to stay?”

“I have always enjoyed working here with this team. But, as you might know, my wife is carrying our second child. We simply have to move from our condo, to a larger place, preferably a house. We plan on having other children, too.

My wife has been very patient with how I haven’t gotten a pay raise in these last three years. But, she has reasonably stated that we need the additional funds to finance our life together. We are avoiding her going to work, since I love having her at home when I come home from work, and we want us to raise our children, not anyone else to do so.”

“I can understand that, for sure. My husband has generously agreed to do his work at home, so that he can keep things in line there for us, with our children. We feel the same as you two do about our children. And Mitch gets enough time to carry on his work there, too. He cooks a fine meal, too.”

“Yes, I enjoyed meeting Mitch at our first staff get-together. He seems like a great guy.”

“Yes, he is,” she replied with enthusiasm.

“But, I have to face the reality of our situation. I can’t delay a decision on this much longer.”

“I agree with you, Brian, that it has been an extended time that you and other key persons here have had to wait for deserved promotions and pay raises.

As you know, since you have been part of the effort, the company has been moving forward very rapidly. The financing for all of this has just begun to catch up. The executive board has discussed this matter, just recently. They are totally on board to catch up on the deserved advancement of our key personnel, of which you are one. They have mentioned promotions, pay raises and bonuses to make up for the delays in recognizing your contributions. It is intended that this will be handled soon. No more than six months from now.

You have noticed that I have not insulted your intelligence by making any short term promises. Because of several pending business transactions that are in process, the timing is uncertain. But, the intention is firm.

Is there anything that I can do in the short term to help you to be patient for things to work out?”

She sat there, behind her desk expectantly awaiting his response. Her eye brow lifted very briefly and then she sat back and relaxed waiting.

Brian sat quiet, alive in his thoughts. He had caught the phrases: on board, intended and timing is uncertain. He knew what that meant. No promises, just positive assertions. But, she had the reputation, of which he was a witness, that she didn’t blow smoke. If she said it, she firmly intended to follow through. Besides, if they didn’t follow through on this, he could always leave later. He was still young enough to start elsewhere, and he would still be in demand for his expertise.

But, how was he going to present this to his wife. She had been patient long enough. She wants (and deserves) action now.

Helen was reading his face and could see the many emotions as they crossed his face. Oh, Oh. She could see the doubt and concern there now. She decided that she needed to take immediate action, if this meeting wasn’t going to fail.

She rose from behind her desk and came around to behind Brian. He didn’t even notice, since he was deep in his thoughts. She reached out to massage his shoulder muscles. And whispered, “Just relax Brian. Maybe I can help you to sort things out.”

“What?” He stammered as he came out of his deep thoughts.

“It’s OK, Brian. Just relax. And perhaps, I can give you a reason to be patient!”

“Helen, I am totally in love with my wife, as you are with Mitch. I have never cheated on her.”

“Brian, this has nothing to do with them. They are each secure in our love of them. This is BUSINESS. I really need you to stay,” she continues as her hands play in his hair and around his chest and shoulders. “You are a key to my and this company’s future. I need you to stay.”

With that she rounds the chair and leans over to kiss him. He is resistant at first, but gives in under the very tender and determined approach that she uses. She puts his hands on to her breasts outside of her blouse. He gently squeezes them. She moans and continues to kiss him, adding her tongue in his mouth to her efforts.

His hands begin to search her body for more inspiration and he finds her pussy over her skirt. She unhooks it, so that he can further explore underneath and she unhooks his trousers, so that she can do the same to him. She moves her mouth down to the newly freed penis as he continues to fondle her pussy. They are both getting very wet.

She loosens her blouse, lifts her skirt and pulls his trousers down. She has no panties on. She lowers herself on to his lap and the very hard love tool, there. As she settles in for a fun ride, she resumes kissing him on the mouth. He gets a faint taste of himself in the process and his already ignited sex drive is now in-flamed.

His mouth moves down to her exposed breasts and he energetically nurses on them. Since, she has had a baby recently and is still lactating, he gets a generous dose of her milk. He loves it, and any resistance that he has is completely gone, now.

She has inserted him into herself and is facing him on his lap as she rides him enthusiastically like a bucking bronco. They are melting into each other and wildly inflamed in their passion. The milk from her breasts is leaking into his hand and mouth. All at once, she explodes in her climax and then he follows soon after that.

They come down back to earth in each other’s arms holding on tight. She smiles up at him and he nuzzles her neck. Then she rises and rearranges her clothing into a more business like presentation. He does the same.

Brian, I expect you to come for a meeting in my office every week, to AHEM, keep me up with your progress. I will try to move things forward for you a little quicker.

And then she smiled as she said, “Now get out of my office and back to work.”

He didn’t know what to say, so he said nothing. He rose up and moved towards the door to leave. As he did, she thinks, “One down!”

And as he leaves the office, he sees Lester from Accounting sitting in the ante room, looking up at him.


I am new at home ownership. It is my first home of my own, bought with a VA loan. It is at a low interest rate and because it doesn’t require mortgage insurance it is well within my affordability. I do keep getting letters trying to attract me away from my current loan. They all ignore the fact that even if I would get a smaller interest rate, that that would be eaten up by the cost of the required mortgage insurance under their plans. This whole thing reemphasizes my basic distrust of anything that is advertised. Too bad, too. Since there are probably at least some really good deals that are promoted in the advertising world. But it is hard to tell the good from the bad, and there is very little protection for the buying public (Buyer Beware!) when they are scammed in the process.

After my brief venture with the military, I finished my college work in electronic engineering with a master’s degree. A couple of years working as a stooge in an engineering firm led to me getting a really good job with a local firm that designs and builds testing instruments for industry. I am being treated very well and the work is interesting, with them always trying to push the envelope and keep ahead of any competitors. The pay is midlevel for this kind of work, but the ambiance of the work place, the camaraderie of my fellow workers and the location near to my friends and family make it a very fine place for me to be for several years.

I tend to be a loner, which saves me from unwarranted intrusions and demands for favors (and money) from pleasant or unpleasant friends (?). But, when I need help, like moving into my condo, it also leaves me without the requisite ‘friend pool’ to get help in my case, also. Good thing that there is a local moving company the uses starving students to help move loners like me when it is necessary. They are relatively inexpensive also. But, they do amazingly have a $200 base charge to even move their truck to the pick-up point. When the final bill was presented, it was very honest and reasonable as to the final amount to my relief.

My condo had been checked out by one of the freelance guys who do this kind of work. Mostly former builders of real estate, I understand. They supposedly go over the premises with a fine toothed comb and a very detailed check list. How much of it they actually carry out is debatable, but there is a bond to cover anything that latter turns up unfavorable that they should have found in their inspection. In the meantime, the condo which had been built by a local contractor twenty years ago and according to the real estate agent had been built to the highest codes and building standards (Not that that was all that apparent from a cursory look.) and had been refurbished to look brand new as far as I could tell. It had all new appliances and new granite countertops.

As I settled in I found the place to be very comfortable. It is relatively warm, and solid. Even though it is a third-floor walk-up, it doesn’t even shiver in the most severe wind storms. A good sign, I would think. Being on the third floor with no elevator has its benefits, too. No one comes up to bother me unless it is very important. And I get my regular dose of exercise just going up and down the stairs. Also, my cleaning lady calls it a perfect ‘man cave.’ Easy to clean up and furnished to the minimum necessary for my admittedly simple life.

My neighbors on my landing which includes four doors, are very cheerful, helpful, relatively quiet and best of all, private. I don’t know them well and don’t intend to do so. But, they are very polite when I encounter them. Best of all they make no show of recognition when I have a delightful and willing lady up to entertain me in my ‘cave.’ A consideration that I am perfectly willing to extend to them too, at the M.Y.O.B. Arms.

Things moved along very well for several months, but then wouldn’t you know a fly came into the ointment. The dishwasher that I had not used since I had moved in decided to leak water onto my kitchen floor. I don’t think that it was purposely designed to do that. In fact I was absolutely sure that it wasn’t, and so decided to get it repaired. I contacted the condo management and found that the regular plumbing and appliance repairman was on vacation for a month.

They suggested that I use the yellow pages. What kind of responsible repairman goes on vacation for a month? Damn, what is happening to the level of professionalism these days, I thought. When I came down from my high horse, I decided to contact the moving company that I had used. After all, they had moved me well without completely emptying my bank account. Actually my bank account wasn’t on the moving list. But, I digress.

So, I called them and they said that they didn’t do those kinds of referrals because of the possible legal repercussions. A very sensible attitude in my mind. But, they did refer me to the Job offices at the local community college and the local university for possibilities among their always needy students. I said thank you very much and did just so. A very nice sounding lady said that she would mail me a list of possibilities. It arrived with three days. Now that was very fast service, a rarity for efforts through the mail, even though the university is only three miles away.

When I checked over the lengthy list, I noticed that it listed a lot of services that I hadn’t asked for and didn’t need. Oh well, I might need all of them some time in the future. But, there were several ones that addressed my immediate need. And one of them was from a beautiful girl (picture included) who was in her third year of studying mechanical engineering and had a family background in appliance repair of which she had shared in. She listed a very reasonable rate of charge and noted that she had her own transportation and tools. I didn’t see how this could be any better and so called the listed number. I got a voice mail and left the requisite info to contact me back. Funny that they almost always ask for the return number. Don’t voice mails record the sending number? Don’t know.

I received an answer while I was at work the next day, and I returned that call with another one that went to voice mail, but included my name, address and the possible working time for her on Saturday. Again I received a return message with an okay, and the suggested time of noon. She would probably be sleeping in late with no classes on Saturday and a night of partying the night before. At least this is what I guessed. It didn’t occur to me that she might have another repair appointment in the morning before mine. I didn’t know her, you know. And my thinking about women can be quite smarmy at times based on some very vexing results that I had encountered in my ‘fly by’ relationships with them.

However, she arrived right on time on Saturday at noon, with her little sedan and large tool kit, which she had to wheel up to my condo’s three floors. She didn’t seem to struggle with it, though, despite the fact that she was not a large lady. In fact she was slim and medium height, but from what I saw in relationship to the tool box, definitely not a weakling. As she approached the door, I through the spyhole saw a radiant face with a very large smile, so I let her in with few misgivings.

“Hello Mr. Sandvig, my name is Donna. I am here to fix your dishwasher. What is the problem?”

“First of all, you may call me Frank. And second of all, it is leaking water onto the floor when I try to use it.” “It isn’t supposed to do that, is it,” I inquired smarmingly?

She grinned and said, “No it isn’t. But, it is not unusual amongst bachelors, since they usually forget to run it at least once each two weeks to keep the seals soft and functional. When did you last run it?”

“I never have in the six months that I have been here.”

“Well, that probably answers that. Let me check out the seals that I can see first and that will probably tell me the condition of the rest.”

She looked at the clock on the microwave oven and jotted it down on her job log. And then she proceeded to open up the dishwasher door and inspect the seals. She was bent over with the usual plumber’s view of her derriere. In her case it was not an unpleasant view. She had a thong on and it covered practically nothing. My presence in the kitchen was not at all necessary to her carrying out her professional endeavor, but you couldn’t have moved me from that view with a gun, knife and atomic weapon.

I thought that she might have looked backward towards me, but I couldn’t tell for sure. But, anyway, she remained very busy in whatever she was doing. After a bit she said that she would have to take the back off to have a better view of the seals in the back. I said, “Okay, you seem to know what you are doing.”

She remarked, “I should, I have been doing it since I was ten years old. At first helping my father on his calls. I loved him so and always wanted to work with him. Much in contrast to my brothers who were never interested at all. All they wanted to do was play school team sports and video games at home. However, they both got athlete scholarships to college and are doing very well. I got some help, but am paying for most of it myself. These weekend jobs help a lot.”

Even though my ogling view was now obscured, my respect for this young woman skyrocketed. She was young, smart, sexy in a understated way and a hard worker. I couldn’t remember ever meeting her equal in all of my twenty-eight years. And she seemed to be making eyes at me, too. That is when she had very brief moments she could spare from her work. After a bit, she closed up the back and said that it should be fine now. She had used some kind of salve to soften the seals and had adjusted them for effective use. She picked up her tools and made out the voucher for me to sign. She was paid through the college she said. It was considered tax free if done that way.

The voucher only showed thirty minutes. I asked her to change it to an hour. I wanted to be fair, and also impress this very fine young lady…..plumber.

She cheerfully complied. And then I asked if she was in a hurry, or could we have some coffee and talk. She said that her next appointment wasn’t for three hours, so she had plenty of time. I poured us each a cup and we began the conversation:

“I noticed that you are in the mechanical engineering program at the university. By the way that you handled this, I can see why. You have a flair in the use of your tools and a very fine understanding of mechanical things. My specialty is electronic engineering. I finished my master’s degree locally and have a job with Test Tool Industries.”

“Thank you for the commendation. Yes, my love for my Dad led me to this specialty and I have no reason to second guess it. I am doing quite well at the ‘U.’ I do have financing challenges, though. My scholarships were not as big as my brothers’. And I don’t want to have too much of a debt when I graduate from school. The jobs really help, but there is still a bit of a shortfall. I have another line that I use to augment my budget though.”

“It is very private and discreet. I tell almost no one about it, except for ones that I think might be interested. It appeared to me that you might be one, since I saw you admiring my derriere while I was working.”

I was stunned at being caught, but even more concerned that I might have hurt her feelings, “I am so sorry if I offended you while you were working so hard for me.”

“No offense taken. What is the use of having an attractive body, if I can’t show it off for other’s pleasure at times!”

“What an enlightened attitude. I commend you for being truly futuristic about sexual mores. I look forward to the time when affection and sex is recognized for just what it is, a means for people to express their feelings of kinship and friendship while satisfying their visceral needs, too.”

“I have never heard it expressed in exactly that way before, but I whole heartedly agree with you. And I enjoy it very much. Would you be shocked to continue this discussion and its possible results?”

“Not at all. I was hoping for that. I might add, to that that I believe that sex for reproduction is necessary only for the times when we want to have children. The rest of our lives it should be viewed as fun and enjoyed that way.”

“Wow, you are thinking right down the same lines as me. How did you get to this?”

“I grew up as a boy, with all of the attendant challenges. It was especially difficult when I learned about girls and the pleasures that could be shared with them, but then was concurrently informed that I would have to wait for years to actually share in that. Talk about a bummer! I had many sleepless nights over that, with a number of ‘wet dreams’ too. And I was still mostly ignorant of what was to come with sex. They seemed to think that this would help. But, it didn’t. Instead it served to spur a sense of frustrated speculation about what was to come, instead of a sense of adventure waiting for it to happen.

And in the meantime the girls would use our rising sexuality to tease us and torment us. Much of that was due to their own ignorance of the effect that they could have on us. But, not all. Some of it was deliberate and very cruel. And they teased us about things that we didn’t even know about yet, like talking about ‘snarfs’ who supposedly wanted to smell the girl’s privates and ‘larfs’ who wanted to lick them. Didn’t know what this was about for years. It only fed my yearnings to know and experience whatever was good about it.”

Donna sat back and thought about all of this for a bit while enjoying a few sips of her coffee. And then said, “Frank, I have never heard such an honest reiteration of a young man’s sexual development in my life. Thank you for that. Would you like to hear mine? It might be shocking in some respects.”

Yes, I would like that. And though I am not shock proof, I am very nonjudgemental about these kinds of thing. Go ahead and proceed. Don’t stop due to any of my facial expressions. I will just be following along with the emotional issues that go along with your story.”

“I was raised in a wonderful family of mom, dad and three brothers. Up to the time that I was ten I was blissfully ignorant of any issues with the difference of my private area and those of my brothers. I then got the talk from my mother about ‘the birds and bees’ and of my coming adventures with menstruation. She was very matter of fact about it all, and warned me that ill use of my privates can lead to very bad results for me like disease and unwanted pregnancies. She informed me that unfairly it was put upon the females to use the most sensibility in sexual matters. Because they reap the most benefits and responsibilities in this regard, and also because males have and show so little sense about it. ‘Not all their fault,’ she said since they are much guarded by sight and have very little ability to control it until they achieve maturity at usually about 25 years old.

Virtually every word that my mother shared with me came exactly true. My brothers were all older than me, and their curiosity of the female caused them to inquire of me as to whether I would allow their very limited attentions to satisfy their curiosity and mine. We in my mid-teens learned a lot together, but they never entered into my vagina or rectum. I love and appreciate my brother’s treatment of me, it very much prepared me to handle things from then on. And they were very prepared to handle things between themselves and their girlfriends later. Two of them have married apparently very well, and the other is gay, and happy. I guess the boys learned a few things amongst themselves, too.

I have had a number of brief flings with guys, only one of which led to intercourse. But, I was totally impressed by all of the activity and especially by the special night I lost my virginity. He was a sweet guy, but not for me. I am unattached to this day. However, like you guys, some of us gals just have to have regular attentions to keep the sex bomb in us under control. I first did this with my boyfriends, but a girlfriend mentioned to me that she had recruited a small group of male friends to compensate her when she provided their necessary needs. It got me thinking.

So, I instituted the same kind of arrangement with a few of the sweet guys that I know. And it has worked out fine. Matter of fact, I am treated even better now than before, since the guys seem to feel that they can trust me to well take care of them and they appreciate it so much. Also, I have no qualms about it at all, even its quasi legality. None of these guys would dream of allowing me to get into any trouble. They like the current situation just fine, thank you.”

“Donna, that is very interesting. I was wondering how I might ‘hit on you,’ without annoying you. You are very intriguing and I would like to get to know you better. From experience, I have deduced that most relationships stall out when sex enters it, unless there is adequate interpersonal development beforehand. I fear that if I should be invited to share you with the rest of your ‘support crew’ that it would disqualify me from being a serious relationship interest of yours. And in fact, I would rather forgo any sex with you in the present to help increase my chances with you in the long run.”

“Frank, I don’t like the term ‘hit on me.’ And I don’t consider your overtures to be of that nature. If you want to try to develop a long-range relationship, I would, based on our meeting this afternoon, welcome that effort. But, I am duty bound to mention to you that a number of the guys who have been in my ‘support crew’ as you put it have also desired the same opportunity. I gave a couple of them the chance, but they found out that great sex is not the only important consideration to a couple getting along well. As one of them though! And they gave up graciously. I however, think that we might have a much better chance. And no, I don’t think that we having an immediate sexual interaction will eliminate the chances of us developing a long-range relationship together. Matter of fact, I can promise you that it won’t. We can keep the two separate, if you want to. We can have the sex dates to help us help each other, and relationship dates at other times with whatever happens keeping the two separate. That is if you can in the short run not feel jealous at the other guy’s needs for I still need their help for now.”

“I will work very hard to see it that way. I don’t want to cause you any difficulties at all. But, I would appreciate it if you would wean yourself off the other guys if our relationship catches hold and in proportion to my increasing my help to you for the finishing of your education. That prospect would help me very much to be settled in my heart over you and to be patient for things to work out. And I will be only with you until it is obvious how things will go with us. I must add too, that I have been temporarily fixed so that I cannot bring any child into being existence until the time that it will be a mutual agreement with me and my woman. Because of that, I mention also that I hate condoms for myself. I will bring a doctor’s lab report showing that I am D. Free to help you make up your mind as to whether you can accept that.”

“Do you have a relatively recent one?”

“Yes, I do. It is only about four months old. I have had them semiannually ever since I have been active condomless.”

“That is good enough for me. Can you show that to me now?”

“Why now?”

“So I can talk you into sharing the goods for a contribution now, if you are interested, silly.”

“Oh, yes. Oh, Oh, yes, yes. I would love to share that right now. And I can offer further help to you beyond the payment for the repair work right now, too.”

With that I went into my office in the second bedroom and found the printed report in the file. When I returned to the kitchen, she had already drawn the shade and had her clothes off for my view, and what a view it was. All of the curves that were hidden by the working clothes were now open to my ogling, which was very operative at this point.

She looked at the report and moved into my arms. I welcomed her there with very enthusiastic hugs and kisses. My hands surveyed all of her curves in reach and she opened her legs to allow my search to proceed further. She was already quite wet in the important places and after a brief time began to remove my clothing, too. Her hands were doing a search parallel to mine on her body. And I also made sure that she could check out all of the pertinent places on me too. She mentioned that I was already wet on the end of my ‘wand,’ too.

With that she leaned back on the dining room table for me to get a better view and access to her nether regions. After giving her a couple more hearty kisses, I went to my knees and began to kiss, lick and suck her pussy which she showed more than adequate appreciation for. You see, I had long since discovered what a ‘snarf’ and larf’ was, and I enjoyed being both of them, especially with this gorgeous girl. As I ministered to her, she showed signs of approaching climax, so I renewed my services with that in mind, and with only brief attention to her clit, she came very dramatically with murmurs and body gyrations and shimmers.

When she calmed down, she returned the favor by raising me up to take her place backed up to the table and then lowering herself to her knees to give my own nether regions tender and affectionate attention. On the way down my body, she gave my lips, ears, neck, nipples and stomach kissing attentions. She then centered her attentions on my ‘wand.’ It rose to its most extreme in my response to her oral ministrations. And when she added sucking to her activity, it moved on to a resounding explosion of male love juice right in her mouth, where she apparently wanted it all along.

After she took a washing cloth that was conveniently located next to us and cleaned us off, she guided me into the bedroom, I asked if we had time enough for more, and she said that we had all of the time in the world. With that we fell onto the bed and found ourselves face to face with our bodies reversed end to end. I was at her pussy with my mouth and she was at my dick with her mouth.

She opened her upper leg and I did mine, also and we proceeded to enjoy each other’s bodies.

When were both very worked up, were reversed, she moved to her back with a pillow under her bottom and I moved in for the fucking desired by us both. My dick fit like a glove in her. And she seemed to very much enjoy its modest size in her. After a lot of kissing and feeling each other up, I began to move in and out of her, very slowly to start. The rhythm increased in frequency and energy and after about fifteen minutes, we came together with me dumping my juices deep within her body. She didn’t want me to move from being on top of her and laying on her body now, even though we were both rapidly relaxing. She just held me in her arms and tenderly kissed me.

When we felt adequately sated, we rose and took a delightful shower together. I didn’t think that I would ever get tired of ogling that gorgeous body. Then we dressed in front of each other concurrently and she prepared to go. I asked what she usually asked for this, and increased it some. She again grabbed me and kissed me very enthusiastically.

As she left the door, I remarked that I had never experienced anything like that before.

“Me neither!” She remarked, and as she walked away, she said over her shoulder, “Don’t forget to call for our date.”

‘Not a chance,' I thought as she struggled taking her tool box down the stairs.

3. The Niece:

“Hello, Uncle Leo. Do you have time to talk to me about what you promised to me a couple of years ago?”

“I’m sorry, Missy. I don’t recall what you are referring to.”

“At the family picnic two years ago, you promised to help me get a car when I graduated from high school. I graduated last week as you know, since as my ‘godfather’ you attended my graduation.

I also turned 18 last week, so my parents are letting me drive now. But, I have no car and they are very busy with theirs.

I want to start college this fall and need to work this summer to help pay for it.

Since you are the used car dealer here at the dealership, I was hoping that you would help me like you promised.”

“Well, honey, I will try to see what I can do. You know, don’t you that I have to run all special deals by the Sales Manager. And he gets real snippy about special rates to relatives.”

“Oh, Uncle Leo, does this mean that you are going to back out on your promise?”

“No, No, Honey! I just needed to let you know that these things are not as automatic as a person might think. I fully intend to help you as I promised, even though I can’t for the life of me remember making it. Well, if I didn’t, I should have for my favorite niece.”

“I sure hope so, my whole future depends on this.”

“Well, I hope not, Missy. But, let’s see what I can do. Have you picked a car? I saw you wandering around the lot.”

“Yes, I like that three year old red Beetle. It would be perfect.”

“Missy, that would be a fine car for you. Good mileage and dependable. I think that I can get you a $3000 reduction on it. Do you have any money for the down payment of $3000?”

“No, Uncle Leo, sweetie. I was hoping that you would help me on that, too. I haven’t been permitted to work outside the home till now. My parents wanted me to concentrate on my studies. But, I need the car now.”

“Missy, I don’t know about that. I do well here at the dealership, but I have children of my own, you know. And the first of them will be graduating from high school in three years. I need to save for their educations.”

As she comes around the desk and sits in his lap, which shocks him; “Can’t we work something out, sweetie?”

“I am not sure what you are proposing, but Missy, I am a married man and your uncle. I need to be careful of my reputation here at the dealership and I love my wife.”

“Leo, no one can see us in this office. And this is so important to me!”

With that, she stands back up, lifts her short skirt and removes her panties. At this Leo’s eyes bug-out and he sucks in his breath in a panic.

“Oh, No!! Not here!!” He stammers.

“Yes, here Leo! I have you at my mercy. If you make any fuss, who would believe you in your denial? Just relax and enjoy the ride.”

At this she opens her blouse, under which there is no bra and shows her tits to him. He can’t help but look. They are marvelous. She shakes them and they shimmy in such a delightful way. He can’t help it, he reaches out to caress them. She encourages this, and brings his head up to them. He nuzzles them, lightly kisses them and then with her encouragement begins to suckle on them. She oohs and ahhs at this.

She then has him lay on his desk on his back, and has him leave his head hanging over the edge with his face up. She lifts her skirt and backs up, while leaning forward, put her pussy right on his lips. He gets the clue and begins to nuzzle it, smell it, lick it, probe it and suck on it. He keeps missing the clit, though. So, she rearranges her body over his head and now his tongue is working over her clit.

Now that she is getting very excited, she moves around the desk, and with him staying in the same position begins to work over his newly released cock. His nerves are a shambles now. He whimpers in low tones. When he gets big, she orders him to sit in his desk chair, and she turns and with her back to him, sits on his lap while guiding his cock up and in to her pussy.

She rocks back onto him in a rhythm that slowly builds in frequency and power. Finally, he cums and she settles back on him to briefly rest. She then stands up, and with the tissues on his desk, proceeds to wipe her pussy clean with him seeing it in full view.

He comes out his sexual trance and looks at her with imploring worried little ‘puppy dog’ eyes.

She looks straight into his eyes. With that she opens her purse and then retrieves something that is in there with a bright red light shining. And with a sensual show of power, she also retrieves an object that she left on his bookshelf, while he wasn’t paying attention.

“Sweetie, I have made a recording of this. You can have a copy, if you will want it. I will expect that car to be ready for me tomorrow. And I will be back once in a while to earn help on some of the payments.”

He slumped in his chair and mumbled something under his breath.


“Hi, Uncle Leo Sweetie! I have come to make this month’s in-person payment. Here, I will lock the door.”

With downcast eyes, he says: “I don’t know how I can go on with this, niece Missy. It is really eating into my budget. I had a very hard time explaining this to my wife, too. The $3000 down payment, that is. Nothing else that has happened here has been mentioned to her, of course. How long do you expect me to keep paying this blackmail?”

“As long as I need it, Leo. I am truly sorry about any trouble that this has caused you with your wife. I do truly love you both. But, I really need this car. It is a key to my life.”

“I haven’t noticed that you have started college.”

“No, I am delaying that a year. I have things to do in the meantime.”

“Well, it hasn’t been working, since your mom says that you don’t have a job, either.”

“I guess, I will have to talk to mom about flapping her gums about my personal business.”

“Well, let’s get down to business!”

With that, she again raises up her short skirt and removes her panties. She comes over and sits with her legs wide open on his knees, facing him. As she kisses him, she guides his hand to her pussy, to minister to it. She increases her intensity as he fingers her pussy and clit.

He then guides her to stand up and to turn and lower her front to the top of the desk. He lowers himself down to his knees on the floor and reaches up with his face to lick, suck and probe first her pussy and then her anus. When he gets to her anus, she lurches and then settles down as the sensual sensations arouse her.

After a few minutes, he stands and guides his cock into her pussy. He then ungently begins to pump in to and out of her. She at first whimpers a little and then rocking back into him, really gets into it. He then withdraws and firmly pushes his cock up into her ass.

“Sweetie, that hurts,” she whiningly murmurs.

“You mean like the extortion that you have practiced on me? As he firmly grasps her hips, holding himself inside of her.

If I am going to have to pay for it, I might as well enjoy it,…….and you. This is what you can expect every time you come here from now on for me to make your payment. And if you will notice, you will see a video recorder on the bookcase recording this. You can have a copy of it, if you like. If I am going to be stuck in this, I will have my evidence too. You have admitted to extortion and blackmail. If this gets out, and I will be sure it does by me in some way if you pressure me anymore or say anything about this, it will ruin me, cause a divorce AND completely ruin your reputation, get you in trouble with the law and crush your dear mother’s heart.”

“Now stop complaining and start bucking back on me, just as if I was in your pussy


I live in the northwest corner of the U.S. and was planning to fly to the northeast corner of the same country to scout out as to whether I might want to live there. That is about 3400 miles as the eagle flies. Longer with plane changes. I have set aside a whole day for this adventure, not wanting to awaken my non-patient genes in anyway. I hate delays and waiting, so I have brought my secondary laptop, the one with the big screen and I have a story idea to work with while I wait. You could saw my leg off when I am in my fantasy world of the people and places and stories about them and I wouldn’t probably even notice.

Big City airport is very busy for a town of this size. That is because long flights from this airport are about half the price of ones from just across the border. So our little town of less than 100,000 population is inundated with Canadians needing to go places and wanting to save a little of their money in doing so. For the more well-healed ones there are seven hotels and a motel within a couple of miles of the airport, too. And of course some lovely ladies to kill the pain of waiting if that is necessary. That is a cottage industry here with ladies rotating from Twilight City, Columbia River City and other local talent. Some really nice ladies, too.

The airport has just gone through a several year’s long renovation and is welcoming a new famous brand 120 room hotel on the grounds. The airport was built on land that was assigned to a port district and so they have total control over it. The city has no rights there, except for fire and police support. The city bus line is not even permitted on the premises due to a refusal for the bus company to pay for the privilege. This is a dire inconvenience for the airline customers because the buses would be a much more economical means of travel. If they want to avail themselves of that option, they have a half a mile walk to get off port property and get to a bus stop. This is a boondoggle for the limousine services and taxis who vie for this business under the watchful eyes of the airport officials, who use cameras to monitor adherence to the port’s transportation rules. And companies and individual guys have been disciplined for not following the rules with barring from the airport for periods of time. This is a severe punishment to suffer, since a rather healthy portion of the local business is at the airport.

However, it tends to be a nightmare for the cabbing industry also, since every form of transportation is given priority over the taxis (who have to park across a busy driveway and somewhat south of the main doors of the terminal, a not too subtle message as to the port’s attitude toward the taxi business,) despite continued complaints by the airport’s customers. And the port occasionally com-plains about there not being enough taxis to take care of their customers, but they only have set aside four loading spots (called the ‘Q’ or the ‘Que.’) for the cab’s usage with an additional two in reserve, if the port staff doesn’t preempt their usage. On some of the Hawaii flights, for instance, there can be as many as twenty different passenger groups needing rides to the local hotels for the night. You can imagine their hysteria when left out in the rain and cold waiting for up to an hour for a ride. Especially when young children or older folks are involved. And the port refuses to budge on their rules even during those kinds of stressful times.

Every other form of allowed transportation is given the privilege to park right up to the curb by the exit doors for the passengers. But, despite all of this drama, it is a very efficiently designed airport and has gained a lot of regional customers for flights in the local zone and to Hawaii, California and the Midwest.

But, it still has all the nightmares of the other airports around the country. Long lines for security, delayed flights for weather here and elsewhere that they fly to. We have more than our share of very foggy days and others with high winds here. Then in the winter, snow can make the runways impassible with practically no notice at all. But, if you are not in a big hurry, it is not a bad place to fly from and to. The only service that I can see to improve the ambiance would be a terminal’s suite of rooms for our ‘ladies of the night.’ Maybe they will take up residence across the parking lots at the new hotel. We will have to wait and see on that.

So, I am inside of the Departure Lounge, which includes a rather good restaurant, biding my time and waiting for the fog to lift. I decided to write this story while I wait and report on the events of the flight as they occur. That should be fun. For me, and hopefully for you.

Before I start to keyboard progressively the story in to the laptop, I start to muddle over in my mind, why I am making this trip anyway. I am now an old fud-dy-duddy and live alone. I have no friends here, and I have tried. I am financially secure, and own my own condo. I moved to Big City in the first place to continue to drive taxis where the people actually know what a tip is. I tripled my intake of them by moving forty miles. And also to pursue a young escort that I have had a way too much of an obsession on. But, I have retired from the business and she has taken up with a more appropriate young man, so there you go. And maybe, me too. So, I am leaving to check out the area of Maine, to see if living there would be suitable. I have no plans to bother a gracious lady that lives there, but if we meet, that would be very nice indeed. But, as to the colder weather there, than what I am used to where I live now, that is not a problem for me. I spent two years in Alaska and had no trouble with below zero temperatures there at all.

I have memberships on a regional ‘hooker board’ and also on an international sex story posting site. They both provide a considerable measure of entertainment to me. And I have on-line acquaintances on both sites. Several of them are even nice to me. Especially one lady on the sex stories site. I won’t embarrass her here, but she knows who she is. A bonus I guess in these shaky days on the internet. Maybe even, this story might make it to one or the other.

Oh, I just got notice over the intercom that our flight is now boarding, so off to whatever further obstacle course that might entail. Grabbed my carry-on flight bag and put my laptop away in its over the shoulder carrying bag. There is a small passenger manifest for this flight, so we get through the final loading torture with our sanity intact and just in time for my multi-daily bathroom port of call. Almost all old duffers have prostrate issues, unless someone has emasculated them or they have the Gold Medal prostrate genes. It’s not big a deal to me! At least it helps to fill up my day with some essential things to do. So, I stow the bag in the upper storage bin and nod to the pretty, and age appropriate, lady who will be occupying a seat next to mine. She nods politely to the old duffer and I proceed down the aisle to fulfill my immediate mission.

The flight to Chicago will be about four hours long, if we don’t have to fly into the face of a stiff headwind. But thankfully, the river of air over the U.S. usually flows strongly to the east most of the year. And undoubtedly the airline wanting to put the best foot forward has taken that into account to advertise their fast and dependable service. Their words not mine, though I have had no discernible trouble with them in the few flights that I have taken. The flight will cost me south of $250, a very good buy that I got from one of the comparison internet sites.

The nice lady, welcomes me in and has taken the window seat, despite it being listed on my ticket and boarding pass. Probably just challenging me to bring it up to her. But, I am quite satisfied with the aisle seat due to the impending likelihood of another trip to the rear of the plane. So, when she figures out that I am not going to make an issue of her self-reseating assignment, she settles back with the obvious attitude, ‘you seem like a well-mannered and polite fellow, don’t manifest any deficiencies that I would be duty bound to bring to your attention!” No problem, I get the message, I nodded back to her, and we settled in for the long flight.

I was feeling sleepy from a sleepless night due to excitement over the coming airborne adventure, but waited for the meal, which came rather early. Probably wanted it to settle down into our stomachs, so that they wouldn’t bounce around with unpleasant results upon landing and departure from the plane.

After the dining experience, which I was able to apply every mode of politeness and deftness that my mother had indoctrinated me into to my seat partner’s obvious delight and satisfaction, I decided to chance it and try to get some sleep, even though unconsciously I might betray my actual standing as being just a regular run-of-the-mill old duffer. I hoped that I wouldn’t do some-thing really foul like one of my air raid attacks. Not to worry, the airplane recycles the air, so the effect on her of that eventuality would be defused to the enjoyment of the whole plane. I never did find out if that happened. Because what really happened was one of the most wildly sensual dreams that I have ever had. Not unusual with the reduced air pressure and lowered temperatures in the ca-bin, which leads to a singularly unusual dream state, I have heard.

I awoke after a bit, not with the same lady next to me, but a pretty little blonde cheerleader type with her head laying in my lap. I am an old duffer and these kinds of things have never just spontaneously happened to me in my life, so my curiosity was definitely peaked over this. I guess she was bright enough to know that I was rather concerned about what was happening there. Not that the view of her in that situation was unwelcome, just disturbing to my sense of air-plane propriety.

She initiated the explanations, “The lady that was sitting with you decided on her own that she would like to move elsewhere. Nothing against you, she said that you were a perfect gentleman. But, she just wanted to be alone on the flight. So, while on a ‘potty’ call, she asked me if I would like to upgrade my ride by exchanging seats. That is with me getting up in first class. She didn’t mind since you already have had your meals. And anymore there isn’t that big a difference in the seats.”

As I was preparing some other questions about this move, she continued, “You were sleeping, and I was in need of a nap, so I availed myself of your lap. It was untaken at the (generous smile with that statement) time and I didn’t anticipate any objection from you. Is there one?”

“No, not with your explanation. By the way, what is the status of the other passengers and stewardesses?”

“As far as I can see, all of them are asleep. And the stewardesses evidently are resting also, since I haven’t seen any presence by them in at least 20 minutes.”

“I see. Well, I guess I will go back to sleep, then. You are welcome to continue to use my lap as a pillow, if you like.”

She smiled up at me again and added, “Could I perhaps interest you in an alternative activity for the next half hour or so?”

“Maybe, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, there is a famous air traveling club, and I was wondering if you were a member?”

“Oh, Yes. The MILE HIGH CLUB. And no I am not a member yet. And I guess time is running out on my hopes for that.”

“Not so, Mr. Dapper Elder Gentleman! I just happen to be the designated recruiter on this flight.”

“Oh, really! And what does the management of this plane think of that?”

“They are very familiar with me. And if I use discretion and don’t annoy the other passengers they just ignore me.”

‘Hmmmmm, how totally accommodating of them.”

“Yes it is. But, before I enter into this mode, I need to know that you will be able to contribute towards my education in a reasonable amount. So, could you flash an amount of cash that you would think would be appropriate for this service from me?”

“Sure, but you need to show me an I.D. first to verify your age.”

And so she showed me a student picture I.D. and a driver’s license from her state of residence. Both showed her as 19 years old. Acceptable to me. I then flashed the cash to her in twenties and then, “How is this going to work out?”

“With your acceptance, I will have you move over to the window seat, and I will cover my head with a blanket or your coat and start things off for you with a B.J. Then when you are stirred up enough, we will make our ways separately back to one of the restrooms and finish you off there. Does that work for you?”

“Yes, very well indeed.”

I then exchanged seats with her and she took the complimentary blanket, covered her head, unloosed my zipper, fetched out my member and began a very gentle addressing of my cock. I couldn’t see anything, of course, except a little movement under the blanket. And about this time one of the stewardesses moved past, briefly glanced our way and then moved on with no comment either in action or word.

I couldn’t see anything, but boy could I feel it. She was not in any hurry at all. She pulled my trousers a little bit farther down and proceeded to give very affectionate attention to the boys, also. She even managed to get a few licks (smarm in-tended) to my anal region. She was very good at that, too.

As I felt the moisture from her mouth, added to the pre cum from me I was ecstatic over the sensations that she was causing me. My hands moved under the blanket to caress her head and then to reach under her to engage her titties through the top of her bra. She had generously undid her bra, so that I had easy access to the ‘ladies.’ And she was obviously very much enjoying my attentions to them. I sure was enjoying her attentions to me. I usually use the ‘blue pill’ at times like these to ensure a proper reaction from me, but when a lady is especially deft in her ministrations that is sometimes not necessary. With my equipment at full mast, she raised her head above the blanket and signaled with a nod towards the bathrooms. I nodded back.

She patted me on the butt as I ducked over her to make my way down the center aisle. And she soon came through the unlocked bathroom door to join me there. She quickly took off all of her clothing for me to enjoy her total feminine beauty. And then bent down to reemphasize my equipment’s readiness. It didn’t take very long for that to happen.

She then turned around and sat back on my lap, with her pussy penetrated by my cock, which she guided in. After she was fully installed with my member, she began to rock forward and backward with a slight up and down movement, too. She stopped for a moment and guided my hands to her ‘ladies’ and then proceeded to move on with her ministrations to me. When I was getting very high and soon to be ready to bust, she turned around to be belly-to-belly and took me into her arms in a very enthusiastic hug with protracted deep and energetic kissing.

After this she again rotated her body to her main working position with her back to my front and reinitiated her flexing and bouncing on my member. Soon enough, I exploded into her love chamber with all that I had. After we came back down to a state of calmness, she again rotated and again took me into her arms and just seemed to melt into me with her breasts flat to my chest and her face planted over my shoulder. I don’t know how I could have ever felt any better that I did right then.

Then with a sense of urgency, she proceeded to make minor repairs to her nether regions and then turned and smiled at me. After that she got up and left the bathroom to return to our seats. After a brief time for appearance’s sake, I moved back up to the seats, too. She hadn’t asked for the funds in the bathroom, so that if we were accosted by the plane crew, she would not have evidence on her of airplane prostitution, which could be a bitch to deal with in court. But, when I got back to the seats, I carefully passed over the funds to her, to her quite evident delight. She smiled to me and excused herself for other activities on the plane. She did however sneak a card into my jacket that said, WELCOME TO THE MILE HIGH CLUB, membership verified by Katie.

I then went back to sleep in a totally relaxed and pleased mood. When I woke up the original lady was back next to me. And she gave me a radiant smile to boot. At this point, I had no idea if what I thought had happened was reality or just a very pleasant dream. But, when I got home after the return trip and while emptying out my bags and pockets, low and behold there was the card from Katie in all of its glory.


“Hello, Ms. Williams. I am R.G. Armstrong, the C.E.O. of this corporation. Please have a seat for a moment.”

This was intentional on his part to give her a few moments to get her bearings and come to a level of comfort with the interview that was coming. She could look him over, inspect the surroundings (lavish and expensive) and draw some preliminary conclusions about the suitability of this position that she was interviewing for.

She thought about how much she needed this job. It was going to pay very well right from the start. It had a future. And she needed one for her three children, who were now without their no-good father. He was gone with some bimbo and undoubtedly would be no help in raising and supporting his children. If typical though, he would come back and claim a lot of credit for whatever good the children made of their lives, despite his nonsupport in their lives after this divorce.

He now turned his attention to her and said, “Are you comfortable, Ms. Williams? This will be a lengthy interview. Can I get you something to eat or drink?”

“Not now sir, maybe later.”

“OK, then let us proceed.”

He then went on to explain about the lead-up to this meeting. When the offering was first posted in a number of venues, there were well over 2000 inquiries of interest accompanied by resumes. A committee of trusted employees winnowed through this blizzard and reduced it to about 200 serious contenders. Then one of the executive V.P’s reduced it to 20 and another one to 6. This was the first time that she or the other five had met R.G. And this was on purpose. He was the one that they would be working directly with and she would have to mediate between him and the other two as part of her duties.

He explained that he had already interviewed the other five, she was the last one to meet with him. And he noted that the qualifications of all of the six women were impeccable. (She took note that they were all women and drew her own conclusions about this, just as he had intended.) He said that their interviews had each left him very impressed and that it was now her turn to stand out among them. He added that he would really like to hire all six of them, but at this time it would be only one.

After this overview, he continued: “Now if you are still interested, I have some very personal questions to present to you. Are you ready for that? This position is very integral to my success and the success of this corporation, and you will be intimately involved deeper and deeper as time goes by. So are you ready for this? It will be intense, I promise you!”

She noted the term ‘intimately’ and answered, “Yes sir, let’s proceed.”

He noted her professional attitude with this answer and nodded. “OK, there will be some questions that repeat what I already know about you. I will be noting your manner of handling them and the attitude shown by you in answering them as well as the answers themselves. You will note, that I am very direct in my communication with my partners in business. Which you will be a key one if chosen. I save the beating around the bush for those who are not important to me,” the last he said with a very thin smile.

“Your marital status? You will notice that I will be asking some questions that are of a somewhat gray legal area. If they bother you, or are not answered completely and honestly, the interview will cease. Agreed?”

“Yes, Sir!” “I am newly single.”

He nodded again, satisfied on the beginning of the interview.


“Yes, three.”

“Now you realize that as was stated in the prospectus, that you will be traveling a great deal with me? And that you will be very busy in preparation for those trips and even busier on them? But, I assure you, that in between you will have a lot of time to devote to your children.”

“Yes, sir. My mother has agreed enthusiastically to watch over them when I need her to. She is widowed and is very closely bonded to them. If I get this position, we will get a larger place together, so that there will not need to be any transporting of them when you call. And of course, they will be right there when I am free.”

“I am pleased with this. You show very good sense in your planning ahead on this. That is a very good sign about your qualifications. By The Way, what is your educational background?”

“I have a bachelor’s degree in business and communication and a MBA with a second in accounting. I worked right out of college for a local large corporation, first as an intern and then as a management trainee. But, then I got married and pregnant right away, so I had to leave that position and devote myself to my husband and family.”

“How do you feel about that? Any resentment over leaving or at least delaying your career?”

“I was happy to take care of my husband and children. I don’t live my life in torment over what might have been. I take it as it goes and try to make the most of it. However, my life has changed again, and I want to pick up the pieces of my career and move on to better times.”

“Great attitude, and for you information you got a very high rating from your previous employer.”

Now his demeanor got very serious as he continued, “We have covered a lot so far, and you have shown up very well indeed. But, now we have to discuss a very serious and pertinent issue. This was not included in any of the prospectus materials. It will be shared with you and the other five finalists only. It is also very personal. Are you up to this?”

“Yes, sir! And I believe that I am anticipating you, somewhat.”

“Very well, and one of th

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Her interest in me had been apparent – quite frankly, almost blatant – at our initial meeting, and Ms Brewster had smiled with the feline satisfaction of a cat who sees the bowl of cream about to be poured when I had suggested that the next stage of negotiations might best be conducted as a ‘confidential one-to-one meeting’ between her and myself, ‘quite privately’ and at a time of her convenience – if she preferred, as I was sure she was...



SUSPECT BUSINESS PRACTICES: 1. THE LADY BOSS: “Please sit down, Mr. Giles. I will be with you in a moment,” said with a blank expression on her face. Brian sits down on the proffered chair facing her after having been left waiting in her reception room for 15 minutes. This is supposed to be an important meeting. At least that was what was stated in the memo, he got. But, she continues fussing with her paperwork, as he waits patiently to see what...



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Another Addicted Story ch. 3-5

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And it should be noted, that this is just a story and not a diary of my experiences. Author’s Note. Some time ago I wrote a series of stories entitled: WHAT IF 1 thru 4. These stories are an updating of them, with additional accounts. None of them really happened. They are only second guesses as to what might have happened at nexus points in various romantic adventures in my life. MISSED OPPORTUNITIES AND REGRETS: I guess that almost everyone in...


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