Here I am, Marty Jensen, a longtime resident of Big City with a whole ‘shit pot’ of unanticipated money on my hands and the challenge of what to do with it. It totals a substantial number of millions, all pre-tax paid and already discounted because of receiving it in one chunk. I am only fifty-five years old, but the thought of receiving sizable chunks of cash each month for many years is hardly inspiring to me, unless I just wanted to vegetate and fuck for the rest of my life. Not a bad idea, but not for me.

So, with the funds stored in savings in my long time savings union (Thanks very much for your deposit from them with a lot of enthusiasm…and in inquiry of ‘where did you actually get this money from’ in addition. Apparently monetary storage units like banks and savings unions have strict rules to follow in reporting large fund’s transfers. National fear of illegal money laundering, I guess. Not to mention the active terrorist cells in our country and their financing. But, as they found out, it was all good.)

So, I am sitting in my small condo and reviewing my situation. I am a recent medical retiree with a very bad back and right hip. No SSI, yet. Probably not to be applied for now, with my monstrous amount of money in my name. I have an exwife, who looted me almost totally in the divorce and three children who are in various levels of personally neglecting their ‘poor’ old Dad. I have had a number of year’s experience in the retail grocery business, hence the physical troubles. And experience in cabbing and accounting with bookkeeping. My education stalled with a two year degree in Business and Accounting. I have been financially stable for some time, after recovering from the divorce debacle.

I am also a serious ‘horndog’ and a writer of salacious stories of limited skill, but boundless enthusiasm. I love movies and read a lot of books. I have no serious relationship, but see pros on occasion to fluff me up. I also like to trade favors, which also enriches my licentious situation. I am not really a nice guy, but I am profoundly fair in my dealings. It is a primary axiom of mine. If I really have to face a post-demise accounting, that is one of the few credits that I will be able to claim, along with a very recognized honesty in my financial dealings, even with my ex-wife.

I am one of those people on the periphery of public notice and societal acknowledgement. A lot of people are used to seeing me, but most of them don’t even know my name. However with this unexpected largess coming my way, the sharks are already beginning to circle. I repeatedly inform them that I can waste my money on my very own, I don’t need their help to accomplish that.

It so happened that the bank that financed my condo, called me in for a consultation. Since, I only have financed my condo through them, I wondered at that, but you know how it is, ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so I honored the appointment which turned out to be very much in my favor.

When I showed up in my faux Western Cowboy outfit, I was greeted and led into a meeting room by probably the prettiest and most affectionate young lady employee in the building. Heck, they might have scoured the whole vicinity in all of their branches to find a candidate to fluff up my feelings and turn down my moral and financial safety senses for this meeting.

When we were seated in the meeting room, the curtains were drawn and then with no warning at all, she entered under the table that I was sitting at, bared her breasts barely in my view under the table edge and proceeded to prepare me for and deliver to me one of the best blow jobs that I had ever received. Once she got her gift from me, she arose and gave me an introductory card with her personal number on it, written on the back with, ‘Call me any time!’ I took it for granted that meant, if this meeting worked out to the benefit of this business.

No more than three minutes after she vacated the room, swinging her ass in her departure, a more professional employee, joined me in apology for the delay of her meeting with me. Inquiry was made as to my status at the moment which I answered with a large smile, high voice tone and shortness of breath, ‘Fine!!!!!!!’ She smiled at that and sat her also very attractive self across from me to deliver the purpose of this meeting. I couldn’t help but think, ‘My God, no wonder there are so many women now in the banking business!’

“Mr. Jensen, I know that you have a busy schedule, but some things have come to our attention and we would like to pass on some of it to you. We noted the publicity of your recent financial windfall, by-the-way and we are somewhat disappointed that none of that was invested with us, but I digress; and we have an investment opportunity for you to take note of. I have your record of your mortgage loan with us, and your payment record is exemplary. No late payments at all and all taxes and insurance payments are up to date. That puts you on a very exclusive basis with us, which with some investment in our bank with deposits of suitable amounts, qualifies you to be advised of very beneficial opportunities for you.

I sat back in my chair to consider the import of all of this so far. She could see that I was evaluating this presentation so far and so to give me time to percolate, she asked if I would like something to drink and snack on. I said that I would favor a chilled root beer and a couple of old fashioned donuts if they were available. She immediately got up and patted me on the back as she went to the open room’s door, the gorgeous blow-job specialist was right out the door to attend to any request of my personal bank counselor and evidently left immediately to provide the request for me.

Mrs. Darby, as she had introduced herself to me as then retook her chair to await the coming goodies, while I pondered what had been said so far. She then brushed back her hair and adjusted her blouse, surreptitiously adjusting her bra in the process. She knew that I knew that she had done that for my pleasure. And that it was signaling other perks were available, upon a successful conclusion to this meeting. Not a problem for me.

Miss Felicity, must have violated some of Einstein’s laws in the rapidity in which she got the assigned goodies back to us, with Mrs. Darby’s scone and tea added to my requests. We then settled down to a mutual admiration and a time-out of snacking. This meeting must have been important, because there seemed to be no sense of timed urgency at all. As I partook of my share I revisited the investment in the bank and the big opportunity to me. I correctly foresaw the immediate relationship of one to the other.

Then the real negotiations started. It seemed that the owner of the condo community of which I was living and owned a unit, was serious about finally selling the whole thing outright and retiring to Florida with his new trophy wife. Who happened to be the sister of the lady just opposite to me at that moment, she advised. He had a lot of respect for me over the dealings that we had shared, despite the rather limited nature of them. And was so, interested in selling the whole shebang to me for about seventy-five percent of its appraised value. With the bank’s cut, that meant that I would get it at eighty percent, with generous terms from the bank, if I financed it through them.

Also, they knew that the vacant lot of the same size as the condo community under discussion, to the north of it, was also available in a forced sale. It had been bought a couple of years previously by a famous man in town who had made a name for himself as a teller of tales on the bus line and that had led to a gigantic windfall for him for the national syndication of the tapes of those stories. He had regrettably died not too long ago, and except for the rather large Old Folks home that he left behind, with it supporting investments, the other heirs had ravaged the rest and this property was in financial trouble. Since it was also financed through them, it was now going to be offered to me for about fifty percent of its appraised value, and with the bank’s windfall profit on that, the final price would be about fifty-five percent of its value.

Then to top this all off, the next condo community north of the one in question and across the prospective parking lot, was a mirror image of the one that I lived in with its doors facing south, while the ones in my condo faced north. A natural for investment in a combined assimilation. It was financed by a friendly rival of this bank and available to be released to them for my purposes.

When this was all added together, it would be a tidy investment, with a high amount of financial return and security. They would combine it all together into one loan with the very favorable terms for me, and with a reasonable down payment, say twenty percent of the total value, I would be its new owner and operator, with plenty of my understood resources still intact as a safety margin. All it would take would be a sizeable deposit of my resources in their bank, and my okay to proceed.

She added to my unvocalized question as to why they were not pursuing this on their own, she remarked that the new investors in their banking corporation were in the process of divesting these kinds of investments with the purpose to concentrate their efforts in the very competitive financial markets of this period in history. And also, that there was a severe shortage of investors in these kinds of properties in town because of the very high rate of acceleration of property values in town, with the deep reaching into reserves to finance the purchase and maintaining of them. But, she asserted that with my apparent resources, that if I contained myself to this enterprise until it was all fully developed that I should have no problem with it at all.

I smiled at that assertion and asked for a prospectus on this whole offer to have it reviewed by a third party of mine that would not interfere or contend with me on it, unless I decline it. Her name is Blossom and she is the head of the Blossom Legal Team here in town. She is local grown, educated and as young as she is, she is a tough cookie. She was also one of my favored escorts during her college days, and still available to a favored few of her clients from those days on an availability protocol. She is highly sexed, but without any desire to tie herself down to a man or children. So, we lovers cover her intimate needs for her, and probably with a lot more enthusiasm than a tired husband just home from work.

I didn’t tell Mrs. Darby about who would be reviewing this for me, since I didn’t want any back door influencing to occur. Not that Blossom would be able to be handled in that way anyway.

With the handover of the prospectus, Elaine, as she now wanted to be ad-dressed by me inquired as to whether I would be available for dinner and consultations later this evening. I answered in the positive and she said that she needed then to end this meeting to inform her family that she needed to be away for the evening for business matters. Before she left, I inquired if a deposit of one of my millions would be sufficient to move the offer forward upon my successful reported favorable recommendation of this matter. She said, quite sufficient, but to not delay, as there were others interested too, though not as qualified as I was.

As I left, I got a sly wink from Miss Felicity (no last name mentioned) who was now apparently my favored B.J. analyst and social director. I smiled back at her, anticipating the next opportunity to sample her wares. I did get to see her in this office again, and because of all of this sensual ‘gafarble,’ I surmised that this whole deal was of serious import to both of these very attractive young business women.

On the way to Blossom’s Agency, I purchased a locking case with two keys to contain my prospectus and to guard it from any prying eyes that might be handling it before Blossom got it into her secure hands. When I arrived, I was immediately, even before some scheduled clients, admitted to her office to personally hand it over to her. With the admonition of the time constraints on this, she asserted that she would get right on it and let me know as soon as possible. She gave a little kiss on the lips and escorted me out of her kingdom for the present.

I then returned home to cogitate over this whole scenario and its permutations. Big talk for the offer and everything that could go wrong. In the meantime, I got a text message from Elaine to meet her at the Anthony’s on the Pier in town. It is one of the most elite restaurants in the city. So, I quickly went by to see Renti, my favorite lady Asian hairstylist and stopped off at the ‘men’s suit’ store to get an appropriate appearing business suit that would actually fit me, then a shower and shave to neaten up my growing beard and I would then be ready for my lady banker friend.

While I was idle awaiting the time to start to actually get ready for this date, I spent some time making out a sizable check for each of my adult children. Enough for each to seriously augment their lives. In them I admonished them to please pay their taxes on the amount first, since I would not rescue them if they got into trouble with the IRS over that. It’s on them if they neglect that.

When I got to the restaurant, she was just walking up and almost walked by me, because of my spiffed up appearance. But, when she did, she gladly took my arm as I guided her into the lobby to get our table assignment. The staff recognized her and evidently thought that I was some kind of oil sheik or something, and a prime table was found for us immediately. I then seated her and took my place across from her. She smiled back at me over this.

“I am so glad you could make it tonight, Mr. Jensen.”

I interrupted here and remarked, “You can call me Marty for at least this night, Mrs. Darby.”

“I think that that was Elaine, I believe.”

“Just so.”

“Are things moving along on our proposition?”

“Yes, I should hear in two days or less.”

“Good to hear. Is there anything else that we could do to expedite this for your benefit?”

“Oh, Elaine, I think that you already have that in hand, don’t you?”

With a warm and expectant smile, “Yes, I do.”

At that the waitress approached us for our order, or at least our drink order. I asked for Kemper root beer to drink and Fish and chips with a side of potato salad for my meal. Elaine looked up and ordered a Caesar salad with a side of a small tuna casserole for herself and we settled in to talk or hold our silence until the food arrived.

After a few minutes, I asked her if there was anything that she wanted to share with me. And she responded, “As you know from my title, I am married. His name is Tom and he is the highest regarded Master Mechanic specializing in autos in the city. I am very proud of him.”

‘You do have a knack for identifying and gathering up odd assets, don’t you?”

“I have never heard it put quite that way before, but with your current experiences with me, I can see the wisdom and humor in that statement.”

“I meant no insult to you or him by that comment of mine. I think that there are highly valuable persons in many trades not usually associated with the wealthy and famous.”

“Just, so.” She remarked back to me. “He is a fine man and a wonderful husband. He takes such great care of the children, when I am called away for meetings like this, and he never makes any negative comments about how I proceed with my profession. I look forward someday when our child rearing and careers are behind us and when I can retire to give him all of my attentions for the rest of his life!”

“Lucky fellow.”

“How about you?”

‘I am unattached in a regular way these days. I had a great marriage that foundered due to circumstances that neither of us asked for. It had to do with my odd method of dealing with pain control. She didn’t take it very well, at all. I guess she has confided in our kids that she might have been a lot more forgiving of me under the circumstances. Her choice. And I hope that she remains the fine lady that I once loved so much.”

“Well, spoken.”

“I am guessing that I might get a lot more attention from higher class ladies with my greatly improved financial standing, and I would welcome that. But, I very much doubt that I would ever marry again, maybe just commit in a social way to one beloved lady, because the divorce took something away from me that I will probably never regain.”

“What would that be?”


“Yes, I see.”

At that our meals came and we ate and smiled a lot at each other. During the meal she noticed that I didn’t order an alcoholic drink. She inquired if I was offended by her doing so. And I comforted her to know that I am not judgmental about that. It is not an ethical or religious determination of mine, but a practical one, I never drink before I drive.

“She asserted that that was a wise policy. And that since she was drinking, she would be staying at the next door Beach Front hotel for the night, and that I despite not drinking should stay with her in case of any spillover to me of her drinking.”

I nodded and smiled over that.

When we left, we were hand in hand as we walked the half block uphill to the grand hotel. Here she was known very well, too and we were immediately again granted a fine room and led up to it.

When we got in, she left for the rest room to freshen up a bit and left me sitting on the four poster bed with a canopy. When she returned to be with me, she had evidently left some clothing behind, since she was now nude except for the finest looking panties that I had ever seen. In colors of red and black. And I knew for sure that she hadn’t even had panties at dinner. I had dropped some-thing to the floor to be retrieved and she had opened her legs to help me ascertain that.

With that, we wasted no more time. I took her into my arms on my lap and began to give her the kissing that I had saved up all day. She must have had the same thing on her mind, because she was responding in kind. Our hands were moving to interesting places on each of us, as the kissing proceeded. Mine got very quickly under her panties to her obvious delight as indicated by her reactions. I know that I was enjoying her hands on my cock.

We then moved down onto the bed in each other’s arms and began to move in physically to each other. She had one hand on the back of my head pulling me into our kisses and another on my back pulling me into our cuddling. One of mine was on her tit and the other was between us fingering her pussy slit.

She then shed the panties and we assumed a face to face on our sides sixty-nine position and with pillows braced ourselves up to an extended worshiping of each other’s nether regions. She tasted just wonderful. And she seemed to like me, too.

She patted my butt cheeks when she deemed me ready, and we reversed with her moving to her back in the middle of the bed. She was already well wetted, so I moved right in with my cock and entered her to her deep sighs and moaning. When I reached bottom in her, she smiled up to me and encouraged me to soundly fuck her. I did my best to comply with that command, and we simultaneously climaxed to our joint surprise and glee.

We then reversed again with me on top and we orally cleaned each other’s privates, enjoying the odors and flavors from our good and proper fucking exercise. After that we fell into each other’s arms and gathered ourselves up for a good night’s sleep.

In the morning, she rolled me asleep over on to my back and gave me a very brief and effective blow job and then wandered off to the bathroom to prepare to meet the day. When she left, she also left a note telling me that all of the hotel charges were already taken care of. And they were!


After leaving the hotel and Elaine, I returned home to await the verdict from Blossom and her team. I was nervous about this, but not extremely so, since I didn’t really need this investment. I was in fine shape with the money that I al-ready had. It was just that this opportunity would open up a whole new world for me, and surely increased offers of what I love the best…

At two in the afternoon after having my late lunch, I got a cell call from Blossom. She asserted that she checked things out. Pretty quickly, but still as thoroughly as could be done in the short time available. She said that she could not find one thing wrong with this deal, it looked pristine to her. And even with the assets that I had available, she would tie things up so that in the worst case scenario, all I would lose would be less than a quarter grand and little of my pride.

I told her that a check would be coming to her this afternoon, and I wanted her to coordinate this deal with Elaine Darby at the bank. Blossom said that she knew her well, and respected her. She would be glad to do this for me and would start even before the check arrived. I said that it would be in amount of fifty-thousand dollars. She said that that was much more than enough, but the excess she would enter as a contingency covering any future emergency needs. I said that that would be fine.

I then called Elaine at the bank and informed her that it was a go, and Blossom would get ahold of her to coordinate the paperwork for me to sign as soon as possible. Also, that the deposit that I mentioned would arrive within minutes. To say that she was pumped, is just so under-valued. She was shrieking at the other end of the phone. She then said that she was terribly busy, but could send Felicity to the same hotel room to confer on some on the details. I concurred with that idea. Then she said that she needed to get right off the phone to call Blossom about getting their joint work done. She closed with a genuine thank you for my business.

An hour later I was back at the room, since that morning the staff didn’t even question me as to my purpose in being there. Evidently they concluded that I would now be a regular customer of theirs and didn’t want to spoil the ambiance for me. Minutes after that I was balls deep in the pussy of Felicity, who seemed to be having a really good time with that.

After bleeding off my cum that way, she was determined to give me a trip around the world and so moved to have me up her ass, too. It didn’t take long, I was so pumped about everything at that moment, that I found my way up her ass, with no difficulty at all. And after that, she took me into her mouth and drained me again, for the third time. It had been decades since I had accomplished that!

After that, she moved to her side and took me into her pussy again to rest and relax with a nap. She seemed in no hurry to leave, I sure wasn’t. She took it upon herself to order in for us, knowing from Elaine, what I liked and we ate, with her fingers up my ass, and mine in her pussy. A truly awkward, but enjoyable experience.

After that, she informed me that she was available to stay until morning, and that Elaine might be joining them later after her conferring with Blossom. I said that having her was enough, to her appreciative smiles, but that Elaine was very welcome, too. With that she grabbed me and hugged me until I said uncle and laid back to admire her gorgeous body. Then we laid in relaxed rest to tell each other wonderfully loving things. She really got into this. I know that I am alright to look at, but nothing special in that regard. But, with Felicity having a very believable manner about her, I was feeling really good after several minutes of her admiring me with little touches and pats on my body in sensitive areas.

I returned the favor and first admired her beauty and sexiness. But, added that I detected a very brilliant girl under all of that, too. And that I would see to it, that she got part of the credit for this deal and would include her in my future ones in one way or the other. This truly delighted her and in response to this, she moved up to me again to send my cock up her ass an appreciative thank you. I took my time with this and when she came, it was monumental. I didn’t cum this time, but I wasn’t complaining, either.

After that we got up and played with each other in the shower, trying to get at least some cleansing into the process and after toweling off returned to the bed to collapse into sound slumber while we held hands. Elaine didn’t make it that night, but that was okay with me. This young lady beside me was truly endearing and wonderful enough for me.

In the morning, again before I awoke, she gave me a spirited blow job. I could really get used to this. It causes me, and most guys I would guess, to start the day in a very mellow mood!! She also left me a note, pleading with me to keep in touch. I texted her cell phone with the message, ‘sure enough.’

Later that day, I got a text from Blossom that the contract should be ready to sign by me in five days. The bank and the other lienholder were being very cooperative and reasonable in the numbers and stipulations in this matter.

I texted back to her that I would like to meet with her to go over some organizational issues with me going forward, she said to plan on Thursday night, all night with intimate perks in addition. I passed on that I would where ever she sent me for the night. During the meantime, I did some research and asked questions in helpful quarters.

We met at a favorite bayside hotel for a dinner and all night date. Over dinner I brought up some of my concerns, like having a management team to help me get this off on the right foot. I asked Blossom for suggestions for the various members of the team. First I needed a lead legal firm to cover my ass in case of any kind of assumed offenses against persons or institutions. She suggested the Kirkland firm, the firm that worked for Edna on the case of Marcus, the cab driver. I know Marcus and am familiar with that case and so nodded agreement with that. Blossom volunteered to handle the legal matters of leasing, renting, selling and evictions in regard to my condos. I knew that she is very capable in that, so I accepted.

Then there was the matter of the needed construction team to recondition the whole complex and integrate the three properties into one united whole. She recommended an out of town firm with a local office. They are known as the Sully Construction firm and have gained a sparkling reputation on the west coast for excellence in construction standards and in the quickness of their projects. They also have the reputation of utilizing local professional talent to augment their construction team. They have a local guy already on board to start the ball rolling, and his name is Jose.

The next matter was the issue of security. It has been rather lax in the con-do unit that I live in. Break-in artists wander the court yard and hallways with no one calling them on doing so. They regularly try people’s doors early in the morning and in the darkness of night to find unlocked doors for their possibly violent invasions. I myself have been robbed three times here and broken into twice. Also, there are pimps and escorts along with drug dealers operating in the open here. I personally have no problem with the escorts, naturally, but I don’t want their pimps hanging around and intimidating people who really belong here. With this she recommended the MT. Beaver Detective Agency, with the auxiliary force team, The Bash Brothers to take care of these concerns. I said that I would look into this, also.

Then we got on with a very fine dinner and later a night of very enthusiastic love making. Boy, who was it that said to not mix sex with business got it exactly backwards. Nothing like a friendly fucking to smooth out the negotiation process. And to help everyone feel really good about the results.

So, I spent the next couple of days interviewing those firms as to their suitability for the intended purposes. They all easily passed muster with me. And preliminary plans were being proposed. The Sully Company was going to hire a local engineering firm to do a total analysis of the grounds and buildings involved. It took a month for all of this to come together, three weeks after I already owned it. There had been written into the sales contract, stipulations to protect me from hidden substantive negatives in the grounds and buildings. Thank goodness that we never had to resort to enforcing any of them. It all went rather well.

The conclusions of the engineering firm was that the buildings were still in very good structural condition. The units in my suite needed light refurbishing and the other newer additional units needed a very profound reconditioning done to them. The grounds were very secure, no reason that further development couldn’t be accomplished.

But, in the meantime, the day came to sign all of the contracts at the bank’s office. When I came in all I could see was very happy women. No men present, except for me. And there was a very festive spirit throughout the facility. After a brief greeting at the front door, acknowledging me as the most important client that they had Felicity escorted me into the meeting room, which was decorated in a very strange manner. There were, of course, the requisite drinks and balloons, but how many bank meetings have you been to that have a thin mattress as the main cover of the central table? None that I remember!

I came in and found a very comfortable chair to sit in to await the actual signing. Evidently, that would follow some kind of celebratory process of which I would be the main recipient. At that, the room’s lights dimmed and the older and less attractive ladies moved back to the walls to observe and surely enjoy the show. None of them were required to be present for this meeting, only if they wanted any chance of moving forward in the company.

Elaine and Felicity, immediately doffed their clothing, all of it. There were a number of stunned faces and voices expressed at this. I wasn’t one of them though, these two ladies are very striking in looks, especially when nude as I had good reason to know. And they approached me and guided me up to the table with the mattress and sat me on the edge for the moment. They had a couple of the older ladies come forward to undress me there. It appeared that they took special glee in that effort. And then Elaine and Felicity progressed to doing a joint Blow Job on me, with the other ladies encouraging them with the basest loud and raucous encouragements imaginable.

The two ladies were really into it and I soon graced them with the liquid results of their efforts. They then helped my temporarily drained body up onto the mattress provided. I at that moment could very well wait for what was next, since I was still getting over what had just happened. They got up on the table and smothered me with kisses and caressing’s, which naturally lead me to an upright condition in my nether region. The ladies made up a line of inspection to guide by and admire and praise its appearance. Some of the older ladies even took a few seconds to taste it and mount their mouths over it.

I was very curious as to how this would all climax. Probably with Elaine and Felicity seriously fucking me in front of this appreciative audience. In that I was very wrong!!

From behind one of the older ladies against the wall moved forward a very shy appearing young woman, probably about sixteen in age. As she approached to table, Elaine and Felicity took her into their care and slowly and with a lot of fanfare undressed the appearing to be girl. Then they gathered her into their arms and began to kiss and caress her. While this was going on, the lady who had hidden the girl with her body until the revealing climbed up on the table to use her mouth to maintain my erective standing.

The girl was sat up on the side of the table with her back to me and every-one else but me got to see Elaine and Felicity minister to her young pussy. It was appreciated very much by the women present. Even a couple of them moved forward and took a quick turn with their mouths in the young girls’ ‘promised land.’ Maybe the only opportunity that some of them would ever have to enjoy the wonders of young pussy in person.

With the young girl now lit up in passion, moaning and shivering in lust, Elaine and Felicity accepted her body as passed up by evidently her mother and other of the older ladies and firmly implanted her right down on my up risen cock. To say that I was shocked at this is to underestimate my reactions to this rude and crude action. But, after a very brief shocked reaction by her, she shook that off and began to shift forward and backwards on my cock with small bouncing’s up and down. She did this for a few minutes and then began to spin around on my cock aided by the combined cum of my cock and her vagina’s Bartholin glands. She did several quick round trips and then settled down with her front facing my face.

I then reached up to cup her face and she looked very affectionately down on me with that. Then followed my hands cupping her dear little breasts, and I got moans from her from that too. She then leaned forward to lay on my chest with her still mounted on my stone hard cock. She initiated a course of kissing and tongue plunging by each of us. As she was leaned forward on me, it opened her rear assembly to the admiration and use of the ladies present. And all of the older ladies took their opportunity with their lips and nose up her slit and into her anus. Then Elaine and Felicity brought forward a large butt plug and with a great deal of skill entered it up the young girl’s rear end.

At this, the young girl began to moan and sigh piteously with light screaming. She arose and began to deep and powerfully pound on me. With that overpowering sight and sounds with profound stimulation of my cock tissues, I shot a great glob of my cum up into her birth chamber to her excited shrieks. The other women in the room , with that began to pair off for their own fun and when the youngster finally removed herself off of me to plant her pussy on my lips for cleansing, a very old lady, moved forward, took out her dentures and proceeded to give me a very grand sucking and cock cleansing. I wanted her number before I left. The young girls’ one too. I was then left with the young girl draining our combined liquid efforts into my mouth. After that I licked the bowl, I mean pussy clean, and laid to savor the experience. The little girl leaned up to my ear and whispered, “The best ever! And, I will contact you soon.” I nodded to her and eventually arose to join into the necessary signing of the contracts. To do that I was required to sit in Blossom’s lap, with her hand working on my cock. Try that at an important business meeting some time. But, everything came together and Blossom went home with me for the night.

It took a couple of days for the whole project to work its way through the Title process and the regulatory agencies review. This was perhaps record time for that to happen, but now I had the whole enchilada to myself for my development and use.

Later that evening, the mother dropped off her daughter to me for further training in business procedures. Lessons to be given with her naked in my bed. She showed real promise again, especially in ‘rear end’ deals and oral presentations. It ended with my cock up her ass for the night, and her cleaning me off in the morning for me to meet the day. I assumed that she had pressing needs for make-up and such, so I put a very generous tip in her pocket book. As she left my place she turned and begged me for further lessons, I let her know that I would arrange that. She smiled as she left. And her mother texted me later her thanks for the contribution. Old bank employees don’t make that much you know, unless they have worked their way up to be the manager. Mom assured me that she would be available to me as often as I required it. ‘Thanks Mom.” I texted back to her.


With the legal work pretty much completed, I turned to the important work of analyzing the income and balance sheets for this property (now singular, since it had all been legally joined together.) I dropped in to the real estate servicing firm that the previous owners had used to process the leasing, selling and collecting of rents for the property. They had also shown a very frugal manner of maintaining the grounds and units using an affiliated home repair service. I anticipated using them for the near or far future. But, I had something in mind to accomplish, before the serious construction, began. It was scheduled to start in two weeks and would take three months to finish. A very quick rate of completion by any standards that I know of. But the Sully Brothers had a very strong reputation for completing on time and with thoroughness of work.

The office manager of the real estate servicing firm, Wind City Real Estate Services, LLC, admitted me into the office to confer with her and give her my undying gratitude for their services and my blessing on their continuance of that service to me. I considered that a possibility, but I am not the complete business tyro that they think that I am. I am here to get the renter’s payment and complaint records for the last year.

When I relay this to her, she assumes a knowing expression on her face and informs me that for confidentiality legal reasons, that she can’t supply them to me. Evidently in this legal jargon to block my entry into her world of my property’s record through stonewalling, I was supposed, by her manner, to stand up and apologize for wasting her time and then leave her office with my tail between my legs. I quickly informed her that I would consult with my real estate dealings attorney the noted Blossom and she would get back to her. Upon my expected receipt of the requested records, I would use them for my business purposes and then review the adequacy of my using their business for the current purposes, much less the added responsibilities of my enlarging domain.

That swept the business smirk right off of her mouth and face. She paled a bit and asked me to wait while she conferred with the facility’s manager. I can imagine that conversation going something like this, “You stupid bitch, give the man what he asks for! Don’t you know that he is now one of our largest and longest-lived accounts. And evidently his holdings are going to increase rather rapidly to our advantage. Get on this immediately!”

A shaken and contrite business official, how rare they are, came back to office with the requested records all printed out, with annotations and all mounted in a beautiful presentation folder.

I commented, “Well done,” left before she could think of any other matters that she could stone wall me on.

I spent the afternoon poring over these records and soon got tuned into their mode of recording. I found a bunch of leasers and owners who were right as Big City rain, and a not small minority who were troublesome. I opened my computer and produced a portrait of the offending individuals for my and Blossom’s perusal. And possible evictions. I wanted to get things in order by the time all the construction was completed.

I also planned on interviewing possible lot security personnel to man the front gate house when that was competed and for Law Enforcement officers to occupy the two front lower rental units to provide a sobering influence to anyone who planned on any kind of mischief on site. They would get to park their own cruisers right on site for free and receive a somewhat reduced lease rate, if they would agree to have a security monitor for their checking in on during boring times on the T.V. or profoundly disturbing Seahawk or Mariner losses. They would get their very own log book for offenses that they noticed real or suspected. I would ask them to leave any escorts who were being non-irritating to the other condo residents strictly alone on my property, but any drug sales or pimps, were free to be handled by them. I knew that they would love that.

When I finished up on those little chores, Opal, the young ‘fuckster’ from the bank showed up again. I guess I had advanced in her and her mother’s repute by their sharing a name with me. I didn’t really know if it was her real name, but it was definitely better than say ‘hey you’ to a very desired sexual object of desire. We were no more that initiated in to her latest ‘business’ lessons and there was a knock at the door. It was Felicity, and I invited her in to share my time with Opal. She was hot for this and had her clothing off of her and on hangers very quickly while I replanted my member up into Opal’s love chamber. At that Felicity joined in to service Opal’s titties, while I also concentrated on kissing Opal with all of my heart…….. and mouth.

When things calmed down after my eruption up into a gleefully receiving Opal, we laid back in cuddling to gab about anything that came to their minds. Felicity inquired about the possibility of moving in with me when my new apartment was done. It was going to be made up of all four top floor condos in the front unit, combined together with entry ways between them and two of them opened up together. It would have a combined more than three thousand feet of floor space. There was going to be a rather large master bedroom with a full shower and bathroom of heroic propositions, too. One of my favorite features was a giant aerated bath (which can seat four adults) mounted in the wall between the bathroom and the bedroom, which among other things would allow me to stare and watch the naked ladies as they prepared themselves for the day. That had me excited, for sure.

I was going to have at least three other bedrooms included, four if it could be fit in. With a common bathroom for those bedrooms and other persons in the home. Interestingly, I was going to include a small but complete bathroom off one of the bedrooms that any residents with me could compete to have for their own habitation. I looked forward to that competition, which will be based on you know what.

Interestingly, the kitchen would not be that much bigger, because I didn’t plan to cook that much with so many delivery prepared food services available. And I didn’t think that the girls that shared my lodgings would all be that much inclined to cook, either. Actually, how much space do you really need to pour milk over cereal?

Opal then inquired if she could also come to stay with me too, the high school bus stop was right across the street after all. I looked over at Felicity and she enthusiastically nodded yes. And then Opal leaned over to whisper into my ear, that her mother would be glad for that, if I could supply her with some small amount of support for her to cope with the rest of her brood numbering three. She even suggested that the others could be available to me, too. They were all girls, I bet her ex-husband shot himself in the head over that, and the youngest was twelve. I declined that offer, to be reviewed as each reached the prime age of sixteen. She smiled with that with dreams of puppies, kitties, her own bed-room and cocks up her pussy and ass playing in her mind.

I told them that nothing of that sort would happen until the remodeling was all done. They got the message, they had four weeks to prove that I would want them and their three orifices each from then on. What an incentive they had, and I believed that they would be up to the challenge.

With that, I moved off Opal and with Opal’s oral help readied myself to live a little up Felicity’s vaginal alley place. Things moved wonderfully from then on and then we, when I had finished in Felicity, cuddled together to spend the night.

It appeared that I had a high degree of primacy with Blossom from that time on, because when I called for an appointment, I was brought into her office in very quick order. In this case the afternoon of that next day. When we conferred on the record of violations of the condos rules, or sometimes just often repeated occurrences of being jerks, Blossom used her red pen to flag ones that were subject to immediate eviction, and green one for others that we would watch for the proper grounds. No use getting on the watch list of the renter’s advocacy people or the State’s watch-dog authorities. The later were much more lenient with landlords, since many of them were landlords also and didn’t want to set any precedents that would make their business more difficult, either.

That left only a couple of cases to consider. There were four old couples who were dears in their comportment, but with their income levels were having a difficult time meeting all of their renter’s obligations. I thought about this and worked it out with Blossom to send a letter that instructed them to catch up on their payments because I can’t treat them any differently. And then to send them a check for all past due payments to me, with regular monthly payments to make up the difference between their regular payments and what they owed each month. This would be from a shadowy renter’s relief organization made up by us, with the instructions that they were to use the payments to settle their regular obligations to their landlords. Blossom just loved this. She liked how my mind worked for sure. And besides, I would get the money back in the rents, and the cost to me would be very low, and what the hell; what use is it if when your rich you can’t fuck with people’s minds in good ways, too?

Blossom through laughter teared-up eyes assured me that the first eviction notices would be sent out the next day and also reminded me that she was needing a very improper fucking soon. I suggested that I might put Felicity at work producing a yearly calendar with all of my obligations in that field of my interests. That left Blossom again laughing at me and shouting for me to, “Get the hell out of my office before I pee my panties!” The receptionist and her colleagues were also suitable amused by this all as I walked out the door.

My first challenge on the list was a tall blonde nineteen year old escort who showed no record of ever having made a rental payment. I, surely, knew what that meant. Pussy rental payments. Well that was going to stop!

So, I showed up at her door in the early afternoon, when she would surely be up from her nightly chores. She didn’t answer my three firm knocks on the door. So, I left a note and loudly barked a message to the effect that she could open the door to confer with me, or be mailed an eviction notice the next day, because of non-payment of her rents. That got her attention and the door opened to my entry.

I entered into a room that was fixed up like the sensual massage emporiums that I had visited often. It had a raised platform that I often heard threw my walls being moved about from my current condo next door to hers, even at three o’clock in the morning, which would wake me up. I never complained about it, though and rarely availed myself of her services. Seeing an escort next door to your residence is a very risky business for sure. Thankfully this time there was no sign of her total jerk combination housemate/lover/pimp in sight. I hate him with a passion and look forward to delivering her from his excessive jerkiness when the security system becomes fully operational. I think that the Bash Brothers will be happy to aid me on that chore.

But at this time, we sit down to confer on my reason for bothering her during the early day, before she has her professional attire and make-up on. She is gorgeous even without it.

“I am here to address the issue of your not paying any of your rents since you have been here. That is for over a year.”

I let her sweat and fume over that, since she knows that I know what form the rents had been paid in.

“But, I paid them in full to the former owner of this condo community.”

“Not good enough, take it up with him, since the payments need to be advanced to the Windy City Real Estate Services Company, LLC; not to the owner for you to get legal credit for them.”

“But, he said that he would take care of them.”

“Sorry, no record that he ever did.”

“You mean that he fucked me all those times and never gave me credit for rents paid, like he said that he would?”

“Evidently so!”

“Well, that mother-fucker. I will get my MAN on that.”

“He is going to have to travel, because he and his wife have left for sunnier climes and his parents and children do not live in this area, either.”

“What do I do, now?”

“I guess you start making the payments, start covering the past due and accept a lesson learned.”

Then she looked down in obviously pretended shyness and inquired, “How about you? Wouldn’t you want to fuck me in all three holes and then help a working girl with her rent?”

“You are for sure the prettiest blonde that I have ever met. And I would likely want to aggressively study those mentioned ports, but I will do it with an appointment just like all of your other customers and reimburse you at that time for your services with the appropriate gift. I want no part of a rent for fucking agreement.”

“Oh, no!!! How am I going to explain this to my….uh...uh boyfriend? He needs his money from me to meet his obligations, too.”

“Well, as to that, let him know that Pimps are going to be unwelcome persons on my property from now on. And any threats from him will be met by some very vicious friends of mine. If he ignores my warnings and continues to come here, he will regret it. If you get him off of your back, you should easily be able to pay your rent and still be far ahead in your affairs.”

“I see what you mean, but Tyrone is mean and he has abused me in the past.”

“I’m sorry hun, I can’t prevent that, but with the security that is coming to this place I will know about it, and the repercussions are not going to be as a down to earth talking of gentle persuasion. He might not survive it. So, if you care anything about him, warn him off from this property!”

“I’ll let him know what you have said.”

“Good, I expect an initial push back, but am ready for it. And I will get with you on a date sometime after this all blows over. In the meantime start making payments on your debts to this facility and stay out of trouble here. If you have a dying need to give him some of your fucking money do it off site, or else. The eviction papers for you are already having the ink dry on them.”

With that she rushed up to me with great tears in her eyes and tried to grab and expose my dick, probably to change my mind on this. But, I resisted and then firmly left the place with her standing looking very lost.

The next morning I found my tires slashed and that is a real effort to accomplish since they are seventeen inch winter tread reinforced sidewall tires. Cost me over five hundred dollars each. I then called Mrs. Candy Sterling, the manager of the Mount Beaver Detective Agency and the wife of one of my friends, Richard, known as ‘The Dickster’ in the trade. He is now retired and caring for all of the babies that he can possibly produce on Candy’s very willing body.

She answered me personally, which is probably arranged through her new young and aspiring-student receptionist. Upon recognizing who I am, calling.

“Yes, Mr. Jensen, what can I do for you?”

“I keep telling you that it is Marty to you, dear. It would only be Mr. Jensen if you would agree to share your delicious body with me!”

“Well, Marty, my body is very busy with Richard’s productions in it at the present. I don’t see an end of that coming anytime soon, not that I mind at all. I have a new production of about eight months in-house right at this time. You wouldn’t want an old pregnant lady like me to fuck, anyway would you?”

“Just try me and find out!”

“I will pass that request on to Richard to decide on. I do know that you love momma’s milk, and I have a ready supply for that constantly. Richard and the babies love it too, that is when Richard leaves enough in me to feed them.”

“Not interested in your domestic travails today, Lovely Momma. What I do have is a visiting pimp, named Tyrone, who has slashed about two thousand-dollar’s worth of my tires. I am interested I having the favor returned to him in some fashion that will make the point that he is not welcome on my property, much less my world. Any pain that he gets in the message is on him.”

“I will send out the Bash Brothers to confer with him on these issues. I will invoice you for services rendered upon completion and take care of their charges in another way. By the way, we are ready to start the new security system as soon as we get notice that the peripheral fencing system is complete.”

“Thank you and I will get back to you on that. Nice to do business with you.”

“Promises. Promises” And then she hung up.

I found out later from Tracey, the tall blonde bombshell that Tyrone was met later that morning when he came to collect the cash from the previous night. When she had advised him to my concerns and orders, he just did his pimp laugh and told her that he would take care of me, in fact had already started to bring me to his knees, evidently to worship of his dirty rotten pimpy self. God, I hate pimps! Well soon after he left with the money, he crawled back to her rooms and let it out that two very big and ugly men had taken him in hand and advised him that it would be bad for his health to bother me or you again. Then they pounded him into a pulp with at least two broken ribs, took his funds and advised him if they ever saw him again, he would be dead in the recycle bin, instead of beaten up against it. Through a couple of broken teeth he made threats to bring in muscle to cope with them and perhaps to teach them a lesson about bothering a righteous dude pimp.

It didn’t work out that way. The three guys that came to get the funds from Tracey again, were found almost dead in the recycle bin, not killed for profession-al courtesies perhaps, but the pimp didn’t do so well. The Bash Brothers found him, and no one else ever did. I didn’t want to contemplate on that too deeply. But, now Tracey was free of the pimps secure in the safety of the condo compound. She stayed put for a long time, letting others shop for her. And eventually the heat cooled off for her. As she told me all this, she offered to thank me by fucking me right then, in any way that I desired. I thanked her for the offer, but let her know that she was still on probation, until the rents started flowing in. I returned the confiscated funds that the Bash Brothers had returned to me for her and she could have kissed me over that. Did, in fact and I enjoyed having that tall sleek body up to mine for sure.


The Sully Brothers and their local crews augmented with top local talent are sailing through the very complicated and comprehensive remodeling and refreshing of the condo units in my newly dubbed, Mount Beaver Garden’s Condos. I know it is true, because there is a sign on the brand new fence across the front of the combined properties that says so, with ‘Coming Soon!’ Right under it is another sign that says, ‘Off-Street Parking for rent is coming available soon’

Most of the apartment and condo complexes on our street are short on visitor’s parking and street parking is in severe shortage, too. And the street parking seems to be disappearing daily for bike lanes and such. I am like a lot of people, enthusiastic about other people riding bikes so that they don’t have to steal our vehicles to get around, and also leave more space for our own driving on the roads, too. But, with the pressure on drivers, where is the money going to come to maintain the highways and streets if many more change over to bikes. Bicyclists don’t pay all of the same taxes that support roads, as drivers do.

Anyway, the peripheral fence is done and that should help a lot with interlopers. It is six feet of solid board fencing topped off with another four feet of cyclone fencing. On top of that are a number of features to severely discourage attempts to climb over it. This is on the South, West and North sides. On the East side (street side) is a four foot fence to satisfy the law, but with only one entrance to walk in and out, and to drive in the same manner. All four sides are under constant Electronic monitoring.

And there is a security shed at the entrance to monitor anyone who comes and goes there, also. The college students who man it, get paid little, but they get plenty of time to study and do homework while handling interruptions to monitor the security cameras. And we have two Law Enforcement officers on site, living here to take matters in hand in case of difficulties. Those difficulties seem to be abating constantly as past offenders either get the message and mind their own business, or disappear into the legal system to reside somewhere else. Then there is always the Bash Brothers who are available to discuss matters with prejudice if it is needed. The police usually leave them alone, because they view them as taking care of situations that they can’t. Professional courtesy at its best.

My super condo is well on the way to completion, and the Sullies are especially enthused about its potential. They see a masterpiece in the making and have been promised to be able to take as many pictures of it as they desire. Probably going into a sales brochure under the title of MAN CAVES, to your order.

This leaves me with the decision soon, as to whether I will welcome Opal, the sixteen year old sexpot and Felicity, just a sexpot also; to join me in residence. I am leaning to yes for both. At this point I don’t think that I would want to give up on either of them.

During the construction phase, one of the Sully brothers brought it to my attention that a row of additional buildings on the West side and another up the middle of the parking area would still allow for more than sufficient parking on site. I said for them to sketch up a simple diagram of that and to estimate the construction cost of that project for me to store until I get what I already have in full usage. He said that he would be glad to accommodate that.

Oh, by the way, Candy had her latest baby and Richard sent her over to give me a sample of her momma’s milk that he and the babies so love. She did so, with a great deal of humor. Actually, she used to be an escort when she first met Richard and was first recruited to be his receptionist in the old days of his detectiving. She later became his beloved wife when he graduated to being a security specialist. YeeHaw! And now, she is feeding me just like a little baby, right from the tit. I could kiss him for this, but I am not into that! She is getting a kick out of this after so many years of teasing me. To see the delight on my face will humor her for at least a few weeks.

To pull together my whole support team, including Blossom, Mrs. Darby, Candy and Richard, Marcus and Edna, Nestor and a whole host of others, I am thinking of starting an oversight corporation including all of these and more, with a small infusion of cash from my real LLC to share with them. Besides acknowledging all of their help in getting this whole thing off the ground with considerable restraint in their charges, I want them to continue to feel the same about their services to me. Which are welcomed and paid for in due time, faithfully.

Besides it gives us the excuse to have a riotous summer picnic in the middle of summer and a warm-hearted and sexy party in the winter, with as much sexy fun as can be arranged. The response from the objects of this prospective arrangement was astounding to say the least. I was going to have to limit the actual members and other attenders in number, even if Edna lets us use her mansion and grounds. I am pretty sure that I can count on that, with her natural earthiness, and Marcus’s (a longtime neighbor condo leaser/friend) additional influence with her.

I ran this by my team of corporate lawyers and they saw no difficulty in it as long as I kept it separate from any actual involvement in the managing of my property. And I kept a very high total of stock in my own hands. So, the lawyers produced the enlistment papers for each, and we sent them out with a copy of the proposed stock certificates to the named main targets of this exercise. All I got back were wildly enthusiastic responses to this and inquiries of what I meant by very small dividends each year based on my end of the year results. Maybe only enough for a bottle of good wine, or two. I figure that with the somewhat reduced charges for their services encouraged in perpetuity, I would always come out slightly ahead on this and make a lot of my friends laugh with the small dividend checks. I anticipated that most of them would be mounted in frames over their fire places instead of actually being cashed. I in my ignorance had no idea of the ramifications that came because of what I did at that time.

Two weeks after the finishing of my super condo, the two girls moved in. and the fun definitely continued. There was no letdown in our fun. And Opal’s mother was ecstatic at the monthly contribution that she received. Another of her daughters was going to graduate to the age of sixteen in three months and she was already asking if I wanted to play with her, too. I said that I would take it up with Felicity and Opal, since they had first call on my dick. I didn’t mention to her Blossom and Elaine, too. No use discouraging the old sex selling harridan in regard to her children.

We prevailed on Edna to provide her mansion for the first party of the Corporation members and other guests and she agreed, since she and Marcus would be home from one of their twice yearly Caribbean cruise trips. Felicity and the other women helped with the decorations, very adult-oriented since there would be no children under the age of sixteen allowed. I.D.s of suspicious attenders would be checked by the Bash Brothers. Just everyone knowing that was probably sufficient to discourage an

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THE MT. BEAVER CONDO COMPLEX CHRONICLES: THE LANDLORD Here I am, Marty Jensen, a longtime resident of Big City with a whole ‘shit pot’ of unanticipated money on my hands and the challenge of what to do with it. It totals a substantial number of millions, all pre-tax paid and already discounted because of receiving it in one chunk. I am only fifty-five years old, but the thought of receiving sizable chunks of cash each month for many years is hardly...


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Young, effeminate teenager takes my seed like the good and submissive teacher’s pet that he is.

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