Rocky and Ronda

I didn't believe it. There I was sitting in a bar on the Greek Isle of Los. Working hard all those summers during high school and college, I saved my money. Now it was paying off. I deserved a vacation, and the Mediterranean was my first choice. Lots of girls, dancing and booze, my three favorites and in that order.

The music was changing as the clock pushed past eleven. The DJ was playing for the younger crowd that was starting to come in. There were lots of girls just out to have a night of fun. It wasn't above me to help them out.

I danced a few dances before I noticed this one pretty girl, watching me. She was beautiful, with a capital B. She had long black hair, that showed off her full red lips. Her olive shaped, black eyes penetrated to my soul when they met mine. I had to meet this beauty, so I got up from my table and walked over to hers.

“Hi, my name's Rocky. Would you like to dance?” Not the suavest opening, but honest.

I almost collapsed with excitement when she stood up and took my extended hand. I led her to the dance floor and was grateful that the DJ played a slow dance. It was fun dancing with a girl who knew how. Before the second song ended, her body was close to me. She was soft and warm and smelled nice. We danced like we had been dancing together for years. When the song ended, she took my hand and led me from the dance floor. I had a good view of her from the rear. Her body was near perfect, long legs leading up to a quite nice ass.

After I escorted her back to her table, she said, “Please sit down. My name is Ronda.” You're a very talented dancer. Will you dance another dance with me?”

After I was seated, I replied, “You are a very talented dancer and I would love another dance. Would you care for another drink? I left an empty one on my table and would like another.”

Ronda nodded her head and I flagged a waiter, who took our drink orders and left. I kept looking at Ronda, and she returned the look.

“Have we met before?” She asked. “It's almost like I've seen you before.”

“No, I don't think so. I live in Philadelphia and went to college in New Jersey. Where do you live?”

“I live in New York City, have for all of my life. I finished college this year, now I'm bumming around Europe with my best friend, before settling down.”

“Where is your friend? Did he dump you this evening?”

“No, my best friend is a girl. She felt somewhat queasy and didn't want to dance or drink tonight. She is back at our hotel.”

Well, that was nice to know, not a guy friend. Her gal pal wasn't feeling good. That was probably good for me, now I had Ronda all to myself.

We danced a few more dances and I could tell, at the end, she was getting tired. I was becoming tired myself. Back at the table Ronda looked at me and smiled.

“I think I'll return to my hotel, I'm tired. I go swimming early in the morning. Would you like to join me?”

“Just say the time and I'll be there. I would like to walk you to your hotel if you don't mind.”

“Thanks, I appreciate that.”

As we walked out of the bar, she took my hand. We walked back towards her hotel, talking and laughing.

“That's where I'll meet you tomorrow.” She said, pointing at the entrance to a pier. “About eight, I need some sleep tonight.”

“You got it, I'll be there.”

I walked her into her hotel's lobby. She turned to me, “Thank you for the dances. I really enjoyed dancing with someone who knows how. Oh, and the drinks too.”

She let go my hand and walked to the elevators. She took one last glance toward me and waved. I waved back, turned and walked out the door and into the night.

The radio alarm was screaming in my ear. I groggily looked at the time, seven fifteen. I hit the snooze button and closed my eyes. I couldn't fall back to sleep, I was wondering what Ronda was doing right now. Probably taking a shower and getting ready for the beach, something I should be doing. I sat up, hanging my legs over the side of the bed. I shook my head a couple times to clear it and shut the alarm off. No sense letting that go off again.

Twenty minutes later I was showered and shaved. My swim trunks were on, my towel over my shoulder. I took one look in the mirror before opening the door to my room. I was ready to meet the prettiest girl on the beach for a swim. I was in a good mood. It's not every day a lug like me lucks out with a girl like Ronda. She must like what she sees or she wouldn't have invited me to go swimming with her.

Ronda was waiting at the pier, I ran the last few yards. She saw me and laughed, “You didn't need to run, I just got here myself. Come, let's go down onto the sand, it should be warm.”

I followed Ronda, she must have been here before, she knew exactly where the way to the beach was. She took the stairs down, I was right behind her. She had some kind of white cover up, looked like a loose dress with straps over the shoulder to hold it up. I couldn't see what she was wearing beneath it.

We walked for some time down the beach. There were only a smattering of people there, it was like the beach was all ours. Ronda stopped. “How about here? The sand is clean, a nice spot to catch the early rays.”

Ronda spread her beach towel out then took mine from my shoulder. She laid it next to hers, overlapping slightly. She dug around in her bag and pulled out a bottle of suntan lotion, which she threw onto her towel. I knew the dress was next, her fingers gathering it up until she had the hem. My eyes followed her dress upward until she was standing there in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen. She looked at me gawking at her and smiled.

“Would you please do my back,” she said handing me the lotion. She dropped to her knees and lay forward onto her towel.

I don't know how to describe what I was looking at except to say, “Perfection.” Ronda has a perfect figure with a nice round butt. She reached back unhooking her top, the straps falling to the blanket, revealing a nice side boob. I took my time massaging the lotion into her skin.

“Don't forget the back of my legs,” she cooed.

I was hoping she would ask me to do her legs. I tried to remember every move that a masseuse had used with me. I massaged her legs until the lotion disappeared. I couldn't help myself, I had a half-ass erection.

Ronda rolled over. “Do my legs, please.”

I did her legs, from her toes to her bikini. She took my hands in hers. Showing me how to massage her inner thighs. I somewhat resisted as she moved my hands upwards until I was touching her crotch.

“It's okay, I trust you,” she said. “You don't seem like the kind of guy that would take liberties with a girl.”

“What if I accidentally touched you somewhere I shouldn't?”

“Then it would be an accident, so no problem. When you're done with my legs, please do my front.”

“Holy Fuck!,” I thought. “This girl is driving me nuts by letting me close to her pussy, now she wants me to do her front.”

Ronda was watching my every move. Every time I looked up, she would smile. I had massaged lotion into every corner of her torso except for her boobs. Then she surprised me and removed her bikini top exposing two of the most perfect breasts I had ever seen.

“Don't forget these,” she whispered.

“I've never massaged a woman's boobs before, what should I do?”

“They won't bite, take some lotion and rub it in like you did to the rest of my body.” The black irises of her eyes were twinkling. Was she playing with me?

I did what she asked. She was not helping my erection problem, it was getting worse. As the palms of my hands moved over her nipples, they hardened. Her nipples were large, perfect to suck on. Dark pink nipples resting on a field of lighter pink. What wasn't perfect about this woman? Ronda moved, turning over, her back now catching the sun's rays. I did the same, my face looking at hers.

“The sun feels so warm,” she said. “I love laying like this. What are you going to do when your vacation is over?”

“I will be going to work at a company I interned at. They asked me to join them when I graduated. What are you going to do? If I may ask.”

“I don't know yet. I might go for my masters degree. My parents are okay with that, but they both work to make ends meet. I don't want to burden them with more tuition. They said I should not worry about money, there would always be plenty for my education. I do worry, they work so hard.”

“I know, my parents are the same way. There was always funds for college though. I worked my summers and saved so I could take this trip.”

Ronda and I turned over and talked some more. Her breasts were pointed upwards now. Firm boobs, for sure a full-size B. If anyone walked near us, they would get an eyeful. Lucky for me no one did, my hard on went unnoticed until Ronda sat up suddenly. She averted her eyes as soon as she saw the front of my swimsuit. I rolled over onto my stomach, acting like nothing was wrong.

“Did I do that to you?

And like a dumb kid, I asked, “What?”

“I'm sorry,” she said as she covered her breasts with her bikini top. “Maybe we should go back to our hotels.”

“No, no, please stay. Let's go into the water and swim for awhile.”

Ronda stood up and walked towards the ocean. I struggled up, my erection quickly disappearing as I ran to catch up with her. She took my hand again and we walked out until we were waist deep. The water was cool and my nipples were hard as rocks. Ronda's were too, I could see the fabric of her top protruding.

Ronda dove under the next big wave while I was knocked backwards. After the wave passed, I swam hard and caught up with her. We swam out further, some of the waves were quite high, ideal for body surfing.

“Do you body surf?” I asked, being an NYC girl, she might not know how.

“Not really, will you teach me?”

I showed Ronda how to catch a wave. It wasn't long and she was keeping up with me. We surfed for maybe a half an hour before we left the water.

“How about breakfast? I asked her. “I'm starved now.”

“Sounds good, that was a good workout and I'm hungry too.”

We gathered up our belongings and headed up to the street level. Ronda was holding my hand and walking close to me. I felt pretty lucky to have such a hot chick next to me. I walked her to her hotel, then split for mine. We were to meet at a corner restaurant about halfway between our hotels.

Showered and dressed casual, I headed to the restaurant. Ronda wasn't at the corner, so I leaned against the building and waited. A few minutes later I saw her walking on the sidewalk. She was dressed in a light yellow sundress. The sun was to her back and I could see her body, I'm sure she knew her dress was transparent. She was smiling as she drew near.

“God, you're a beautiful woman,” I gasped.

Ronda stepped up to me and gave me a light peck on the lips.

“You're not so bad yourself and thanks for the compliment.”

“Thank you, too. I just don't see myself as very good looking. I see myself as average, just like any other man.”

“Bullshit, you're handsome and I feel privileged to be with you. Now let's drop the mutual admiration and get some breakfast.”

After breakfast, we rented a scooter and drove around the city. The old buildings fascinated Ronda. We stopped many times to walk around looking at the old architecture. Soon we were back on the scooter and off doing more sight-seeing. Ronda was holding me tight when we rode through the countryside. Her hard breasts pressing into my back. We came to a quaint little town. Not much there, a store or two and a restaurant. We stopped for a soda.

We sat in a booth, sipping our sodas.

“I like you very much,” Ronda said as she took my hand. “I don't know what it is, but I feel like I've known you for a long time. I'm very attracted to you.”

“I'm very attracted to you,” I replied, as I took her other hand in mine. “I know that I don't know you, but I feel like we are very compatible, like long lost friends. I want to know you better.”

We looked into each other eyes and spoke at the same time, “Let's leave and go back.”

I started the scooter and I drove as fast as I safely could. As we neared town, Ronda yelled into my ear.

“You hotel room, mine is occupied by my friend.”

I nodded my head. We stopped and dropped off the rented scooter. I held her hand as we walked, soon Ronda took her hand away and held my arm. We walked to the elevator and waited. Soon the elevator doors opened and Ronda and I were alone inside. I turned her towards me and took her in my arms. She melted into my body as we took our first real kiss. The kiss turned into a French kiss and lasted until the elevator stopped at my floor. We stepped out and I led the way to my room.

My room had been cleaned and the bed was made. I closed the door and followed Ronda. We were alone, we were horny and it wasn't long before we both were naked and in my bed. Things were moving so fast, I wanted to slow them down. I didn't know why but I wanted to make love to Ronda, I didn't want to just fuck her. I would probably never have a chance like this again with her and I wanted to make it last as long as I could.

Ronda and I spent the remainder of our vacations together. We traveled to every corner of the island. We enjoyed the same kinds of food, especially seafood. We got in some beach time but spent our nights together making love. Not once did I feel like we were fucking, we always made love. Ronda was of the same opinion as I about our lovemaking. I think we were falling in love.

* Two years later **

I was sitting at my desk finishing up a new portfolio when my phone rang. I answered, “Rockwell Kirkwood, how may I help you?”

I was used to getting many calls every day. I had developed a knack for making people money. My Master in Finance got me into this job and I was doing very well. The bosses liked me and had promoted me into my own office.

“Mr. Kirkwood, you don't know me. My name is Todd Jansky, I'm an attorney with Jansky and Jansky LLP, here in New York. I have some very important information that I need to share with you. Would it be possible for you to meet with me in my office this coming Friday? I would like to meet at 3 PM. Can you make that appointment time?”

I had previously cleared my Friday afternoon calendar, I was going out to dinner with a friend. Mr. Jansky sounded very serious, If the meeting ran late I would cancel the dinner. My buddy and I were in the mood for some great Prime Rib at Keens Steakhouse.

“Okay, Mr Jansky, I'll be there.”

He gave me the address then he ended the call. I set my phone down, what in the world could this be about? I had no clue as to why a lawyer would be calling me. I hadn't done anything illegal that I knew of. I'm sure I never knocked up a woman, I always use protection. I guess I would have to wait the three days to find out.

Friday came quickly. I hailed a cab and gave him the address, soon we were on Manhattan's east side. I paid the cab driver and walked into the office building. I looked at the building directory and saw which suite Jansky and Jansky were located in. I took the elevator up, not knowing what to expect when it stopped.

The doors opened and I was standing in the law firm's reception area. “Must be a very successful business,” I thought.

“Mr. Kirkwood to see Mr. Jansky,” I told the receptionist. A very classy woman with strawberry blond hair.

I was fifteen minutes early so I expected to be seated in the reception area. The receptionist stood up, “Please come with me. Mr. Jansky will see you in the small conference room.”

I followed, checking out the woman's body as we walked. Her dress was tight and came down just below mid-thigh. Nicely tapered legs ending on five-inch heels. She was pleasingly built for comfort. May have something to do with her age, I would guess she was in her early to mid-forties. Not that her age would stop me from banging her. Fact is, I would like to spend some time with her. When she opened the conference room door, I noticed that she did not have a wedding band or engagement ring. I would have to stop and talk to her on my way out. If I was lucky, I would have someone to share my bed and life with for the weekend.

“Please be seated. May I get you something to drink? Coffee or maybe a soda?”

I gave her my best smile when I answered. “A soda would be fine.”

“Thank you, sir. A soda it is.”

Her smile led me to believe I might just have a chance to have some company this weekend. I would sure give it my best effort. If I could get her into bed she probably would fuck like a banshee.

A minute later she was back. She placed a coaster on the table along with a straw. Her hand rested on my shoulder as she placed my soda on the coaster. I would most definitely be talking to her later.

“If you require anything, I'll be right here in reception. Mr. Jansky should be here shortly.”

Before she turned to leave, she gave me another smile, only this smile said, “I'm available.”

I was drinking my soda when the receptionist returned. There was a woman with her this time, only the woman's face was hidden under the brim of her hat.

Please be seated, Mr. Jansky will be in shortly. Would you like a drink, coffee, soda or water?”

“No thank you, I'm fine,” the woman replied.

I still hadn't seen her face, but her voice seemed to be familiar. She took her hat off and looked at me.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. “Why didn't you call me? It's been over two years.”

The woman was Ronda, the woman I met in Greece.

I stuttered, “I lost your phone number. I was hoping that you would call me.”

“Do you know what this is about?” She sounded pissed that she was here.

Before I could answer, a man walked in. “Hello, I'm Todd Jansky.”

He sat at the head of the table and opened a thick manila envelope.

“Please sit closer to me, I have some very important papers that I have to read to both of you.”

Ronda and I moved closer, Ronda on his right, me on his left. I looked at Ronda and shrugged my shoulders. She gave no response like I wasn't even there.

Mr. Jansky opened the envelope and sat the contents before him. He looked at both of us before he spoke.

“I know you two don't have any idea why you are here. I am about to explain that all to you. Both of you know that you were adopted into loving families. Let me tell you the story from the beginning. Rockwell, meet your sister, Ronda. Ronda, meet your brother, Rockwell.”

We stared at each other, not believing what we heard, not believing that we were siblings. We just stared at each other as Mr. Jansky continued.

“Your mother died within months of your birth, Ronda. Your father tried his best to take care of you two. He hired nanny after nanny, but they didn't stay around long. They were required to stay until he came home from work. Sometimes they would have to stay after you kids were put to bed.

It was then that he made the most important decision in his life, he gave you two up for adoption. My father handled the complete process, from finding suitable families to providing funds for your education. Your father didn't want to be included in your lives, not because he didn't love you, but the complete opposite. He loved you two so much, that is why you were told your biological parents were dead. He didn't want to be an intrusion in your lives. Now that your father has passed, I can tell you the story.”

I looked at Ronda, there were tears in her eyes. She was biting her lower lip. She looked at me, giving me a sad smile, I smiled back as best as I could.

“Now I know why I thought I had met you before. When I was in my mid-teens, I saw a picture of a toddler boy and a baby being held by a man. My mother took the picture away from me. That was us and that man was our father. You are a spitting image of him. Rockwell, she giggled, I think I prefer Rocky.”

“There's more,” Mr. Jansky continued. “Each of you is to split his estate equally. Your father left a very sizable trust, you two could retire on the dividends alone. You also inherit his farm upstate, his penthouse here in Manhattan and five apartment properties. There is also a townhouse in Whistler Ski Resort. Your father was a financier, a very good one at that. His very profitable company is also yours. It's my understanding that both of you have advanced degrees in finance, this should be to your advantage. His firm is located two stories up from this office. I'll take you up there when we are done here. Do either of you have any questions for me now?”

Ronda and I were looking at each other, our mouths hanging open. This was just too much to fast for us to really comprehend.

“I'm sure you will have questions later. I have a whole slew of papers for both of you to sign. I will turn over the trust to you on Monday. In the meantime, you will have to live on what funds you have available.”

Ronda and I spent the next two hours having papers explained to us and then we signed them. When that was all done, Mr. Jansky stood up.

“Well that's finished. Now let me take you up two floors to your new office.”

Mr. Jansky called the elevator and we were soon at the firm that our father had left us. Kirkwood and Associates. I had already heard of the firm. Most finance people had, the name just didn't click with me. We were introduced to almost the whole crew. A few employees were missing, mostly for business reasons. We were introduced to the Executive VP, Jim Olson, he basically ran the whole firm.

Mr. Jansky looked at us. “Well, my job is done for now. Jim will take good care of you. When you need me, I'm two floors down. I was available for your father 24/7 and I will continue that for you. Goodnight, I'll see you Monday morning.”

Mr. Jansky handed Ronda and me his business card, shook our hands and left.

“Would you like to come with me? I would like to explain the company and how your father has run it the past few years. Please call me Jim. Your father and I were the best of friends.”

What else could Ronda and I do, but follow Jim? He led us to his office and motioned for us to sit down. Jim spent the next hour explaining how the office worked. Then he showed us the complete office, including our father's office and where the conference rooms were located.

“Here are your keys, they are master keys and will unlock every door. I will be here for another hour before I leave. I will look in your Dad's office, if you have left I will lock up for the weekend, otherwise, you can lock the doors.”

“Have a nice weekend you two. I'm sure you have much to talk about. I hope to see you on Monday.” With that Jim Olson left us.

“Ronda, I'd like to talk to you in Dad's office,” I said with a smile.

She smiled back. “That will be fine.”

When we were in our dad's office, we sat on the couch, facing each other.

“Can you believe this?” Ronda asked me. “You and I siblings? I fell in love with you when we were in Greece. I'm still in love with you. Do we have to be brother and sister, can we be like we were in Greece?”

I saw the office bar. “Would you like a nice stiff drink? I sure want one,” I said. “Then we can talk.”

“Yes, fill me up a glass of Crown Royal, two cubes.”

I poured us both Crowns, I gave her hers and she slugged half of it down. I wasn't quite so anxious. I drank a swallow's worth.

I started, “Right now my mind is trying to take in all that has happened today. I didn't know if I loved you or not until I saw you today. I thought I did, but the love I have for you is so different. It is a deep trusting love. I don't really know how to explain it to you, but I feel so, I don't know, comfortable. I feel relaxed, I want to be with you. I was kicking myself for losing your phone number. I tried to find you, but I got nowhere. Please forgive me for that.” As I spoke, I was watching Ronda's face for any clues.

“I forgive you. I tried to find you also, with no luck. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise. So here we are, together again, albeit brother and sister. I don't feel like you're a brother, you are my lover and I want you to stay that way. Call it genetic connection or whatever. Am I making any sense to you?”

I stood up and pulled my sister up from her chair. My arms encircled her and I held her tight.

“As far as I'm concerned, you and I are just like we were. The brother-sister thing never existed between us. Seeing you again has put me at ease, I know that I love you and I want to be with you. How we do that remains to be seen, but I will make it work somehow. I hope you feel the same way.”

“Oh, god, Rocky, I love you so much. The past two years were like hell for me, not knowing if I would see you again or if you even wanted to see me. When you made love to me on that Greek island, I surrendered my heart to you, you still have it. Take me home, Rocky. I want you to make love to me.”

Ronda and I left the office. Jim was still there and we both wished him a nice weekend and we would see him sometime on Monday. In the elevator ride down I gave Ronda a quick kiss. When other passengers entered the car, we stood next to each other holding hands.

I hailed a cab and we were soon at my apartment. The doorman winked at me as we passed into the lobby. Little did he know and he would never know that we were siblings. When we reached my floor, Ronda and walked hand in hand to my door. I let us in, Ronda walking in before me. I 'm so glad I keep my apartment clean and neat.

“Would you like a drink?” I asked her.

“Another Crown would be nice. I don't want to get drunk, so make it a small one.”

I poured our drinks and sat on the couch, looking at the most beautiful woman in my world. How I was so lucky to find her boggled my mind.

“I love you, Ronda, and I don't even know your last name. My full name is Rockwell Simpson Kirkwood.”

“I love you, Rockwell,” she giggled. “Mine is Ronda Juliet Dubois. My parents are both French and I spent a lot of time in Paris when I was young.”

Our drinks were soon gone, but I wasn't in a rush to make love to Ronda. I wanted to take my time and renew what we had before. It was like we both knew what the other was thinking. We met at the center of the couch. Our lips found each others', and our kiss was deep. The tip of my tongue found hers. Gently we kissed, deep and with love.

Ronda unbuttoned my shirt, she was pushing it off my shoulders. Her fingers were rubbing my chest as my hand worked her top off. Her lacy bra went next. I was looking at those fantastic tits that I remembered from Greece. Ronda's nipples were hard as rocks. My mouth teased each one as my hands cupped her breasts. A light moan escaped Ronda's lips. I intensified my efforts, more moans. I knew it was time to remove the remainder of her clothes, which I tossed aside.

I picked Ronda up and deposited her on my bed. I removed my remaining clothes and threw them on a chair. Ronda's body was so beautiful. Her long legs joined to her magnificent torso. Her breasts pointing at the ceiling, no side sag at all. Ronda spread her legs, and I was staring at the most gorgeous pussy. I ran my fingers up her inner thighs, stopping short of her wet pussy. I moved up, kissing her thighs as I moved my mouth closer to her sex.

Ronda was moaning as my lips kissed her labia. I licked her slit from the bottom of her opening to her clitoris. Her sweet juices covering my tongue. As I licked and sucked her clit, her moaning intensified. I knew it wouldn't be long and she would have her first orgasm.

“Stop, Rocky. I want you fucking me when I cum.”

Her fingers were twisted in my hair, so I had no choice. I moved up, covering her body. Ronda spread her legs as wide as she could, taking hold of my cock and pointing me at her opening. My hips moved forward, my tip spreading her wet lips.

“Fuck me, Rocky. I want to feel your big cock inside me again. I missed fucking you.”

My hips rocked forward, driving my cock full depth into my sister's pussy. We fit together like a glove. My cock tightly held by her warm wet pussy. I didn't move, I was enjoying the feeling of being inside of her again.

Soon I started to fuck, my steady in/out hip motion was having the desired effect. Ronda twisted, thrusting her pelvis upwards, taking my cock deep as she reached her orgasm. Her arms were holding me so tight as she rocked her hips, basically fucking herself on my cock. If she keeps this up I will be cumming soon too.

Lucky for me, Ronda stopped and lay still, sucking air into her lungs.

“Oh god, that felt good. I haven't had a man since you.”

It was my turn now. It wouldn't take me long, Ronda's pussy was so wet and hot. I withdrew until just my cockhead was inside, then I thrust deep. Again and again, I thrust, the sounds of our colliding bodies were mingling with Ronda's moans.

“Oh god, fuck me, Rocky, pound my cunt hard.”

Her dirty talk inspired me to fuck her harder. Ronda was building for another orgasm as my own was coming close. Ronda's fingers were rubbing her clit, she wanted to cum again as we fucked.

“Oh my god... Rocky... fuck me harder... I'm going to cum.”

I felt her body shake as she climaxed again, then my own climax hit me. I shot a heavy rope of cum deep in her pussy. Holding Ronda tight, my cock throbbed again, coating her cervix. I was pumping my sister full of my cum. I didn't want it to stop. Every time I pumped another rope into my sister's pussy, she seemed to quake.

Ronda's face, neck and chest were flushed. Her eyes rolled back into her head as another orgasm overtook her. Her body shook as her orgasm rolled through her, her pussy pulsating around my cock.

“Enough, Rocky, enough. I can't take any more orgasms right now.”

I held still as her love tunnel milked the last of my cum from me. There would be no other woman for me. Ronda was my love and I wanted her forever.

I stayed inside Ronda until my cock was flaccid. When she coughed, I slipped out of her pussy. I rolled to my side and lay alongside her, satisfied for the moment.

“If you think I'm going to give up what we have together, you're crazy,” Ronda blurted out. “I don't care if you are my brother. I don't care if it's morally wrong or that its illegal, it's right for us.”

“I'm thinking the same as you. We have to talk about how we plan to inform our parents and where we are going to live. We have all weekend for that. Are you hungry? Let's take a shower and go out and celebrate our good fortune of finding each other again.”

We showered together, only once did I fool around. She pushed me down onto my knees and rubbed my face in her slit. Of course, I had no control of my tongue. I sucked and licked her until she was moaning. Ronda was shaking as her orgasm overtook her body.

"I want you to fuck me."

We finished our shower in record time. My cock was standing out from my body. Ronda playfully slapped it as she left the shower. We were both wet when I picked her up and walked her to my bedroom. I unceremoniously dropped her nude body onto the bed. Ronda rolled over onto her knees, offering her bottom to me doggy style. I slipped in behind her, easily entering her wet pussy from behind.

"Oh God, you feel so good," she moaned.

I moved slowly at first, but she began rocking forward and backwards. Her movements synchronizing with my movements, our bodies crashing together. I was thrusting my hips forward, pounding my cock into her gloriously hot pussy. I felt her hand reaching between her legs, her fingers raking my balls, touching my penis as I slid back and forth inside her, and then I couldn't feel her hand, but it remained between her legs. I realized she was rubbing her clit, she tensed as she collapsed onto her arms and chest, her body shaking in orgasm. I slowed my movements, gradually coming to a halt buried inside her. I moved slowly back and forth a few times and then pulled out as she collapsed onto the bed. I crawled in behind her, spooning her, putting my arm over her.



“Let's get dressed and go out for dinner.”

I reluctantly crawled out of bed, towelled off and started dressing. Ronda did likewise.

"My god, Ronda... aren't you going to wear panties?"

She giggled. "Why should I? You'd just have to take them off me."

She turned and raised her face to me. I bent mine to hers, lips meeting, tongues twisting together in a lust filled kiss. I pulled her hard against me, lifting her dress, my hand resting on her warm bare bottom. Ronda wiggled against the hardening response in my pants. If we kept this up we would end up back in bed fucking.

“Enough,” I said. “Another minute of this and we'll be back in bed fucking.”

“Is that so bad?” she asked.

She was teasing me. I would get back at her later, I can tease also. I steered her to my apartment door. The door closing softly as we walked to the elevators.

I was famished and so was Ronda. We were within walking distance of a good steakhouse, so I suggested that we eat there. After dinner, we decided to go dancing at one of the local clubs.

We had a great time dancing together. Ronda became a bit wild during some songs. My predicament making her laugh as she kept rubbing her ass against my erection. She didn't even stop when I reached under her dress and rubbed her bare bottom. A few of the other couples saw what was going on as they danced by us. I had to end this, so I led Ronda back to our table.

“What? My dancing too hot for you?”

"No, I just need to cool myself down. You weren't doing anything wrong, I just have a pecker problem.”

“Poor boy, let's go home and I'll take care of your “pecker problem” with my pussy.”

Ronda did exactly that and more than once. My sister gave me the best blowjob I think I ever had. We went to sleep cuddled up.

Saturday was more of the same. Fucking, resting, fucking some more, then me eating her to multiple orgasms. Twice after we fucked, she would take my limp dick and suck it until I was hard again. My sister was going to kill me with sex if I wasn't careful.

On Sunday, we sat down and talked. First, we had to make sure we were committed to each other. After we determined we were, we had to plan on how to tell our parents. Our plan was to tell them the truth. About meeting and falling in love while in Greece. Losing our contact information and then finding each other again. Finding out our love was stronger now than it ever was before. Our good fortune left to us by our biological father. How we would probably have to move to another country to avoid the laws of our country. And most important, how much we loved our parents.

Since Ronda's birth certificate listed her adoptive parents, Ronda and I were not connected by surname. One of the other pieces of our discussion was having children. Ronda told me that she would like to have two kids. Two kids were fine with me. We decided to put that on a back burner for now. We needed more information on how genetics work. If the odds were in our favor, then we would decide.

* One year later *

Ronda and my lives have been in a turmoil. We told our parents the truth, sometimes I think we should have lied. My adoptive parents disowned me, they haven't spoken to me the past year. Even when I wrote them a letter begging them to reconsider, no answer. Sometimes I think their love for me was false, they were just doing it for the stipend.

Ronda fared a little better. She and her mother speak to each other on the phone. They communicate once or twice a month. Her father has ignored her since he found out. Her mother is trying to convince him that it wasn't our fault that we fell in love. His words are,”Being in love, that is not the problem. It's the fucking that's the problem. If they stop that, then I will welcome her back.”

“Well, that isn't going to happen,” Ronda told them.

Her mom told her to be patient, he would come around in time.

Kirkwood and Associates was sold to Jim Olsen. He partnered with a friend of his to buy us out.

The farm and the apartments were sold also. Dad's penthouse is still on the market. We might be asking too much money for it.

We kept the townhouse in Whistler. We both snow ski, and it's nice to know we have a place to go where nobody knows us.

We are moving to a Baltic country, we are not sure which one yet. We will be able to marry there as long as they don't change their laws before we can get there.

Our genetic profiles showed no problems with having children. I had contemplated a vasectomy until that good news was delivered. We have no plans as to when Ronda will get pregnant. There are too many adventures that we want to experience before that.

We don't ever have to worry about money again. We are flush with cash. Ronda has always wanted to sail around the world, so we are looking into that too. We follow some of the people who are doing that and are sharing their experiences on the internet. We are leaving for France this summer to order a new catamaran.

One thing that hasn't changed is our relationship. Well, it has changed somewhat; we are deeper in love. The sex is getting better and better. Ronda doesn't have to worry about pregnancy as long as she stays on the pill, so we can get as wild as we want and as often as we want. I still think she wants to fuck me to death.


“Yes, Honey.”

“I'm horny... Come fuck your sister.”

Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

WORD COUNT: 76,000 Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. ----------------------------------------------- Chapter...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

A Work in Progress Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. Author's Disclaimer: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. Chapter 1 I stuffed my last cardboard box of personal...


The Hidden Island

My name is John. An ordinary name, and it fits, because I'm an ordinary guy. I'm fifty-seven, short, and not particularly well-built; I have thinning hair, a weak chin, and ears that kind of stick out. I'm not exactly ugly; I just have the kind of face you don't remember two minutes after you see it. I'm a corporate accountant, which is every bit as dull as it sounds. I drive a twelve-year-old Toyota, and I live in a small one-bedroom apartment. I have no close friends, no...


Sandra's life as a ponygirl pt1

The scene, a small island among the stunningly beautiful Isles of Scilly in the Atlantic Ocean off the southwest tip of the Uk, its two thirty on a warm sunny afternoon with just enough breeze to send the waves crashing against the shore and Sandra, Ponygirl 314 stands patiently admiring the view as she awaits the arrival of the afternoon boat from the mainland. ================================= "It's funny how you get stuck in a rut," Andy mused as the speedboat...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

____________________________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a “pretty tight schedule,” and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis’ apartment – actually a pair of rooms much like the Guests’ quarters – promptly at 10:00 a.m. Alexis greeted me pleasantly, dressed in a standard light blue robe, but I could see the man...


The Island (Chpt 6 Part 2)

Poor Cedric! He´d never been a captive girl. What I was about to do was no more than I expected. I did not want to do it. But I had no thought of fighting against the inevitable. I was simply about to pay the tribute that a few million other girls had paid before me. Cedric ejaculated a startled and shocked: “No! Oh no!” He was on his feet in a flash and had seized a gun from the holster of one of our captors when one of the other ruffians shot him. It was done with the...


The Island (Chpt 7 Part 2)

Thus, Mike is pleased on both counts. But the alarming thing about Terry´s predicament was that she was sitting astride the rail of the ship ready to fall into the sea. She had no hands with which to save herself. Then I saw the rope on her ankle. It pulled her foot out sideways and helt her tight so that she did not go over the edge. Her other ankle on the opposite side of the rail was held by a handcuff. I wondered why, until I saw that it held her foot so that she could...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning…. Chapter Six ______________,,______________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a pretty tight schedule, and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis apartment actually a pair of rooms much like the Guests quarters promptly at 10:00 a.m. Alexis greeted me pleasantly, dressed in a...



With the dispersal of so many of his crewmates, Gideon was comforted by the still X.O. presence of Astinal and many of the lower rate crewmen that he knew. The new captain, Ivan Smirnov, was very stern but also fair in his dealings with the crew. A good sign for a fit and happy ship. The ship had been renamed from the UGANDUZI to the TOLSTOY, to honor the new captain. This was unusual for ship of any type, but these weren’t normal ships, nor did they have normal...


The Wreck; Sandi and Sherry Go Down

Prologue Her head hurt as she wandered along the rocky shoreline. Oblivious to the waves washing over her feet, she was lulled by the sound of the surf, but the cold breeze seemed to cut right through her. 'What am I doing here?'Sherry stopped walking and gazed out at the ocean. Heavy cloud cover blocked the sun, turning everything black and white. Wisps of her dark, shoulder-length hair danced in the breeze. Looking back at the footprints she'd left in the otherwise...


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