Custom Made Pornography for Connoisseurs

When Erik was at Stockholm College of Arts he never thought that he would be making a good career by producing custom made pornography. But now, some years later that's exactly what put money, good money, in his bank. He produced videos of the precise action his clients asked for, and in most case, it featured the client. He had a few competitors across Europe but what made his services stand out was his partner in business and life – Mariann.

Mariann was stunning, sylphlike, blonde Estonian. ‘Built for sex’ most men, and some women, repeatedly said. And what made it better was Mariann’s eagerness to have sex. Sex with men, sex with women, sex with couples, groups as many times as she could, and especially while Erik videoed every second, every thrust, lick, ejaculation. She had a few rules. No anal, no underage, no animals, but otherwise anything was OK. The perfect partnership for the business they now had!

He had first met Mariann at Stockholm College of Arts. He was studying Photography and Cinematography, she was doing History of Art. However, Mariann supplemented her grant by being a nude model for the photographic classes, something that she was ultimately qualified to do. 

Petite, slender and ash blonde, she had a pretty face with high cheekbones and body that was so sexy, and what’s more posing naked turned her on, a lot. She was very popular at college, with no set boyfriend but a cadre of men, students and lecturers, on which she bestowed the favour of taking her out for the evening, and as Erik had since found out, usually shagging her. She needed a lot of sex.

One of her modelling sessions had been for ‘Glamour Photography’, or basically how to pose a woman for people who liked pictures of naked women to get them horny. Mariann had been especially good that day. Each student got to pose her and in between each she had played with her pussy in front of the class to keep it swollen and wet. 

Most students had posed her with legs wide apart, lens so close it had needed windscreen wipers, but Erik was more subtle, sexy and kept all her lovely body in the frame. He just happened to be leaving the college that evening at the same time as Mariann and she had started the conversation.

“Are you shy?”

“No, why?”

She talked about his considerate pose. She also said she didn’t mind the other poses at all, as she enjoyed men looking at all parts of her body, but especially her tits and pussy.

“So I disappointed you?” asked Erik.

“No, you made yourself memorable!” And with that, she pinched his arse.

“I’ll give you a chance to show you’re not shy. Take me for something to eat and then back to your room.”

Over their pizza, she told him that he must give her an orgasm orally before she would fuck him.

“It should be easy as I’m already so horny from all those men looking at my pussy all afternoon,” she added.

Back in his room, she sat in the old wing-backed arm chair that he kept to remind him of his grandfather. She eased out of her skin tight jeans and placed a leg of each arm.

“Get your clothes off. Nobody eats my pussy with clothes on.”

Erik undressed without taking his eyes off her stroking her pussy.

“Kneel and eat me.”

He knelt and looked at her pussy close-up. What she had told him in the pizzeria was true. Her shaven lips were swollen and wet. She had a little triangle of short clipped, blonde hair pointing to where her lips joined. He started to lick.

“You’re not very good,” she said after a moment or two. She instructed him to use his fingers to hold her lips apart, then lap with his tongue on her clit.

“Better, now circle your tongue around my clit.”

Erik followed her instructions with an added bit of improvisation of his own. Mariann began to moan and held his head, pulling into her lips, then finally she went rigid followed by deep spasms as she orgasmed on his face. He sat back and waited until her stomach clenches subsided. She swung her legs up until they touched the back of the chair.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked.

And so Erik joined Mariann’s cadre of willing men. His sessions with her were mind-blowing. He had enough sex for a few weeks in one night, as far as he was concerned.

When college ended they both got good degrees and, unlike most of their classmates, both stayed in Stockholm, so the occasional evening of delight continued. After one such session, Erik lay exhausted while Mariann tried to coax his cock into another erection. He bemoaned the fact that he had taken a job at an industrial photographer's and was bored out of his skull. He wanted to be his own boss, do more video, something exciting, but where would he get commissions?

“Can you sell porn; naked, sexy pictures?” she asked removing his helmet from her mouth.

“I could,” he replied, “but I need the funding for a studio, models, and stuff like that.”

“I’ll model. And as it’s summer we can use a friend of mine’s summer cabin on one of the islands to the east of Stockholm. Outdoor sex, Swedes love it!”

Erik was about to say he couldn’t consider such a thing, when Mariann continued, “And I’d love it too. You can take some pictures, shag with me, then take some more pictures, it would be fun.”

And that’s what made Erik’s mind up. He didn’t have to give up his job until the new career’s money started to flow. But...

“Aren’t you worried about men all over the place looking at your body?”

“Wanking at my pictures you mean! Not at all, turns me on.”

And so it was decided. Erik took a month of his holiday, Mariann arranged the summer cabin from one of her other men and off they went. Two weeks getting the pictures, then two weeks trying to sell them was the plan. And for most days it went just like Mariann had originally said it would be. Erik had to insist on some editing time each evening to get the best pictures into sets. Even so, Mariann helped, telling him which picture she thought was horny and which ones were too tame.

They were to return to Stockholm on the Tuesday, but the weekend before Mariann’s friend that owned the wooden cabin arrived. Mariann explained it was part of the deal. His name was Frank and he had brought food and wine so the Friday night was spent on the veranda, in the warm air watching the sun dip low but never set. It was near 1 am, so Erik was a little pissed when Mariann whispered to him that she was going inside to shag with Frank. Erik heard the result but fell asleep on the veranda.

On the Saturday, they did another two photo sessions, Mariann had insisted they do so even though Frank was with them. They followed the same format of pictures, shag, then pictures but now Mariann shagged with Frank in the shallow water by the shore, and in front of Erik.

“Keep taking pictures,” she shouted at him while wrapping her legs around Frank’s waist and impaling herself on his cock.

Erik was amazed that once he looked through the viewfinder any feeling of jealousy or being excluded, vanished. If anything he was more included and privileged to see such a perfect sexual partner at work.

In the afternoon the session was to be short video clips. Erik had asked to include these, just in case stills were old hat. Mariann could not have been more eager. But of course, Erik had found it hard to video and screw, although one POV sequence of her sucking his cock had turned out very well. But now that problem was solved as Mariann rode Frank on the beach with a background of the sea, including the odd yacht that sailed by.

On Monday, when Frank had gone, they sat down and edited the video. Again, Mariann guided him to include the horniest sequences; close ups of her pussy sliding over Frank’s shaft, of her cum decorated pussy. He had to admit when it was finished it was eight minutes of horny, cock in hand video. Fortunately for, Erik it was Mariann’s hand and the moment the video finished they shagged doggy style.

Back in Stockholm things started well. A pay per view website took a set of the pictures on Wednesday and paid reasonable money. The more traditional top shelf magazines proved harder, however. The man Erik needed to see was always busy, even when Erik thought he had a firm appointment. In the end, he went in with a picture of Mariann, all lips, wet and pouting, in an envelope together with his phone number.

“Give him this when he’s free please,’ he told the receptionist and left.

It was twenty minutes later when his phone chimed and an hour later he had the set of pictures spread on Karl’s desk. Karl took the whole set, together with an interview in which Mariann told the world she could never get enough sex, loved double penetration and gangbangs. Karl loved it, laughing as he read it.

“The punters love this crap,” he said. Erik decided not to tell him it was probably all true.

A week passed and Erik was back at work, photographing a car plant in Trollhattan, and bored stiff. His mobile rang. It was Karl telling him that Mariann’s set was in the edition coming out that Thursday.

Then he asked, “Who is her agent?”

“I am,” lied Erik. “If you want any other material, you work with me.”

It was a firm statement.

“OK,” said Karl, “We’re launching a website, hard stuff, punters paying good money for access.”

“What are you looking for?” asked Erik, thinking the video with Frank could fit the bill.

“Interracial. With a black man preferably, but a big Chinese or Indian guy would be OK.”

And that was the start of Erik and Mariann’s Custom Made Pornography business.

~ ~ ~

Mariann often told people of the first custom made session. She had enjoyed the interviews to select the right man. Ten men, one morning. Each one walked in, chatted for a little while, then she told them to drop their trousers, splashed a bit of oil on her hands and got to work to see if they rose to the occasion. Three were asked to come back the next day for a compatibility check and a short video.

One at ten, one at twelve and one at three. Erik was there to take the clips, after all, what looks right in your hand may not work on video. Mariann had decided to be fair, it would always be the same script. She would pull their cock out and shank it stiff, they’d go down on her, she would ride them and then a doggy, hard finish with cum shot over her arse.

The first one didn’t get her off with his oral so he was out, the other two were fine, except that the last one didn’t get it out in time. Still, the creampie dribble did look good on the video replay. They decide on the third one, Henry from the Dutch Caribbean Island of St Martaan, then went into the lounge and after Erik had got her to scream by licking her still swollen clit they fucked until Erik pumped his load into her.

'All in all,' she thought, 'a very nice day!'

Two days later Henry came to the studio around 2 pm for the recording. It started with Mariann naked and rubbing Henry’s cock through his black trousers. She then unleashed it. He had not been the longest of the three but his girth was impressive. She held it with one hand and sucked him rock hard. She dribbled onto his shaft and began to shank him while he dropped his trousers. Erik was in close with the handheld camera. Henry picked her up and laid her back on a table, then set to work eating her pussy.

Erik got some great close ups of Henry’s tongue pushing Mariann’s lips apart and then sucking her swollen, glistening clit in and out of his mouth. Mariann watched this bit time and time again afterwards! With a good orgasm done, she stood, bent over the table, guiding Henry’s cock to her pussy. 

He entered gently with just his helmet, pushing in and out a few times then pushing hard into her pussy right up to the hilt. The sheer size of his cock made her gasp and then he started pumping her, rhythmically, moving her and table with each inward thrust. Erik videoed this part from between Henry’s legs.

Mariann could feel his balls swing against her lips on each thrust. She could feel her pussy building and knew she had to ride him until she blew. She pushed him back and led him to the sofa. 

Once he was seated, cock waving in the air, she straddled him and began riding, vigorously from the start, slamming down onto his thighs while forcing her tits into his face. He sucked hard on each nipple, she was almost there when he held her firmly around her waist, raised her slightly and slammed repeatedly up into her sending her into a wild orgasm.

Henry stood up, his cock still in her, turned and laid her on the sofa. The fucking he gave her then she stills dreams about. He was hard, deep, and fast. Ignoring her third orgasm, he just continued pounding her until he was about to burst. 

As scripted, he pulled out and sprayed her. The first gush splashed over her cunt, the second across her stomach and the third hit her left tit. She smiled and scooped up the sticky, white goo off her tit and sucked her finger greedily.

She still masturbates looking at Erik’s video to this day.

~ ~ ~

The video was highly watched on the website and other commissions followed for both video and still sets. Erik always did the video and editing and they built up a small but versatile group of studs of various calibres. There was, however, one further step to make to get to their current business model.

They were approached for a video by a German. He explained he needed to come and meet them to go through what he wanted. They meet in their studio which was on top floor of the house they shared in Stockholm.

His name was Gerhardt and he was a dealer in quality pornography. Sometimes he had what a client wanted in stock, other times he would search for what a client wanted, but his latest commission was different. 

His client wanted a quality video of himself fucking a young blonde. The client had brought a picture of Mariann with him. The finished video should be around twenty minutes long.

“Will you take on the project,” he asked, “And what sort of fee are we talking about?”

Erik looked at Mariann and she nodded and smiled back, so Erik gave a figure, higher than he thought would be acceptable and then handed Gerhardt a USB memory stick.

“That has a short clip of Mariann fucking on it, please give it to your client.”

“I’ll report back to my client and let you know.”

It was the next day that Gerhardt phoned to say the proposal had been accepted wholeheartedly and arrangements were made for his client, Dieter, to come to the studio the next week.

~ ~ ~

On the day Dieter was due Mariann was feeling very horny. A man she had never met or even seen a picture of was flying from Germany just to shag her on video and that thought was sending her crazy. She had to use her dildo after breakfast because she was just too wound up.

 When he arrived at 1 pm she was delighted with him. He was medium height, greying at the temples, but otherwise in good shape. A small, well-clipped moustache adorned his top lip and Mariann was already thinking of it tickling her pussy as he ate her.

They went into the studio which Erik had laid out as a bedroom. He had four stand cameras, a camera over the bed and a handheld all ready. A monitor next to the bed relayed any of the cameras at Erik’s choice so the two of them could see what was being recorded. Mariann always found it a turn on to see a close-up her pussy being pumped in.

The script had been agreed before the session.

Dieter lay on the bed, reading, in a silk dressing gown. Mariann was room service and brought him a tall glass of beer on a tray. She was in a classic French maid outfit, but with no knickers. She turned her back to him and set the tray down on a small table, her bare arse and pussy so close he had to reach and touch her.

“Oh thank you, sir. Is there anything else you want?”

“A blowjob while I drink the beer please.”

“Certainly, sir.”

Mariann handed him the beer and he took a deep draft while she opened his dressing gown and got her hands onto his cock. It responded quickly to her strokes and she was delighted to see it was not only long, but had a girth bigger than the circle of her finger and thumb. She was really going to enjoy the afternoon. 

Her lips sucked hard on his helmet then she ran her tongue around his glans. Dieter relaxed back on the headboard, smiling broadly in between sips of his beer. By the time he tipped the last of the beer into his mouth he was hard and throbbing and ready to eat.

“Kneel over me, maid.”

Mariann did, presenting her pussy to his mouth.

'Oh, that moustache did tickle so nicely!' He licked deeply between her wet lips. He really was very good. Erik got in close with the handheld and Mariann could see his tongue tricking her swollen clit on the monitor while she continued to suck up and down on his cock.

She felt Dieter undo the zip of her uniform so she stood and let it drop off her leaving her only in hold up stockings. Dieter looked along every inch of her body with Erik videoing her from behind him. Dieter and Erik ended their survey by zooming in on her wet, swollen pussy, Erik with his camera, Dieter with his hand.

She climbed on the bed and straddled him, holding his hard cock upwards. She slid just the head along her lips making it glisten with her wetness. Then in a single move she mounted him, pushing down so all of his cock was in her cunt. It filled her nicely and she smiled as she began a brisk ride.

A few minutes later she lifted off him, turned round and slid back onto his cock. Erik came round so he had a shot from between her thighs. She rode Dieter a little, then lay back full length on him. The monitor showed a close up of his hard cock pushing in and out of her cunt. Dieter’s hand played hard with her clit and she came strongly. He paused while she shuddered then started again slowly.

She rolled off him and into a kneeling position. Knelling behind her, Dieter rammed into her. With his hands round her waist he slapped against her arse as his cock plunged deep into her wet, eager cunt. Her hair tumbled around her face and her tits jerked back and forward with the force of his pumping. She was building up again quickly and squeezed her pussy onto his cock.

He didn’t slow at all. It was going to be this way until he blew. Erik got the handheld under them so it pointed upwards and captured every thrust. Just as Mariann started to shudder again she felt Dieter’s hot, sticky cream pouring into her cunt. The handheld captured a dribble off his cock as he continued pumping through his orgasm.

Mariann smiled broadly as Dieter admired his work. She squeezed her pussy to make the cum run out and dribble across her arsehole.

Gerhardt reported back to them that whole experience had delighted his client, the final edit of the video was fantastic and when Dieter had shown it to a gathering of his fellow pornographic collectors they had praised it highly.

Custom Made Pornography for Connoisseurs was complete. More commissions came in through Gerhardt, their fame spread and their bank balance had never looked healthier.


(Thank you for reading my erotic story and I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave me a comment here by using the comment function, or send me a private message. Thanks again, Rex)



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