ON TO PLANETS - San Francisco
And New Orleans:

With the departure from the planet Benson, the survey ship UGUNDUZI moved to the proper departure node for the trip to the planet San Francisco according to the Over Lord’s provided improved Space Map. The trip would take about a year as counted in Earth time, since there would be a few ‘side-slips’ and resultant sub light speed transfers from one arrival node to another departure one for each ‘side-slip.’. This would allow them to study and prepare very care-fully for the encounter with this very experimental colony.

The crew considered the report from the original selection of the colonists for this colony planet:

The first generation will be engineered to live to 1,000 years. The second to 500 years and all generations after that will be limited to a maximum of 250 years, generous by the average life span of humans on Earth which has reached 115 years. When the fifth generation arrives, all of the shipboard clones will be closed down (destroyed.) Remaining genetic material will be kept intact in case of the loss of any of the genetic lines. The long lifespans of the first two generations are intended to reinforce the original social order and plan on the inhabitants into the fourth generation. After that, the inhabitants can modify the social order within certain genetically enforced paradigms to meet their needs over time.

The social order on this planet will be like the elk herd. One male who will live a wandering life, with six females who will live in villages separate from each other and raise their children by him, mostly without his help. A matriarchal society. Civilization will be carried on by the females. The males will live a kind of ‘Play-boy’ dream life. Wandering, thinking and spending two weeks out of each two months in rotation with the female head of each village. He will also have a submissive sterile female to accompany him on his wanderings. The young men will leave the village when they can compete for a small coterie of their own females. Then they will spread out to establish their own village collection for him to dominate.

When the first villages are established by each lead female, there will be a delivery of a ‘Robinson Crusoe’ chest for the aid of their work. It will have all of the hand tools needed to build, repair, and start their agricultural efforts. It will also have a very durable Book of Knowledge, to help things get started. These principles will then be stored in song form. The Second Ship, will have a considerable number of these kits available for future generations and villages. The wandering men will get their own kit, which will be modeled after their needs.

Each female will be programmed to prefer oral and anal sex, except during their assigned fertile periods of two months each, every two years. Vaginal sex will be a special gift to deserving males (and females) during the times in between, solely at the discretion of the female. All females are sterile, except during fertile periods which will always be when they are a part of a particular male’s coterie. The sterile females can have intercourse with anyone in between fertile times.

Each female in the original coterie’s will be modeled on females that the male was attracted to, and preferably involved sexually with in his original configureation here on Earth. There will be some genetic engineering to accentuate some characteristics and reduce others. We think that they will still be identifiable to the male involved. Each male here that decides on offering up genetic material for our use in this project has the right to nominate prospective females for his male clone. We will sift through these and eliminate any that we feel are friv-olous suggestions. The males and females will use the names that they were known as here on Earth. The groups will be known by his family name, the women will name their own villages.

An added note about the settlers. They will retain the memories of their previous lives as humans on the Earth, only it will be accessible only during times of sleep or deep meditation. We feel that the lessons derived from their previous lives contain deep and very important principles to help guide them in their new lives. It is a type of short-cut to them becoming an integrated and balanced society. It is thought by our expert to be a lot simpler and less chancy than trying to infuse a bunch of manufactured parameters into their minds. These memories really happened, so the lessons will have much more influence in their decision making. Also, as I will discuss later, in case a particular clone is replaced for any reason, all of its memories, even the reason for the replacement will become an infused memory. We think that that will provide a very strong motivating force to accept-able and progressive social conduct.

The sexual mores will be very relaxed on this planet. There will be no punishment for any sexual action, unless serious harm is done to the recipient. A congrega-tion of the head females in the named group will judge this matter in a way that meets with their approval. And they will determine the punishment, subject to the male leader’s veto, if the punishment involves physical harm or banishment. In case of a very violent or otherwise dangerous offense against a person or group of persons, there will be ingrained in the DNA of each settler a guilt sense that will cause the offender to have a reduced lifespan and possibly make him sterile to not reproduce his bad behavior either genetically or by example. If the person becomes a murderer or is otherwise unrepentant in regard to serious offenses, there will be a genetic cue to cause him to close down in death painlessly to prevent him or her from being a danger to others. This method also prevents guilt by those who want to live peacefully but are faced with the responsibility of dealing with serious miscreants. The ships equipment can then replace the dead individual with an improved clone to preserve its genetic gift to the community.

Young persons will be able to develop their sexuality at their own pace. ‘As long as it feels good, it will be OK,’ will be the general rule. No negative attitudes will be allowed about kinky sex, nor age-divergent partners. We feel that with these very general rules in force, sex will subside into a process to make children, and a very pleasant manner of interaction between friends. Just like it should be.

The women and children in the villages will foster a very basic form of agriculture. The men wandering will be self-supporting in their hunter/gatherer mode of life, and do not have the right to the growing efforts of the villagers, unless invited to share. The ships seeding the planets will concentrate on trees, plants and animals that are helpful to human survival, with a few very well controlled scavengers to take care of the dead. They will all be altered to be no direct danger to humans.

One of the adjustments to the clones to be there is that they will be infused genetically with a high level of musical ability. Their chests will be expanded in this effort, which will be to every male’s dream, with the result increased prominence of the women’s breasts. To have mercy on them, the breasts will be contained in size to not put an unnecessary strain on their backs and egos. In short range communications, the singing can act like a cell phone. And with very comprehensive song forms, like the navigation songs of the Satawal Islanders, much of human lore and knowledge can be preserved.

As you can see, this planet is to be a place of peace, plenty and love. Especially sexual love. We here in the institute overseeing this are very curious to see how this works out. We feel that the young people in San Francisco so many years ago were on to something when they preached, “Make Love, Not War!” We want to see how this might work out with no bullying authorities or competitive military-istic institutions to contend with them on this planet. Since they will tend to be a low-tech society, we may never find out, unless an Enterprise with a future Cap-tain encounters them on his wanderings.

Taking all of this information in to consideration, a plan of action was made to be able to survey the results of this experiment up to this day more than a thousand years into its development.

Since the planet, because of the type of civilization that was being develop-ed wouldn’t have a planet wide government, in fact no government much at all, it was a challenge to find a way to get the general permission of the now indigenous peoples without interfering with their mode of life. It was unsure if they would even remain aware of how they got to the planet.

And there was the item of discussion that the peoples of that planet had very little of the ‘Benson gene heritage’ common in the old planet and the planet Benson, because it was not as general in the time of the sending out of the San Francisco Seeder ships as it was in that present time. So, there was some discussion of whether any of that heritage would be passed on to them. So, this might limit the sexual contacts of the visitors with the inhabitants.

When they arrived to survey the planet, they decided to do a very thorough initial measuring, assessing and decision process before any efforts would be made to contact the inhabitants.

After collating all of the information and with many statistical processes being applied to the mass of data, and even with some good old fashioned ‘horse sense’ becoming manifested, the following assessments were agreed upon:

1. The planet appeared to be a successful colony as to the original goals for it.
2. The adult men were still orbiting a group of protected and overseen villages made up of females and children. The gardens were successful, too.
3. The planet was not over populated yet. There appeared to be about a thousand of the Male Leader and women’s village groupings.
4. The health of the peoples seemed to be stable and fine.
5. Very little communication seemed to be occurring between unassociated village groupings.
6. No planet wide governmental authority was in evidence.
7. The male leaders were having a small grouping of neutered females that accompanied them on their wanderings instead of the one that was originally intended. Perhaps this was due to an overabundance of female children being produced, a more sexual mode of the leaders, or both.
8. That the boys as they grew to maturity tended to be hesitant about moving out to establish their own herds and village clusters. This seemed to be the only serious cause of friction in the whole system.

It was decided to send out a small party to each of three villages and their Male Wanderer leaders to establish how they felt that things were progressing in their spheres of influence.

The small parties that visited the villages got a very warm welcome after the shock of their arrival wore off. The women were glad to share their gardening bounty, as the producing of foodstuffs as simple as they were, was being very successful with no known local diseases or pests to bother the plantings. Tomatoes and potatoes were particularly successful. And there were the wild grasses surrounding the villages that the Male Masters couldn’t begin to totally consume the grains of, available to harvest also. Food was not a problem for them.

The social order and sexual mores were working out fine, too. Very little friction involved except for recalcitrant young male adults who were very hesitant to leave the comfort of the villages to build a herd and village cluster of their own.

On the very first night of staying over at their request, each tiny hut that they slept in received a collection of the young sexually active girls for the visitor to play with. The youngest seemed to be about fourteen Earth years in age and none of them were expected to get pregnant because of the genetically programmed sexual code and its physical reality for them. Didn’t prevent them from enjoying the love play though. The more mature ladies figured that they got enough of that from their masters and so let the young girls have their fun with new love partners with new and strange sexual customs. They showed a very active ability to catch up to the new practices, though.

The teams that met with the Masters in their wanderings found them to be respectful, intelligent and thoughtful. When the purpose of the visit was laid out before them they thought it over for some time and then returned some very useful information to be included in the planet’s report. They also agreed that the only known significant challenge was the recalcitrant young men. It was suggested to the Masters that perhaps visiting human ships could take in some of the extras to be trained as crew members. The only disadvantage that there would have would be a lack of the Benson Advantage. But, perhaps that could be infu-sed to them by some process, but if so they would never be permitted to return to their home planet. The masters liked that idea, and so did a number of the young men, since they would not to have to contend among themselves to have sex partners, nor have to work to build a village cluster of their own.

So, it was told to them that this would be a part of the report made to THE UNIT and that they would make the final decision on that matter. It was antici-pated that it would get an okay. And in response to that, the Master promised that future crews would be allowed to visit and share in sexual fun with the young women of the villages as a sort of vacation rest stop. It would enrich the young girl’s lives and keep a light contact with the Earthly authorities.
On the last night before departing orbit, one of the junior officers spent his last night with a trio of the young girls of the village. They were very young, the youngest was fourteen by Earth standard years. He didn’t know if he would ever be back here again and so wanted to create a lasting memory with them. Evidently they wanted the same with him. So, they gathered together in one of the village common rooms and closed the doors to have their fun in privacy. All of them immediately doffed their clothing and gathered together to share a last meal together. The girls were very affectionate with the young officer and attentive to his needs and interests. He enjoyed the love play and was not in a rush to move to climaxes. This was very pleasing to the girls, too.

They laid in a trance listening to the music made by a neighbor unaware of the sensual activity next door. But, the music was sensual in its own right. Lovely flutes, drums and voices in varying harmonies accompanied by light shrieks and moans. Must have been some kind of party going on there, also.

In the room with the young officer, the girls were starting to come under the influence of the local made wines and the dreams that they would keep while living a life at the beck and call of a master of their own. Like a prostitute that insulates her feelings while serving up her body to a strange man for his gratify-cation, by calling up memories of the boys who had loved her in her youth: these girls were intent on making insulating memories for themselves, too.

So, the first one moved into position to receive his organ within her young body, to get his sexual gift that would not impregnate her, but would feel really good anyway. With him on his back, reclined up to some very large pillows, she urged his organ to penetrate her private spot for its first time. There was a slight stinging pain, and then the bliss of the feel of a man’s member up into the interior of her teen body. The feelings of the first time are never repeated in a girl’s life. And the one that takes the gift, is always remembered, usually with fondness. In this case it was true and when he released his genetic gift up into her inner body, she slumped down to mold her face and chest to his body in relief of the stress that she had felt until that moment. Now all she felt was a warm and fuzzy feeling in her body, a fait accompli of young love.

Each of the other two moved in to have their moments with him and after they had all received of his bounty, they gathered their bodies together in affect-tion and slept the night away. In the morning the young officer gave each of them a piece of his heart in gratitude and left them to return to orbit to leave with his crew. He never made it back to this planet and with those girls, actually all four of them had made memories that would last a lifetime.
Next on the itinerary was the planet New Orleans, which was likely to be a raucous experience.


My name is Gilead Honycut, I am a descendant of a long line of lower and middle class working men. Lusty and hardworking, the men you hope that one of your daughters or sisters marries. Fiercely loyal to their women and producers of big families.

In my case, I am third officer of the Earth Space Ship: UGANDUZI, its security chief and maybe the second toughest S.O.B. on the ship. Captain Bradley would be hands down the top dog in any hand to hand combat.

For the survey of planet New Orleans, I have been named to head the initial exploratory team. ‘About time you pulled your weight around here,” bellowed the Captain as he notified me of the assignment. Then he smiled and said that he wanted to spread the fun around a bit and that I was his first choice to ‘volunteer?’, or be a ‘victim’ depending on how things worked out.

My remark to this great honor (?) was, “Thank you, I think!”

So, I was told to name my three man team and so I chose Margaret Neemy, a nurse (perhaps to wrap up my head it I got into trouble.) and Frenci Banyan, a translator. But, we actually carry electronic translators for incursions among non-Earth languages. It does help to have a person along though to simulate their language as we communicate, though.

Planet New Orleans had seemed to make just a bit of technological progress from its settlement, to about old America of about the 1950’s. Enough to get around, but not enough to spoil the party in between. And what a party it was. One thing that they had mastered though was cloning and it played a big part in the ambiance of the capital city, named THE BIG EASY.

From orbit, it had been noticed that THE BIG EASY city was located on the delta of a southbound northern hemisphere river, just like on old Earth. It had bayous spreading out in every direction from the city limits that included an area many times as big as those in the original New Orleans. Also that there was a large area of natural plains spreading northward that had been converted to agricultural use, with the river being the main method of transportation of their produce to be shipped to other planetary cites for their use. THE BIG EASY had become a mighty river port city.

Our scout ship landed at the nearby airport with little notice. They were somewhat backward, even having a field full of propeller driven airplanes, but not ignorant of where they were and how they got there. We were checked through their customs station and since we were from a non-specie culture, they supplied us enough local currency to get by for our short visit. Sometime in the near future our ship would balance things out in some ways for that kindness. The only ad-vice that they gave us was to stay out of the alleys. The city was mostly very goodnatured and very peaceful, but there could be minor risks encountered in the city’s dark alleyways.

The three of us separated to each get a feel for the local scene, but we were connected by a sort of GPS system oriented to the ship in synchronous orbit above to not totally lose track of each other.

love music, so I wandered over to Bourbon Street to hear and enjoy some of the local color. As I wandered down the street, I could hear very familiar music coming through the open doors, trying to entice a passerby inside to sell them something.

I wandered down the streets, I heard the music of Dr. John, Fats Domino, Louis Armstrong, Jerry Lee Lewis, Doug Kershaw, Jelly Roll Morton and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band in each of the different venues. And it sounded really good……. and authentic. I lagged at each of the doors to get a flavorful dose of their music.

An old black man sidled up to me as I swayed with the P.H.J.B. and whispered to me, “Sounds good, doesn’t it!”

“Yes, it certainly does, sir.”

With that he leaned over and whispered again, “It’s because it’s really them, you know.”

“Really them???”

“Yes, that is really Satchmo playing his trumpet and The Ragin’ Cajun playing his fiddle. They cloned them and sent their clones along with the settlers for this planetary home. And they each have at least 500 year long life spans and will be re-cloned as long as their DNA remains viable. How could you have a real New Orleans without them?”

“I see your point. What a blessing to you all.”

“Yes, sir, it is all that for sure.”

With that he smiled and wandered off to offer his local insights to others who were amazed at the local scene.

I continued forward to seek (remembered from the stories told in my family) the wharf that would have a familiar looking stern-wheeler river boat, The President, tied up to it. As I gazed at the real life manifestation of a key element in a long repeated story of Jimmy and Charlotte in our family, a young and fine looking Southern Gal approached me and introduced herself as Cassie, a daughter of a local family of note. But, she instructed me to call her Charlotte in memory of her long deceased and honored forebear. She had been told that she greatly resembled her in looks and demeanor.

And she remarked that I, resembled the young Jimmie of the story, but was a few years older than the eighteen year old boy that had fallen in love with her nineteen year old ancestress.

She just stood there and observed me for a few minutes, and then asked if I would like to escort her to the stern-wheeler’s weekend dance party for the night. I was thrilled with the idea. I had no trouble understanding the love that my ancestor Jimmie had for Charlotte who was in a very real sense standing before me. She was simply magnificent and didn’t even have to work at it. It just came naturally to her.

She was so much a Grand-Daughter of the South, vanilla version; a genuine blond beauty with her hair swept back, a tall five foot 10 inches, slim, trim and with a ready smile and a developed wit about her. She was a lady to be admired and enjoyed, maybe even worshiped in some ways. But, not one to be trifled with. If someone would try, every nearby man would rally to her defense.

We had a light lunch and then joined the crowd on the boat. The music began and a lot of good looking people began enjoying dancing with each other. She reserved herself for only me for the evening, and mercifully in this time, I was a decent dancer, though I had never done it before in this current life.

It was Cajun night on the President, and the show featured Lee Benoit and Doug Kershaw. Very realistic clones of them playing their famous songs. I managed to stay off of Charlotte’s feet during Diggy Liggy Lo and then when a waltz that I thought that I could actually dance to, Lee Benoit’s Bayou Tech Waltz came up, she just melted into my arms. Later in my life, I would have great difficulty in remembering a finer moment during my entire life time and would choke up at the memory.

When the dance was over we disembarked and walked hand in hand down to the wharf, and she looked me in the eyes, “You know this is where the sergeant took my ancestress away from you for good, and for your information as much as he loved her, he felt really bad about hurting you so very badly.”

“In this recreation, however, he is not due till next week to sweep me away, and so the wonderful night that you dreamed of sharing with me will happen between us tonight.”
“Are you sure you want to go through with this, my lady?

In Charlotte’s persona, Cassie answered, “Oh yes. Then I won’t have to si-lently punish myself for the rest of my life for the hurting of you so terribly. And the sergeant won’t have to say on his deathbed, that as much as he loved me and wanted me to be only his own, he had always wished that I had gotten my one night with you, to settle my heart for the rest of my life.”

This brought tears to the eyes of this low level lecher and self-styled tough guy. She smiled and took my hand and led me to the hotel that my ancestor had reserved a room in so many centuries ago. The clerk smiled and gave her the key so that she could change her mind if she decided to do so. But, no, she was deter-mined to have this one last night with me, like it should have been between Jimmie and Charlotte.

She handled the key to me and then moved past me into the room as the door opened. She stood in the middle of the floor and twirled herself around for a few minutes in the pure excitement of the moment. Then she remarked shyly, “Jimmie, it is time for us to go to bed now, my love.”

I was in a total emotional overload to be living the unrealized dream of my ancestor with a very worthy stand in for the old time great lady. I just hoped that the real Jimmie and Charlotte were somehow experiencing it through us as well.

She in a very grand manner took off her clothing including her panties and bra and gathered herself under the covers to await my stunned self that was just beginning to come to accommodation with this ‘dream of a lifetime.”

When I entered the same bed as this magnificent woman on the other side, she rolled over and gently caressed my face and then pulled it up to hers for the sweetest kissing that I had ever had. And then she threw her arms around me and drew me up to her expectant body. I felt her perky breasts individually mold themselves up to my chest and she shimmied a bit to have them make their girlish presence well known to me.

Then she used her hands to find my member and began stroking it under the covers, with her eyes telling me to do the same for her. So, my hands reached down and caressed her privates, concentrating on her genital slit, her genital entry and her clit in that order. As this progressed, I could see it in her face, that she was getting very excited herself, with her face turning red around her nose and her eyes tearing up.

She then pulled me up to being on top of her body, with her arms around me. Then she hugged me until I thought that my ribs would be cracked and whispered into my ears how much he loved me and was happy about us being together. My hands remained busy, patting her arms and shoulders and working down to cup her butt cheeks and rub her back. She moaned at this.

After a few minutes she clued me in that I needed to enter her to complete our love making, so I moved between her legs as she widened them out under the blankets and I then moved up to enter her most private zone, to where I so obvi-ously fit so appropriately.
I didn’t pay any attention as whether there had been a hymen, and she gave no noticeable reaction to my initial penetration to give that away, but she did give me a very wide and genuine smile at my now location deep within her most private self.

I then began to pump in and out of her, and she squirmed and shimmied to accompany my efforts. I could feel a wash of liquid surrounding my member a liquid response of her love for mine.

Then I began to up the tempo, power and depth of the love making and after several minutes, felt her whole body seize up and then enter a profound relaxation, with a lovely smile for me and loving words for my ears. I quickly climaxed and emptied my love into her Southern lady’s love temple and laid in place still inside of her to savor the whole moving experience.
After long enough for us to both come completely down and still enjoy a few intimate and affectionate minutes together, she informed me that she would have to leave, so that her parents wouldn’t worry about her. She was their only daughter.

I smiled and said, “Well, my dear, I can always say that we had The Big Easy, Charlotte!”

She also smiled and recognized the reference. “This was not just for Jimmie and Charlotte, Gideon; it was for us too. I will have my own ‘sergeant’ in my life, but will remember this night until I pass away. Thank you for a truly wonderful night!

And again I suffered the same stinging loss that Jimmie had so long ago, and I thought that I would be scarred for life over it, just like he had always been!

I prematurely returned to the ship right away and secluded myself in my cabin for two weeks trying to come to grips with my loss. A simulated one, but still profoundly experienced and profoundly felt.

I finally tried to copy the aspect that Jimmie had done and tried to move on to the rest of my life, with a very precious memory.

Maybe in all of the eons of time, this will repeat itself with future generations of Jimmie's and Charlotte's, and in one of them just maybe the mold will be broken and Charlotte will be Jimmie’s ‘forever’ from then on.

After finishing our positive survey of planet New Orleans, Captain Bradley decided that we needed to return to Earth to offload our (for security reasons, untransmitted) gathered intel and to allow the ship to be refurbished. Further exploratory forays would be generated to account for the other unsurveyed colonies. By the UGANDUZI, and possibly in connection with other mighty ships.

SPACE FLIGHT (Human Flight and Search for the Colonies)

“Hello, Captain Bradley, welcome to THE UNIT. Of course, since you now know where you are, if would be a death offense to reveal that fact or anything else that you hear here to anyone else. Said with an insincere smile. However more seriously, if anyone tries to engage you in conversation about this place, which is still private, but not secret anymore, you should know that if they have any right to know anything about it, they will be telling you, and not...



ON TO PLANETS - San Francisco And New Orleans: With the departure from the planet Benson, the survey ship UGUNDUZI moved to the proper departure node for the trip to the planet San Francisco according to the Over Lord’s provided improved Space Map. The trip would take about a year as counted in Earth time, since there would be a few ‘side-slips’ and resultant sub light speed transfers from one arrival node to another departure one...



With the dispersal of so many of his crewmates, Gideon was comforted by the still X.O. presence of Astinal and many of the lower rate crewmen that he knew. The new captain, Ivan Smirnov, was very stern but also fair in his dealings with the crew. A good sign for a fit and happy ship. The ship had been renamed from the UGANDUZI to the TOLSTOY, to honor the new captain. This was unusual for ship of any type, but these weren’t normal ships, nor did they...



I believe that the stories carry enough internal information to cover the absence of the previous stories. These stories take up where a thousand years in the future from the first sending out of the colony ships, a survey of their conditions was entered upon. SPACE FLIGHT UGUNDUZI: “Hello, Captain Bradley, welcome to THE UNIT. Of course, since you now know where you are, if would be a death offense to reveal that fact or anything else that...



UNKNOWN 2- PLANET UX: DUOMENTALITIES, INC. showed a lot of interest in this new colony starting with four adult couples, their children and pets. They invested a lot of their expertise and financial resources into the beginning efforts to help them get off to a good start and it helped a lot. When the visiting survey ship, many years later, arrived back to home Earth after checking up on them, the following account was forwarded to D.M.I. to bring them up...


Retired - Chapter Two - Ranch

I went to the communications panel and hit the button to call out to the foyer. “Yes?” “I have a delivery for a Mister Daemon.” “I will be right there,” I replied. As I headed for the front door, old habits took over. I removed the safety strap from my holster and clicked the safety off on the pistol. When I opened the door a young man stood there. “Sir, I have a truck and trailer package to deliver to a Mister Daemon.” “I am...



SHADOW FORCES: Just before the Space Ship: UGANDUZI with Captain Nkrumah Bradley left Earth Port to again ‘side-slip’ through the cosmos to check up on the status of the Seeder Ship’s further colonies that it was assigned to, he got a private message from the quadrant’s Over Lord, to stop by his main hub for an very important briefing for him personally. The message was hand delivered, with no transmission at any point, through any electronic...


Planet Monster

The commander and of the marine squad and expedition leader was Major Janet Hellison. Maj. Hellison was 37 years old and a 19 year veteran of the earth marines. This was her 4th survey mission and was expecting to be promoted when she returned home. Her second in command was Staff Sergeant John Malloy. 6 years in the core and was on his first off world having spent most of his career in the quartermaster division. The only other marine in her command that...



Another part of the story arc. PROM SURPRISE, THE UNIT, THE PROJECT, AMERICAN CZAR, EXO-PIONEERS, INVASION, SPACE FLIGHT, CHAMELEON SPACE FLIGHT: “Major Benson, please take a seat. I hope that you brought several containers of your favorite beverage and a complete lunch, because this briefing will continue uninterrupted until completion, however long that might be. There is a bathroom over there when you need it, and two beds in the corners for...


Space Diary Year 2

Chapter 2, Year 2, Head Cargo Handler. When a mere sixteen-year-old John Smith awoke. The first thing he did was close his eyes tightly before taking the blindfold off. He wasn’t a captured prisoner in the conventional sense. But the bright constant glare from his room was always hard to get used to first thing in the morning. The ship was lit by glowing plants. Dwarf Cave Vines that now grew all over the ship and drank the excess moisture from the air....


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