The sexual awakenings of teenage private schoolgirls part 7

Day two at the Lake blue water study camp started with a warning for the students. No mud fights, and definitely no stripping off each other’s clothes. This is not the behaviour of the ladies from our school.

“After the chaos that yesterday had descended into it has been decided that Mrs Michaels will accompany you today. There will not be a repeat performance today ladies?” Miss Noefun said.

She was very stern with her warning to the students. They were all feeling very sheepish after yesterday and now with the warning from the headmistress… No one was going to be messing up today. Mrs Michaels was the wife of Mr. Michaels, the camp supervisor and activity planner. Together they owned the Lake Blue water camp.

The day’s activity would be orienteering. Miss Shapely read out the instructions as the students from The Long Stockings Private School for gifted girls and young ladies looked at the map. Our friendly trio stood at the back of the group. Best friends of Sarah and Sally, the Barker twins and Kelly Smith. They were looking to find a nice and secluded place to ‘get lost’ and have a little girly fun together. Mrs Michaels took note that the trio were not actually paying attention. As she could not hear what they were saying, she did not say anything.

“Ladies we will be doing a two mile course today,” Miss Shapely started to explain.

“Actually Miss Shapely, it is two miles per leg. The course in total is actually six miles today. Miss Noefun decided the longer course would provide the ladies with time to reflect on their actions of yesterday,” Mrs Michaels interrupted.

The girls all gave a collective groan. There were also calls of six miles! There was no mistaking the day was going to be a long one. Miss Shapely continued with the instructions.

“There is a ration pack for you to all carry. There is also a team-building component to today’s course. You will be divided into groups of three, and there will only be one map and one compass per group. You will have to work together today. As there are three legs to the course, each young lady will take her turn at leading the group to the end. Mrs Michaels, Mr. Black and I will be in the last group. We will be completing the course too. At the end of each leg, you will need to use a hole punch to mark your map. To make sure you do not take any short cuts, the hole punches are all different shapes. No cheating will be permitted today. If you think Miss Noefun was severe on you today, imagine what will happen if you try to cheat.”

“What if we just get lost baby?” Kelly whispered to Sarah in a very cheeky voice, before gently nibbling her earlobe.

There was no time for a reply. Mr. Black and Miss Shapely walked through the group dividing them up. Miss Shapely put Sarah, Sally and Becky Watts together in a group.

“Miss Shapely, have you forgotten our agreement?” Sarah whispered to her teacher.

“Oh, sorry ladies I can’t read my own writing. Sarah, Sally and Kelly are in this group. Becky, Lisa and Mary.” Miss Shapely went on dividing the girls up.

When all the girls were sorted into their groups, they were then sent off in timed intervals to ensure they did not work as a larger group to navigate the course. This gave Sarah, Sally and Kelly time to find a place to ‘get lost’ along the way. Mrs Michaels was watching the trio, but not sure what they were planning. They could have been innocently looking at the map and deciding who would take each leg. Mrs Michaels could not be sure, and so said nothing to them. She had decided to watch and see what they did.

It was time for our trio to head off. Mrs Michaels wanted to follow and make sure they were not trying to cheat the course. But there were still three more groups waiting their turn. After the last group had been sent on their way, she decided to break from the plan for today.

“I think you two should go now. There is a lookout up the hill over there, I will go up and check the progress on the students. I know the entire course and every nook and cranny. I will catch up with you after I check things out.” Mrs Michaels said, as she headed off in the opposite direction.

Mr. Black and Miss Noefun headed off on the course. When Mrs Michaels reached the lookout, her concerns were realised. The trio had been planning something. She knew where they were heading. There was an old shack on the camp property. They were heading directly for it. It was however not along the course. Their teachers would not see them, as they in turn navigated the course. Mrs Michaels decided to see what was going on. She went to investigate and chastise the truant trio.

When Mrs Michaels got to the shack, she crept up to the window as quietly as she could. She wanted to catch the three young ladies doing whatever it was they were up to. As she looked into the one room shack, Mrs Michaels was shocked by what she saw. To her surprise, Mrs Michaels could see three very sexy young ladies. All three ladies were completely naked. She waited just a moment to see why the trio were naked. They started to kiss each other, exploring each other’s naked body with their hands as they did. Mrs Michaels crept up to the door. The shack had no valuables inside, so there was no lock on the door.

Mrs Michaels slowly turned the doorknob, and opened the door. She knew the girls were standing beside the bed in the shack. It was a few feet to the side of the door, and none of the young ladies were actually facing the door. Mrs Michaels had seen this from where she had been standing and looking through the window. Luckily the door did not creak as it was opened. Mrs Michaels quietly crept into the shack. She slowly closed the door, trying not to make a sound. Until she slammed the door closed the last 4 inches.

Bang, the door was now closed. The three young ladies jumped in shock at the sound. Mrs Michaels was now inside, standing only ten feet from three very red faced, very busted naked young ladies. They were so shocked and surprised that neither of them covered up their gorgeous young bodies.

“What is going on here ladies? I do not remember this shack being on the course for today. Let alone the inside of it. What do you think you are doing in here?” Mrs Michaels’ voice was raised, and she sounded truly annoyed.

Kelly tried to speak, but was unable to. Her heart was beating so fast she thought it would break free of her chest. She had a lump in her throat. And although her lips moved, well more trembled. Not a word, or even a sound escaped her lips.

“Well ladies. Is anyone going to explain to me what is going on here? Should I get Miss Noefun to ask you to explain?” Mrs Michaels asked.

Her tone was now soft, and she had spoken quietly this time. Sarah decided to come clean, well try to provide an excuse. Sarah was sure she could get around Miss Noefun in person, but not with an audience.

“Mrs Michaels we are all seventeen, almost eighteen. We are all at an age when a young lady starts to experiment with her sexuality. We were all involved in the mud-wrestling incident yesterday. I felt something inside me stir, something I have never felt before. I wanted to experience… Well, I wanted to experience being with another woman. When I talked to my two best friends, my sister and Kelly, I discovered that it was something that we all felt. When I saw this shack on our map, I did not think of the consequences. I just lead our group here. We were going to see what it is like to.”

But Mrs Michaels cut her short. “Bullshit Sarah. I know you planned to come here. I know you had no intention of completing the course as it had been set it for your whole peer group to complete. By the looks of what is going on here, I would say it is not the first time you three have been naked together either. Am I right?”

Sally thought it was time to come clean. Her reply had started out sheepishly, but ended as more of a flurry of excuses, trying to get out of trouble.

“Yes Mrs Michaels. We have. We like. We are. We have tried this before, yes. We very much enjoy sex with each other. Our hormones are going crazy. We are. Well Mrs Michaels, you were our age once. You know what it is like to be so horny. You know what it is like to crave the feeling of an orgasm. You just want to have intense orgasms every day. And when you have a couple of beautiful girlfriends who also feel the same way. When they also love to share those same intense orgasms. Well we all gave into our hormones. We will all get dressed and if you could say nothing to anybody. I am sure this will not happen again. I promise.”

Mrs Michaels chuckled, “I was once your age, yes. I know what it is like to be horny all day, with no way to make the feeling go away. I know your pussy needs attention when you get that horny, and not just a little rub either. You need to climax. You get so horny that you feel like you need to cum now. Right now, and nothing can stand in your way. You seek out a place to have that orgasm. You seek out a place where you will not be disturbed. So you don’t have to rush things. You look for somewhere that you can let your orgasm build from deep inside you. Somewhere to let it build into that earth shattering climax; then let the intense waves of pleasure subside before dressing and composing yourself once again. But, I am in a position of trust. I am in a position of authority. I must not let this deception of yours go unpunished. The way I see it, there is only one way you three ladies can possibly get out of trouble here today.”

Kelly’s thoughts turned to the trouble she and her friends were in. Of how Miss Noefun would probably expel all three young ladies over this. Kelly thought of how they would all be ‘outed’ in their hometown. Everyone would know them and label them as ‘the lesbians expelled from The Long Stockings Private School for gifted girls and young ladies.’ She knew they would never be able to show their faces in town again without ridicule, without people talking under their breath and pointing at them in the street. Kelly was able to speak now; she stammered a little as she did though. She cleared her throat and began her attempt at trying to get out of trouble.

“Mrs Michaels, please do not tell anyone about this. We will never do it again. We will never purposely do something wrong like this ever again. We will especially not repeat this mistake here at your wonderful educational camp. It is an amazing place that you have built here. Please do not report us. We will do anything you ask. Please do not tell on us,” she begged.

“I am not going to report you Kelly. Don’t worry about that. You have not done anything wrong by being naked and enjoying each other’s beautiful body. You did do the wrong thing by coming here to this shack though. You do not have to suck up to me about how good we have set up our camp either. But you may have to suck something though...” Mrs Michaels chuckled.

Kelly looked at her rather puzzled and asked, “When you said ‘We will have to suck something’. What did you mean?”

Mrs Michaels’ reply both shocked the girls, and excited them at the same time. As she explained to the trio, she took her clothes off to reveal her own beautiful body to the young ladies.

“I was once your age and extremely horny. Not that I am not just as horny now that I am in my forties. But it was when I went to university that I learnt about sex. It was my roommate who opened my eyes to the world of sexual pleasure. She introduced me to her brother; who became my first male lover. My roommate however, she taught me about the pleasure of a woman. She was so sexy and sweet. I miss her so much. She could give me multiple orgasms with ease. Something my husband has never managed to do. Sure he has a big dick. But there is nothing to compare to the feel, the taste and the sensuality of sex with another woman. You three sexy young ladies will all fuck me. We will enjoy sweet lesbian love together. We will also enjoy it a few more times while you are here. I don’t get to eat pussy anymore, not since we live so far from the city. You simply cannot have a sexual relationship with another woman out here, and not have everybody finding out. Not that my husband would let me have a lady lover all to myself. He would want to join in and fuck her too. So what do you say ladies? Are we going to enjoy each other’s fabulous bodies? Or am I going to have to tell Miss Noefun all about how you were in here? And why you were not doing the orienteering course she has set for you?”

Sarah walked over to Mrs Michaels and began to kiss her on her lips. Her lips were soft and her tongue was forceful as it entered her mouth. Mrs Michaels wrapped her arms around Sarah, as Sarah put her hands on Mrs Michaels’ shoulders before exploring the rest of her delightful body. Kelly and Sally watched on as Mrs Michaels began to kiss her way down to Sarah’s breasts, her left hand on Sarah’s firm young ass, her right cupping Sarah’s large D cups.

“I have never had… I have never experienced sex with a beautiful ebony lady before. Ooh Mrs Michaels, I love that please nibble my nipples again. Your warm mouth feels so good on them as you flick my nipple too. You really do know how to pleasure a lady Mrs Michaels. My pussy is tingling waiting to see how talented your tongue is. Ooh you are making my body feel so wonderful.” Sarah whispered.

Mrs Michaels looked deeply into Sarah’s eyes, and lovingly spoke her wise words of wisdom.

“Honey, don't be worried about sex with an ebony lady. We are just the same as you. We have all the same desires, the same breasts, the same tight pussies, and great butts. All women have everything the same. The only difference is the colour of our skin. Just relax and I am sure you won’t even notice you are enjoying an ebony woman’s body. You will just be enjoying sex with your first older woman. And when we are alone, like we are now. You may call me Sandra.”

“Sandra, I am sorry to break your dream of being our first older lady lover. But that title goes to someone else. Although; she is only a few years older than us. You are however our first mature lady lover. You are our first married lady lover, and so beautiful too. We are all going to enjoy our punishment from you today.” Sarah replied as her two young lovers joined her.

Sarah sucked on Sandra’s breasts a short while before kissing her way down Sandra’s beautiful body. Sarah knelt on the floor, she gently spread Sandra’s legs and began to kiss and suck on her inner thighs. Sarah began to slowly work her way up to Sandra’s neatly trimmed womanhood. As she did, Kelly and Sally sucked on each of Sandra’s breasts and kissed each other. Before standing upright to enjoy a sweet three way kiss with Sandra. All the while, the three ladies explored each other’s body with their hands.

After a short while, Kelly looked at Sally and said, “Shall we give her the double kiss chills?” Giggling like the young schoolgirl she was as she spoke.

“What do you mean, Kelly? What are you talking about?” Sandra asked.

Sarah, who was now kissing and suckling at the tender spot, that soft point where your panty line sits. Where a woman’s thighs meet her groin. Started to giggle, as did her two friends.

“You two do that, as I taste her. Sandra, your pussy smells delicious. Your lips are wet with your love juices. I want to eat you as my sister and best friend kiss you and give you those chills,” She cooed.

Before Sandra had time to respond. Kelly and Sally started to kiss her chin, each girl working her way along Sandra’s jaw line. They both kissed their way to the sweet tender spot; the spot just below Sandra’s ears. Sandra felt chills run up and down her spine and goose bumps begin to cover her body. Sandra now knew what the girls had meant.

As Kelly and Sally worked their magic on Sandra’s upper body, Sarah lightly licked at Sandra’s juicy lower lips. She then slowly inserted the tip of her tongue into Sandra. Sarah only inserted her tongue just deep enough to part Sandra’s her outer labia. But it was still deep enough to taste Sandra’s delicious love juices. Sarah had her arms through Sandra’s legs, cupping her hands around and massaging Sandra’s tight butt. As the trio worked her body Sandra let out a long slow moan of appreciative pleasure.

“Oh my God ladies. I have not felt this sexy since Alice and I, ooh please don't stop it is so wonderful. The feeling of chills running down your body as two ladies kiss your neck. While another lady licks so gently, so tenderly licks your pussy. Ooh it feels fantastic.” Sandra softly spoke.

Sarah could not tease any longer. She was eager to drive her tongue deep inside Sandra. Deep inside her sweet pussy, Sarah was also dying to suck on her red-hot love button. She stood up and pointed to the bed in the corner of the room.

”Sandra, I think it is time you lay back on the bed. Then as we make love to you, we can all be more comfortable. And who is Alice?”

“Alice was my roommate when I was at university. We used to share a joke together. Sometimes she would be a little tired in class, and the teacher would ask why. I used to pipe up and say she was in wonderland last night. No one else knew I was Alice’s wonderland. We were very cautious not to let anyone know we were lovers. Some things were just not socially accepted back then. And sadly, some still aren’t.” Sandra explained.

Sandra, Sally and Kelly could all see Sandra’s juices coating Sarah’s mouth and chin. It was an erotic sight for all to see. The four ladies lay on the bed. They ended up in a twister style position on the bed. They could all enjoy another woman; and could also be enjoyed by someone else too. No one caring if they were caught, their inner sexual needs and desires had taken over. It was as if the world outside did not even exist at the present point in time.

After the four ladies had brought each other to an orgasm, Sandra got up and went to her rations bag. She retrieved a banana and as she walked back to the bed, Kelly looked up and smiled.

“Hungry sweetie? I hope we have not worn you out,” Kelly chuckled.

“I am not hungry for food honey. I am hungry for more of your sweet pussy though. This is not for me to eat. I am going to show you how to ‘play’ with your food,” replied Sandra.

Sandra sat on the edge of the bed and bent down to kiss Kelly’s sweet pussy juice coated lips. Sandra then put her hand under Kelly’s leg and lifted it up off the bed. She moved to reposition herself between Kelly’s now wide spread legs. Without peeling it, Sandra ran her tongue along the banana and sucked it too. The same way she would a man’s penis, wetting its length with her saliva.

Kelly looked down her hot body at her and said, “That looks so sexy. I wish we could have a man here to help out.”

Sandra just smiled as she slowly spread Kelly’s wet pink lips and inserted the banana. Kelly’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She had never used food for sexual play before.

“Ooh yes Sandra. Fuck me with that banana. I want it so much. Fuck me honey. Fuck me.” Kelly cried.

As Kelly bucked and moaned enjoying the banana sliding in and out of her tender young pussy. Her two friends, Sally and Sarah were sucking her breasts, face and neck. Kelly could feel her building; she could feel the warmth intensifying from deep inside her body. Her body was tingling all over; Kelly’s nipples were erect and hard as the twins sucked on them. She knew her climax was imminent as her toes began to curl without her control.

“I am going to cum. Oh Sandra don’t stop fucking my little teenage pussy. Fuck me! Make me cum on that banana dildo. Sally, Sarah I love you. Suck my tits girls. Ooh God I'm cumming.” Kelly cried out.

As she did, Kelly relaxed her sweet young body. Kelly let her impending orgasm sweep over her like a thunderous wave. The ultimate crescendo of climax gripped her body. She could feel the waves of orgasmic pleasure sweeping through her body. Her senses went wild. Her hearing faded as Kelly felt she had stepped out of her body for that brief moment, as the other three ladies lovingly brought her to climax.

After Kelly started to calm down from her orgasm, Sandra did not say a word. She just repositioned herself between Sally’s legs. Sandra sucked up the sweet juices from Sally’s sopping wet pussy and began to slide the banana into Sally’s now aching pussy. It was not long before Sally also climaxed hard on the yellow love toy. With Sandra also sucking on her highly aroused little clitoris, and both Sarah and Kelly sucking on her breasts.

Sarah went to get up to repay the favor to Sandra. But Sandra told Sarah to lay back and let her work her magic on her as well. Sandra got up and fetched a new banana. The first one was softening from being squeezed by two tight vaginas as they came.

When Sandra returned to the bed, Sarah was so aroused that her pussy was dribbling its sweet love juices all down her thigh. It ran between her thighs and dribbled down between her ass cheeks. That was until Sandra licked and sucked them up. Sandra loved the taste of her three young lovers. They were so innocent and pure. Well maybe not too innocent.

Sarah did not take long before she too squirmed about on the banana. It was nice and thick; with a curve that Sandra held upwards. Sandra was able to locate Sarah’s g-spot with the end of the banana. As Sandra hit her young lover’s inner most sensitive spot, Sarah came instantly. Sarah let her body relax and gave into Sandra’s expert moves. She had no control over the way her body was writhing with pleasure. Sarah had never had such an intense orgasm. Neither had Kelly, nor her sister Sally.

When they had all recovered, Sandra told the girls to dress and explained there was a very easy way through the course. They would need to be quick and use the shortcuts if they were not to be discovered. The foursome jogged as fast as their wobbly legs would allow. When they got back to the camp, Sandra easily explained the reason they were late. She told everyone the map had been held upside down, and so the girls had gotten lost.

It seemed they had gotten away with the whole thing, no one suspected a thing…

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