Jodi's Story Part 2

Wedded Bliss

It was Thursday morning and Jodi was all dressed for our wedding day. She had a pretty knee length white dress on and nice 4" white heels with white stockings. I think her heels were really tall for her but I think she was trying to be up as tall as she could. I was well over 6' by a couple inches. She looked so so beautiful. Her long brown hair in a loose braid down her back and nice make-up. Whew smokin hot. We met my best buddy John and her pal Mary at the courthouse. It was the first time they had met. In just a short time we had a nice no frills simple wedding. By lunchtime we were married and feeling sky high. All four of us went to lunch together and had a few drinks. John was funny and teased Mary unmercifully and she was enough of a character to dish it right back. After a while Jodi leaned over and said "If John isn't careful he's gonna get laid tonight" I laughed and then said "Oh no.... Your mine tonight." Well that got me a nice punch in the shoulder for sure. She looked at me in mock exasperation and said out loud "You know what I mean". I could only laugh. Mary and John flirted all through lunch. I saw them exchange numbers and whisper like two squirrels planning a great nut heist. When we all had finished John and Mary headed to their cars and looked at each other longingly. I saw John lip out "Dinner at 6" and Mary shake her head "Yes". I leaned over to Jodi and said "Oh you are so right about those two". Needless to say they had a great evening and have had for many years since. I was best man at their wedding.... Another story.

Jodi and I headed home, kissing at every stop light and there were so damned many. When we got home I picked her up and carried her into the house. We were kissing, laughing and havng a blast. Needless to say we never really got dinner that evening. Sex was great and I teased her about wearing a little wedding type gown so I could take her in the spare room and tear it off her and play a wedding day rape fantasy. She giggled and liked that idea. We'll have to look on craigslist or something and buy a used one cheap so we weren't spending alot on something that would get shreaded. Novel idea.

Later that evening she pulled out her laptop and checked her e-mail. She showed me one from Jason. It had a Raddison hotel location and room number for us for Friday evening. She looked at me and said "Are you sure your OK with this?" I kissed her and played with one of her nipples and said "Oh yes.... How about you?" She stroked my cock and said "I'm gonna be a very bad girl and a real slut wife. I'm sure hoping you can handle it." We kissed a bit more then she replied to the e-mail "We'll be there. We're really looking forward to it." and she signed it "A Slutty Wife". We both chuckled about that. We slept like babies that night.

In the morning I nudged her with my morning wood and she pushed back against me. She looked over her shoulder and said "If you stick that big monster in me I'll pee all over... be right back" She got up and headed for the bathroom. In a couple minutes she crawled back in bed naked. She laid with her back to me then slowly she lifted up the knee to her top leg. I snuggled in behind her and lifted her leg and held it up. I slipped my cock into her surprisingly wet pussy very slowly. She groaned and moaned and began pushing back. In no time we were rocking back and forth. I grabbed her left breast and began vigorously working it over. I whispered "In less than 12 hours you'll have several guys doing this to you and filming our own porno...." She pushed back fairly hard and wiggled her ass. I rolled her onto her tummy and she spread her legs wide as I began plowing her pussy. I whispered again "Do you think they'll be gentle with you?" She groaned out "Oh god no..... Their gonna fuck me like a whore." She rocked her hips in rhytym to mine and as I pummeled her cervix with the head of my cock she whimpered "Fuck me like a whore.... Oh god yes...." I took long deep strokes and brought her to a great orgasm and I came just as she was finishing. We both collapsed for a few minutes. Jodi laughed and said "Last one for you until tommorow morning bucko. I'm gonna be a whore tonight and your gonna film it. Now you have to clean me up and help me get ready. We still have to drive up to Seattle. Come on."

We got out of bed and she lead me to the shower. She shaved her legs and underarms etc. She handed me the razor and settled back into the tub and pointed to her pussy "I give you the honors". I shaved her pussy but changed the shape of her nice little landing strip up front to a heart shape that was about 2" diameter and fairly short. It stood out as a nice dark brunette heart. I was proud of my work. She produced a douche bottle and I helped wash her pussy out as well (never ever thought I'd be doing that). I'd left alot of cum in her over the last 24 hours. When we left the shower I smacked on the ass and said "Oh so so fuckable" We both laughed. I went into the kitchen and made coffe and some breakfast as she finished packing her stuff and getting dressed. I walked in with her cup as she finished and I looked at what she was wearng and whistled. She spun around and said "You like?" I definitely did. She took the coffee and went in to finish her make up. She told me to finish packing we had to get going. I threw the rest of my stuff in my luggage and took our stuff to the car. When she came out of the house I locked the door so we could leave for a couple weeks (Somehow John would keep our house occupied while we were gone).

I followed Jodi down the walk and admired her gorgeous little ass. The heels really did it up nicely. Jodi was wearing one of her favorite things. She had on a white colored sun dress with buttons down the front and a nice bright floral pattern on it. Her white 4" heels were on her feet along with white stockings. I could see some kind of white camisolle under her dress. It must have been thin cause in the cool morning air I could see nipples as she got in the car. She had her hair braided and done up in a bun on the back and top of her head. I could see the nape of her neck Aargh. She carried a wide brimmed white hat that made her look like she was going to a garden party. When she put on her sunglasses, oh she looked great. Off we headed.

Jodi asked if she looked OK? I shook my head so vigorously my teeth rattled. Her make up was a little darker than usual and she had dark red lipstick on. Wow. We chattered away as we headed towards Seattle. I could tell she was nervous and yet excited. She reclined the seat back and raised up her skirt. I could see that she had a white baby doll body camisole thing (I don't know the names of all womens under garments) on under her dress and those white thigh high stockings. She reached down between her legs and I heard three light snaps as she undid the crotch. She was laid back in the seat and looked over at me with her sunglassed eyes and said "I'm getting wet.... wanna feel?" Of course.... is the Pope Catholic???? She took my hand and Put it on her crotch. She was definitely wet. I kept the car on I-5 somehow. She reached in the center console and pulled out a small tube of lube and said "Honey I think they are gonna do bad things to me this evening. You think you could put some of this in me so I don't get hurt?" Ok! I'm game.... She held up my had and squirted lube on my first two fingers and whispered "Better work it in good.... they might be real big and wanna hurt my poor little pussy" I fingered her squishing pussy as deep as I could and I could feel her rocking as I finger fucked her. She finally grabbed my wrist and looked over at me. She raised my had and dabbed lube all over my first finger and said "What if they want to do something bad to my poor little backside?" I agreed and she rolled on her side facing the door. She raised her dress a bit more and took my hand and placed it on her gorgeous ass. I wanted to blow a load right there. She pulled her upper cheek up and exposed her perfect little asshole. I pushed my finger in slowly and worked it around. She rocked back and forth to that. I said "I think we need more" and held up my first two fingers. She lubed them up and I worked them into her ass and started really working them around. I finally said "What if they want to DP you this evening?" Jodi said in a little girl voice "Oh I hope they are very gentle and aren't to big.... they better be nice to poor little me" . I chuckled and said "I think they are going to be big and mean and stuff your poor little pussy and ass til you scream my dear" as I slid a third finger in her perfect ass. She let out a loud groan as I buried them deep and held them there. She whimpered "Oh my oh my..... I sure hope so" I laughed at that and so did she.

Pretty soon it was early evening and we were entering Seattle. We stopped for a quick bite to eat and Jodi cleaned up and re-did her makeup. We headed for the Raddison. We checked in and they handed us a message. It said "Your room is 423 and your party awaits you in room 425 next door" the bell boy took our bags and we headed to our room. Jodi hung on my arm with her beautiful dress wide brim hat white hat and her sunglasses she looked like a model. Boy did I want to fuck her like never before.

When we got to our room there was a bucket of ice with champagne and two glasses set out. We stowed our bags and opened the bubbly. We drank to wild endeavors and fun TOGETHER. I got out my bag of camera equipment and checked everything. I took quite a few pics of Jodi. She modelled holding her drink. Pouting, kissing at the camera etc. I took pics from the back, side, front and she even spread her legs a bit and sometimes leaned over for a cleavage shot. I loved it.

I pulled out our video camera and began filming. Jodi had a couple more glasses and I asked her questions. I asked "So your here in this hotel and your supposed to meet some guys in their room. What are you gonna do?" She purred "I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get fucked and I mean by all of them." I answered "Oooohhh a poor little wife like you getting gangbanged. Can you handle that?" She held up her glass and said "Yep.... I do beleive I'm looking forward to that." I finally asked "What if they get you pregnant? What will your husband think?" I grinned a shit eating grin and shook my head.... She played along. "Well since I haven't been on birth control since I got married oh my... they may try real hard to knock me up." "I guess I better tell them to be careful and pull out so they don't come in me." I smiled again.

I shut off the camera and walked over and kissed her. We laughed a bit then I looked at her and said "I have an idea... Why don't we subtly let them know to not cum in you since your not on BC.... You can make a big deal of it etc Like you don't wanna get knocked up". She shook her head Yes. "I'll whisper to them off to the side when I have a chance to fuck you like their trying to knock you up... You can act upset when they do cum deep in you. Might be fun" . She smiled an evil grin then said I'll act like they've done something terrible on the first time they cum then start saying what the fuck... knock this little whore of a wife up." We both laughed. I said "Besides it may freak them out to know you could be knocked up with their kid. They'll probably not contact you again since none of them wanna be a daddy. May work even better."

We both liked that. She was gonna play up the "Oh I'm knocked up for sure... Honey what are we gonna do???" at the end of the evening. They'll freak a bit. We had one last glass and she was feeling no pain at that point. We looked at our watches and said "Show time."

We stepped next door and knocked. Jason answered the door and looked Jodi up and down (she was stunning) and then shook my hand as I introduced myself. He invited us in and we headed into the room. I set my camera bag on the table and kept filming with the small video camera I had. Jason introduced us to two more guys, G and Philly (later found out short for Guy and Phillip but G and Philly were cooler). They were in their mid twenties and as tall as I was or taller. All were slender except Jason who had me by 30 lbs or so. All three were black but Philly was a lighter skin tone. They each had a beer in their hand and had obviously had a few. All of them wore basketball jerseys and sweat pants. Jodi was dressed to kill and they looked like they were on their way to the game. Oh well.

The guys looked Jodi up and down and whistled and I filmed it. They both exclaimed "Jason you said she was HOT but Damned!" and shook their heads. Guy motioned her to turn around and she did slowly as she took off her hat and tossed it on the table, then she shook her ass a bit. They smacked each others shoulders and said "Damned" again. Jodi purred "Like what you see? This is just the wrapping" She slowly turned around with her back to them and facing me and looked right at me with pure lust in her eyes and blew me a kiss. After she blew me a kiss she began undoing the buttons down the front of her dress. In no time I could see every inch of the front of that see through little camisole. When the buttons were all undone she looked over her shoulder at the guys and worked her dress down over her shoulders. They were bumping each other like excited teens and saying "Dam dam dam". Jodi backed up to Jason and rubbed against him then he took ahold of her dress and pulled it back off her shoulders and set it on the kitchen counter top.

Jodi was standing there rubbing her ass against Jason in nothing but white 4" heels, white thigh highs. and a sheer white camisole. He ran his hands around her and squezzed her tits. Jodi purred then winked at me then looked up over her shoulder and kissed Jason as he leaned down to her. In no time the other two moved in like they got a signal it was Ok. They began kissing her and rubbing her tits. In a moment the thin straps of her cami were down over her shoulders and it was down around her waist. Jodi had a glazed lusty look in her eyes. In no time she had her hand around two guys cocks thru their sweats. A couple minutes later the sweats dropped on all three and the cami hit the floor. Game on.

They kind of looked at each other and shrugged. Jodi grabbed each one in turn and stroked their cocks. When she got to Philly she looked at me and said "Uh oh. This guys gonna hurt poor little me." I looked down and had to agree. He was almost hard but was bigger than me and I was one of the biggest she'd ever had. Honest to god he was as big around as a beer can and a good 11" long. I'd never seen anything like that. I kind of cringed for my poor wife. Jodi began licking each one of them and stroking them like she had opened a new toy box. A minute later they walked her toward the bed.

Jodi sat on the bed and subtly pulled a small tube of lube from inside the top of her stockings, I never even noticed it. She began rubbing it all over each big black cock. Soon the room smelled like coconut. It was flavored lube and she slathered it on each one. She purred "You boys are huge and I've got a tiny little pussy.... whats a girl to do..." She grinned a shit eating grin and started sucking on Jason. Soon Philly had his head burried between her thighs and G was sucking on one then the other nipple. Jodi was in heaven. They laid her back slowly and gave everyone better access. After a few minutes Jodi was bucking like a bronc and reached her first orgasm.

Philly must have been pretty good with that tongue and/or she was already pretty excited. Probably both. As he got done Jason moved into position and began rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit. Jodi put her hand on his chest and said "I'm not on any birth control... Make sure you pull out before you cum... OK" Jason shrugged hs soulders OK. Jodi was looking down at his cock when I motioned with my hips to bury it in her then with my hand made a spurting motion then I shook my head yes. I then made a growing motion on my belly and gave him a thumbs up. The others noticed and smiled big smles. Jason grinned then started working his cock into her tight little pussy. Jodi moaned and groaned and made a big show of how big he was and how he was killing her. I grinned. Jason exclaimed "Holy fuck is this bitch tight.... Philly your gonna have to do without. That monster of yours will kill her." Philly blurted out "Fuck Dat.... I'm gonna fuck this white bitch and ruin her for others." They all laughed and Jodi whimpered out "Oh god.... Jason this is great." Jason began longer and deeper strokes.

In no time he was bottoming out in Jodi and she was letting out little grunts of pain as he hit her cervix. She had a bit of a pained expression on her face but after a few minutes it began to change. Her eyes had a glossed over look of pure lust. Soon, with G sucking her tits and Philly rubbing his beer can around her face, Jodi had her first orgasm while being fucked. Jason started in some long deep hard strokes and began talking really dirty to Jodi. He growled out "Your a white little whore... You love getting black dick don't you?" "You gonna take all of this and come back for more?" Jodi groaned and answered in choppy words as Jason fucked her "Oh god yes.... Fuck me.... fuck me.... Oh god yes!" Jason kept at it until his stroked shortened and he buried himself deep in her and came. He let out a growl and said "Take all of it you little married slut." Jodi let out a groan and half screamed "Oh god, Oh fuck, So fucking deep, so much cum,"

Then she was silent and whimpered
"Oh god ... So much cum.... so much cum inside me.... Oh god".
Then right on cue she looked at me with a distressed look on her face.
"Oh god what do I do?"
I shrugged as Jason pulled out. Cum poured out of Jodi's pussy and I zoomed in on it. At that point G jumped in and pushed his cock into her. She let out a groan and said "Oh fuck, Oh fuck" He began fucking her in deep strokes and she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him in deeper. He fucked her like a mad man and she cried out and made some very loud grunting noises. Philly put the head of his cock in her open mouth and she began to suck.

All I could hear was mumbling, slurping grunts. as she was filled at both ends. It was great to film but my hard on hurt. Jodi had a hand around Phily's cock and controlling it in/out of her mouth and another on G's ass pulling him in. They stayed like that for a few then G grabbed her and said "On all four bitch" He rolled her over and she stuck her gorgeous ass in the air. G sunk into her without any prep and began fucking her like a bitch in heat. Jodi began howling since he was so rough. Philly stood on the other side of the bed and stuffed his cock back in her mouth. Jodi was stuck from both ends. Slurping, grunting, whining. After a few minutes G stuffed his cock deep in Jodi and let out a groan as he filled her pussy with cum.

As he was finishing up Philly pulled his cock from her mouth and said "Oh fuck that was close... I almost busted a nut in her throat.... But Fuck I want some of that tight pussy." Jodi was objecting "Oh god two loads in me. Oh fuck. What am I gonna do.... You were supposed to pull out. I don't wanna get knocked up with a black baby. I'm married."

Philly walked around behind her and Jason took his place in front of her. Philly said "Your a white slut wife... too bad you get a black baby in that belly of yours... tough shit slut... now shut up and suck J's cock while I fuck a baby into your pussy". Jodi looked at me in a panicked look and said "Oh fuck.... what are we gonna do?"

Jason tured her face to him and put his cock in her mouth as Phily began running that monster up and down her slit. He finally got just right and slipped the head into Jodi's cunt. She let out a loud groan around Jason's cock. She squinted her eyes and he began pushing more into her. I could hear her pitch getting higher til it was near a squeal. She moved forward to get away from Philly's invader but there was nowhere to go except deeper down her throat with Jason. Around his cock she was making some god aweful noises. Philly was not very deep in her but she appeared to be in pain. He began short little strokes in/out and saying god aweful things about her being a white whore, how tight her cunt was, how he'd tear it up. I could see tears in Jodi's eyes and wanted to stop it then and there. She was definitely hurting.

Philly swatted her ass a couple times and she let out loud yelps around Jasons cock. He finally started longer deeper strokes and I could see tears running down her cheeks. I moved around and got pics of the tears and then back around to her terribly stretched pussy trying to handled a monster that was obviously way too big for her. While I was behind her filming the ravishment of my poor wifes pussy, Jason pulled out of her mouth. He leaned down and grabbed her hair (Still in a bun on the back of her head) and looked her in the face. I moved back around quickly and saw my wifes face in agony. Jason asked "You like that big black cock in you little white whore?" Jodi was silent for a minute then Philly made a couple deep strokes into her then held it deep in her. I could tell he was buried to the hilt and still applying some inward pressure. She was hurting way in deep.

I was just about to say knock it off when she grunted out "Oh fuck,,,,, I love it. God don't stop fucking meeee..... Oh fuck....". With that encouragement Philly began pulling out then sinking to the hilt and pushing hard for about 10-15 seconds each time. As he was pushing deep Jodi was letting out some horrible groans and as he'd pull out she'd hiss "Oh fuck yes... fuck my pussy... fuck me.... Yes like that deeeepppp.... Oh fuck" As he'd bottom out and begin pushing hard again. Her face was red and sweat was pouring out all over her.

Philly stopped and pulled out. Jodi let out a groan of disappointment. Philly slapped her ass and said "on your back slut." Jodi rolled over slowly with a groan. Cum was pouring out of her badly stretched pussy. When she was on her back he raised her legs high and wide. She grabbed her legs behind the knees and bent them. I could tell she was holding them as wide as she could. Philly rubbed the head of his cock around her opening as she looked down and watched in rapt fascination. He slid in and she grit her teeth and groaned. After a few long strokes Philly bottomed out.

I could tell she was in pain yet loving it all the same. Philly still had an inch or so to go before he was balls deep in her yet he was bottomed out. He did some long stroking into Jodi's obviously stretched pussy for a few minutes. He finally slid it in deep and applied pressure after he had bottomed. Jodi let out a loud guttural groan as he pushed hard. He held it there a minute then slowly slid out. He did some long strokes for a few minutes then another slow deep assault pushing hard. I filmed the look on her face (a mix of agony and bliss) as she groaned then panned down to his cock nearly all the way in. He pulled out and she panted a bit as he took another dozen long smooth strokes. At that point he pushed all the way in Jodi's eyes rolled back in her head and she grabbed the blankets in her fists. He burried all the way in her and stayed there.

After several seconds she began to breath in short breaths and let out whimpers. Philly stayed right in place with his massive cock burried to the hilt in my wife. He leaned down and said "How do you like that little whore? Every inch of the biggest black dick you've ever seen.... all the way in your married pussy." He gave a couple little nudges and she groaned "Oh fuckkkkk. It's so deep. Your killing me. It huuurrrtsss. Oh fuck Oh fuck..... Don't stop I'm about to cum" We all looked at each other and shrugged.

Jodi's eyes were closed and she was in her own little world. Philly stayed buried in her and just made little rocking motion with his hips and it rubbed his curly hair against her clit. In no time she grabbed his ass and let out a huge groan. I could tell she was having the orgasm of her life. After she was done cumming she kind of went limp. Her eyes were part way open with a completely distant look in them. She was breathing but it was like she wasn't there.

At that point Philly began a series of long deep strokes that got shorter as he got closer to cumming himself. When he finally buried himself in her and let out a groan Jodi came back to life (you might say). She let out a shriek and said "Oh no. Not that deep.... Not cum that deep.... Oh god Noooooo" Philly finished cumming and pulled out slowly. There was a bit of blood mixed with the cum leaking from her poor pussy. Philly looked down and hissed "Fucked that bitch bloody. I seem to do that to white sluts. Fuck yeah!" as he high fived Jason.

Jodi groaned and kind of curled up in a ball. The guys were kind of doing their own little celebration and I got down and filmed all over Jodi. When I got to her face I asked "You OK babe?" She looked over at me and her expression changed to an evil grin. She whispered "Fuckin great but they don't know that". I was relieved. She winked at me. I stood up and looked around.

The guys had a beer then G moved over and started rubbing Jodi's ass. After just a minute she rolled on her tummy. G rubbed her ass and spread her cheeks. Jodi looked over her shoulder and said "My pussy is tore up but my ass is OK...." G got the hint and in no time he was working a couple fingers in/out of her ass. He capped that off by slipping his big cock in her little ass. She moaned and groaned and moved to accomodate him. It seemed like she was full of new life (or cock whichever way you look at it). G was working in deeper with every stroke and Jodi was egging him on "Fuck my ass you black bastard.... make me a whore" etc... He obliged thats for sure. He lasted a long time in her ass but finally came way deep in her.

After he was done Jason took his place. After a few minutes of his deep stroking Jodi came. Her legs gave out and she flattened on the bed. Jason moved her legs apart further with his and as she lay flat on the bed he began fucking her ass really hard. He didn't last long but I got every cum soaked moment on film. My hard on was killing me and pre-cum had soaked through my dockers leaving a big dark stain. I could tell Jodi was fried. I didn't think she could take anymore. She got up and headed to the bathroom.

The guys all had more beers and High fived each other. I figured Jodi was done. When she came out Philly was sitting on the couch. Jodi walked right over and straddled him and sat in his lap. She looked into his eyes and said "I gotta have that monster one more time.... I'll be on top so we don't tear anything any worse but I gotta fuck that thing once more...." She mounted up and worked her way down onto his cock. She was only going in about halfway but I could tell by the way she was moving she was loving every inch. He was laying back now and enjoying the ride while he played with her nipples. He pulled her down onto him a bit more and sucked on them alternately and I know that gets her to cum quickly. She was working up to one for sure. To my surprise she reached back and spread her ass cheeks. She turned her head towards me and grinned.

G caught on and moved up behind her. He let out a laugh and said "This slut wants two cocks.... Bitch yo gonna get um". He slowly slid his cock in her ass and Jodi let out a long shriek as he began sliding in. G exclaimed "This bitch is so fucking tight.... holy fuck ... gonna take the skin off my dick....fuck yeah". Jason laughed and said "Philly don't leave you much room dawg". They finally got into her aways and I could see Jodi's face was bright red. I wonder if she'd forgot to breath for a while. Finally they started a rhytym of fucking her.

Jodi groaned and cursed in incoherent babbling as they fucked her. It took a good long while for them to cum and I think Jodi didn't have any while DP'ed. I think she was just too stretched to enjoy or too tired. When they pulled out her pussy still had blood and cum leaking out but not any worse. Her ass was leaking cum too and I filmed it up close.

Jodi finally rolled on her side and said "I'm done.... holy fuck what a night....." She looked at me then said "If I don't get knocked up from this then there is something wrong. Which one of you is gonna be the daddy?" They all looked at each other like a deer in the headlights. I laughed and said "I guess it's gonna be me by default. Jodi looked at me and laughed "Oh your parents are gonna love this." We kind of laughed but the guys were kind of quiet.

Jodi put on her dress after going to the bathroom to clean up. She talked to each of the guys. She talked to Jason and Philly a bit. Philly handed her his business card and they smiled alot. She filled me in later what he'd said. I packed up my photographic stuff after getting a few stills of all of them together. Jodi gave them each a big kiss and we left for our room.

After we were in our room I hugged and kissed Jodi as passionately as I could. I told her she was fantastic. She looked down and saw my pants and chuckled "You poor baby... you had to watch all that and nothing you could do.... oh I'm so sorry" She wrapped her hand around me and I about came right there. Jodi sank to her knees and withdrew my raging hardon. I was amazed she could do it since I knew she was exhausted but she gave me one incredible blow job.

When she was done my knees were wobbly. We headed for the bed when she said "I need a shower. Care to joiin me lover?" Of course... hell yes. She let down her long beautiful hair (I'm surprised it hadn't been yanked apart. Good idea braiding it and putting it up) and stripped down. God she looked great. In the shower I noticed she had a couple hickies on her tits and her ass had some big red hand marks. Yep she'd been manhandled a bit. I hadn't noticed them swatting her ass because I was busy filming but she definitely had red hand marks.

I washed her all over and she washed me. She reached out onto the counter and grabbed a douche then looked at me. "Do you wanna wash out all that nasty babymaking cum from my pussy or leave it there? Never know maybe I'll get knocked up?" She grinned a shit eating grin. She spread her legs right there in the shower and I douched her out. Man she had alot of cum in there. There was just a little blood mixed in but not much, not as much as I feared. She did comment on how tender she was. We towelled off and went to the bed.

When we were in bed She snuggled up to me and asked "You wanna fuck your little slut wife now?" I can't believe it but I said "I know how tender you are right now so I won't fuck you but I am gonna eat that slutty pussy like a sandwhich." We giggled as I dove under the covers. I licked her pussy and could tell it was all puffy. Her lips were so red and distended. I licked in nibbled and she whimpered and purred. In no time at all she was rocking her hips as she neared a good climax. I stopped. She let out a quizzical whimper then I said "So my little slut wife enjoy herself this evening?" and gave her a lick. She rocked her hips along with my tongue and whimpered "Oh you know I did... let me cum" I licked her a couple more times then stopped "You gonna be a bad girl some more?" She whimpered again "Maybe.... Do you want me to be?" I stuck my tongue deep in her and voiced out "mmm hmmm" as I pulled out my tongue I said "Yep". She grinned and purred "What do you have in mind next?" I didn't answer I just started licking her for all I'm worth and in just a couple minutes she came like crazy. I think she woke the neighbors.

I snuggled up with her that evening and we slpt great. In the morning we got up and Jodi had a quick shower. As she was standing there naked I looked at her and mumbled "Oh so many ideas..." She shook her ass and said "For this poor little body of mine?" I groaned and said "Oh yeah." I caught a quick shower as she dressed. While I was dressing she was sitting on the bed in some sexy white pants and a loose floral tank top. She purred out "So what has been going through your sick twisted little mind?" I pulled on some Dockers and slipped on my shoes and looked at her "Everything from some serious bondage to a week in the country and you playing the farmers wife." She chuckled and saying "The farmers wife in bondage???" I kind of smiled and shrugged and said "That amongst other terrible things." Jodi smiled and said "Oh my.... could be interesting. You'll have to tell me. I have some ideas myself. You might not like some of them though." I chuckled and said "Lets go catch some breakfast and then get to the airport. We have a honeymoon to enjoy. We'll compare our ideas in bed tonight." As I pulled on my shirt, swatted her ass and grabbed our bags.

The flight to Hawaii was nice and smooth and we snuggled like honeymooners the whole way. We caught a shuttle bus from the airport to our hotel and were settled in just in time for dinner. Jodi changed into some shorts and a nice loose tank top and sandals. I settled for shorts and a nice floral Jimmy Buffet shirts. We chuckled, kissed and then headed out to dinner. Everything was magical.

After dinner we were on our way back to the room when she suggested some time in the pool. I liked that since it was still very warm. We got to the room grabbed our suits and put them on and Jodi put on a nice sarong over her bikini. I wanted to molest her then and there but she said "Down big boy. We have all evening. Lets go test the waters first." She looked so good in that white bikini. I could see her dark heart shape in the bottoms and because I knew where to look I could see the hickies on her tits once her top was wet.

I had to stay in the water a while cause watching her gave me some stirrings of a hard on. By 9 we were the only ones in the pool. A waiter had come by and brought us fruty drinks and we sat on the bottom in the shallow end and sipped our drinks. Jodi finally looked at me with a wicked little grin and said "So.... what kind of things have you been fantasizing about? I know you got to film me doing three black guys yesterday.... Your mind has been running rampant I can tell.... You can hardly look at me without getting a hard on."

She looked at me out of the corner of her eye and grinned. She sucked more drink through her straw and raised an eyebrow. I took a good suck on my drink too and thought for a minute. I didn't want to say or do the wrong thing and ruin moods or anything. I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said "I'm pretty much a real perv so alot of this stuff you probably won't like." She shrugged and said nonchalantly "You know I'm as much of a perv as you in fact I'm YOUR slut/whore of a wife. Whatcha got in mind?"

I waited a moment then said "If Phillip isn't too put off by the idea of you might having been knocked up then maybe we could get back together with him when and if he's available". Jodi kind of purred and said "See that wasn't so bad. I would definitely like to get together with him again. In fact I have his card and he has my e-mail address. We'll see if he writes or anything." I smiled and said "That could be cool. I know you loved that monster of his. I bet your still sore this evening." Jodi kind of rolled her eyes and said "I'm sure I'm a bit sore, we'll find out in a little while when you fuck me tonight on the first official night of our honeymoon." She grinned and looked at me out of the corner of her eye.

I looked over at her and said "Your turn.... what do you have in your sick twisted little mind?" She sipped her drink and said "I'm too much of a whore I know that now. I'm just so glad you don't mind. I hope you can deal with the sick shit that goes through my mind." I smiled and said "Try me." She kind of shrugged and looked up then started speaking in a small voice "Do you want kids?" I shook my head "Yes" and then looked at her. She looked around a bit more not really making eye contact. "What happens if I do get preggo by one of these other guys?" I looked around and thought Wow right to the point. I answered "If it happens it happens. Our kid would be fine and it would be loved. It would be the product of OUR activities together. May be another sperm donor but it would be the result of something WE are partaking in right?" She moved over and hugged me then kissed me a deep long kiss.

We sat back for a few more without saying anything then she slowly said "maybe we could combine a couple of our ideas into a scenario.... like the farmers wife getting knocked up by the travelling salesman or something... kind of an impregnation video." I sat there for a little bit and said "Maybe doable.... could be interesting." I shrugged and admitted "What I had in mind for the poor farmers wife might not be too much fun for you though... Probably not a good way to get pregnant." She looked over at me then got the evil grin "Oh now you have to tell me...come on".

I thought for a minute then started "My family has a farm in Eastern Oregon. My sister and her family lives there and works it but every fall I stay over there and run things when they go on a family vacation. I was thinking WE could go over and stay there this fall."
"While we're there we could have some fun with some wild fantasies way out there with No one for miles and miles."
Jodi kind of purred "Ohhhh sounds very interesting so far. Ya gonna take me in the barn? A breeding program hee hee?" I kind of shook my head and said "That and more." She shook her head and said "I don't think I can handle a horse if thats what ya have in mind." We both laughed at that and I said "Oh no nothing quite like that. No no. We'll keep it human hows that?" she laughed and said "Whew I was worrying." Then laughed as she tipped her head and said "How many?" I smiled and said "How many guys or kids do you want?" She kind of purred "Out there just a couple guys. Things could get out of hand and we'd be a long way from nowhere". I shook my head in aggreement "Some one or someones we know and trust by then." We both shook our heads in agreement.

After we finished our drinks we headed to our room. We took a shower together to get the chlorine off us then somehow ended up in bed naked. I sucked on her nipples and she cooed "My they are still a bit tender. I love the feeling." So I kept at them for a while as I began rubbing her pussy with a free hand. In no time she was soaking wet so I workeed a finger then two into her. Jodi rocked her hips and said "Oh yeah she's a bit tender.... Almost like she took on three big cocks last night or something. Not so bad I can't handle it though."

I moved down and started licking her pussy. I hummed then said "I'll lick her like she had three strange cocks last night then." She purred "No. Eat me and fuck me like I was a whore last night and fucked three cocks and want more." I griined with my tongue still in her and mumbled "Oh yeah" I started licking and slurping and really giving her the best of my tongue. Jodi's hips started rocking and she was so close when I stopped and asked "So ya want more?" then gave her a couple little licks. She groaned out "Oh fuck yeah." I licked her some more and said we''l have to see what we can do for you then. For now it's just me." She purred and said "I like that". Within a minute she came very hard and I kept licking her like there was no tomorrow. I thought about staying with it and getting her off again with my tongue but she pulled me up to her. "I want my husband to fuck me.... fuck me like his little whore... fuck me like a bad girl...". I moved into position and worked my cock into her. I heard her hissing intake of breath as I'm sure she was still a bit sore. She hissed "Oh yessss.... like that. Once I had worked into her and she was OK I began a faster pace. She grabbed my ass and pulled me in hard. We fucked like animals from there on. We both came together. God it was great.

Once I had rolled of she snuggled alongside me. We laid there for a bit and kissed. After a few minutes she licked my nipple then rubbed my wet gooey cock and asked "So what kind of things could happen to that poor farmers wife?" In no time I was getting hard again but slowly. I thought for a minute then answered "She could be seduced by a black farm hand in coveralls while she's up in the hay loft getting down hay. Thats one." She purred and stroked a bit then said "What else?" I thought then said "She could slip from her husbands room and down the the bunkhouse where a couple workers stay and they gangbang her while her husband sleeps in the farmhouse."

Jodi kind of purred her approval then said "I know you've been working on more. Come on lets hear um". I groaned and said "OK but you might not like them all." I thought for a minute then said "Husband goes to town and will be back in two days. She turns on the radio and hears a news report that three convicts have escaped the federal prison 20 miles North and that everyone should be on the lookout. She kind of shrugs and goes out to do chores. In the barn three convicts in orange coveralls are hiding. When she's getting hay they jump her. They rape her in many ways ..... They've been in prison a long time so they really use her. They leave her chained to a beam in the barn." Jodi kind of purred her approval or interest then asked "So how often would they use her and what would they do to her?" I thought for minute then said "Oh they could tie her up several places in the barn, Like in a breeding stanchion so she's immobilized (just like breeding livestock) and they take turns breeding her. Or maybe they take her to the farmhouse and tie her to the big iron framed bed and take turns through the night. Or maybe both" Jodi kind of cooed at that then as she stroked me she said "What happens when hubby come home from town with a little buzz on and wants to fuck his wife?" "She's been all used up and cleans herself up the best she can in a bath." "He comes home and throws her on the bed and uses her too, really rough since he's drunk and completely unaware the others have had her, or is he???? Maybe he set her up and had watched."

She stroked me some more til I was hard then rolled over on top of me. When Jodi was fully impaled on me she started rocking back and forth she said "What happens if he watched her the whole time she was being raped...? Then she's in the tub crying that she knows she's gonna be pregnant.... what's she gonna do?" Jodi is rocking on me dreaming up scenarios. What a trip. She smiled then said "We could film a last scene to add to our movie.... You show a fresh grave in the rearview mirror as a showing preggers wife rides away in a car with three convicts. It would add that suspenseful ending." We kind of chuckled. Jodi ground down on me and then looked at me seriously "Do you want me on birth control when we're out at the ranch and we're filming our naughty daydreams?" I ran my hands over her belly then up to her tits and said "You know that odds are your gonna get knocked up and these are gonna swell." She rocked her hips on me hard and shook her head and whimpered "Mmm Hummm". I pushed up to meet her and said "You wanna get knocked up while your tied in a barn or on a bed getting gang raped?" Jodi ground down on me and started to cum "Oh god yesss..... They could be knocking me up with every spurt...."

Jodi laid on top of me and slowly wound down. She raised up her head and said "My shot wears off in three months.... anytime after that I'll begin my regular cycles and at that time I could even get very very pregnant. We're gonna have to be careful. I can always get another shot and we'll be protected for another year. What do you think?" I sat there for a little bit then said "Why don't we wait a few weeks and see how things play out and make that call. It looks like you Could be fertile when we're at the ranch thats for sure." My wife knocked up in a bondage gangbang at my sisters ranch what a mind fuck...
We drifted off to sleep.

The next few days were spent lounging by the pool and Jodi began to tan very well. In the evenings when she showered I could see more and more of her tan lines. Being a brunette is an advantage so she tans easily. Me... lobster city if I don't have lots of SPF 1000 on me. Each evening we had great sex and Jodi would elaborate a bit on some of the farm fantasies. On the 4th evening she was checking her e-mail and let out a hmmm... I asked what was up and she said I got an interesting e-mail, from of all people, He wrote:
Glad we got to meet and have such a fun time last Friday. Feel sorry for your husband since he didn't get to participate but I'm sure he's fine by now. I hope your doing OK and feeling no ill affects. I know no one was being particularly gentle. I'm hoping by some miracle you didn't end up preggers. But if you do then let me know I'll try and help in any way I can. I'm just finishing up a nasty divorce and custody battle. Kind of don't want that to become an issue but if it is I'll do my part.
I'm glad you brought your husband and he was able to film. It worked out. Kind of had a bit of a falling out with Jason and G over the weekend. They were going to do some very bad bad things with you. Glad your husband was there. No blackmail or trying anything like that. I'm thinking G was thinking about introducing you to his friends and corrupting or destroying your life. Your too beautiful a woman for what he had in mind. Sorry to go off on that tangent but figured you better know in case they do try and talk you into coming back to visit.
I come down your way about once a month on business. If you and your husband want to catch dinner I'd like that. Keep it in mind if your interested. Again thanks for a great time. It's been quite a while and I'm glad I met both of you. Write when you can or give me a call at 555-9999.


I was intrigued to say the least. I looked at Jodi and asked what she thought. She admitted that she was glad it was him that wrote. She admitted she really liked him. I laughed and said "You liked his talented tongue and that huge cock.... I know you." She laughed and punched my shoulder then kind of whistfully said "Yeah. That too".

Later that night Jodi leaned over and kissed me then whispered "Do you think Phillip would be one of the convicts or the farm worker?" I chuckled and thought about it. "If he had the time to stay around for a few days he could be several characters. Between him and me you'd be one sore little wife though." Jodi kind of purred a contented sound and said "That would be interesting. How could we film it though? Which one of you'd get me preggo?"

I rubbed one of her nipples and it was hard as a rock. I ran my hand down and rubbed her sopping wet pussy and said "Does it matter who gets you pregnant? I think we can set up a bunch of cameras in the barn to capture all the things that happen. Same with the bedroom. It may take me a day or two to get it all set up but it could definitely be done. Like that idea?" She rolled me over on top of her. She's strong when she's demanding. I laid on top of her and she grabbed behind her knees and pulled her legs way open. I left the head of my now rock hard cock right at the entrance to her pussy and said "What do you think?" She rocked her hips and kind of pushed against the head of my cock so it would enter. I held it right at her entrance part way in. I said Hmmm?" And wiggled a bit. She groaned out "Oh fuck me fuck me." I slid in a bit and she wrapped her legs around me and grabbed my ass. She pulled me in all the way. I bottomed out in her and she let out a grunt. She held onto my ass and began rocking her hips against me furiously. No in and out just deep hard rubbing. She came so fast I couldn't believe it. I kissed her neck and said "I'd say you love the idea." She groaned out "Oh fuck yessss..." I began fucking her harder and she just egged me on yelling "Fuck our little slut.... Yes use me...." When I finally came I was spent. I wanted to fuck her all nght. I just couldn't get enough. I told her so.

She laid back with her legs open and put one of my hands on her pussy. It was soaked. She grabbed my wrist and moved my hand on her pussy. She hissed "I wish I had a dozen guys here tonight. I feel so nasty.... I just want to fuck and fuck. I don't know what got into me?" I laughed and said "Me and Phillips cocks". She kind of whimpered. "I told you early on I get kind of carried away... this is one of those situations." "Back in college was the same." "Once they started fucking me and more guys would show it became a never ending circus... I fucked so many guys during that last couple terms." "I couldn't stop." "Please make sure I stop this time.... Please.... I become such a whore I lose track... Please. I Love you so. Don't let me lose control." She was almost sobbing.

I realized at that point I had 4 fingers burried to the knuckles and she was pushing me inward by the wrist. I rolled over into a better position so I was between her legs and over her. I began licking on her nipples and kissing her. God was she hot. She was kissing me like a woman possessed and yanking on my wrist. I moved my hand around her pussy trying to find a comfortable position. Her pussy was clamped on my hand. I closed it the best I could and worked around and around. My thumb was still outside and rubbing up near her clit. She was groaning and bucking her hips. I was working my hand around and in and out. The slurping noises and her moaning and groaning was intense. She grabbed my hand on one of the outward strokes and folded my thumb into the center of my hand. I worked it back in and out a couple times. I had my fingers and thumb in her up to my knuckles and she was pushing my wrist inward. She wanted me to fist her. I knew her pussy was way too small for my big clumsy hands but I was trying. She was groaning and whimpering. She Whmpered out "Treat me like a whore.... force it in me... god it hurts.... I need it" I moved in and out and my hand was covered in her slurping juices. She held my wrist like a vice, I never knew she had such strength. Her pussy was so tight I thought my hand would break. We both pushed inward as she rocked her hips upward and my hand slipped in past the knuckles. She let out a pained groan. I held still but she rocked her hips a bit and growled "Oh fuck yesss.... fuck yess.... deeper" I pushed in a bit and she grabbed my wrist tight and whimpered "Oh oh oh hurts".

I got ready to pull out when she said "Don't you dare pull it out. I want to feel full. work it in deeper" I wiggled my fingers a tiny bit and I thought she'd lose her mind then she rocked her hips some more. I began little in/out movement but not more than a fraction of an inch. I couldn't believe I had my hand in my gorgeous little wifes pussy. Totally spontaneous. Totally hot. I wiggled a bit more and tried to get my hand closed into a fist. She let out a couple howls of pain so I'd stop and let her relax. After a little while I felt things shift and I was able to close my hand around my thumb. Jodi groned out "Oh fuck.. oh fuck..... Never never Oh fuck... I'm getting fist fucked..... fuck me like a whore... do it.... oh fuck" She grabbed my wrist with one hand and began moving it in/out in slow rhythym. I obliged by closing and opening my fist ever so alightly while moving in and out. She was tossing her head side to side and mumbling. I made out "fuck your whore.... fuck me.... I want it...." I heard her whisper "hurt it". I obliged but tried not to really hurt her. Maybe a little discomfort yes but not HURT HURT.

After several minutes I felt her pussy contract and I mean hard. Thought my hand would break as she clamped down and began a bucking motion. It was fucking amazing how hard she came. I could feel my hand coated in more of her slick gooey juices. I leaned down and began licking her badly stretched pussy lips and she about hit the ceiling in ecstacy. She loved having her pussy lips licked while they were stretched so wide. I'll admit the first thing in my mind is "I'm not licking her pussy when another mans cock is in there... No way in hell. Then I thought. Like this or with a dildo. Oh yeah we're gonna experiment a bit later. As she began to come down I straightened out my hand slowly.

Seemed like after she came hard around something big she loosened up a little bit. I thought that might be an interesting phenomena to experiment with later. Hmmm.... I slowly pulled out and she let out a god awful moan/groan. As soon as I was out I began eating her pussy with a ferocity. She loved that. Soon I was sucking on her tits then kissing her. She smiled and said "My pussy juices all over your face.... My god I've never been fisted before.... How the fuck did we manage that?" I laughed and said "My huge cock has stretched you all out." She laughed and said "Right..." I did shrug and said "In the last couple weeks you've had me and others and this evening you were very turned on. I think it was a combo of all of it otherwise I don't think we could have done it normally. God that was cool" She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me some more. I had to go clean up so I went in and washed up. When I got back she was sleeping like a baby.

The next day after breakfast Jodi was in a bubbly mood. We kissed and cuddled then she looked at me and said "No whoopy for you today mister.... My pussy feels like it did a ten man gangbang last night." She laughed and said "That would have been fun too but I loved what WE did together more." I kissed her long and passionately then whispered in her ear "Poor baby.... Your ass gets it tonight since your pussy is sore... " She purred out a "Promises promises" and patted my cock through my shorts.

We spent the day on a sight seeing cruise around the island. Jodi spent alot of time on deck getting sun in the skimpiest bikini she owned. I watched as many men admired her. A couple got the evil eye from their wives for looking. Some of the deckhands watched her intently. I sat next to her and rubbed some oil into her golden brown skin and whispered in her ear "You have quite an audience today. Half the men on this boat are watching you sunbathe and go to the bar." I whispered a little more "What a fantasy.... One hot woman and a boat full of horney men... The lust boat they'd call it. I bet that would be fun." I patted her behind and went for drinks.

When I got back guys were still watching her. She looked at me over her sunglasses and said "You are so so cruel. Now you have me watching and thinking." I just laughed and sat next to her drinking my drink with a little umbrella. When the cruise was done we headed back to the hotel. When we were in the room, She attacked me and kissed me ravenously We kissed and I pulled off her bathing suit top and paid some special attention to those wonderful twin nipples. She purred and loved it. Once I removed her bathing suit bottom I was on my knees in front of her. She turned around and bent over. I tongued her pussy and ass for several minutes and she cooed over that. She complained her pussy was still a bit tender. I ran my finger around her little asshole and said "Oh but this isn't.... but we'll save that for later... we have a luau to go to. Lets get dressed."

Jodi ran in to catch a quick shower. When she came out she put on a thong, a long white thin skirt, a brightly colored floral top and no bra with a white pair of sandals on her feet. It looked great and accentuated our one foot height difference. She brushed her hair and did it in two long ponytails and put some flowers in each. She looked stunning but the dark thong and no bra made it apparent she had nothing on underneath. I grabbed her ass and whispered "Showing off that hot bod this evening?" She smiled an evil grin and said "Maybe someone will want to help you with my poor little ass if I advertise this evening." We laughed as we headed for the luau.

We held hands, ate, drank, and she even tried the polynesian hula dancing. Every man in the place watched her jiggle for that. I knew she was eating that up. She flirted with a couple guys that seemed interested but they kind of backed off when they saw her with me. After everything was done I suggested the bar for drinks. She was very agreeable so we went to the big open air one at the hotel. She sat at the table and enjoyed the music while I went and got our drinks.

By the time I was halfway back a guy was already there hitting on her. I could see her smile and laugh a couple times. I walked up and she introduced him as Bob. She introduced me as her husband and he seemed a little nervous. I calmed him and "No worries Bob.... Hey ya want a drink? I'll go get you one as you get to know Jodi." He shook his head and told me what he was drinking. I told them I'd be right back and not run off too quick. I took my time. Bob and Jodi were laughing alot. When I got back I could see his eyes checking out her tits.

Bob was mid thirtes and handsome. Jodi seemed interested. The band played some good music and Jodi seemed interested. I told Bob "You better get her out dancing while you got a chance." He smiled and asked her. She looked at me and smiled an evil grin and off they went. They danced one fast song and as it ended they started to walk our way when they began a slow song. Jodi looked right at me and grinned. She stopped Bob and moved in close to him and began dancing. I could tell she was having fun driving us both crazy. She was rubbing her tits all over his chest and doing a thorough job of rubbing them in circles making it obvious. She rubbed her crotch against his leg. I could tell he was getting bolder as his hand around her waste moved lower. Soon it was on her hip the one ass cheek. You could tell he was checking for panties.

Jodi snuzzled up to him and danced along very aware of what she was doing. I was wondering how far she would take it. When the song was done she lead him by the hand all the way back to the table. They talked the whole way. When I handed him his drink she told me he was single and from N. California and got up our way on business quite often. How nice. We all talked some more and got to know each other. I'll admit Bob was pretty cool. After a little bit a song came on and Jodi grabbed me and said "Our turn, Bob you get another round we'll be right back.... the night is young."

When we were on the dance floor Jodi leaned in and said "What do you think?" I looked his way and said "Pretty decent.... what do you have in mind you little minx?" She giggled and said "My pussy is sore but I'm willing to overlook it.... You up for some fun?" I smiled and said "What do you have in mind?" She smiled and said "I promised you my ass this evening... didn't mean someone couldn't be in my pussy too." and she winked. I shook my head OK. She leaned in close and said "I have other things in mind too." I perked up and said "Oh do tell...." She smiled and said " a few meetings and little get togethers here and there.... you might say hmm... selection process for the time at the farm if he's game and works out.' I said "Ahhh I see.... your interviewing likely candidates for your prison gang." She smiled an evil smile then put a finger at the corner of her mouth and pouted "Whoooo poor little me?" We laughed out loud.

We headed back to the table and chatted with Bob for a while more. Next set of good songs she was out there with Bob flirting. She leaned in close and talked to him for a bit. He looked my way then back at her and shook his head yes. Hmmm... I wonder what she asked him? I bet I know. When they were done dancing she held his hand as they walked to the table. We finished our drinks and Jodi stood and walked toward the hotel elevators. She looked over her shoulder and said "You getlemen coming?" I looked at Bob and laughed "Not yet but soon I'm sure." We both smiled and headed after her.

When we were in the elevator she leaned over and kissed me then turned around and kissed Bob. She held both our hands and stared straight ahead and said "I sure hope neither of you mind. I'm just in one of those moods." She looked back and forth and Bob and I looked at each other and said almost in unison "No problem" We smiled and laughed. She smiled a big grin as the doors opened.

We walked into the room and she walked in to the kitchenette and got us each a glass of wine. She handed us each one then said "Get comfy. I have to go get changed" We looked at each other and clinked our glasses together and had a drink. The door into the bedroom portion of the suite closed and I could hear Jodi humming. I started talking to Bob and he described what he did and how he was up in our area every three weeks or so. I told him that was cool. Jodi has a business and is busy during the weeks but our work leaves us our weekends free. We ought to get together for dinner when he's up visiting. He liked that idea. I poured us another glass and had a bit of a buzz when Jodi walked out of the bedroom wearing white 4" heels, white stockings and nothing else. She walked over and kissed me then turned and kissed Bob. She leaned in and said "I figured we wouldn't play on pretenses and get all dressed up." Bob looked her up and down and said "This is a perfect outfit.... It looks particularly stunning on you." She leaned in and kissed him some more. It seemed like she was more aroused by the minute.

Soon she had his cock out and was stroking it. She reached over with her other hand and stroked me. We got the hint as she disrobed him I got undressed. She kissed us both then took our hands and lead us to the bedroom. She sat Bob on the bed and began a nice blowjob. I leaned in behind her and licked her ass and pussy. She purred even with her mouth full. She was one happy girl. After she had us both going she laid Bob back and crawled onto him. He was good size and she was able to accomodate him without looking to uncomfortable. Since she was a bit tender I'm sure she was glad he wasn't Phillips size. She rode him for a few as he kissed her nipples and played with both her whole tits. I kissed her back and worked my way up kissing. She purred and said "Oh I love this.... Don't stop either one of you. Oh please don't stop." I got behind Jodi and didn't know what Bob would think but I placed the head of my cock in the opening to her ass. She wiggled it a bit and Bob was balls deep in her. I began to press in and she groaned. Bob looked up at me over her shoulder and smiled while he shrugged. He was cool with this. I pushed on in and Jodi let out a contented groan. We both started working together and soon had a nice rhytym going.

For a guy we just met we all worked very well together. Jodi was moaning and groaning in bliss. After a few minutes I could tell she was ready to come. When she did she grabbed Bob's head and kissed him very hard and passionately as she groaned through her climax. She relaxed a bit afterward and we kept pumping. She grunted and groaned and enjoyed every second. We kind of played off each other because Bob and I filled her not 30 seconds apart. She was on a great high. I pulled out and went in to rinse off. Jodi laid there on top of him. I brought in our glasses and the bottle of wine. Jodi rolled off him and accepted a glass then I handed one to Bob. We laid on the bed Me, Jodi and Bob basking in the afterglow. Jodi looked back and forth and said "Gentlemen that was incredible... I think this will only be the first time we do this if your game?" We looked at each other and said "This evening?" She laughed and said "Maybe but I mean after we're back home... If your game to meet up when your back in our area on business."

The Loophole - A Halloween Story

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A note about the story…I had a pretty clear vision for the initial chapter when I began writing. I found beginning with Part 2 that the character of Joanne began leaving the page at times and giving direction to the storyline. Since, she has taken me in directions and along paths I had not envisioned. Her influence has become stronger as the story unfolded. So, if you enjoy the story you can thank Joanne, if it’s not your cup of tea blame the writer for being so...


A Couple's Play Day Part 3 - Revelations

Your feedback, thoughts, comments and suggestions are always welcome. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Rick awoke to the muffled sounds of the TV playing downstairs and a rock hard erection. He realized that the kids must be up and watching something downstairs. The bedside clock showed 8:30 am. Joanne lay naked beside him with her left leg draped over his and her arm...


Sorority Auxiliary Part 2: My Initiation Begins

My Initiation to the Sorority Auxiliary: Saturday Applause and beams of approval greeted me, but it was directed at all three winners. I joined Chris and Zach in the center of the room, we three still in our pretty panties. The women sat on various armchairs and sofas scattered through the large room. Dorothea, eyebrow arched, gestured, turning her palm up, then in an arc that left her fingertips pointing to the floor. To me, it indicated that more than a bow was required. I...


Little Amanda, part 3a

After agreement with mother of the poor family I had possibility to do some public nudity and other activities with two girls. One of them, 13 yo Amanda had also sex desire and we arranged, that she will move to my apartment in the capital of our country and will start to study in new school. She advanced well in school and mother was satisfied with my efforts, nobody was angry, that I lived with underage girl, but then suddenly appeared, I can't match her sex demands, I was...


Dress Code, part 4

Anne lowered her head slowly and hesitantly at first. But soon, captured by curiosity and lust, she licked firmly between Ms. Davenport’s open pussy lips. The strength of her initial lick provoked a gasp and a shudder from her long-legged superior. Anne was struck by the taste of the executive woman’s shell-pink pussy. It was at the same time familiar, as it reminded Anne of her own scent, but there was something “other” about it at the same time. As had been the...



>>>>>> I first met Daisy while a graduate student in college. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that she met me as she was the dominant driving force through most of our relationship. You see, I was a nerd, still am for that matter. I wasn’t ugly or fat, or even a sloppy, smelly person. I was tall at six feet three inches and thin as a rail at 165 pounds. I still have a full head of light brown hair at thirty-eight, but I have filled out a bit, the...


The Winsome Widow - Part 2

Chapter 5 - Riley The months that followed were a misery for me; I loved Evan, and I was sure he loved me, but I couldn’t reconcile that against the secrecy of his God-damned club. There was something going on at that terrace in Potts Point, something sexual, I was sure, and I felt that Evan had in some way been cheating on me, all the while giving me the best sex I would ever experience. I felt jilted and wronged and completely justified in my actions; but I also felt...


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