High School German Trip

I just got back from taking my high school German class on the summer exchange program in Munich, Germany.  I’ve been teaching for 10 years and this is the first time I’ve taken students abroad.  Our community is somewhat conservative, so it has taken this long to convince everyone that it would be a good experience for the students.

This trip is the capstone experience for advanced German language students.  Technically, they are actually my former students, since they all graduated already.  The Board approved the trip since the students are all 18 and no longer students.  The Board was concerned about liability for local drinking laws and other cultural practices.  This way “what happens in Deutschland stays in Deutschland,” and the school doesn’t have any repercussions. 

And did that turn out to be the understatement of the year!

Students stayed with local German families of students who have had a virtual relationship with my class for the past two years.   They have all been corresponding in German by email and Skype.   It was really an innovative way to create authentic language experiences for my students.

During the three-week tour my job is to lead seminars during the week for the Americans and Germans in US culture—all in German, as well as leading weekend day trips.  Eve, a local German teacher, handles the seminars on German culture. At 28, she is a little younger than I.  She is a typical German--blond, blue-eyed, and a fitness fanatic.   I am 32 years old and, being 6’1”,  was a college volleyball player.  I still play volleyball at my gym to keep in shape.

The first week was great.  It was like a school reunion even though students were meeting their friends for the first time in person!  There were rumors that some of them may have experimented with some X-rated Skype sessions over the past two years that we have been using the app, and some of them did seem to have an unusual level of familiarity.  But everyone made instant connections even though these were long distance friendships—until now.

Eve and I planned some of the local day trips together.  I did some online research about the area, but she really had the local knowledge.  She suggested that we visit the English Garden near Eisbach River for a “true German cultural experience.”   I thought that the park sounded cool.  I was thinking that it must be like Central Park in New York or Grant Park in Chicago. 

Only after it was all planned out did I discover that the small river that runs through the park is a very popular FKK, or skinny-dipping, area for the Germans.  I thought, “Well, this is how the Germans do it so we might as well get the students immersed in the culture.”  I kept that little detail a secret because I didn’t want them bailing on the trip.  Besides, it would be good for them to experience FKK.

As soon as we got there we found a nice area that had space for the 20 German and American students, both guys and girls. We set up our lunch and spread out our towels on the ground.

As soon as we had set up our area, Eve and the German students immediately started stripping naked. My students thought that the English Garden was just a garden picnic area. Obviously neither they—nor I—brought swimming suits.

My students were in shock. 

The girls couldn’t take their eyes off their German male friends who all confirmed the well-deserved reputation about German penises.  For the Germans this was the most normal thing in the world.  They have been raised from birth with a very positive body image and openness to nudity.  My boys likewise were focused on the nude girls.

Even though I tried to play it very cool and cosmopolitan, I couldn’t take my eyes off Eve.  She was fucking hot and even more beautiful than I imagined she could be nude. 

A couple of my boys also took note and whispered to me, “Their teacher has a tattoo on her ass.”

The Germans yelled to us, “Mach schnell!” 'Hurry up!' My 10 students, five girls and five guys looked at me for direction. Eve was already nude and waiting for me.   She’s grinning.

After an uncomfortable silent pause… I shrugged my shoulders and pulled my T-shirt off over my head. Taking their cue, the guys grinned and took their shirts off. The girls looked at me and asked, “Mr. B, is this really happening and OK?”

I just smiled and said, “When in Rome… But girls, it’s not a bad idea to keep this to ourselves when we get back home."

With that I unbuckled my belt and opened my shorts.

As I glanced up I noticed I had five sets of female eyes glued to my every movement.  I stood up, made extended eye contact with each one of them as I slowly pulled by zipper down.   Two of my exhibitionist guys were already nude and running to the naked German girls anxious to show off the goods. The other three boys kept in synch with me just in case it was a joke!

With my zipper open, I slowly pulled my shorts down and bent over to take them off. 

I stood up proudly wearing only by briefs and a bulge and faced the girls.  They were mesmerized.  I looked each one of them in the eyes and smiled broadly.  The boys were now left only in their underwear, believing that it was unfair that they were farther along in undressing than the girls.

I am sure most of them had boyfriends and had seen naked guys—at least on the Internet.  However there was something special about seeing their young male teacher standing before them only in his underwear.  Of course that special moment was going to get even better in a few seconds.

One of the more assertive girls, Casey, seemed to take a special interest in me undressing.  She moved to the front of the group and was only a couple feet away from me. 

She looked down and stared at my bulge and smiled.  I grinned at Casey and took hold of the waistband of my underwear. Looking her in the eyes I bent over and slowly pulled my underwear down. With my briefs in my hand, I I shot back up and threw my hands up over my head shouting, "Ta Da!"  The girls all laughed and my boys followed suit with their own "Ta Da's!"  We looked like the male Olympic stripping team!

Her eyes were fixated on my slightly swollen cock as it sprang to life, and her smile filled her face. 

Casey took a deep breath and said, “I was hoping you didn’t shave your pubes.  Nice.  I really like them just that way.”  She made sure to emphasize the word really.

I found it interesting that Casey had given any thought about my pubic hair.  Nevertheless, I accepted the compliment.

The other girls laughed at Casey’s brazenness, but were just as interested in my nakedness as they quickly stripped off their clothes.

The guys were naked and the girls were almost completely nude.  Casey asked me if I could give her a hand.  I stood there as Casey undressed and handed me each piece of clothing as it came off.  However she draped her bra and panties on my head giving everyone a laugh.

We headed to the river and had fun swimming, laughing, and being naked in the open for the first time in our lives.  The German boys insisted on my girls getting on their shoulders for some chicken fights.  I overheard two of my girls, Brook and Sue, agreeing that they could let the German boys rub their hairy heads into their pussies all day long.  They debated whether they liked a short buzz cut or long wavy hair against their pussies. 

By the looks of their hefty German penises, the German boys seemed to like having all those naked pussies on their shoulders.

Some of the students were bouncing a beach ball back and forth in the shallow part of the river putting on a nice display of their bouncing tits, asses, and cocks.  The show they were putting on had something for everyone.  I could tell that the ones in the deeper parts of the river were feeling each other up and getting to know each other quite well. 

It didn’t take long to get over the weirdness of recently-graduated high school seniors, a 28-year-old female teacher, and their 32-year-old male teacher being nude together. The German students made sure that everyone was comfortable and it soon became the most normal thing in the world.

Except for one little incident when things took a very unexpected turn.  The German and American girls took a break and were sitting on their towels surrounding me.  The boys all stayed in the water and were playing water volleyball.  I was standing there talking to the girls with my cock at eye level.

Two things suddenly occurred to me.  First, I glanced down at Casey.  While most of the girls were sitting with their legs crossed or some other modest way that only gave me visual access to their lovely mounds of pubic hair, Casey was sitting with her knees up to her chin. 

Every time I looked over at her she opened up her knees a little bit more until she was clearly flashing her pussy at me.  And just to remove any doubt that this could have been unintentional, she moved her right hand down to her vagina and started rubbing herself right in front of me.  Casey was masturbating right in front of me so that only I could see her.

The second untimely thing that occurred to me was that ALL female eyes were staring intently on my cock. The attention and Casey spreading her legs made me suddenly self-conscious and I started getting erect. A little semi chub would have been OK, but today, out in the warm air with the breeze passing over my cock, and with Casey pleasuring herself in front of me, it gave me the most intense, hardest erection I ever had in my life.

Eve came up from the water, saw my condition, yelled "Oh mein Gott! Wat a sausage you got!" and gave my cock a playful push down that made it spring back up with great force.

There was nothing that I could do. If I seemed embarrassed I would never live it down. There was no towel handy or anything to hold in front. No one said anything until Robby, one of the funnier boys who always has a well-placed one-liner, came running up from the beach. He blurted out, “Hey Mr. B can we…..WHOA.” As soon as he saw my condition he said, without missing a beat, “Don’t worry, I’ll call your doctor in 4 hours.” Everyone knew the joke, and it was a funny way of calling out the elephant (literally) in the room!

Robby broke the tension and the girls went about talking to each other about my cock, the other boys’ cocks, who they liked playing chicken fights with best, or other gossip.  I looked out among them like a proud nudist daddy taking in the sight of twenty 18 year-olds frolicking naked with each other and enjoying the day.

My delight ended abruptly when I suddenly felt five slender fingers stroking my still hard cock.  I looked and Casey had grabbed my cock and leaned in to whisper in my ear.  “There’s only one way to solve this problem of yours.”  And then she gave me a gentle kiss on the lips.

With her towel in one hand and my cock in the other hand, Casey led me away from the group to a more quiet area of the park.  She put the towel on the ground and knelt down in front of me. 

“My God you are hotter than I even imagined,” she said as she looked up to my eyes.  I was frozen. 

Casey wrapped her hands around my ass cheeks to spread them open to the air and gently tickled my asshole.   She started to play with my balls with her tongue, alternating licking and kissing my sack.  Casey noticed some drops of precum and she licked them off the tip of my cock.

I was in heaven.

Casey’s licking stopped and then I could feel her warm breath around the sides of my balls.  All of a sudden she took my cock head into her mouth and swirled her tongue around it.  She did her best to take in as much of the shaft in her mouth, but I was too big for her.  She used her hands to stroke the exposed shaft and kept taking my cock in her mouth in a regular, sensual rhythm.  She kept playing with my asshole knowing how sensitive that part of my body is.

Casey was playing me like a musical instrument.  She knew how to speed up and when to slow down.  Finally, she let my cock loose and she laid down on her back on the towel. 

I knelt down between her legs.  I gently licked one side of her pussy, and then the other.  She stretched out her body as I licked the length of her vagina from bottom to top and then worked my tongue inside of her.  I placed my open mouth over her and used my full tongue to massage her pussy.  She was in ecstasy. 

Casey pulled me on top of her and guided my raging hard on to her pussy.  She rubbed my cock against her pubes and along the sides of her vagina.  Finally she led my cock into her wet pussy.    I began to thrust in and out and Casey was writhing in pleasure.  She grabbed my hips and banged my cock into her pussy with each thrust.

I knew I was getting close to exploding in her.  I pulled out and she forced my dripping cock into her mouth.  Her oral talents were exceptional as she took a few last licks and I shot six long streams of hot cum down her throat.  She swallowed every drop and licked my cock clean.

I collapsed at her side, and we laid silently next to each other looking into each other’s eyes.  Our breathing slowly returned to normal.  Casey sat up and pulled me up to her for one last kiss.  We gathered the towel and headed back to the group.  Everyone was back in the water.

As we got to our area, Eve saw us and asked, “Hey where you guys been?” 

She looked down at my now limp cock that was still glistening in the sun. 

She smiled and said, “Ah, never mind.”

We had a few other visits to the Garden, and skinny-dipping became more natural for everyone. All the boys had erections at one time or another, but they were more proud than embarrassed.   Most of the students coupled off at least once and found our special area for their own fun too.

I don’t know if anyone talked about our fun at the Garden.  All I know is that there was a waiting list to go on the trip the following year!




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