Chastity Belt Roulette

Chastity Belt Roulette

Chapter 1

In a small town in New Jersey a small group of husbands and wives meets each weekend for a very special evening. The purpose of the evening is for the husbands to provide total, complete and absolute service to the wives in any manner they see fit, while the husbands compete for a chance at Chastity Belt Roulette. You see, each husband is locked into a very secure and nonremovable chastity belt, which can only be unlocked with the proper key. Only two keys exist in the world, One carefully locked away in a secret safe deposit box, and the other safely hidden and out the reach of the husbands. Perhaps I should digress and explain this novel approach to ensure husband fidelity and servitude.

Six months ago I made a cardinal sin, I cheated on my wife. It was my first and last time, but in a moment of male weakness I allowed myself to be tempted for simple sexual pleasure. Now I cannot achieve an erection let alone even touch myself without first earning the right to compete in Chastity Belt Roulette. But I am getting ahead of myself. Like a lot of weak males I could not live with the guilt and hoped for forgiveness from my wife. I was surprised to learn she knew I had cheated and had kept it to herself. When I finally told her she let out her pent up anger, but over time our relationship seemed to improve. I was cut off from sex during this time of course. Then one day she sat down and laid out an ultimatum for me.

It seems she had discussed my transgression with her some of her closest friends. One of her friends had a similar experience with her husband. As it turned out, that friend had already joined a group of women, who all had husbands who cheated. Each wanted the same thing, an alternative to divorce but one that would guarantee he would never cheat again. Even more important. To ensure he would be more attentive to her needs, become dependent on her and look to her and only her for sexual pleasure. After searching for the answer, they found it. Reading up on the strict discipline and observance of chastity by Middle East women, they discovered that indeed a highly secure and totally effective chastity belt was indeed made for males. In fact, since males could cleanse more easily, the male belt could be left on indefinitely if desired. As the plan began to gel, the group thinned leaving only those woman with husbands who would do anything not to be divorced. My wife Gloria became interested in talking with the group. As she learned more, she began to see a wonderful new life taking shape for us.

I was the macho male in bed, proud of my sexual feats. Yet, my wife always wanted to take charge. Unfortunately, my male ego wouldn’t let her, at least not very often. I earned a very comfortable living as a prominent defense attorney, specializing in sexual harassment, my wife was an executive at a corporation and also earned a very comfortable salary. Our life was very simple, a beautiful home, maid, cook, cars and great vacations. Why would I want to leave this? On that day she approached me with the proposition, it was all laid out for me. It was rehearsed very well.

She had hired the finest divorce lawyer available. She said she had photographic proof of my infidelity. Further more, if I did not agree to her terms, not only would she get everything, but she would ruin my business. I was somewhat skeptical she could really ruin my business, but I would soon learn she had the capability in hand. I sat and listened in total disbelief. I was totally convinced she meant every word. But what were her terms she kept alluding to. Only after signing a confession of infidelity and agreeing to her terms, did she reveal them. They were actually simple and seemed rather silly. All I had to do was to wear a chastity belt and attend a party with her once a week, where I and other men, in the same situation, would serve and obey completely anything the wives demanded. I sat there, wondering what the catch was. A stupid chastity belt I would take off the moment I left home and serving women did not seem all that bad. That might be fun. All of a sudden she barked out a command.

She told me to undress completely and take a hot shower. While showering, she suddenly opened the curtain, she herself was now nude. It didn’t take long for my cock to snap to attention as I hadn’t had any for quite awhile now and my right hand just didn’t quite feel the same as a nice warm, wet pussy. She turned off the water and told me that she wanted to shave all my hair from the neck down. She had always wanted to feel me with smooth soft skin. It sounded kinky, so what the heck. As her hands held my swollen cock she carefully shaved my pubic hair. I admit it felt and looked rather funny. Next she shaved my underarms, something I really did not like. Finally she applied a depilatory over my legs and I watched as the hair seemed to melt away. We turned the water back on as she hugged me, letting my cock feel her warm body. It slid under her pussy as she pressed against my body. I tried to angle it in, but she kept it pressed against her, sliding between her lips. Slowly at first, then faster. I knew she would soon be asking me to slip it in. I let her get closer and closer and suddenly she shook, then she screamed as she pressed hard against my aching swollen cock. I whispered, now I’ll let you cum with a hard cock inside you. As she stepped out, with a smile on her face, she quickly turned on the cold water. It hit like a ton of bricks. In an instant my erection was limp.

I came out of the shower screaming at her. She had already start putting on a robe. It was her look that made me stop. It was cold, sincere and she obviously controlled the situation. I grabbed a towel to dry myself as she went to her closet and returned with a box. I was curious and came over as she removed a very no nonsense looking harness of some kind. What the hell is that? It’s your chastity belt dummy. I can’t wear that, besides, I thought we were just getting started. Your right, we are just getting started. That was your first lesson. You’re here to please me. If I decide and when I decide, you may be rewarded. Remember, you just signed your life away and it’s locked up now. At the moment I wasn’t sure what proof she had and I didn’t want to take chances just yet. There was time for that later. For now I’ll just go along with this game. Besides the quicker I accommodated her the quicker this would be over, or so I thought.

First came a stainless steel band, covered with rubber that fit tightly around my waist. It did not have any room to slide at all. It fastened with a lock which I had never seen before. Then she slid this rubber coated steel sheath over my limp cock and locked it to another formidable steel piece that attached to the belt around my waist. Two steel chains were attached to the back of the belt. These ran between my legs and were attached to the piece holding sheath. Finally she locked the piece, which secured the penis sheath, to the front of the belt with an equally secure lock. She took the key and left the room, with me pondering just what the hell did I get myself into. When she returned, she smiled. The key to the chastity belt is now locked up along with the confession. They are locked in a safe you aren’t aware of and by tomorrow will be safely in my attorneys hands. In case your are wondering, how long you will wear the chastity belt, I will tell you. You will be wearing it long after all your pubic hair grows back. I’ve been told that it is a lot of fun. Each itch should remind you of your position in life from now on. I own your cock, I own your total and complete attention, and I own your life. If you try to remove the chastity belt f***efully, you will probably end up in the hospital. I’ve been told, no one has successfully removed it by f***e and those who did, hurt themselves trying. I will also throw away the keys and tell my attorney to execute my divorce papers with your signed confession. You will continue to wear it until I feel you are ready to attend a little party. When you show me complete obedience, we will discuss our next phase.

My anger broke through. This is totally ridiculous and I demand you take this belt off me. I don’t give a fuck what evidence you have of my infidelity. Who cares. If you want a divorce, you got it. There is nothing you can do harm my business.

With that she turned to the television and proceeded to play a video tape. There were scenes of my fooling around with my one of my clients who just won a large law suite for sexual harassment. Then there were some scenes of us in bed and finally a replay of my wife putting on the chastity belt. This is for starters. I would think a little newspaper expose of a prominent attorney screwing with one of his clients and his wife putting a chastity belt on him, might cause the Bar Association to ask a few embarrassing questions.

The next six months were the worst nightmare I had experienced. It started with the pubic hair growing back. I could not even scratch myself. Each move drove me up a wall. I invented reasons to take showers, directly the water at the chastity belt. But, adding insult to injury I had to shave my underarms each week and keep my legs hairless. As I became accustomed to the belt and the pubic hair finally grew back, it started to become a ritual to shave myself. Finally, my wife allowed me to grow my leg hair if I agreed to have it waxed off. The chance to not have to shave my legs once a week seemed a small price for the pain of waxing. Even my toilet habits were changed. I did everything like a women as my cock was permanently pointed down between my legs. Gloria appreciated never having to put the seat down.

At first my duties were simple. Preparing her bath, helping her dress (my favorite) and fetching drinks or snacks, usually at night. Then it expanded to washing her lingerie or anything the maid didn’t do. With the maid and cook around, it was becoming somewhat awkward. About that time and unknown to me, my wife had a talk with our maid and cook. The two women were told of my predicament. Just to make sure they found it acceptable, she also gave them both a raise and explained that on their day off, I was to straighten both there rooms and clean their bathrooms. This included any laundry they may have. This they accepted quite eagerly, as I had always been a bastard to both of them.

Shortly after that, my wife started to allow me to touch her body. At first all I was allowed was to suck her toes and kiss her feet. Then I could suck her tits. Finally she rewarded me with the scent of her pussy again in my nose. She carefully instructed me, how to separate her lips with my tongue and slowly pressing it against her clitoris. Then letting it probe her hole. I spent hours bringing her to climax after climax, hoping she would lose control and let my cock loose. My cock was in pain, it tried to get erect only to feel the tight boundaries of it confines. It would ooze cum. My wife would giggle as I ‘dripped’ cum, just like a women with cum inside her. Now you know how it feels. I begged her to release me. I promised eternal faithfulness. I would never even look at another women. I would live to please her. Each night we would repeat our ritual. Some nights she would be horny and I would have to spend hours satisfying her. I never knew she could go on for so long. Sometimes she would get behind me while I was on all fours and kind of press against me. It was strange because she couldn’t get off on it and neither could I. On other nights she might awake in the middle of the night and whisper for me to service her. She would lazily spread her legs and reach a small shuddering climax and just drift off to sl**p with a smile on her pert lips.

One day she came home and announced we were going on vacation. A small mountain retreat. Strange that she always hated rusted type places. I packed all her things carefully, as she instructed. I smelled her lingerie as I neatly folded those wonderful unmentionables. As I started to grab my suitcase, she said I would not need very much and she had already arranged for my stuff. But, my winter clothes are still in the closet. I said I have taken care of everything! I was concerned and didn’t like departing without my clothes.

We drove into the mountains and finally arrived at a rustic house deep in the woods. Startled, I saw smoke coming from the chimney.

Oh, they are here already. Who I said? Just two women I met awhile ago, she answered.

But, I thought this was for just us two. I thought I had satisfied you all these months as to my true feelings towards you.

Well, you thought wrong. Bring in the suitcases.

As I dragged in the last of her suitcases, I began to worry, just what was I going to wear with two other women around. This did not seem like I thought it would be. Did they know about my chastity belt? Besides, I had arranged for my associate to handle my case for three weeks. Finally, I came into the den where my wife and the two other women were talking and laughing. They turned to me and said welcome. Your wife tells me your completely used to the chastity belt.

My mouth hung open. We have no secrets here. We both know everything about you. Lets see, your are completely shaven or should I say waxed. You hate doing underarms, but we all do. And the last time you had an orgasm was, let’s see, six months ago. No, your wife came in the shower, but you took a cold shower. Oh yes, you were screwing another women. I hope that it was worth it. Let’s see, orgasm lasts 6 seconds, and abstinence for over six months. A good start. Maybe if your a quick learner, you might cum for Christmas. They all giggled. We have a few simple rules here.

1) You will always obey all orders given by one of us. 2) Your wife has absolute authority over you. 3) You will never sexually touch another women.

Enough for rules. Remember them. If you violate any of them, you and your wife must leave here and she can do whatever she desires with you. As I understand it, you stand to lose a lot.

Now, upstairs to the right is your bedroom. You will sl**p in your bedroom or with your wife depending on what she desires. I hear you are quite good with your tongue.

I couldn’t believe she knew that. Gloria had never spoke to anyone about our sexual life.

I had to ask. I don’t get this. Who are you? Why would my wife tell you about our sexual life or for that matter about our agreement.

I don’t recall giving you permission to question us. But I understand your concern. This is all new to you. She proceeded to tell me about the group of woman who formed to discuss methods of controlling the sexual lives of their husbands and how it expanded to include dominating and making them serve their wives as dutiful husbands should. We have found that by merely controlling their cocks, we controlled the whole person. How wonderful. We eventually found that we could enjoy our husbands as sexual toys. We did not have to cater to them, we did not have to get them ‘hard’, in fact we could snap our fingers and have a warm tongue soothing the days problems away. Oh yes, a ‘hard’ cock does have some advantage and occasionally we could indulge ourselves. A carefully trained cock could be a wonderful source of pleasure and the ultimate reward for a husband is just an orgasm away. Think how simple. A few short strokes for a deserving husband and their happy. Of course, each time we allow such a reward, we must hold some penalty over their heads to ensure they put their chastity belts back on. We have found very convincing reasons for you to jump into your belt again. Now, upstairs and you will find your clothes laid out on the bed. If you need help, just come down here and we’ll be glad to help you.

I was totally shaken. This is definitely deeper than I planned on getting. As I turned into my room, I was taken back. It was simple. A large bed, dresser, and a closet. What really caught my eye was the outfit laying on the bed. A real corset, stockings, old fashioned bloomers, a cotton camisole, several lacy petticoats, and a old fashioned dress. At the foot of the bed were high heel shoes. I stormed out of the room and declared what the hell is this. I am not wearing that stuff. Forget it.

They looked up totally nonchalant and Gloria held a key that was attached to her necklace and said, I guess the party is over. I’m sorry, I thought he would understand better than he did. Gloria, my dear, they all react this way. We found that the shock value of realizing their position was a better approach than doing it slowly. As for you, I assume you realize that without your wife, you have nothing. Oh yes. Your wife will always own your cock or you will own nothing. Your choice. And I am sorry, I forgot to put out your bra. It’s still in the top draw. I would take a careful look in the top draw before you say anything else.

I was speechless. I could simply give up everything, get the chastity belt sawed off somehow and start all over. I opened the draw and found some pictures. They were of me in my chastity belt, shaving my legs and underarms and one of me having my legs waxed. Then there were some that weren’t right. Someone doctored up pictures of me. I was on all fours with Gloria behind me wearing what looked like this large cock. She never did that. There were some with me even smiling back at her. This is blackmail. I would have to move clear out of the state and start a new business. O.K. just relax. How bad is this. The girls will have their kicks, and in three weeks I’ll be back home. Maybe, by then the belt might come off. Mental orgasms aren’t that bad. Just think. It really isn’t bad eating pussy every night and all I’m really doing is some petty crap. Let’s stick this out and show them I can take it.

Chastity Belt Roulette

Chapter 2

Shit, look at that bra. It must be a 40 DD. It has fake tits in it. And the corset, damn, it looks small and serious, not like the sexy ones I got for Gloria. O.K. I don’t have much choice for now. I better get dressed. After taking off my clothes, I was shivering trying to fasten the corset. I couldn’t even fasten the hooks and eyes and lacing it up the back was impossible. Damn. I’ll go down stairs and pretend it’s nothing and ask for help. The girls didn’t even look up as I came down with the corset hanging from me.

Oh, I see you need some help. Dear, a lesson is in order. First its a lot easier to put on your stockings first, bending with the corset on is difficult. No matter, turn around. First fasten the top hook. Now do the bottom. Now start moving up. Good. Now reach behind and pull these laces first. Tighter. Now cross the two long loops and pull hard. Harder. Men, are such wimps. Now pull these from the bottom up again and pull it again. Keep pulling until the corset seam is closed. Deary, you have a 34 inch waist, this is only a 30 inch corset. When you are fully trained your waist will be 26, to match your wife’s. In fact our goal is for your figure, with some help, to be the same as your wife’s. You have to diet and exercise more. Here let me show you. With one pull the seams closed and my breath was squeezed out of me. Much better. Now run along and quickly dress. We are hungary for dinner.

She was right about the stockings, I practically bruised my ribs pulling them up. I felt totally absurd putting on the huge bra and fake tits. They were actually heavy and really pulled on my back. The rest of the clothes were easy. I somehow felt more comfortable pulling up the bloomers which came down below my knees and with the camisole over my bra. I’m not sure if being warmer was part of it, but I at least felt dressed and not naked in front of the women. Suddenly, I felt I needed to think of them as women not girls. As if they demanded some more respect. Everything was fine until I put the shoes on. I figured they would be much too small and I could just tell them they really didn’t fit. But, much to my chagrin, they fit. Then I tried walking for the first time in high heels. It felt like I was walking down hill and I kept wobbling. I tried walking with smaller steps, but nothing helped. They really hurt my feet and made me feel funny. It’s like the clothes didn’t count anymore, but the shoes made me walk like a woman. And they make a loud clack each time I took a step on the wood floor. It was embarrassing.

I mustered all my courage and walked as quietly as I could and went down stairs. Gloria has this smile from ear to ear. I turned beet red. You will address us as Ms. K. and Ms. M. We do not believe in sharing husbands, we do not get off dominating someone else’s husband. We are here to assist your wife. What she does with you is her business. We’ve all discussed the most intimate parts of our lives. So we have no problem discussing how and what she may do with you to train you for our special parties. If she is successful, you will learn all about Chastity Belt Roulette.

Excuse me, Ms. K? – Very good. Just what is Chastity Belt Roulette? It’s just a game we play each week. We will have plenty of time to discuss it later. Now, off to the kitchen and prepare dinner. The menu is on the table and I understand you make an excellent roast chicken. Roast chicken now! It will takes several hours. We have time. Call when its ready.

Between the dress getting in the way, gigantic tits blocking my vision whenever I looked down, my ribs aching to be free and my feet killing me, things could not have been worse, except I swear my back hurt from hauling around these tits. At least I can take of the heels. No one is here and Gloria always takes them off when she gets home. God, it really must feel good when I suck her toes after being cramped in heels all day. No sooner did I removed the heels than Ms. M. came in and said, I didn’t have permission to take off the shoes.

I just thought it would be all right and how did you know I took them off? It isn’t too difficult when all we here is you clacking about in here and suddenly it stops. May I at least bring a chair in here to sit while I wait. Why do you think we removed the chair. How much longer before the dinner is ready? About 1 hour and 15 minutes. Come in with me to the den then.

Michael, (the first time my name was used and it sounded funny), Gloria, Ms. M. and I were discussing you and it’s time we explain why you are dressed this way. Contrary to every thought you had, you are not cross dressed for our pleasure. Personally, seeing you this way is rather amusing, but definitely not a turn on for Ms. M or me. Maybe Gloria feels differently, but that’s not important to you now. The main intention for this is to acquaint you with the how it feels, in a dramatic way, to be a woman. On display, in clothes that may not be functional or comfortable. Gloria may or may not dress you up in the future, that’s up to her. We found that it serves to put you in your place, like shock treatment in some sense. You look totally ridiculous. Your breasts are – well – rather large, your dress is feminine and cumbersome with all the petticoats and from the neck up your a male. We purposely didn’t give you a wig or makeup. You’re just plain absurd looking. We want you to feel comfortable obeying any command your wife may give. Rest assured, she will not command anything that would harm you or any one else. We have a strict code of safety and guidelines to follow. She will never ask or expects you to approach, talk to, touch or in any many make sexual overtures to another woman. This is our basic guideline. You belong to her and she will not share you with anyone. If you can accept that, there are benefits to this life. One more thing. I know you are thinking that some day Gloria will want intercourse and maybe she will. But, before you think it is sooner than later, consider her options. Ms. K. opened a suitcase laying on the couch. In it were several flesh colored and very realistic dildos. Gloria, a long time ago agreed to try the training program we developed. The dildos are based on a new polymer my husband’s company invented. It’s being developed for patients who are impotent. Unlike the dildos you’ve seen before, this is different. It responds to the touch. It feels warm to the touch, it is soft and becomes harder as it is stroked and most importantly, it feels identical to the real thing. We invented it to supplant our husbands who are practicing abstinence – shall we say. In spite of this, we found some woman still have difficulty with a plastic cock. They feel its unnatural. Through hypnosis, we have been able to get your wife to enjoy her toys to the same extent and even more than any man could hope to give her. We still had one problem. Although it’s nice to masturbate or as we call it intercourse in absentia, it’s still, a do it yourself proposition. In those cases when your wife, would like you to do all the work, we have this. She lifted what looked like a dildo attached to a strange pair of briefs. These fit like a second skin over your chastity belt. In case you haven’t noticed, cuddling up to you with that belt on can be uncomfortable. This fits over the belt and provides a smooth, soft covering for the belt. The dildo which is attached, is a special design. Gloria, if you will do the honors. Gloria, took the dildo and started to give in a blow job. I then noticed it had balls attached which swung like the real thing. Then I realized it was expanding and getting longer. Suddenly, I could feel my cock trying to harden. That could be my cock I thought. It was really big now and the tip was expanding. Gloria, was half smiling and half sucking. She was squeezing the balls and stroking it as the balls suddenly seemed to tighten and pulse. Gloria, removed the cock from her mouth as what looked like cum, spurt from the tip of the cock. The damn thing came. My mouth dropped open. Don’t worry, it’s artificial cum. In fact it comes is several flavors. Gloria, Ms. K and Ms. M just broke apart laughing. Maybe you would like to try someday. We even have cum flavored cum. I got my husband to try it one day. I told him I hadn’t loaded it, he got a hell of a surprise. So now you know why Gloria has been so content without you. Gloria can keep you in the chastity belt for a long, long time and when she is certain that you can be trusted to put it back on, then and only then will she consider letting you please her with your cock.

Now, we haven’t forgotten about you totally. We realize that we have to provide some outlet for your sexual needs. Gloria, has been instructed in the use of some special things just for you, as a reward. Judging by my husband’s reaction to it, it must me pretty good. In fact, he said, it makes it last so much longer and since he doesn’t have to concentrate on my needs first, he prefers it over regular intercourse, on the rare occasions I have allowed him that treat. Gloria and you will learn the best techniques that work for both of you.

May I ask about this Chastity Belt Roulette. You are learning nicely Michael. Respect, for all woman, it’s important. We still have a half an hour before dinner. We have some time. Very well. Each week, as I said, we have a special party. We have fifteen members of our organization. Carefully screened wives and husbands who meet certain requirements. She went on the explain about how the group was formed and how they all had husbands in similar situations. During the evening the husbands cater to all the wives. They are responsible for the food, drinks. Everything your wife used to worry about and take care of. We all discuss the weeks events and especially we enjoy talking openly about our sex lives. For women who never talked about it before, we make it a point to discuss, the most intimate details. How, someone found a new position to masturbate, or how someone did it in her office without anyone seeing her. Some women enjoy trying to get there husbands sexually turned on and let them suffer or get them to give oral sex in unusual places. Ms. M. actually got her husband so convinced he could have real intercourse, if he would greet her at the door dressed in a satin teddy and carry her to their couch. He had to suck each toe through her pantyhose, remove her hose and panties and give her oral sex. Sounds great, and she knew he always wanted to have sex as soon as she came home and he got annoyed that she wanted to freshen up first. Well, when he put his head up her skirt and smelled her feminine odor after a full day of work and a hot train ride home, he pulled back. He now appreciates why she wanted to freshen up. But, it now seems she enjoys a before dinner orgasm, a prepared bath, dinner and evening of leisure. Oh, how I tend to rattle on about such things. Usually the men get so quiet when we talk about them. Oh yes, Chastity Belt Roulette.

First, each player, has had to have worn his chastity belt for no less than six months consecutive. The women, after discussing the events of the week, vote for the husband who they feel best served his wife. The lucky husband is selected by a majority. If we can’t get a majority we make up things for them to do, or invent games to win points. Last month, we tried a new game. Each couple took a different room and the first husband to bring his wife to orgasm won. The only thing was that each wife inserted a tampon first and the husband had to remove it with his mouth and then keep it his mouth their while he serviced his wife. It was like trying to whistle after eating crackers. Two husbands were really surprised to find their wives were having their period. One of them actually finished first and we let him play roulette. The other one, I guess he’s been in his belt over a year now. Once we have a contestant, we bring out the roulette wheel. The wheel has prizes instead of numbers. There are ten prizes. Eight are real and two are the booby prizes. So your chances are good to win a prize. Four of the eight prizes are the numbers 2 (the most sought after prize), 4, 6, and 8. They represent the number of weeks until your wife must take off your chastity belt and allow you intercourse or oral sex. It’s your choice. You can see why the men enjoy the game. The other four prizes vary from week to week. Usually it’s a – well special blow job. Gloria will tell or rather I think show you that. Or a day off from all your duties. The right to say no once. Maybe, permitting you 5 minutes alone without your chastity belt in the bathroom. The men always come out smiling. There have been so many I lose track. But I guarantee they are all nice prizes for someone who hasn’t had any lately.

What are the booby prizes? With all good things a little rain must fall. They change from week to week. A typical one is to suck off your wife’s dildo and hope she used the chocolate flavored cum. A recent addition is to take an enema with a Bardex nozzle, so you can’t expel it, then you and your wife go off to a bedroom. You can’t expel the enema until your wife comes. Some wives can really hold back. Some of the woman enjoy oral sex during their period and if it’s their husband who is playing, they will put that one the wheel. Usually the wife can select one special booby prize she knows the husband hates. My husband John simply hates when I have him wear pantyhose. So I use that one. A recent addition is an entire day without bathroom privileges. Since no one can hold it back, especially when someone slipped a diuretic into your drink, you’ll have to wear diapers. It isn’t too bad until they have to defecate. They hate cleaning the mess, especially with the chastity belt.

Enough of this, it’s time for dinner.

I served dinner and was surprised to be invited to sit with the ladies after everyone was served. We discussed my new life and how if I looked upon it in the right light, it really was a pretty good deal compared to what I stood to lose. I still had all my luxuries and I could enjoy them. The only thing I gave up was control of my cock. It was now my wife’s property. Except for occasional punishments, it wasn’t all that bad. Which made the rewards and real sex all the more exciting. I kept wondering, what was this special blow job Ms. K. spoke about.

After cleaning the dishes, I prepared a bath for Gloria. After she bathed I was allowed to remove my day clothes and slip into a delightfully soft cotton, Victorian nightgown. Compared to the corset and heels. It was heaven. I even got to remove my breasts. What a relief. I served the woman drinks as we chatted around the fireplace. Ms. K. said that I obviously was well prepared for this and felt my next three weeks would run smoothly.

Ms. K. then proceeded to explain why they were here. Gloria needed help training you and they all needed to be certain I was controllable. Also, they believed in a very open sex life. They relished discussing it among themselves. Something women seldom did before. They adhered to a strict code. Although they might indulge in sex in each others presence, it wasn’t overtly open to viewing. They generally wore long loose skirts or covered themselves with a sheet or blanket if a husband was servicing them. Orgasm was openly invited and accepted as normal. It wasn’t unusual for all of the woman to sit and watch a video while their husbands provided orgasm after orgasm. But always under a cover. While orgasm was considered natural, displaying their bodies was not. They were proper in that way. The men on the other hand were on display at all times. They were exposed if the wife wanted it. But since the chastity belt covered just about everything but the ass, there wasn’t much to see. Only the husband and wife could come in sexual contact. Even two wives would not share one husband. They believed in total faithfulness and anything less was against everything they stood for. With that, Ms. K and Ms. M retired for the evening.

Gloria told me to clean up the kitchen and come up stairs to her bedroom. As I entered her room, she told me to put on the dildo briefs and climb into bed. She laid back and I knew she wanted me to eat her. I felt strange having a cock dangle beneath me again. Gloria reached several rather loud orgasms. I felt funny, knowing the other woman could hear so easily. Then Gloria whispered in my ear, she wanted me to enter her. I almost forgot, it wasn’t my cock doing the entering, as I brought her legs up. It felt strange, I felt I needed to come. My own cock strained at its harness. I whispered to Gloria, Please, let me cum. There was no answer. I directed the dildo to her opening. She spread her lips. But the cock my still soft. It’s not hard, I said. Well make it hard. You want me to masturbate a dildo?. I felt like a fool, jerking off this dildo. As I stroked it, it started to respond. It was almost scary, it like I was jerking off some else’s cock. Something else started to happen. The entire tip started to secrete a lubrication. My hand was slippery as it expanded and lengthened to its fullest. I could not believe its length. This was bigger than mine. I felt totally betrayed. My wife wanted me to fuck her with a dildo bigger than my own cock. My attention with the dildo was snapped back to Gloria, when she said, hurry up. I bent over her and guided it in. I thought for an instant to drive it in fast. To hurt her. But before the idea passed, she said, slow, very slow. I want to feel only the tip moving in and out. Good, now a little deeper. More, Yes, that’s it. Deeper. Now all the way in and out. Good. Keep going. She was telling me every step. All the way, slowly. Now hold it there. Now, massage my clit, softly, like I showed you. That’s it. Faster. Now fuck me faster. More. Keep going. Yes, Yes. Uhhhhh. Yes. Faster. All the way in and out. Keep going. Don’t stop. I’m cumming. She screamed like I had never heard her. I stopped for an instant thinking I hurt her. Don’t stop she screamed at me. Her body was arched off the bed as wave after wave of orgasm struck. My back ached as she demanded more. I was on the breaking point as she said to stop. I lay there exhausted for an instant, when she said. Lick my pussy, I feel sticky. I didn’t say anything as this wasn’t the time. I crept between her legs and smelled that wonderful pussy juice. I licked her thighs and pussy, like a cat. She rolled over and said, now my ass. I hesitated. I couldn’t. She waited a moment and said, well! Gloria, anything, but that. Honey, I promise you I’m clean. Either you service me, or this whole thing is over now. I held my anger back and proceeded to gingerly tongue her ass. I has licked almost the entire ass, when she said, to get her opening. It was still sticky. I licked and even tongued the opening. She just went mmmmmmmmmmmm and said, now get me a warm wash cloth and wash and dry me where you licked. I got up, to realize my cock, uhhh, dildo was still hard and my real cock was aching unbelievably. Honey, can’t I at least relieve myself. I did everything you asked. Just get the wash cloth. I got the wash cloth and wash and dried her body. In the process she said, I should do something about my cock. Thank God. Where is the key I said. Not that cock. My dildo cock. The one that is hard, stupid. Come on masturbate it for me. I continued to control myself. I pumped it as fast as I could, but it didn’t come. She started to giggle. Coyly, she said, Michael, it doesn’t come unless you squeeze the balls. Here hold it up like this and let me show you. She reached between my legs and with one squeeze it came. Straight into my face. She broke out hysterically. I swear I could hear the other woman giggle. I should have warned you first I guess. My poor little husband. Come here. Now sit down. Let me wipe some of this nasty cum off your face. She took her finger and scooped up some from my face. Here, lick my finger. It’s cherry today. Her attitude had changed and I felt maybe she was finally softening. I took her finger in my mouth and sucked it off. It was salty and smelled like cum. As I paused, knowing she knew what I discovered, she said, just wanted you to know what it tasted like. Michael you have been so good today. Although I was going to wait until tomorrow, I will surprise you with it tonight. Remember the special blow job. Well, if you will climb into bed and get on all fours I’ll get it ready.

This I had to see. Could she be ready to remove the belt I wondered. All this service may have been worth it. I waited. No peeking she said. I heard something being moved and a hose being dragged. Then a soft humming. What is it I asked. Just wait. Now hold still. She was attaching something to the end of the sheath holding my cock. It felt cold then wet. Now hold still. What was that I asked. Just some lubricant. Then she took what ever was on the end of the sheath off and put something else on. Finally she said, now we are ready. I started it real slow. You will feel a pulling and pushing. Just relax. I’m told it’s really mind blowing, but you have to grow used to it. She flipped some switch as I peeked around my ass which was still stuck up in the air. Something started to pull, by cock down its sheath. All most to the point of uncomfortable. Then it stopped. Then it was pushed back in. It felt like it was stuck in a tube being sucked one way then the other. Gloria, is this it? But Gloria, I can’t get hard. Michael, just relax. Here, put these pillows under your stomach and relax. I felt the sensation increase in strength and speed. I was starting to feel like I wanted to cum. My balls ached. Pulling and pushing. I was attached to a vacuum cleaner. Was this the special blow job. Gloria, I need to cum. Please. The cum was starting to be sucked right out of me. I was half cumming. Almost at the edge, but unable to cum. I tried to cum. But it wouldn’t happen. Then I felt a Gloria place her hand on my ass and finger my ass hole. When she found the opening, I said, Gloria and started to turn. Michael. Stay right as you are. Just relax. Her finger stopped at the opening. It kept probing, but my asshole remained shut. Please let me cum. My balls ached and my cum continued to be sucked from me. My cock was being sucked back and forth inside the sheath, trying to expand. Suddenly, Gloria’s finger entered me. It was so sudden, I didn’t have time to stop it. I was going crazy from the sucking and her finger. I had to cum. Somehow. Gloria, went deeper. It was strange, I felt I needed to shit. My mind was racing. This had to stop and I needed to cum. My mind wondered from the agony and ecstacy of my cock being suck and restrained. Then she pushed real deep. I shuddered, lost in the sensations. She touched something deep inside my ass. It felt like I reached an orgasm. I felt cum gushing through my cock being sucked from me. It was incredible. My balls ached and the sucking started to really hurt. Gloria, switched off the machine and everything came to a stop. I collapsed, totally exhausted. I was half crying from relief. Relief from the long prolonged orgasm, the pain, and the intrusion in my asshole. As I rolled over in tears, I saw three faces. Gloria, Ms. M. and Ms. K. I could not believe they had witnessed this. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die. I was angry beyond belief.

Don’t be angry, Gloria said. I couldn’t believe her. Gloria, Ms. K. proceeded, he isn’t used to it and us yet. Gloria, needed our guidance. Getting you to cum, with the ‘Cum Buster’ as we call it, isn’t easy for first time users. With time it is a lot easier and even better. For now, its the only way you can cum, unless you prefer total abstinence. That is fairly easy to arrange you know. You have to get used to others enjoying your pleasure and pain. Ms. K. unscrewed a small jar from the Cum Buster and left with Ms. M. I take care of this tonight for you and shut the lights. Gloria, climbed into bed and kissed my forehead. Michael, I want you to sl**p alone tonight and think it all over. I got up and went to my

Part 3

As I lay in bed, I reviewed the day’s events over and over in my mind. It became clear. I could live with the sexual demands Gloria made upon me and even the petty services, such as bath duties and fetching things, but two things concerned me. I could not accept being made to service Gloria in front of other men and more importantly, I could not live with sex with a vacuum cleaner.

I do have to admit it was the most mind blowing experience and her finger up my ass drove me insane. A man needed to be fully erect and fuck a warm, wet pussy. Is it worth giving up my career and my life style? If I don’t try now, I’ll never forgive myself later.

Quietly, I slipped out of bed. Luckily I had hid some spare clothes in the car and had hid a spare key to the car in my shoe. I found the keys I hid under the mattress. I sneaked down the stairs in my nightgown without awakening anyone. The boots and coats I had spotted earlier had been moved and no where to be found easily. I would get warm once I was back in the car.

Getting the door open without making a sound, proved to be more difficult than I thought. It took forever to open it enough for me to squeeze without it squeaking too much. I reached the car and was glad when the door opened. Almost home. I reached under the driver seat for the spare ignition key and found a small note instead. I turned on the interior light and read it.

Dear Michael, Did you really think we had planned all of this and not thought about you trying to escape. The key to the car is on the kitchen table. The front door is locked by now, so don’t bother trying to come back in. We suggest you think about it tonight and if you still want to leave, you may pick up the keys tomorrow morning at 9 AM and drive where ever you want, except home.

P.S. It gets rather chilly at night. Just in case you get too cold, we also left you a surprise. There is a hose line in the back seat, if you attach it to your sheath and plug in the adapter hanging from the dashboard, it will start up the ‘Cum Buster’ in the trunk. When you get cold enough, an electric heater will come on for 5 minutes for each ounce of cum you deposit. Pleasant dreams.

Without a watch the night passed slowly. I could not tell how close to dawn it was, but I tried to keep my self as warm as possible. Finally, freezing I caved in. I attached the hose to the sheath and plugged it in. The sucking started, but without the lubrication it was more like sandpaper than a soft pussy. Try as I might, I could not get much cum. I quickly figured that a good cum was maybe 1 ounce. Judging by the orgasm I had earlier this evening, I didn’t think I had much more to give. I took off the hose and put as much saliva into the sheath as I could get and then reattached it. I started to ooze more now, but I needed to cum. I got on all fours and stuck my finger in my asshole. Somehow it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I probed and felt, but it did not feel the same as when Gloria did it. I thought back to that experience. The Cum Buster sucking and Gloria fingering me. I could feel my cum flowing now. I was closer to orgasm. Just a little more. Suddenly, the heat came on. Warmth! I have to keep this going. I somehow got the finger in deeper. The Cum Buster started to speed up. I was gyrating, humping my own finger. I needed more lubrication, but I was afraid if I stopped to get more saliva on my cock, I would lose it. My cock started to burn, but I needed more cum. The heater went off and it seemed forever before it turned back on. I just kept fucking my ass with my finger and trying to think of Gloria’s wonderful pussy. I could taste her pussy juice. I loved lapping her cunt, feeling her tense up, shudder, over and over again. Why did I ever fuck around. If I could do it over again, I’d be different.

The sudden light jolted me back to reality. The door opened letting in daylight. Gloria, Ms. K. and Ms. M were standing there. I was hunched up in the rear seat, still fucking my ass. My cock was raw by now and totally numb. I just lay still, realizing my predicament. The evening had passed, I must have fucked myself for over six hours as it was 9 AM. Gloria asked if I was O.K. I was afraid to move. Eventually, they got me to come with them. Ms K. was holding that jar she removed from the Cum Buster. My cock burned. I pleaded with them to let me remove the chastity belt and let me take care of my cock. They provided me with blankets and some coffee. It was like they cared. Gloria applied medication to my cock with the chastity belt in place. It felt cool and stopped the burning. I cried like a baby. After that we had a long talk. All four of us. They were human and cared.

After a warm bath and breakfast, Gloria instructed me to get dressed as I had done yesterday. I came down dressed in the corset, stockings, bra, bloomers, camisole and a very full Victorian style dress with five petticoats. The bloomers were strange as they weren’t closed at the crotch. Ms. K. told me, Victorian women did not undress for the toilet. The bloomers separated instead. We sat down and discussed whether I wanted to leave or continue the remainder of my training.

It was Ms. K. who made it so simple. I would forever wear the chastity belt except for very special treats. Six days a week were to be almost normal. I would continue my business as usual. Upon arrival home from work I would have access to all life luxuries with my wife. After dinner, when the maid and cook were off duty, I would take over for both of them, plus any other service demanded by Gloria. On Saturday, the routine would continue, except I would have my day off. After dinner we would depart for the party. On Sunday my duties would start at 7 AM. I would take care of Gloria’s needs first, then clean up the maid’s and cook’s room. I would do any laundry required. The rest of the day was up to Gloria.

When she was finished I could not help myself, but agree. It was as fair as I could expect. The alternative was less desirable. Just to reinf***e her point. She showed my a video tape of me dressing yesterday and today, Gloria finger fucking my ass and being attached to the ‘Cum Buster.’ Then I was startled to see me hunched up in the back of my car, sticking my finger up my own ass and humping the air. If any pictures of that were to get public, I would be ruined. Under the circumstances, I could learn to enjoy the Cum Buster and Gloria’s finger up my ass as much as sex used to be like.

Now that we have decided your future. It’s time for lunch. while you prepare it, we have some activities to arrange for Gloria and you. I disappeared into the kitchen. I did always enjoy gourmet cooking and now I had a reason to practice it.

While I was busy cooking, Ms. K. and Ms. M. were busy discussing my training with Gloria. It seems Gloria had many lessons to practice. She had to learn to control me and use me most effectively for her enjoyment. Something that did not always come naturally to many women. She also had to become used to the idea that sex was to be openly discussed and husbands were openly displayed. It was totally natural and considered normal to have a husband providing oral service in the presence of the other ladies provided her private parts were covered. Screaming and moaning were welcome of course. Normal intercourse was to be performed in private, but openly discussed. Intercourse could be accomplished many ways, with a dildo performed by oneself, by your husband manually, and by attaching the dildo chastity belt cover or mouth, or even conventionally if you allow him to remove his chastity belt. It seemed the basic guideline was anything was acceptable if the female genitals remained hidden. Gloria had to learn to at least practice many different training and punishment techniques. A varied menu of techniques kept the relationship interesting and prevented the husband and the wife from becoming bored. As I was to provide total service for her, it was easy to fall into a steady routine.

Gloria had to become acquainted with cross dressing me, something that has already been started, enemas, diapering, dildo training, male menstruation techniques and vaginal and asshole worship. I had to be trained to provide oral service at any time of the month. Many women found this difficult and Ms. K. had several suggestions for making the idea easier to practice. Each week the ladies would discuss for hours new techniques and ideas they had. They would perfect them and report back on the results. Some insidious but harmless ideas were invented in this way. Unknown to me, these next weeks would be full of Gloria practicing them on me.

After lunch, my first lesson started. It was simple at first. Gloria was laying on the couch with long flowing nightgown of a heavy sweatsuit type material. It was unusual in that it appeared to be closed at the bottom, like a large bubble with her legs appearing out of two elastic openings. There was a third elastic opening in between her legs. Gloria, smiled at me and said, she would like oral service. I stuck my head into the hole and discovered a dark and musky smell. She obviously was very wet. Her body was already very warm. I inched up to her crotch and proceeded to tongue her. I could feel the wetness on her cunt and thighs. She told be to lick her clean first. I could hear Gloria, Ms. K. and Ms. M. talking about their husbands and how they serviced them. Ms. K. was talking about how her husband could get his tongue several inches into her cunt. It was if I wasn’t there. Gloria, then told me she wanted to sit on my face. It wasn’t easy, but I somehow managed to arrange for her to sit on my face. I was laying with my back on the couch and my legs up in the air against the back of the couch. Gloria, was now facing my legs. She obviously preferred this as she started to grind her cunt into my mouth and started to moan. She was also becoming even wetter, if that were possible. It was difficult to breath and I had to time her humping to my breathing. All this sexual contact still had its affect on me. I could feel bl**d pumping to my cock, but the raw skin from last night f***ed me to think of other things. Then I felt Gloria’s finger at my ass hole. She started gently. Pushing ever so slightly. Finally she got it in a little and started to finger fuck me. When I could feel it going in and out easily, she started to work in a second finger. It burned as she tried to stretch my opening. She stopped for a moment as she came to another climax. My face was soaked from her pussy juice and sweat. My hair was matted down as well. She continued probing with two fingers until even they worked their way in. I could hear Ms. K. giving directions every now and then. Twist them this way. Pause, Now push gently. Rotate them. Good. I was getting really tired by now and my tongue was aching, but Gloria kept humping my face. Gloria, pulled her fingers out and then something larger and more round was pushed firmly against my asshole. She twisted it and pushed. It suddenly popped in place and stopped. It was bigger than anything I had felt. Then Gloria seemed to concentrate on herself. She sped up her humping as she neared yet another climax. This kept building. She was slamming herself into my face. I licked her clit trying to get her to cum. Finally, she came with a spurt, then a pulsing stream of pussy juice, like I had never seen. It gagged me. I had to swallow to breath. She slumped over the couch. I needed air desperately. After several long minutes she told me to lick her clean again. I licked as much as I could reach and then she rolled over onto the couch.

Ms. K told me to get a warm wash cloth and finish cleaning Gloria. I pulled my head out and was met with the sweetest, freshest breath of air I ever tasted. I was drenched in pussy juice and sweat from the hair to my shoulders. When I returned I tried clean Gloria with my hand through the opening, but she told me to get my head in there and to do it right. I had to slip my hands in through the same opening as Gloria’s legs. The odor almost made me pass out. The entire inside of the nightgown was drenched. Gloria told me to prepare a bath for her. My dress was totally drenched from the waist up and smelled like Gloria did inside. It was then that I realized I still had something up my ass. Gloria instructed me not to remove it until she was bathed and had dressed. I will remove your butt plug at that time. The plug at first wasn’t too uncomfortable, but by the time Gloria finished her bath and dressed, it felt like a telephone pole. I was relieved when she told me to pull it out and take a bath. The rest of the evening passed uneventfully, except Gloria used a small dildo on herself as I lay next to her. She came to several small orgasms and fell asl**p shortly after kissing me goodnight.

The next day my cock was still sensitive from my night in the car, Gloria, Ms. K. and Ms. M. decided it was better to wait for my cock to heal, before subjecting it to any additional stimulation. Therefore, they chose to initiate me in several forms of play and punishment techniques. Gloria, would also become more comfortable with her new role. She found it strange at times, to make me suffer for her amusement. My next lesson was to continue dildo training. Their goal was to train me to cum in my chastity belt while be fucked with a dildo strapped to Gloria. The morning passed quickly as I serviced Gloria orally and using my tongue and once with a dildo that attached to my mouth.

The afternoon, was actually pleasant. I served refreshments and attended to the laundry, I was reminded what I had to do. Ms. M. was having her period, judging by the stained panties. She made special mention to give her panties special hand washing. I washed and pressed all their clothes by hand. My own dress ruined from the earlier service to Gloria was also hand washed. I was growing rather tired and I assumed dinner would be requested shortly. Gloria, called for me to come up to the bathroom. All three ladies were present and I did not like what they had in mind. Hanging from the shower curtain rod was an enema bag with a long hose and a strange looking enema nozzle. It was long and had what appeared to be two deflated balloons on it. Gloria, said it is time I was cleansed better. I asked what type of enema this was, but was silenced. I was told to undress completely. It felt great getting out of the corset and remove the fake tits.

I bent over the tub and allowed her to insert the nozzle. It was bulky, but not as bad as the butt plug. She then started to squeeze one of the bulbs. I felt the balloon inside me inflate, creating a full feeling. Then she inflated the outer balloon. My asshole was now trapped between two balloons. She released the water. I felt the water rush into me. Ms. K, said to slow down the rate. It flowed until I felt it cramp. I told Gloria, I was full and needed to go. I was told to relax, I have more to go. Little did I know I was going to get a series of four enemas. The first was only a quart of warm soapy water. The second was one and a half quarts of warm clear water. The third was two quarts of warm water. The first two were kept inside me for 15 minutes. The third enema was left in for nearly 30 minutes. The fourth enema was another warm and large one. Once the nozzle, they called a Double Bardex was inflated, I could not expel. After the fourth enema was in, Gloria removed the two bulbs used to inflate the balloons and disconnected the hose from the enema bag. I now had the Bardex nozzle half hanging from my asshole. The two quarts of water also placed a tremendous pressure on me to expel it, which I could not. They told me to only put my bra and dress back on and come downstairs with them. I walked very slowly. They sat down on the couch and told me to prepare dinner.

Dinner took two hours to prepare. I was in agony the last hour. The only position which provided some relief was to lay flat on my back. While serving dinner, Gloria whispered to Ms. K. something, her response was, he can take a little more my dear. The cramps were quite severe and it was obvious I had could not take much more. I completed serving and was told to relieve myself. But before I return I should insert the butt plug they left for me in the bathroom. This plug was a little different. It had a small hole from one end to the other. I inserted it and went back downstairs. There was a single glass of what looked like a chocolate milk shake at my place setting. Michael, for several days after your enema, you will be on a liguid diet. Enjoy.

The evening went fairly quickly. I serviced Gloria once again on the couch while they watched TV. She was tired and had two small climaxes. After the last one, Gloria had me get on all fours and inserted a small tube into the butt plug. She used a small enema bag to f***e some liquid into my asshole. She had me lay with my legs raised for 15 minutes with the liguid in my ass. When she finally told me to get on all fours agin, I felt no desire to relieve myself. I only felt a bloated feeling. Then she proceeded to inject a second liguid. It could not have been very much as I couldn’t feel it. They she used a small cork to plug the hole.

Gloria, then held me in her arms and told me she loved me. As an extra sign of love she had given me something, I always loved giving her. She had injected 8 ounces of my own cum into my asshole. Before we went to bed she would remove the plug and it would drip out slowly. She picked up what looked like a diaper and plastic panties and said, You’ll be needing these tonight. Just to be certain you don’t stain the bed. I took the diaper and panty, I saw that both Ms. M and Ms. K were smiling and went upstairs. Before I reached my door, Gloria called up. You’ll sl**p in my room tonight dear.

I slept like a baby that night, and woke up with a wet bottom. The cum had dripped out all night and was a sticky gooey mess. I took care of my morning duties and had breakfast ready for the late sl**pers. I had found that my cock had healed quite nicely by now and actually felt rather comfortable in the sheath. Later that day Gloria, Ms. M and Ms. K introduced me to mechanical prostrate stimulation. Gloria was educated in the use of a thin mechanical prostrate probe. It provided intense sensations of orgasms and copious cum oozing from my trapped cock. Strangely, each time I came Gloria was very careful to either attach the Cum Buster to suck up my cum or even attach a condom to the end of the sheath to catch the cum. It became a ritual for her to carefully collect and take away my cum. As if she were savoring my last bit of manliness. After a particularly long oral service, Ms. K. returned with a baster from the kitchen and removed the cum collection bottle from the Cum Buster, which now had several ounces of my cum. She carefully sucked up the entire bottle and equally carefully had Gloria recline while Gloira squeezed the contents inside her cunt. Ms. M. turned to me and in a loud voice demanded I clean Gloria. The though of my cum dripping out of her made me gag. But, Ms. M and Ms. K. had this look which said I had better snap to it. I licked the few drips and tasted my own slippery saltiness. I tried to swallow to get the taste out of my mouth, but before I had much time I felt a sting on my ass. Ms. K. had struck with a paddle. She said to clean Gloria and that meant inside and outside. I spent the next 15 minutes trying to lick Gloria clean. Each time I thought I was done, she seemed to ooze yet more cum. By the time I was finished, I was totally unaware of the taste of the cum and Gloria seemed to enjoy sitting up to allow the cum to drip out slowly.

Later that evening, the women were whispering quite a bit and Gloria seemed uneasy. I could see she was unhappy about something. It was almost 2 AM that Gloria called me downstairs where I was enjoying a rest alone. Gloria was alone and sitting on a large old bath towel wearing the outfit with elastic leg openings and a single elastic opening between the legs. I expected Gloria wanted some oral sex before retiring. Gloria looked at me and said, she had to do this, but felt uneasy about it. I’m having my period. It started earlier this evening and Ms. K. told me to wait until the flow increased. I want you to service me. Further, you will service me all night, making sure to awaken every hour and clean me with your tongue. I looked into to her eyes and begged her not to ask this. She looked away. I took a deep breath and plunged into her nightgown. I had never experience an odor this strong. In the past I had gotten a whiff of her discharge during her period, but never this much or that strong. After the cum experience, I didn’t gag, and never really tasted her period. Maybe I was immune from eating so much cum and pussy juice these last several days. I guess I was suddenly knocked back to reality after what seemed forever when Gloria started to arch her back. She had been fairly quiet, gently moving her hips from time to time. Now she suddenly, seemed to be getting turned on. I found her clit and attacked it, she convulsed several times. Then she started to really moan loudly. Soon she was thrashing her hips so I had a difficult time staying with her. I expected her to climax and rest, but she only increased her rhythm still further. She peaked, I felt her arch her back and scream. Louder than she had ever and certainly louder than with Ms. K or Ms. M around. She didn’t stop. One orgasm flowed into another. I lost track, but she continued with intense orgasms one after another. My jaw ached, yet she demanded I continue. Only when she collapsed on the couch could I rest. It was dark and very musky. I couldn’t see if she was still bleeding, so I gave small licks to her vulva just to be sure. She gave a small moan each time. It seems hours later, when she told me to come out. The lights were out. She said we would go upstairs. Up stairs I startled myself in the mirror. My face had dark red smears from my neck and into my hair. Gloria, lay on the bed on a large old towel and told me to climb between her legs. But before I did she inserted th

Mistress Roulette - Part 9

I wanted to scream I felt so happy. My knees trembled with anxious anticipation. I was going to enjoy this. I knew it would be one of the greatest feelings I'd ever experienced in my whole life. I just knew it would be.Before I was even touched, my pussy began to pulse and ache warm excitement out through my engorged lips.Mistress walked around behind me and soon, I felt her perfect tongue, tease my horny slit."Ohh!" Mistress squeaked, delighted. "She has never tasted so...


The Organic Belt

Introduction: Posted by Anonymous at Reposted here(not mine) My wife is an organic scientist, a damm fine one. She has always made me proud with many groundbreaking discoveries. She was raking the money in since shortly after we married and it was a no brainer for me to take to the house dad role. I raised the kids, pursued my hobbies, we traveled, and had a great time. Our sex life had the ups and downs of any marriage, cycles I guess....


The Organic Belt

That was June 2021, about 2 years after the last baby left for collage. Yev finally made a long sought after breakthrough on engineered semi-sentient organics. Now an entire new kind of product was possible. Chairs that would perfectly conform to the needs of the user by sensing the body shape, anxiety level, even mood of the person sitting in it. The products were alive and could solve specific engineered problems, but were far from sentient and had no personality like...


Mistress Roulette - Part 1

I started to lose track of time. I wasn't sure anymore how long I'd been tied to the bed. An hour? Maybe it had been only twenty minutes. I adjusted myself, trying to get a bit more comfortable, but quickly felt the pull of the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles. It was warm in the room, luckily for me because I was completely naked; except for my belt. Being blindfolded didn't help me keep track of things either. Time never seems more vague than when you're alone in...


Russian Roulette

I sat in the dark shadow of the Victorian mansion, with the engine idling.At 6.00pm sharp they appeared in the doorway. He, portly - leaning heavily on his stick for support; she, wraith-slim, clad in a sleeveless silver evening gown that went down to touch a pair of silver satin stilettos. Her slender, porcelain-white arms were clad with elbow-length silver snakeskin gloves and her diamond choker sparkled in the light of the crescent moon. The old man grasped her arm...


Mistress Roulette - Part 3

My wet femininity throbbed with urgent need. I had to stay focused and make sure I behaved, or Mistress might add several more days to my chastity! I felt I couldn't handle another hour, let alone days. Heels approached the door! Oh god, this was it, I hoped. Was it Mistress? The dim clack of expensive shoes poured into the room. Whoever it was, they didn't say a word as they approached my bed. I could feel the woman watching me. I couldn't tell if it was Mistress or not,...


Chastity Ch. 03

King Garbin held his arm out straight through the bars, his fist clenched. Then his fingers straightened, and Kinlee’s eyes widened. Dangling from a long, golden chain that glinted in the flickering torchlight, was a delicately formed, intricate key. It swayed, and her wide blue eyes followed the tantalizing movement as her mind calculated all the possibilities. ‘Why?’ she asked breathlessly. ‘I don’t see how you will beget heirs locked in the dungeon.’...


Chastity Ch. 02

Kinlee woke with a glorious smile, her arms slowly stretching. Snuggling deeper beneath the blankets, her mind drifted. Suddenly, she sat up in the enormous bed, one hand holding the sheet to her bare breasts. Her mane tumbled in disarray around her shoulders in a golden halo. Rising panic flooded her. He couldn’t have. He wouldn’t have. Kinlee forced herself to breathe. She felt both clammy and flushed altogether. She didn’t know if she wanted to scream or cry....


Mistress Roulette - Part 7

I had no idea what Mistress meant when she said they would be having more fun with me. Maybe I did, but I didn't want to think about it. The plug in my tiny asshole, had me trembling in horny discomfort. It was locked into the frame of my chastity belt, so I knew it was staying put, for a while at least. The problem was, the more I started to get used to the feeling of it invading my tight behind, the more it turned me on. This would normally be a welcomed feeling, but by...


Mistress Roulette - Part 6

I felt ashamed that I had disappointed my mistress, but my horny desires dominated my concerns. Mistress had to punish me, even though I told the truth. It would have been much worse if I had been caught lying. "Open," Mistress' voice commanded, bringing me back to the present. I quickly adhered to her order and opened my lips wide. I was sure to stick out my tongue a little too, as I'd been taught. Mistress said it made my mouth more inviting. I felt a round, heavy,...


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