My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise

Introduction: The continuing adventures of Ben Barnes and his loving slaves My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise

Characters Introduced:

Chasity, 20, Jessica Taylors Sister, 56, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts
Carrie, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts
Carmen, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts
Carson, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts
Megan, 13, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 53, White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Miranda, 13, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 53, White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Felicia, 11, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 51, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 32A Breasts
Fiona, 11, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 51, White, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 32A Breasts
Erica, 9, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 410, White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 29A Breasts
Elaine, 9, Jessica Taylors Cousin, 410 White, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 29A Breasts
Roy, 40, Michelles father, 511, 5 cock
Rachel, 36, Michelles Mother, White, 52, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts
Melissa, 16, Michelles Sister, White, 55, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 36D Breasts
Megan Meg, 14, Michelles Sister, White, 54, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Fred, 41, Missys father, White, 6 cock
Gretchen, 36, Missys mother, White, 52, Brown Hair and Eyes, 36 D Breasts
Denise, 17, Missys sister, White, 54, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 34D Breasts
Danni, 16, Missys sister, White, 52, Black Hair with Brown Eyes, 36C Breast
Fred Jr., 14, Missys brother, White, 58 with 12 cock 2 ½, thick
Karl, 38, Rebeccas father, White, 9 1/2 cock
Dee, 38, Rebeccas mother, White, 58, Red Hair with Blue Eyes, 38DD Breasts
Ashley, 16, Rebeccas sister, White, 52, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts
Ameilia, 16, Rebeccas sister, White, 52, Red Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts
Gemma, 14, Rebeccas sister, White, 50, Blond with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Grace, 14, Rebeccas sister, White, 50, Blond with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts
Karl Jr., 13, Rebeccas brother, White, with 12 cock 3 ½, Thick
Monica, 18 Janines sister, White, 52, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts, swan-like neck
Ashley, 16 Janines sister, White, 50, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 32D Breasts, swan-like neck
Amy, 13, Janines sister, White, 410, Dirty Blond with Blue Eyes, 32C Breasts, swan-like neck
Angie, 40, Annabelles mother, White, 56, Brown Hair & Eyes, 38D Breasts, swan-like neck
Anita, 16, Annabelles sister, White, 52, Red Hair Green Eyes, 36D Breasts, swan-like neck
Ann, 14, Annabelles sister, White, 50, Blond with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck
Anna, 14, Annabelles sister, White, 50, Blond with Blue Eyes, 34C Breasts, swan-like neck
Angela, 11, Annabelles sister, White, 48, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32B Breasts, swan-like neck
James, 20, Annabelles brother, White, with a 13 cock 4 thick

&hellip,….The story picks up right after the birthday party for Ben

Jessica, What are you doing? What about Steve, your husband? Chasity asks her sister who is getting reamed out. I am having sex with my new lover and boyfriend Ben Barnes. I belong to him, body and soul. He has given me a baby and is training my pussy now. As for Steve, fuck him. I have no use for him. He arranged for me to have sex with Ben to get pregnant. He even signed a contract stating that it was my choice whether or not I would stay with Ben. Chasity, Ben Barnes is my Master and I am his slave. My body belongs to him. I want you to accept him as your Master also. He will not force you to do anything you dont want Jessica tells her.
Jessica starts moaning and screaming as Ben continues to stroke her pussy. When Ben is ready to cum Jessica tells her master that she wants his load in her mouth. Ben takes BIG FELLA out of her stretched pussy and walks around the table so Chasity can see it. Chasity looks astonished at the size and girth of BIG FELLA. Ben then puts the head of BIG FELLA into Jessicas mouth as she starts to lick it and suck on BIG FELLA.

Ben looks at Chasity as he pushes BIG FELLA deeper and deeper down Jessicas throat, making it bulge out. Ben humps her face faster and faster holding the back of her head. He smiles at Chasity and tells her that her sister loves being fucked by a huge black cock. Chasity is amazed to see her sister take all sixteen inches of Bens mighty cock down her throat. Chasity stills there with her mouth open in awe as she watches the performance in front of her.

Becky, Laurie and Tiffani enter the room and greet Chasity, they tell her that their sister joined the family a month ago after several months of sleeping with Ben. Becky tells Chasity Well not sleeping with Ben, just fucking him and him her. Ben then lets out a loud grunt and starts pouring his cum down Jessicas throat.

Once done Ben exits her throat and then her mouth with a pop. Jessica looks at her sister and tells her in a raspy voice I love that, Chasity, I love my Master and my new sisters. I want you to join my new family Jessica Taylor tells her.

Jessica tells her Master to let her get him hard again so that he can fuck her ass, Jessica, you are going to let him put that big fat cock in your ass? Chasity says. Hell fucking yes! is her reply as she starts to suck him hard again.

Master, loves to fuck our asses, pussies and our throats. And we love fucking him. My body belongs to him as does every woman here that has her Property of Ben Barnes tattoo on their backs Laurie tells Chasity. How many ladies does he make love to? she asks. Master Ben has over 90 women, they are all his slaves and make love to him and take care of his needs, both sexually and other ways. He takes care of all of us, we want for nothing. I love my Master, his is also my son-in-law. Becky is my daughter and his wife. She might be the only one that is married to him legally, but he treats us all like his wives. We are all special to him Tiffani tells her as they continue to watch Ben work over Jay-Tees ass.

Becky tells Chasity to come with her and she will introduce her around the mansion to Bens women and her sisters. She first tells her to get undressed, telling her there are no clothes allowed in the mansion. Reluctantly Chasity complies and strips revealing her full c cup breasts and full bush. Becky does not say anything to her as Laurie, Tiffani and herself take Chasity on the tour. She meets everyone, sees every room and tells Chasity that the room next to Jessica is hers. They show her the suite and the ensuite bathroom. They show her to the master suite where they take her to the master bath and take her to the shower. Becky tells her We need to get rid of that bush. There is to be no hair below the neckline in the mansion. I will shave you now. When you join our family I will have Emily permanently remove all your body hair below the neck.
Becky gets her clippers out and cuts her bush off, she then takes the shaving cream out and lathers her legs, pussy and armpits. She shaves her clean of her hair and then washes her off. Becky finally gets the moisturizer out and puts it on her legs and armpits.

Becky leads Chasity to the master bed and puts her on her back and spreads her legs. She starts to eat Chasitys pussy making her squirm and thrash around. We are all bi-sexual here, at least the women. Have you ever eaten pussy before? Tiffani asks.

No, I have not. I have had a few boyfriends Chasity tells them as Tiffani starts sucking on one breast and Laurie the other. Becky has found Chasitys G-SPOT and starts to work on her pussy deep and hard. Chasity climaxes three times in a row and Tiffani takes her turn on the new pussy, I want to taste that pussy she says as Becky starts to lick the free breast, Her cum is very sweet Becky tells her mother. Tiffani makes pour Chasity cum three more times and then lets Laurie suck on her pussy. Chasity is on orgasm over load, she screams out that she is cumming over and over again. When they are done Chasity tells them that she has never climaxed like that and that many times.

Wait until your new Master gets a hold of that sweet tight pussy of yours. You will never want another man. When he fucks you, you will be his. He will stretch your pussy so no average man will ever be able to please you again Becky tells her. I havent decided to be his slave Chasity says as Ben and Jay-Tee come in with the bed slaves. Sis, once he gets a hold of your pussy and pounds you. You will be his, it is inevitable.

Ben gets in between Chasitys legs and starts to suck on her pussy. He sucks on her clit and slit making her scream out. Her pussy having been eaten by Tiffani, Becky and Laurie for the last two hours is ultra sensitive to Bens expert tongue. Ben makes her cum for the next three hours until she passes out. They put her to one side, as Ben being extra horny starts to fuck Peggys little ass hard and fast. Peggy screams out Fuck my ass, Master, pound you loving slaves ass. Becky and the rest of the bed slaves watch as Ben pounds Peggys ass. When he is about to cum Ben cries out Oh, GOD I love you Peggy, my sweet little jewel and he pours his cum deep into her ass.

Becky as a wicked idea, after Ben is done pouring his cum into Peggys ass she has her clamp her butt cheeks together and go over to where Chasity is sleeping it off. Becky opens Chasitys mouth and tells Peggy to let the cum pour out of her ass into Chasitys mouth. For the next fifteen minutes Charity involuntarily sucks down all of Bens semen that was in Peggys bowels. Jay-Tee is there giggling as they do this with her sister. My sister is going to have a great taste in her mouth in the morning she says.

We are going to have to take her to see Doctor Reynolds tomorrow to get her HIV/STD certificate Ben tells her. Master, I am going to sell my house. If that is alright with you Jay-Tee tells Ben. It is your house right? What about Steven? Ben asks. Master, he will either join the family, and quit his job or be homeless, divorced with owing me over three million dollars. Yes it is my house

Ben makes love to several of his slaves that night before finally falling asleep. He sleeps with BIG FELLA firmly in Beckys ass as they spoon together. Ben and Becky are the first to wake up and Ben asks Becky to take Chasity to Docs with Jay-Tee to get her checked out. She agrees and he tells her that he needs to go to Kims cleaners and pickup the dry cleaning. They take a nice long bath together, while in the tub Chasity comes into the bathroom and washes her mouth out in the sink.

Ben, I woke up with a strange taste in my mouth Chasity says. Mmm, you better go see the doctor, I have one on retainer. Let me call him and setup an appointment for you, of course it is on me, my treat Ben tells her. I cant let you do that Chasity says. I take care of my family, although you have not decided to be my slave and my responsibility yet, your sister is mine body and soul. You be extension are mine also Ben informs her.

Jay-Tee and Becky take Chasity to see the doctor as Ben goes to the Kims cleaners. Once at the cleaners Ben is greeted by Soyeon as he comes through the door. She yells something in Korean and Chin Ho comes through the back door. Soyeon asks Ben to help her with something upstairs and leads him to the back stairs.

Once upstairs Ben is in a large bedroom with Soyeon and she strips and gets on her knees in front of Ben. She forcefully takes BIG FELLA out of his pants and starts sucking on BIG FELLA, Soyeon, I have enough women at home. We got to stop doing this. She looks up and smiles at him and continues to deep throat BIG FELLA. Once Ben is fully erect Soyeon takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and yells something in Korean.

Four young Korean girls come out from the other room, completely naked. Two sets of twins, extremely beautiful with very nice figures. Soyeon says something in Korean and the girls come over to Ben and Soyeon.

Hello, Mr. Barnes, I am Hyejung. My mother wants me to introduce myself and my sisters. This is my twin Hyomi, we are fifteen. This is Hyeri and Hyerim they are thirteen She says. As the four girls smile at him and take in the sight of BIG FELLA. Soyeon says something in Korean and Hyejung tells Ben My mother wants me to translate for her, so that you understand that she is serious and there is no misunderstanding. Soyeon starts speaking and Hyejung translates, My mother wants you to take the four of us as your lovers. She wants you to adopt us and make love to us. Soyeon smiles and gets four legal documents that are in English and hands them to Ben.

Soyeon says something again in Korean, She has signed over custody of the four of us to you and your wife Becky, we are virgins and that you are our Master now. She says that she believes you are a very good man that can give us a better life which is why she came to this country. She says that she is pregnant with your baby. She says that she belongs to you and that she will only have sex with you. My mother says that our father has no libido and is very small.

Mr. Barnes, I am your slave, sex slave. My body belongs to you. Please fuckee fuckee with me as my daughters watch so they know what to expect when you take them to their new home Soyeon says. She lays down on the bed with her legs up in the air and says something in Korean and her girls surround her. Her two oldest daughters spread her legs and she tells Ben Master, your slaves pussy is ready for you. Soyeon says something to Hyejung in Korean and she translates Mother says Pound my pussy like there is no tomorrow, but be careful of your baby growing in my womb. My body belongs to you my Master. You are mine now.

Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her freshly shaven pussy. He fucks Soyeon with long deep strokes. While he fucks Soyeon he kisses each of his new slaves. Hyejung tells Ben Master, we are yours to do with as you choose. When Ben is ready to cum he tells the four girls to get on their knees and open their mouths. He cums in each of their mouths and tells them to swallow.

He then tells them to smile, he sees that each of them need to go to the dentist to get work done. They then get dressed in simple dresses and they head downstairs. Ben is a little nervous when he comes out front with the girls in tow. Chin Ho says something to his daughters in Korean and then says to Ben Thank you, Mr. Barnes for giving my daughters a better life. Ben tells him you are welcome. They leave and Ben immediately takes the girls to a dentist friend of his and they get a dental checkup. The girls all need a good cleaning, which is done and some fillings and the dentist tells Ben that they need a several crowns each.

Ben tells him to do them and he will bring the girls back when they are ready to be put in. While that is going on Ben calls Becky and tells her about the events. She laughs and Ben asks her to get four butt plugs for the new slaves. She agrees and Ben tells her that he will see her at home with the new girls.

When they are done at the dentist they leave and Hyejung tells her new Master thank you and leans over to kiss him. They head back to the mansion driving through the security gate Ben introduces his new girls to his head of security Jamal who just shakes his head. When the head around the hill and pull up to the mansion Hyejung asks Master, you live in a hotel?.

No my dear this is my house, our house. It has many many rooms Ben tells her as they get out of the Expedition. When they enter the house Ben tells them there are no clothes allowed in the mansion by his slaves. Hyejung and her sisters take off their dresses, Ben then takes his new girls around to meet the family. They meet Tiffani and she kisses each one and welcomes them to the family. She tells them they are very beautiful and to enjoy themselves in their new home. She notices their bushes as does Ben and he nods. They go to see Emily and she starts to remove their pubic hair.

Ben tells them to stay there until Emily is done and he will come back and pick them up. Ben then goes and takes a shower and cleans up as Becky gets home and asks him where is his little Korean jewels. He takes her to Emilys hair removal room and she watches as Hyerim is the last to get her pussy hair removed.

Ben, baby, they are absolutely gorgeous. Like little dolls. I love them Becky says as Ben introduces her to their new slaves. Becky kisses them as Ben tells each of them this is the Mistress of the house. Ben then takes the girls to the living room and starts to suck on Hyejungs little fifteen year old pussy. She is definitely a virgin. Ben starts to stroke her hymen as Peggy comes over and kisses her on her lips. Hyejung we all love you. I love you, you are with family now. You can let it out when you have an orgasm. I love it when Master sucks on my pussy.

Ben makes her cum three times, she gushes girl cum into his mouth each time. Ben then starts sucking on her twin Hyomis sweet virgin pussy. He sucks her slit from clit to anus, Hyomi bucks her hips and screams out loud as she climaxes. She starts squirting into his mouth. He sucks her to five orgasms and then moves on to her younger two sisters Hyeri and Hyerim and makes them climax hard six times. They are squirters also, when he is done he tells Hyejung to suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard, she does and after about five minutes of her efforts he is erect.

Ben then puts his new little slave on her back with her legs over her head. Hyejung is a beautiful 52 beauty with long legs and a nice ass. Ben tells Hyeri and Hyerim to come over and hold their sisters legs apart. Ben then separates her labia and pushes BIG FELLA into her virgin tight pussy. Hyejung cries out and Ben tells her the pain will go away soon.

Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her, stretching her young tight pussy. Baby, your pussy feels so good around my cock. Hyejung you belong to me now. He pumps and pumps her pussy with long deep strokes, her screams turn in to squeals and then moans of pleasure as Ben continues his assault on her once virgin pussy. After a couple of hours he pushes through her cervix and starts pumping her womb. He then pours his cum inside of her womb for fifteen minutes.

Once Ben is finished cuming in her womb he exits her cervix and it closes trapping his semen in her womb. You are mine, my little sweet girl. Your body belongs to me Ben tells her as he leans down and kisses her. Becky gives him his pills and Ben sits next to Hyomi. She asks Ben Is it my turn to become a woman, Master?

Ben tells her it is and she gets up and kisses him, As long as I am your woman, I know I will be fine. She then kneels down in front of him and starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Hyomi sucks and licks on BIG FELLA she looks at Becky Masters cock is so beautiful, big mighty and powerful. She sucks on him until he is hard and Ben puts her on her back with her legs spread apart and held by Hyeri and Hyerim. Ben positions his cock at her opening and asks her Are you ready baby?

Please, Master make me your woman. Give me your seed Hyomi says. Ben in one hard thrust pushes BIG FELLA past her hymen all the way to her cervix. She lets out a loud cry. Ben rests at her cervix waiting for her to adjust to BIG FELLAs enormous girth. Hyomi taps her new Masters back and tells him, BIG FELLA feels good inside of me. Like he is suppose to be there.

Ben starts to pump on his new lover slow at first then he builds up his pace and eventually starts jackhammering her cervix. Girls when I ejaculate in your pussies I do it in your wombs, you four girls are going to be my body slaves. I am going to get your pregnant and you are going to give me babies, a lot of babies Ben tells them. They all says Yes, Master. Ben then pushes BIG FELLA past Hyomis cervix and starts fucking her womb. Hyomi looks over at Becky and smiles, Master, dont ever stop making love to me. I am yours She tells Ben and then tells Becky Mistress my mother was right, Master is a fucking god. She is pregnant with our brother or sister now. She belongs to Master, she told me that Master knew how to please a woman and that she wanted that for us.

Ben pours his cum into her womb and then exits her womb and pussy with a pop. Hyejung comes over and licks on her twins pussy and looks at her Master, No leaking. Master going to get us all pregnant. Master you made momma really happy by giving her baby.

Ben sits back in his leather recliner as Hyeri and Hyerim come over and kiss him and start to make love to him in unison. Master, we want to be yours only yours for the rest of our lives they say in unison and begin to suck on BIG FELLA, while one is sucking on BIG FELLA the other is licking and sucking on his balls. Master, our bodies are yours. We are yours to command Once he is hard Hyeri gets on top of Ben and puts BIG FELLA into her pussy and pushes down and breaks her own hymen. She grinds on him for two hours before he pushes past her cervix and cums in her womb. He does the same with her sister.

When he is done fucking the four sisters he takes them into the pool and lets the cool water wash over them. Girls, everybody in this house loves you. I love you and it is my responsibility to take care of you. I will take care of your momma and Chin Ho also.

Hyomi speaks for the group We know, Master. We know you are an honorable, decent man. We want to take care of you. Of all your needs. Each girl kisses him and get out of the pool and go over and kiss Becky also.

Tomorrow I am going to take your anal virginity Ben tells them as he gets out of the pool. Hyejung grabs BIG FELLA and strokes him, As long as you keep giving me BIG FELLA. I dont care where you put him. That goes for my sisters also.

Ben then has Sheila give them their Property of Ben Barnes tattoos on their lower backs. Becky tells them they will have to earn the other tattoos. Ben has each twin get their name tattooed on their chest

Ben then takes them to their bedrooms and tells them that this is where they sleep. They tell him NO, we sleep with you, in your bed with you. Or by your bed on the floor. We take care of you always. We are yours when you are awake we are awake. We take care of you. Every need, every want we are there for you. Your well being an happiness is all that matters to us. We take care of you, body and soul. We love you for the rest of our lives.

Ben shakes his head and they follow him up to his Master suite. He goes in the bathroom and draws a bath and then gets in and tells his new slaves to join him. They smile and follow him in and start to wash and service him. Becky, Laurie and Brooklyn come in and see their husband being serviced by his new slaves. Do you like our husband Laurie says to the new slaves. Yes, Mistress. We love our new Master Hyejung says. We are going to keep our Master, clean and well groomed. We love our new Master Hyomi says as Hyeri starts to bounce up and down on BIG FELLA.

Master, are you going to have enough energy to train these new girls? Brooklyn says. What is training? Hyerim asks. Master will fuck each of you ten times in a row in your pussies without interruption, then your asses. Finally each of you will have to give him twenty blowjobs in a row without interruption Brooklyn tells them.

Master can fuck me a thousand times in a row, my body is his to do with as he chooses Hyeri says. The other girls giggle and nod their heads in agreement. I am going to have my Masters babies. He is going to get me pregnant, all of us pregnant Hyerim says. Once Hyomi has made Ben cum inside of her womb she gets off of him and cleans his cock. The girls get out of the tub and then get their Master out. They dry every inch of his body. Once dry the rub moisturizer lotion on his legs, butt, back, chest and arms. When the rub the moisturizer on him they kiss each part.

Ben then goes with them to the bed and they lay him down with his other bed slaves. Hyejung says We all make love to Master. Brooklyn tells her We make love to each other also and she kisses and fondles Hyejung as does Becky, Laurie and Amber. The new slaves rub the girls bellies and ask if they are pregnant with Masters babies, they all smile and say yes.

Chasity and Jay-Tee come into the master suite and see Ben with his ladies. Peggy gets up and pulls Chasity over to the bed and tells her You will never be loved like you are with the family. Have you decided yet?. Peggy then puts her on the bed and spreads her legs, she then starts sucking on her pussy. Jay-Tee tells Master that her sister came back clean and disease free. Chasity starts to buck her hips as Peggy continues her assault on her pussy getting her nice and wet for her Masters cock.

BIG FELLA is hard and Ben gets up and comes over to Chasity and has Peggy finish eating her out to another orgasm. Ben then puts BIG FELLA on her pussy. Ben starts to rub the head of BIG FELLA on her pussy slit and rubs her clit. Ben then puts his cock on Chasitys stomach. Bens mighty cock reaches from her groin on the way up to right below her nice 36C breast.

Tell me what you want Chasity, Tell me what you want and it will be given to you Ben tells her. Oh, Ben I want you to fuck me, pound my pussy and make it yours Chasity says. Once my Master fucks you, you will be his Jay-Tee tells her as Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her wet pussy making her moan.

Ben fucks her hard with long and deep strokes as his bed slaves cheer him on telling their master Make her yours, pound her pussy into submission. After two hours of constant pounding Chasitys cervix relents and lets BIG FELLA in and Ben pounds her womb, Tell me what I want to hear, Chasity. Tell me what your sister wants to hear. Tell me what I already know he repeats over and over again.

OH, GOD I AM YOURS MASTER Chasity says in ecstasy as her new Master pounds her womb. What, I didnt hear you Chasity? What do you want? Tell us? Ben says to her as he continues to jackhammer her. OH GOD, I AM YOURS BEN BARNES. I BELONG TO YOU. YOU ARE MY MASTER. I AM YOUR SLAVE. OH GOD YOU FEEL SO GOOD IN MY WOMB. NOBODY HAS FUCKED ME LIKE THIS BEFORE. GIVEN ME AS MANY ORGASMS. I AM YOURS MASTER Chasity yells out.

Ben grunts and starts pouring his potent seed into her womb, You belong to me, Chasity, Body and Soul. You are going to provide me with babies. I am going to take care of you and our children for the rest of your life. You are mine and my responsibility, just like your sister Jessica. Or Jay-Tee as we call her Ben says. Ben then exits her pussy with a loud pop as her sister comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA, sucking and licking him clean. She then licks and sucks on Chasitys pussy. No cum leaking here, Master Jay-Tee tells Ben. Welcome to our new family. You are going to love it here Jay-Tee says.

Becky, Laurie and Brooklyn come over and kiss their new slave sister. Ben lays down and goes to sleep with his bed slaves snuggling up next to him. The bed looks like a huge pile of human flesh with seventeen people on the bed Joy, Jennifer and Peggy are in between their Masters legs. Joy has the head of BIG FELLA in her mouth while Peggy and Jennifer are on either side of BIG FELLA licking and kissing him as they fall asleep.

Ben is awoken by Peggy, Joy and Jennifer sucking on BIG FELLA. Becky gets his pills as his virgin pussies suck on his cock. He climaxes after about thirty minutes of the girls sucking, stroking and licking of BIG FELLA. Ben tells them turn around is fair play and gets Peggy to straddle his face. He has Hyejung suck on BIG FELLA and then ride him while he sucks on Peggys sweet little pussy.

Hyejung rides on BIG FELLA as Becky and Laurie kiss her and suck on her 34C breasts. I love my family. Momma was right she says as she climaxes over and over. Peggy is climaxing repeatedly and she leans over and kisses Hyejung We love you, Hyejung. You and your sisters are now our sisters and lovers.

Ben taps Peggy and she knows to get off of his face, once she does Ben rolls over still engaged with Hyejung and starts hammering her cervix. Hyejung squeals in enjoyment as her cervix starts to give way to BIG FELLA. Ben once through her cervix pours his cum into her womb. Baby, I am going to get you pregnant my sweet little Korean treat Ben tells her. Master, get us all pregnant. I want to raise our children with my sisters and my mommas children. I think she is having more than one Hyejung says as Ben kisses her and tells them that is good news and that he is going to get them pregnant along with Chasity..

Master, my body belongs to you Chasity says and Hyejungs sisters nod in agreement. Hyomi comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA as Joy straddles his face and he begins sucking and licking on her young virgin pussy. Hyomi puts BIG FELLA in her pussy after she has gotten him hard and stroked him with her pussy lips. She pushes deep taking BIG FELLA all the way to her cervix and then starts bouncing up and down as Becky, Laurie, Jay-Tee come over and start sucking on her breasts and kissing her. Chasity starts to lick on her pussy and her Masters balls and shaft that is not in Hyomi.

This goes on for two hours as Hyomi has sixteen orgasms and Joy has twenty. Ben drinks in all of her girl cum. He taps Joy and she gets off of him and Ben does Hyomi like he did her twin and starts hammering her cervix and when he is through her pours his cum into her fertile fifteen year old womb.

Becky gives him his supplements and vitamins with an energy drink as Hyeri and Hyerim suck on BIG FELLA cleaning him of all residue of their sisters ejaculate. They lick and suck on him until he is hard and then Hyerim beat her twin to ride BIG FELLA as Jennifer is being pleasured by her Masters talented tongue.

Ben is ridden by the two girls for two hours and again he has Jennifer get off of his mouth and pushes deep inside of Hyerims tight once virgin pussy. He pounds her cervix into submission after about twenty minutes of pounding and he pours his hot seed into her womb. Oh, Master. That feels so good she tells him once he is done he gets out of her and she sucks him hard for her sister to ride. Hyeri rides him for another two hours. Becky brings in food for her husband and the lovers. She gives him his supplements and a little blue pill. He turns Hyeri over and pushes deep into her cervix and starts pounding her cervix for an hour before it gives way and lets him in. He fucks her womb for another 90 minutes and then starts cuming hard.

He fills Hyeris womb up with his cum, once done is gets out of her and goes takes a shower. He dries off and he says he is going downstairs. He passes by the New York slaves rooms and asks if they are ready for their families to come. Rebecca says her parents are ready anytime. Ben asks what town do they live in. She tells him they live in Brentwood and there is an airport in Ronkonkoma. The Long Island MacArthur Airport. Ben asks Missy and Michelle if their families are close to Brentwood and they say they are. He asks them for their parents addresses and they write them down for him. His kisses each of them as they give him their parents addresses. Hanna says to her friends that she hopes that their families will enjoy themselves at the mansion like her mother, brother and sister. Ben tells Hanna that her brother is one horny teen. They laugh and tell him that he is horny too, that he makes love almost twenty four hours a day.

Girls, I found something early on in life that I really enjoy and am good at. Why shouldnt I do it all the time. Particularly when I have a house full of beautiful women to make love to Ben tells them.

Ben tells Rebecca that he will plan for a limousine to pick her family up in two days to take them to the Long Island MacArthur Airport. Ben then goes to the den and searches the internet for a limousine service in the area and finds Executive Limousine Service out of Brentwood. He calls Steve Rodgers and asks him to plan a flight up to Long Island MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma, New York to pick up seven passengers. He emails him the particulars on his passengers and text him their pictures. He calls the Executive Limousine Service and schedules a pick up time of noon in two days. He then goes back and tells Rebecca that she can call her parents and tell them that a limousine will be at their front door at noon to take them to Long Island MacArthur Airport where they will meet his pilot Steve Rodgers and he will fly them down here.

Rebecca, sweetheart in two days you will be reunited with your family Ben tells her. She jumps up and kisses him and leads him over to her bed. Make love to me Master Rebecca says as she kneels down and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. When hard he puts her on her back and starts sliding BIG FELLA into her pussy. Master, I love you with all my heart. Thank you for making me your slave. You gave my life purpose. I want to get pregnant after I finish school in three years. I know my parents and siblings will love you and Mistresses Becky, Laurie and Brooklyn she tells him as he begins pumping her pussy long and hard with deep strokes that hit her cervix with each stroke. He fucks her for three hours before cuming deep in her womb. He rolls off of her and lays down in the bed. Rebecca lays next to him, Master, will you make my mom and sisters your slaves?.

I dont plan to do that. I have enough women as it is, but if they want to I will take them as long as it is ok with them and your father. I really dont like cuckolding guys. Not unless they are useless assholes that abuse their women. From what you told me your parents are really happy together. I hope Karl Jr. doesnt go nuts like Jason. Hanna heard that and says My brother hasnt gone nuts, he just loves pussy. There is nothing wrong with that.

Where is Jason? Ben asks. Probably down in the maids quarters pounding the crap out of the young maids Hanna says. Hopefully he is wearing rubbers, otherwise we are going to have a lot of pregnant maids Ben says.

Ben then gets up and takes a shower with Rebecca. He dries off and then goes to the entertainment room and sees Bill and Vivian with her Cheryl nursing. Leslie is there with BB sucking on her breast. There is nothing finer than seeing my children sucking on their mothers breasts Ben says as he kisses both Vivian and Leslie. He asks Bill if he has drawn any plans up for their lake house. Bill says yes and goes to his bedroom and brings back the plans. Ben looks them over and tells him he wants a bigger kitchen, an indoor pool area with a sauna and a hot tub. He wants a large deck facing the lake. He also wants an outdoor olympic size pool with a waterfall and palm trees around it. Maybe have the waterfall double as a slide. It has fifty bedrooms with twenty five bathrooms. It has a large playroom for adults and one for the children. It has an entertainment room with large screen televisions.

Ben tells Bill that they will go see the architects tomorrow and have them look over the plans. Bill says thank you for letting me draw these up. Well Bill, I got to get my moneys worth from that Auburn education I am providing you Ben says. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah is Bill reply. Ben tells them that Rebeccas family will be here in two days. He is hopeful they will accept that he loves their daughter and only wants the best for her.
Ben then sits and watches television with Bill, Vivian and Leslie. The ladies are still feeding his children. Ben tells them it is nice to just sit there and not have someone sucking on him or fucking someone for a change.

Ben, you really have a rough life Bill says and they laugh. Jason comes into the entertainment room and sits and watches television with them. Ben looks over and asks him what has he been doing the last couple of days. He says same old same old. Ben tells him that the maids have chores to do. Jason tells Ben that he helps them do their chores and then has sex with them. Jason says he really likes them. Ben asks him if he needed anything. He tells him more rubbers and some toys if he can get them for him. Leslie and Vivian laugh.

Master Ben, I love it here. I am having sex more than any other fifteen year old in history Jason says and tells him he loves the maids, they are so sexy and loving. Becky comes into the room with her toy Joe led by chain. She sits down and spreads her legs and Joe gets in between her legs when she snaps her fingers.

Ben informs her that Rebeccas family will be in town in two days. Bens Korean slaves come into the room and come over and sit next to him and between his legs. Hyeri and Hyerim start sucking on BIG FELLA as their sisters start to kiss him. Hyeri tells Ben as her twin sucks on BIG FELLA Master, your slaves are so horny. We need more of BIG FELLA. You said you would take our anal cherry today.

Yes I did say that my little sweet morsel. So who wants to be first? Ben asks and they all raise their hand. Hyerim has BIG FELLA hard and Ben has her lean over the table. He puts anal lube on BIG FELLA and on her asshole. Ben leans over and tells her that this will hurt for a bit. She looks over at him and tells him her body is his. Ben separates her legs and pushes BIG FELLA against her anal ring. He pushes and pushes until he finally pushes through and she starts to cry a little Ben pushes eight inches into her rectum and lets her adjust to his girth.

When he feels that she is ready Ben begins to pump her thirteen year old ass. He pumps her ass for two hours before he pours his load into her colon. Ben exits her ass with a pop and lays back on the recliner. Hyeri washes BIG FELLA off and then starts to suck on him, after a while she gets him hard again. Hyeri then assumes the same position as her twin and Ben pushes BIG FELLA into her unsuspecting ass and begins to fuck her hard. Hyeri starts screaming and hollering and after about twenty minutes she starts to enjoy the pounding. Ben fucks her ass for three hours and then exits her ass and pushes BIG FELLA down her throat Ben pumps his first load down her throat and into her stomach.

He does the same thing to Hyejung and Hyomi much to their delight. That night Ben does not even make it to bed he just sleeps there on the floor with his four Korean slaves. Before he falls asleep his newest slaves tell their master that they love him. Ben kisses each one. Becky puts a blanket over the bunch and goes to bed with the bed slaves.

In the morning Ben gets up and takes a shower and goes to the architects office with Bill and his plans for the lake house. They review his plans and make some recommendations. The owner of the firm asks Bill about his education and where he got his degree. He says he is at Auburn studying Architecture and will graduate in a year. The owner offers him a job when he graduates. Bill shakes his hand and tells him he will be in touch. Once at the car Bill asks Ben if he set that up with the owner. Ben shakes he head no.

Ben and Bill head to the Adult bookstore to buy Jason some toys. They get him butt plugs, vibrators and eggs for each of the maids. They get his clit vibrators, six bottles of anal lube and other toys. They then go to the pharmacy and see Abigail and get him ten boxes of magnum XL condoms, Ben says that should last him about a week. Ben then picks up vitamins and supplements for him and Jason. Ben kisses Abigail goodbye and tells her he will see her tonight when she gets home. He then thinks about her parents and asks her to think about inviting her parents to the mansion for the holidays.

Abigail pulls Ben over to the side and tells him that she hasnt spoken to her parents in over five years and that they do not get along. She tells him that now that she has taken Mandy away from them they are furious with her. Ben tells her that is all the more reason to reconcile with her parents, especially since they are going to be grandparents. He tells her to think about it for a couple of weeks and discuss it with Mandy when she feels ready to. Abigail kisses her Master and tells him she loves him and cant wait to see their baby girls.

They head back to the mansion and Ben checks on the construction of the new bedrooms. He shakes his head and thinks to himself that he probably needs to add more rooms with all the babies coming. He calls the architects and asks them to draw up plans for another five hundred rooms with ensuite bathrooms, connections for network, television and intercom system. He tells them that he wants five floors one below ground and four above ground. He wants three floors with a large playroom for children. An elevator on either side is a must with one a cargo elevator.

He goes and meets with Becky and she has a package for him from Mexico that came in while he was out with Bill. They both know what it is. Ben calls Jason and tells him to come into the den. When he arrives he hands him the bag of condoms and then he gives him his toys for the maids. Ben tells him that no means no and that if they girls dont want to do something dont make them. Master Ben, the toys were the girls idea. These women are draining my balls, if that is even possible. I cum in these rubbers and they suck it out Jason says as Kea, Keandra and Keisha come into the room. Jason, baby you said you would help us so that we can get finished with our work early. We want to have time to play Kea says as she kisses her boyfriend. Girls, do you like having Jason around.

Yes, Master Ben. We love Jason and making love with him. Look at his sexy ass and nice big cock. Not as big as yours but we love him Kea says. You guys need to be careful and use protection when you have sex in your vaginas. You dont want to get pregnant Ben says to them. Master Ben, we dont necessarily want to get pregnant but if it happens we know we will love those babies and be happy with Jason as the daddy. He is amazing, loving tender and very passionate. All my sisters love him Keisha says.

OK, lovers I will be with you shortly. Let me go put this stuff away and I will be with you shortly Jason says as the triplets leave. Master Ben, I love those girls. If I am going to get them pregnant I am going to need to find a way to support them. Master Ben, I dont want to keep taking from you. I want to earn my keep Jason tells him.

Well Hanna says you are something of a computer wizard is this correct? Ben asks. Well I wouldnt call myself a wizard but I do like them and enjoy learning more and more about them Jason tells him. When you get finished or at least finished servicing the girls today come see me. I want to go over a few ideas with you Ben says. Jason agrees and excuses himself.

Ben shuts and locks the door. He tells Becky that he has commissioned the architects to design another wing of bedrooms. He tells her what he told the architects about what he wants. She adds a kitchen on the two floors with the adults and a dinning room on each floor. Ben agrees with her as usual. He kisses her and tells her that he loves her and cannot imagine life without her.

You know what this is right? Ben asks Becky. Yes, it is the final resolution to Renees ordeal. Lets watch it and then bring in Renee and see if she wants to see it Becky says as she puts the DVD into the laptop and the video begins to play. They watch as while the loan shark that held Renee captive and made her perform sexual acts against her will got what he deserved. They see him with his eye lids cut off, wrist cut off and cauterized, watch as his wife is repeatedly raped and sodomized along with his mistress and daughters. The cameras show him being castrated and force fed his cock and balls. They watch as the loan shark watches his daughters being led off to the whore house. The daughters do not cry or put up any resistance having been raped repeatedly for the last year. The wife and mistress then watch as the loan shark is then executed in a slow deliberate manner. The loan shark sees a picture of Renee and the mercenaries tell him that this is the last face he will ever see. They then pull his eyes out with spoons and then cauterize the wounds with a red hot iron. The loan shark hears his wife beg for her life as they strangle her and then the mistress.

The mercenaries then put a fuck machine with an eighteen inch dildo on it and line it up with his asshole. They then turn the machine on. The video blacks out and then comes back with a date that is ten days later. The machine is still running, as the loan shark is taking all 18 into his ass. The next thing that is shown is the loan shark getting his head cut off with an ax. It takes five strokes to decapitate him.

So that is that. The fucker is now dead. His daughters are now whores, his wife and mistress will be cremated with him Ben tells Becky. Do you think we should show this to Renee or just tell her that he is gone? Becky asks. I think we should just tell her that he is gone and will never come back to hurt her again Ben says. The daughters have a rough life ahead of them Becky says. Becky, they had a good life on the backs of other peoples misery. If they are good whores they will be treated right Ben says Lets not think of them. I am going to lock this in the vault and go see Renee. He locks it up in the vault and they go see Renee who is resting in her room.

Ben knocks on the door and Renee smiles and tells Ben and Becky to come in. Ben asks how is boys are doing. Renee, we just received a DVD from Mexico… Ben says as Renee interrupts him and says So the bastard is dead?. Ben tells her yes and Renee says I am kind of thankful that he is gone and that I went through that ordeal.

Becky asks her why is she thankful that she went through such a horrible thing, Because Becky, if it wasnt for that bastard using and abusing me I might never have met the man of my dreams. I would never have met my Master, my lover and my protector. I would never have experience his loving care. He loved me unconditionally, without ever having sex with me. He loves my daughters and my sister and niece with all of his heart. Look at what he has created here, he takes care of all of us. He loves us all equally, well the rest of us equally. We know you are special and Tiffani has told us why. I know as long as I am with Ben I will be loved and have someone to love.

Master, I love you with all my heart. You have given me a second chance at being a good mother with our sons. You need to go see Sam she wants to ask you something Renee says. OK, my love I will go see her right now. I love you Renee with all my heart. You know why I love Becky more than everyone else. She is my soul mate. I do love all my women, even Reanna who drains my balls ever chance she gets Ben says with a smile. Master, she is a chip off the old block. Like mother like daughter Renee says as she strokes BIG FELLA. Ben gets up after kissing Renee and goes sees Sam.

Sam, Renee says you have something you want to asks me Ben says as he enters her room. Master, I ahhh… Sam says as she looks down. Sam, you are my bed slave. I love you there is nothing you can say to me that I would take the wrong way. Do you want to leave me? Ben asks. Hell no, Master. I love you. I want you to get me pregnant. I want to have your children growing inside of me. I want to give birth to your children. I love you and want to give you children. I have given you everything else but that. I have been taking my fertility drugs and am fertile right now Sam tells him.

Becky would you be a dear and get my pills, I need at least twelve supplements and two little blue babies. I am going to make love to Sam for the rest of the day. We are going to make a beautiful baby or babies together Ben asks her. She goes off to get his pills as Sam sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard. Once hard Ben mounts his little thirteen year old lover, he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy as she moans loudly OH, GOD YES, MASTER Sam tells him as he begins to pump her with long deep strokes. Sam cums quickly as her pussy stretches to accommodates the girth of BIG FELLA. OH GOD, MASTER. I love you she says repeatedly as he continues his assault on her young pussy. It takes him two hours of constant pounding before her cervix lets BIG FELLA into her womb and Ben pours his first load inside of her fertile womb.

Sam, baby. That is the first load. I am going to stay with you until we have five loads inside of your womb Ben tells her. As he rolls on his back, Sam says Master, I think if you put that much of your potent seed inside of me I might have a litter of babies. Sam starts to suck on BIG FELLA as Becky gives him his twelve supplements, vitamins and two little blue babies. Once he is hard Sam gets on top and starts to ride BIG FELLA.

Becky sucks on Bens balls and licks the part of BIG FELLA that is not inside of Sam. They fuck for three hours before Ben rolls Sam onto her back and pushes hard against her cervix he does this for thirty minutes before it relents and lets BIG FELLA in. Once he is in her womb he starts to cum and boy does he cum. It takes him forty-five minutes to stop cumming.

Sams belly is bloated with the amount of cum that is in her womb. They continue to have sex for the rest of the night. By the morning Ben has put ten loads into her womb, she looks like she is 4 months pregnant with all the semen in her womb. She kisses her Master good morning and Ben wakes up Master, I love you she tells him as he rubs her belly. Sam, it looks like Master put a lot of cum inside of you. You should be pregnant with that load Becky says as she gives her cousin her fertility drugs and also a prenatal vitamin that everyone is on. She gives her Master his pills with water and gives him a kiss.

Ben, I love you. You have made Sam very happy. You have made me very happy. I love you with all my heart Becky says as she kisses him. I need to take a shower and get ready for Rebeccas familys arrival. They are arriving today, I need to talk to Dominic and tell him that we have seven guests for dinner Ben says. I took care of it already. We are having Filet mignon, Crab imperial stuffed lobster with all the trimmings Becky tells her lover and husband.

You read my thoughts, my love Ben says with tears in his eyes. I love you more than life itself Ben tells her as he kisses her. Well, what about me. Your lover last night? Sam says. He kisses her and rubs her belly. I love you too.

Ben gets up and goes to the Master Suite to take a shower and recover from a night of love-making with Sam. He gets out of the shower after a half and hour dries off and heads to bed. Reanna, Rachel and Sarah come over and massage his tired muscles Sarah leans over and tells her Master Rest now my love, we will wake you when Rebeccas parents land and are on the way. We love you. You have made Samantha very happy. She is sleeping now with a huge smile on her face and a very swollen belly. I love you. You made my sister very happy. I could feel her joy when you were making love last night. They kiss him and take care of him. Ben looks up and tells Reanna, Dont even think about touching BIG FELLA. I have nothing left. He falls asleep and Reanna takes BIG FELLA down her fifteen year old throat, not trying to get him hard just to massage him.

Ben sleeps for eight hours before his lovers wake him up. Ben looks down and sees BIG FELLA in Reannas throat. She takes him out and tells her Master Just keeping him warm, my love. I want to get pregnant with your child my love. I dont want to wait any longer. I love you with all my heart. I always have always will. I always give you my all. Me too, Master. I want to get pregnant along with my sister.

You know I cannot deny you ladies anything that you want. Let me get through the introduction to Rebeccas family Ben says to his two lovers. We love you Master they both say to him in unison. They kiss him and he gets up and takes another shower and thinks to himself it is nice not having to shave ever again thanks to Emily.

Ben dries off and goes downstairs and sees Rebecca. She comes up to him and kisses him Master, my parents are at the security gate. I know relax, everything will be alright. I love you and will always protect you and love you. You are mine, nothing they say can ever take that away Ben tells her.

They go to the pool area and get into the pool together and swim around. Ben tells Maize to show Karl and family into the pool area when they arrive. Ben and Rebecca are there with Becky, Laurie, Brooklyn, Madison, Hanna, Bea, Jayne and a few other slaves.

Karl and his family come in and notice everyone is naked. Becky tells him they are nudist in the mansion and on the grounds. Rebecca tells her mother, sister and brother to take off their clothes and join her in the pool. She introduces her father to Ben. The shake hands as Ben gets out of the pool.

OH, MY GOD, Rebecca that thing is huge Dee says to her daughter as Ashley, Ameilia, Gemma, and Grace stare at BIG FELLA. Rebecca smiles and says yes he is huge and it feels great when he is inside of me. She tells her parents that she is in her second year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Rebecca introduces them to the other ladies in the pool area. She then tells her brother Karl Jr. to take off his clothes, he has nothing to be ashamed of. He does and Rebecca looks at his cock. Damn, Karl that is one fine cock you have. Brooklyn comes over and gets down on her knees and starts sucking on him. Yes very nice she says as she looks up at him. She deep throats his 12 cock getting him hard.

Karl are you a virgin? Laurie asks. He shakes his head yes. Well after today, you will no longer be a virgin.

Karl Jr. there are several rules in the mansion. When a woman says no it means no. No going bareback in my girls pussies, you can fuck their asses bareback all you want. Enjoy yourself Ben tells him as he starts to make love with Brooklyn after she put a rubber on his large cock.

Karl, I love Rebecca with all my heart. We met in New York City last year and she decided to live with me and the family. She is mine, I take care of her. She is going to school right now and will continue as long as she wants. She has not made up her mind on what she wants to do after she gets out or what her major is yet. I support her in any decision she makes Ben tells him.

What is the deal with the tattoos? Karl asks.

This states that I am Bens property Rebecca says. This shows everybody that I have completed my anal training, and my pussy training Rebecca shows her family her Queen of Spades tattoos and then tells them that this one is self-explanatory pointing to the one on her hip. The other ones are just decoration. She then walks over to her father and slowly undresses him.

Father, Ben is the man I am going to be spending the rest of my life with. He is a very generous and caring man. I love him with all my heart She kisses him on his lips. Becky comes over and kisses Karl on the lips. We love Rebecca and she is ours. We take care of her, she is our family and we take care of our family. There is another rule for women in the mansion, there is to be no hair below the neckline. Becky tells the ladies that they can take care of that after dinner. Tiffani walks in and Becky introduces her to Rebeccas family.

Master loves his family and we love him. We will introduce you to his children and other slaves in a bit Tiffani says. I see your son is enjoying Brooklyn over there Tiffani says as she rubs Karls chest and then his cock, Rebecca, you father has a nice cock Tiffani says as she starts to suck on him.

We need to get you two checked out by our family doctor before you can have sex with the family Ben tells them, I always protect my family. I will always protect the family!. The twins whisper to Rebecca We are virgins can we have Ben?. Girls, we all share Bens affections. He will only make love to women that want to have relations with him. He does not have to force himself on any woman.

Bill, Vivian and Leslie walk in and Vivian and Leslie give their Master a kiss. Ben doesnt need to force a woman to love him or make love with him. He has a lot of women here that love him and care for him. Karl, this is my wife and daughter, Vivian and Leslie. Laurie over there is my daughter also. They love Ben with all their hearts. I supported my wifes decision to become Bens lover and slave. I have never been happier in my life and neither has my wife or daughters. Leslie just gave birth as did my wife to Bens children. Laurie is pregnant now. We love being a part of Bens family, our family. Ben is like a brother to me, a brother I never had. I love him like a brother Bill says. He also is always naked in the house. You will get use to BIG FELLA swinging in between his legs. With all these ladies around him, he barley has a minute to himself.

Master, my sisters want a turn with you Rebecca says. Oh, my god no Rebecca. That cock of his is too big for them Dee says, I dont think I could even take something that BIG. Momma, we are going to make love to Ben. If what Rebecca tell us is true, he is the perfect one to take our virginity Ashley says and her sister agree. Look over there at Karl Jr. he is enjoying his time with Brooklyn Ameilia tells her mother.

Tomorrow we will take you and Karl to see Doctor Reynolds and get a clean HIV/STD certificate so that you can have sex with anyone you want Ben says. Ben, I have only had sex with Karl. I am pretty sure that he has only had sex with me for the last twenty two years. I love Karl and he loves me Dee says.

I have only had sex with Dee. Have never wanted to have sex with another woman Karl says. Never Dad? You have never fantasized about another woman or wished you could have sex with another woman Rebecca says. I have fantasized about other women, but I love your mother with all my heart and would never jeopardize our love Karl says.

Rebecca drops to her knees and looks at Ben and he nods knowing what she is going to do. I have fantasized about making love to you, Dad. I love you Rebecca says as she starts to suck on his cock. Once hard she puts a rubber on his cock and then puts him on his back and straddles him. I love you daddy. I want you to be apart of my new family. Please consider it Rebecca says as she rides her father.

Oh, baby no. I cant you are my daughter Karl says as Rebecca continues to ride his cock. Dad, I love you. I have always wanted to be your lover. I have always used you as a template for the guys I have dated. Until I met Ben none of them compared to you. Ben is a fine man, caring, gentle and kind. He loves me and I love him.

She then take her fathers 9 1/2 cock out of her pussy and then puts it in her ass and continues to grind on him. I love the feel of a cock in my ass, Dad. Have you ever fucked a woman in her ass before?. Dee is laying next to them as they make love and Ben gets in between her legs and starts sucking on her pussy. Ben makes her cum repeatedly and Ben looks up at Dee and says I see you have something in common with your daughter. You both are squirters. I cant wait to sample your other daughters pussies.

You are good at that Ben Dee says. He has a lot of experience at sucking pussy Bill says as Joe comes into the room. Ben gets up and looks to Becky and she commands Joe to continue sucking on Dees pussy as Ben goes over to Ashley and begins sucking on her virgin pussy. He strokes her hymen and she goes nuts, bucking her hips and wailing. She climaxes hard as Ben continues his assault on her virgin pussy. He makes her climax six times before he gets up from her groin.

OH, God, Ben that was amazing. Are you going to fuck me now? Ashley says as Ben pushes her legs apart. Dee screams No, please dont take my little girl. Please Ben you are too big for her. Momma, I want him inside of me. I want to give him my virginity like Rebecca. Fuck me Ben, take my virginity Ben smiles and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy pressing her hymen and then breaking it. He fucks her all the way to her cervix and she screams to her mother Damn, he is huge. Mom, he is stretching my pussy out. He is making it his. OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD. I feel so FULL. Ben fucks her deep all the way to her cervix. He pounds her cervix for 90 minutes before it relents and lets BIG FELLA into her womb.

Ben leans over and whispers in her ear and asks her What do you want Ashley? What do you want? Tell me what you want and it will be given to you. He pounds her for another hour and she screams out Oh, GOD BEN BARNES. I want to be yours. I want to be your lover like my sister. I want to be your slave. Please take me Ashley says. I cant hear you Ben tells her. OH GOD I WANT TO BE YOURS BEN BARNES, MAKE ME YOUR SLAVE LIKE MY SISTER REBECCA. I WANT TO BE YOURS. I WANT YOU TO BE MY MASTER AND LOVER! Ashley says at the top of her lungs as Ben continues to pound her womb.

OK, Ashley, I hear you and I accept you as my slave. You are mine now and I will take care of you Ben says and he looks to her twin sister and tells Ameilia, Gemma and Grace All you have to do is ask, girls. Ben then explodes deep inside of her womb. You are mine now Ben says to Ashley. Rebecca has finished fucking her father as Ben exits Ashleys pussy.

Maize comes into the room and tells Becky that dinner is ready. They all go to the dinning room and Ben introduces Karl and his family to the family. Karl sees all the women that Bill referred to and knows what he meant.

They take their seats and Becky whispers into Bens ear Well that went pretty well, Ashley is yours now, with her twin sister to follow shortly. Gemma and Grace are not to far behind. What is your take on Karl and Dee?. I think they will come around Ben tells his wife.

When they all have their wine Ben toasts To the family, to our new arrivals Rebeccas family from New York. Welcome enjoy your stay, my castle is your castle. To family and the love we have for one another. They all clink glasses, Karl sees most ladies kissing other ladies. He is amazed at the collection of beautiful women that Ben has surrounded himself with.

Karl looks over the maids, each one is beautiful. Dinner is served with each plate having a stuffed lobster and a filet on it with a baked potato and asparagus. Ben asks Karl how does he like his streak and lobster. Karl says it is fantastic. Ben then tells Karl and his family that dinner is served promptly at 6:30 each evening. Breakfast and Lunch are more casual. After dinner, Ben escorts Karl, Dee and family on a tour of the mansion. They see their daughters room which is bigger than their bedroom at home. Ben individually introduces them to each of his slaves. He warns both Karls to watch out for Reanna and Renee. He tells them that they will drain them of all of their liquids.

Ben shows them his master suite which is the top floor of the four story wing that faces the pool and basketball/volleyball courts. He tells Ashley, Ameilia, Gemma and Grace to stay there with Becky, Laurie and Brooklyn. Ben then takes Karl, Dee and Karl Jr down to the guest suites and tells them he will see them tomorrow. Ben gives Karl Jr. a box of rubbers.

Ben goes back upstairs and sees his girls giving Rebeccas sister a shave. First up is Ameilia who Ben takes to the bed with a towel. Do you want to give me you virginity, Ameilia? Ben asks. She gets down on her knees and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and tells him. Yes, I want you to make me a woman. Your woman, I saw how you made love to Ashley. She loved it, Rebecca loves you and has told us that your are a great lover. I want you to be my first.

Ben lets her suck BIG FELLA until he is hard. He then sucks her pussy until she climaxes three times. Ben then spreads her legs and then starts to rub her slit with BIG FELLA. Her sisters come into the room and witness this. Ben then pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her making her bite her lip in pain. Ben leans over and tells her the worst is over and starts to stroke her pussy with nice long even strokes. He hits her cervix with each stroke. Ameilia moans Ow, you are hitting my cervix with each stroke, Ben. Master always cums in our wombs, Ameilia Becky tells her.

Tell m

My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 21 Cayman Island Girls Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Introduction: This is a purely fictional story. A continuation of the story of Ben Barnes and his family. My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 21 Cayman Island Girls Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings Characters Introduced: Penelope, 40, Briannas Mother, 55, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck Iris, 18, Briannas Sister, 54 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C...


My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Characters Introduced: Penelope, 40, Brianna's Mother, 5'5, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck Iris, 18, Brianna's Sister, 5'4 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Julian, 16, Brianna's Sister, 5'2,White, Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck Jillian, 16, Brianna's Sister, White, 5'2,Blond Hair with...


The Devil's Pact Chapter 53: The Fall of Rome

by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Fifty-Three: The Fall of Rome Visit my blog at My name is Chasity Alberta Glassner, the Tyrants' daughter. I write these words down so my motivations will not be lost to time, and so there will be no confusion, speculation, or misunderstanding about my actions. –Excerpt from 'The Tyrants'...


Island Royale: Institutional White Slavery in the New Millennium (REPOST)

This is a repost of the story I recently submitted, edited as necessary because of the limitations of the XNXX website format which confuses graphics, inexplicably substitutes a question mark for quotation marks at times, and does not permit footnotes. It is hoped therefore that this reposting will provide more clarity. I have also reposted the story as one entire novella because it is...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning…. Chapter Six ______________,,______________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a pretty tight schedule, and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis apartment actually a pair of rooms much like the...


The Devil's Pact Chapter 52: The Tyrant's Daughter

by mypenname3000 edited by Master Ken Copyright 2013, 2014 Chapter Fifty-Two: The Tyrants' Daughter Visit my blog at After the death of Dagon and the end of the Great Eclipse, the followers of the demoness Lilith were rounded up. Lana and Chantelle, High Priestesses of Lilith, were vociferous in their praise of their dead goddess, and went to the gallows for...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Two)

Introduction: To make sense, start from the beginning…. Chapter Two ____________________________ A glorious sun-drenched early morning greeted me as I awoke in my bed alongside the lovely brunette door prize I had won at the party the previous evening. It had been arranged for me to interview Greg at nine oclock, so after fucking the young woman just once more I dismissed her from my suite,...


My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise

Introduction: The continuing adventures of Ben Barnes and his loving slaves My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise Characters Introduced: Chasity, 20, Jessica Taylors Sister, 56, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts Carrie, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts Carmen, 15, Jessica Taylors...


The Waking Dream

London, Spring 1816 He clearly remembered when he first became aware of a hint of unease; a sense of otherworldly darkness. Before then in his life, of course, he had moments of disquiet in terms of worry and fretting, but they were normal daylight concerns. He remembered as if from a great distance his medical training in the cool grey light of Edinburgh, his careful studies on sleepwalking and...


The Way to Paradise

It is 1809 and Napoleon is soon to marry Marie-Louise of Austria. The French are at war with Britain and Portugal. In a sleepy outpost in the Indian Ocean 2,000 kilometers off the south east coast of Africa the French-Creole inhabitants of what the Arab sailors called “Dina Arobi”, the Portugese called “Cirne” and the French now called “Ile de France” had established their own version...


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