Forced Family

Introduction: Familys unwanted sexual awakening has just begun The Elliott family was one of the nicest families on their block. John and Jackie had been high school sweethearts. Jackie had gotten pregnant at 17 so the two of them got married. John had already graduated and was working full-time while attending community college part-time. They had difficulties at first. But Jackie wasnt due until summer so she was able to graduate. Their son, Josh, was born. Then the following year Jackie got pregnant again and had their second, and final, child, Jana.

Despite the odds being against them the Elliotts prevailed. John finished school and got a decent job. Then Jackie continued her education once both of the kids were in grade school, and she too got a nice job.

They became very active in their local church and enrolled their kids into Catholic school. Jackie had decided to do her best to ensure that her children had better moral values as teenagers than she had so that they would not have to face the early struggles that she and John had to endure.

At 42 Jackie was still a striking looking woman. She always took care of herself and was often thought to be a few years younger. She was only 54 but still had a firm body. She kept her black hair cut short. And even her small 32-B cup breast looked nice on her petite frame.

John stood over six feet and was a handsome man in his own right. He had short brown hair and was in pretty good shape for a man for 45. He could be accused of having a wandering eye, but had never strayed from his wife of 19 years. In fact, the two of them were the only sexual partners that either had ever been with.

Josh took after his father. Standing just over six feet, he had well-trimmed brown hair and eyes. He was very handsome and had always been popular with the girls. His first year of college had been particularly good as he often found himself surrounded by attractive females. And he had taken advantage of the situation to lose his virginity and explore sex with three different girls throughout the year.

If the others were attractive then it would have to be said that Jana was nothing short of beautiful. The 18-year old Homecoming Queen was taller than her mother, standing 56. Had long black hair that hung nearly to her waist. Her face was exotically beautiful. Large brown, almond-shaped eyes. A cute button nose and a smile that captured your attention. Her body was both slender and shapely. While she only sported a 36-B bustline it looked nice on her tight body. And her legs were lovely. Jana was the type of girl that turned heads everywhere she went.

She had also learned the art of teasing very well. While still a virgin, Jana had figured out how to take advantage of her looks to get her way. And nothing excited her more than leading a cute guy on with unspoken promises of a peek under her shirt or a chance to run their hands over her firm little body. She had gotten two boys to masturbate in front of her, pretending that it grossed her out while getting wet watching. She wasnt a prude. It was just that Jana was biding her time. She was going to make someone work very hard at earning the right to be the first to enter her highly treasured love box.

Jackie and John had taken Jana with them on their trip up to Joshs college to pick him up for the holiday. They wanted to use the opportunity to give Jana a tour of the school to see if she was interested in applying there. With graduation less than seven months away she needed to begin applying soon.

They toured the campus then left for the trip to Grandmas. Spent the next two days there then started the journey home. Expecting to drop Josh off at school late Saturday night. Then grabbing a motel room and heading back home Sunday.

But on the way back the car blew a fan belt and overheated. Leaving them stranded in the middle of nowhere. Worse, they had left the cell-phone at home.

As luck would have it (so they thought) a passing truck stopped. The two men in the truck had spotted Jana standing outside the car in her tight jeans and clinging shirt had immediately caught their attention. Upon learning the out-of-town familys situation they offered to help. But help was not what they had on their mind.

The driver, a rugged looking man in his late-twenties went back to his truck and used his phone to call for assistance. In about fifteen minutes a tow truck arrived. John noticed that it said Private Use Only on the side but was not about to argue with help. The driver, a long haired, skinny man who introduced himself as Ray said that he had a friend who operated a small shop and he would have no trouble replacing their hose. John regretted the $100 dollar tow bill but paid. Ray hooked their car up. John got in the truck with him and left the other three in the car. Seeing that everything was under control the other two men, Doug and Tim, wished them well and drove off.

Ray towed the car down the road a few miles then turned off a side road. John was more concerned about his family sitting in the car being banged around on this bumpy road than he was about where they were headed. After several more minutes, and a few more turns, Ray pulled into a dirt driveway. In the dark John could barely make out a small, garage-like, building. Then he saw the pickup that had been driven by Doug and Tim.

Ray lowered the car then led everyone inside. When they entered they saw Doug and Tim leaning against a tool counter drinking beer with two other men. The taller of the two was the so-called proprietor, as Ray had called him. A heavyset man about Johns height named Ed. The other fellow was a homely man with a beer gut and a nasty scar on his face. He looked to be around 40, while the others were all in their late twenties to early thirties. He introduced himself as Don.

John was immediately uncomfortable with the way the men looked over both his wife and daughter. His concerns grew worse when he asked how long it would take to fix his car and he saw an amusing look exchanged between Ray and Ed.

John was about to usher his family outside when he realized that while talking to Ed, both Doug and Tim had moved into a position close to the door.

Were gonna fix your car, alright. Ed told him. But I want more than money to pay the bill.

What the hell are you talking about? John demanded.

My friends and I would like a little action. Why dont you ladies take off your clothes for us.

Fuck you! Jackie shouted back.

Now that aint a nice, lady. Ed said, then he drove his fist into Johns stomach with enough force to double him over.

Josh rushed his fathers attacker, only to find himself struck in the back by something hard. He stumbled forward and fell to the filthy floor as Don stood over him holding a crowbar, ready to use it again if necessary.

Please dont hurt them. Jackie pleaded.

Ed took a couple steps away from John and pulled out a knife. Upon looking around the room Jackie could see that each of the five were armed with a knife, crowbar, large screwdriver, or some such weapon. Unless you want some serious damage done, Id suggest you strip. And I mean everyone, we wouldnt want your men here to be any better off that the ladies now would we?

Jackie blushed. You cant expect me to strip naked in front of my kids.

It doesnt look like you have a choice now, does it. Ed spat back.

Jackie fumbled with the buttons of her blouse. Feeling shame wash over her as all eyes in the room were upon her. She pulled off her shirt, revealing her white wonderbra, and began unfastening her pants. As she did so, John and Josh began disrobing. Only Jana stood still, until Doug pushed a metal bar in her direction and nudged her on. Soon the four of them stood there in their undergarments. Jackie in her bra and matching white panties. Jana in a pretty light blue bra and black silk panties, and both men in their briefs. Then they were instructed to disrobe one at a time. First John then Josh. Jackie had not realized just how much her son had grown over the last several years. She could see his shame as he stood their naked. And realized that he had developed much like his father. In fact, Jackie caught herself thinking that when erect he might be slightly larger than his fathers 8-inches.

Jackie was forced to disrobe next. She slowly removed her bra. As her small tits came into view several of them men called out their approval. Whether it was from her nerves, or from the chill in the air, her nipples became hard much to the delight of their captors. For while her breast were small, Jackies nipples were quite large. Then she slid her cotton panties down her legs revealing her thick black thatch of hair. And stood their mortified as the men watched her.

Next. Came the call and Jana realized that it was her turn. She reached behind and unsnapped her bra. Blushing as she pulled it off to reveal her firm little boobs. Like her mother, her nipples quickly became erect. Although not as big as her moms, Jana had some very nice nipples as well. She lowered her panties, and much to Jackies surprise, she saw that Jana had a very well trimmed bush. She was shaved around her lips and had a small triangle of black hair above her pussy. Seeing the two ladies standing there was a wonderful sight. And Jackie knew by the way the men were gawking that she paled next to her gorgeous daughters luscious body. She knew that if she didnt do something quick that Jana was in for some serious trouble.

Look, if you guys promise not to hurt anyone, Ill do whatever you want. Jackie said.

John looked at his wife in horror.

Its the only way to get out of this, John. She said, trying to avoid looking him in the eyes.

Lets get this straight, Ed replied. Youre saying that you will willingly fuck us, or do whatever we want?

Yes, whatever you want. As long as you leave Jana alone.

Jana couldnt believe the sacrifice her mother was willing to make on her behalf. She looked at the five men standing there and knew that she wouldnt want to be touched by any of them. And here was her mother willing to take on all of them.

Tie the others up. Ed ordered.

There were four poles in the corners of the room. Jana, John and Josh were each led to a pole and their hands were tied behind their backs securing them to the pole. They were forced to stand there facing the center of the room where Jackie stood nude with Doug and Tim undressing before her. She was forced to bend over. Tim stood before her face with his hard cock protruding from his loins. Suck me. He said. Jackie avoided looking at her family as she took the tiny cock into her mouth and began sucking. Then she felt Doug getting between her legs behind her. She could feel his shaft rubbing up against her hairy pussy. She fought back tears as he slipped it between the lips of her moistening pussy and began fucking her. She could only imagine how this must look to her husband, and worse, her kids.

Jackie continued sucking the cock in her mouth, wanting nothing more than to get this over with as soon as possible. Then she felt Doug quickening his pace behind her. She fought back the urge to scream as she felt his semen coat her insides as he came in her pussy. As soon as he pulled out Ray got behind her and slid his pecker into her already used hole. She could feel that he was bigger than Doug had been. Just as she realized that she felt Tims cock blast its load into her mouth. She tried to pull away but his hands held her head in place and she was forced to suck every drop of his hot, salty cum. Then he too was gone, and in his place stood the disgusting Don.

He took a moments pleasure out of slapping her face with his cock before thrusting it into her mouth. She began sucking, but Don grabbed her head and started fucking her face. Jackie had to fight back the sudden urge to gag as he rammed his tool into the back of her mouth. She was getting reamed on both ends. Doug leaned forward and began pinching her large nipples as he fucked her. Jackie cringed at this because her nipples were ultra sensitive to the touch and she did not want to be aroused by this man. With a sense of finality she felt Doug cumming in her pussy, followed quickly by Dons spewing cock in her mouth. One more and she prayed that these bastards would let them go.

As the two men pulled their slicked rods free from Jackie Ed ordered them to tie her to the fourth pole. Jackie wondered what he had in mind for her. She stood there feeling traces of cum trickle out of her pussy and down her thighs. Then she saw that both John and Josh had become erect during her ordeal. She could see that both men were humiliated at having become aroused. It wasnt that either had enjoyed watching Jackie getting raped. But was more of an involuntary reaction of seeing a pretty woman getting fucked. Jackie was also shocked to realize that she had been staring at Joshs prick, realizing that he was indeed larger than his father, by about an inch.

Ed came to stand before Jackie. He fondled her boobs, tweaked her nipples, and then leaned forward to lick and suck each one in turn. Jackie flushed as he continued doing this, feeling her body stir against her will from his manipulations. Youre pretty, momma. But I want something else. He said as he walked away from Jackie over to Jana.

No, you bastard! Jackie screamed. Leave her alone!

Ed played with Janas slightly larger boobs, then began nibbling on her nipples. Jana jerked her head and struggled against her bonds but couldnt escape the groping hands upon her. Ed ignored the threats and pleas that came from both Jackie and John as he dropped to his knees and held the 18-year olds legs still so he could lick her pussy. Jana flinched as his tongue caressed her lips and then her clit. Then he pressed his finger inside her pussy. Jana was shaking with fear as his finger struck her hymen. Ed looked up at her with surprise. Are you a virgin? He asked.

Jana nodded her head yes, thinking that he would have pity on her and spare her any more humiliation. She silently pleaded for him to fuck her mother instead, feeling guilty as she did so.

Damn, guys. This hot babe is still cherry! Ed said as he got up off his knees and began undoing his pants. When his hard cock sprang into view before her Jana screamed. Then Ed stepped between her legs and began rubbing his cockhead against her sweet pussy. He grabbed her ass and slowly began inserting his dick into her. Jana wriggled and yelled the entire time, feeling him sinking further and further into her. His head struck her hymen and he stopped. Jana honestly believed that he was going to pull out and stop when she felt him backing off. Then he rammed forward. Jana screamed as his cock smashed against her thin membrane of skin that had protected her insides for over 18 years. With a wave of pain his dick burst through, robbing her of her virginity. Oh fuck, this pussy is fantastic! Ed proclaimed as he buried his shaft all the way inside the struggling girl.

Jackie watched in horror as her daughter was raped. She felt even more shameful of her own rape for it had saved nothing. John seethed with anger as his baby girl was being violated by this scum. All he wanted to do was break free and wrap his hands around his neck. Josh couldnt take his eyes off his sister getting fucked. As much as he felt sorry for her, he still could not ignore just how sexy his little sister was. His cock was stiff and beginning to throb. He tried to resist the feelings he was having but nothing would make the damned thing go soft again.

Ed continued stroking his meat into Janas tight pussy. The girl had given up struggling and stood there, being held tightly against his body. All she could do was pray that he would pull out before cumming in her. Each thrust wracked her body from head to toe and she despised this man for using her as a toy for his amusement. Ed began ramming her harder and faster. Grunting with every stroke. His eyes locked on to Janas and she knew he was ready to blast his seed into her. She cried out for him to stop but received only a satisfied smile in return. Then his hips bucked harder. Ed groaned as the first blast of his orgasm was released into her. Ed slammed harder and continued pumping his load into Janas violated cunt. When he had finally finished he pulled out, finding a trace of blood on his cock. He could see a small trail dripping down Janas right thigh from where he had busted her open.

Well that was the best pussy Ive ever had. He said to the quite girl.

No one in the room spoke. All five of the men had been satisfied now. Jackie and the others wondered if they would be let go or not. The other four men looked to Ed to see what he had in mind. Ed walked around the room. Seeing Joshs hard cock he walked over. Shit, boys. Take a look at this thing. Junior here is horny too.

Fuck you. Josh answered.

Ill bet you would like to have someone take care of that for you, wouldnt you? Ed asked. Let momma suck it. Don suggested.

Ed agreed that that wasnt a bad idea. Doug and Tim quickly untied Jackies ropes and dragged her across the small room. She kicked and screamed the entire way but was unable to stop them from shoving her onto the floor before her son. Suck his dick. Ed ordered.

Jackie kneeled in silence. Refusing to look up at her son. She was not about to be forced into something so wrong.

Hey, Don. Ed asked. Whens the last time you fucked a guy?

Don grinned. Now you know I aint done no guys since I was in prison. Ive always liked women more.

Well, if Momma wont play nice, then maybe well let you take Juniors asshole. Im sure its as virgin as his sister was.

Josh nearly lost his erection over that comment. The thought of being but raped by another man was horrifying to the 19-year old.

Hell, while you do that maybe Ill take his sisters cherry asshole too. Ray said.

No, please dont. Jackie said.

Then suck him. Ed ordered.

Jackie looked at her sons penis. She looked up to his face, wanting to say she was sorry but unable to speak. She looked away, not wanting to see him. Then slowly leaned forward to begin sucking her own sons cock. Mom, no! Josh cried out as his mothers lips wrapped around his shaft. Josh looked and saw both his dad and sister watching him getting blown by his mother. He had enjoyed a few blow jobs during this past year, and realized that no matter how much he hated what was happening that his cock was already enjoying this one as well.

Until tonight Jackie had only been with one man in her life, her husband. And she had always enjoyed giving him blowjobs. She believed that she was quite good at it. She had just been forced to swallow cum from two rapists and was now being made to do the same to her son. She felt sorry for Josh for she knew that he could not help but enjoy the sensations of a womans mouth on his dick. She thought that the only way to help him was to do as good a job as ever so that he would cum and get his torment over with. But Josh didnt realize that his mothers expert strokes were designed to finish him quickly for his own good. Part of him began thinking that his mother was enjoying this. He wished that she wouldnt do such a good job. He wanted to tell her bud didnt want to embarrass her any further by letting their captors know his mother was enjoying this. Josh felt her tongue slide along the underside of his cock. His mothers lips running smoothly up and down his shaft. He could feel his balls growing tighter as his mother sucked. He tried to hold back but could not resist the feeling that was overcoming him. He could feel the sperm rising in him. His cock needed release. He couldnt believe that his mother could be making him feel so damn good. Then he moaned uncontrollably as his balls unleashed their contents into his mothers mouth.
Jackie felt Joshs cock swell slightly more and knew what was about to happen. She closed her eyes and tried to no avail to forget that this was not her son in her mouth. He climaxed suddenly and ferociously in her mouth. Jackie sucked and swallowed his seed as it continued filling her mouth.

Josh could not help but enjoy the orgasm. His mothers mouth milked him dry, then pulled away. Josh looked down at his mother as she crawled away from him. Then looked around into the faces of his father and sister.

Jana could not believe the sight she had just witnessed. She had heard plenty of talk about oral sex. But the thought of sucking a cock did not seem exciting to her. Yet there was her mother sucking her brother off. And taking his cum in her mouth and swallowing it. Jana could not believe her eyes. She also could not believe the size of her brothers and fathers penises. Both were larger than the others in the room, and larger than the two boys she had watched jerk off. She wondered if she could take something that size into her tiny hole. Then felt shame for thinking such thoughts after realizing that she was looking at her own family.

John stared on in disbelief. He had been forced to watch his wife and daughter raped. Then to watch as his wife was made to suck off his son. Despite it all he too had once again grown erect. He hoped that they would make Jackie suck him off next so that he could at least get rid of the erection and not feel so ashamed standing there before his children that way.

Ed obviously sensed Johns discomfort and walked over to stand beside him. Well, looks like papa would like a little relief too. He rubbed the blunt edge of his knife along the underside of Johns dick, making it twitch. Well I guess we should let him get off too. Untie his daughter.

No! John yelled as two of them men unfastened Janas bonds and began dragging the struggling girl over to where he stood. Please god, no! Jana cried.

Jackie begged the men to let her do it instead of her daughter but her cries went ignored. Jana was forced to her knees before her father but she refused to do anything.

Well, if she wont do that then I guess we can just cut daddies nutsack off instead. Don suggested.

Jana looked up pleadingly. She was afraid that they would really hurt her father if she didnt comply. So hesitantly, she leaned forward and took the head of her fathers cock into her virgin mouth.

Suck it! One of the men demanded. Jana began moving her mouth up and down her fathers shaft the way she had just watched her mother do with Josh. John couldnt believe his eyes. He could not pull them away from the sight of his beautiful daughters face as she sucked the very cock that created her. Worse, he could feel his dick responding to her stimulation in a pleasurable way. Jana was no where near the level of cocksucker that her mother was. But John could not deny how good it felt to have a fresh pair of lips around his shaft. Oh god. He silently moaned to himself. I am enjoying being blown by my daughter.

Jana couldnt believe that the first cock that she would ever have in her mouth was that of her own fathers. She wanted to gag but was afraid to stop. She continued sucking his stiff tool, all the while looking up at her dad in shame. She could here the jeers of the other men as they cheered her on. Out of the corner of her eye she could see her mom and brother watching her demise.

While Jana sucked her father, Ed walked over to where Jackie laid on the floor. He forced her onto her knees facing her husband and daughter, then got down and slid his cock into her wet hole and began fucking her while commenting on how tight Janas sweet pussy had been and how cute she looked blowing her dad. When Jackie didnt respond he pulled out and began rubbing his head against her asshole. Jackie jumped forward and tried crawling away but he held her tight. Either your ass or your little girls. He said. Jackie stayed motionless as Ed began working his cock into her virgin asshole. Never before had she felt such pain as when he broke past her anal ring. Jackie could not help but cry out in agony as he sank his shaft the rest of the way in with one thrust. She could see her son and husband both turn their heads to see what was happening to her. But even as Ed began pumping her butt she could do nothing but watch Jana.

Joshs mind was awash with emotions. He had just enjoyed cumming in his mothers mouth. And now was watching his mother getting buttfucked and his sister sucking his dads cock. And to his surprise he felt his cock beginning to grow again. Then Don was standing at his side. Seeing your momma and sister getting you horny again, boy. Josh refused to answer. Then Don reached down and grabbed his hardening pecker in his hand. Maybe I can help you along.

Josh flinched as the older man began stroking his shaft slowly. He had no control over himself as Dons actions caused his cock to grow harder. Now, in addition to watching his mother and sister being violated, he was being jerked off by another man.

John had been watching Jackie getting buttfucked, but he couldnt keep his mind off of the mouth sucking him. Like a moth to flame his eyes were drawn back to Janas face. He could feel his balls tighten. The pressure was building in the head of his cock and he knew that it wouldnt be long before he released himself into her mouth. He wanted it to stop but soon found that he was slightly thrusting his hips forward to meet his daughters actions.

Jana couldnt believe what was happening. He dad was actually enjoying this! She felt betrayed by him that he was gaining pleasure from her being forced to go down on him like this.

John tried to stop, but his body was enjoying the sensation caused by Janas mouth. He couldnt hold back any longer. He exhaled sharply then rolled his eyes has his orgasm hit and began spurting his load into Janas mouth.

Jana felt something warm trickle on her tongue. She mistook that for her fathers orgasm, then felt a wad of salty cum blast the back wall of her throat. She choked a moment, then felt more and more spurting into her mouth. She swallowed some, while the rest spilled out over her lips. Her dad was clenching his legs tightly as he continued blowing his load into her mouth. Finally his cock stopped twitching and spitting and began to grow flaccid and she was permitted to pull away.

Meanwhile, Jackie was getting drilled in the ass by Ed. She knew when her husband got off in Janas mouth. And felt humiliated for her little girl.

Jana got little relief. As soon as she was done she heard the older man yell, Bring her here to finish her brother! She turned to see Josh struggling against the pole as Don was slowly stroking his cock. Doug grabbed the girl and pushed and shoved her over to her brother where she was forced to her knees once more and made to begin sucking Joshs cock. She gagged slightly trying to get him into her mouth, amazed that he was even bigger than her father.

Josh felt his sister begin sucking his cock. He hated to admit it but he welcomed her mouth with relief for he was afraid that he was going to cum at the hands of Don. He was so close to climax when she began that it took only a minute of her sucking him before Janas mouth was filled with cum for the second time.

Jackie lowered her head as Jana began sucking Josh. She felt Eds pace quickening, then felt him cum inside her torn asshole. He continued to pump her ass until he had spent every drop in her. Then pulled out so quick that Jackie thought she would empty her bowels on the floor. She fell forward shaking. But not just from the assfucking she had just received. She was also experiencing something she hadnt expected. While Ed was fucking her ass his balls were slapping at her pussy, stimulating her clit. Jackie was shocked to realize that after being raped by five men and forced to suck off her own son that her pussy was aroused. She had heard of women becoming stimulated by unwanted sex, but never thought that she would do that. She lowered her fingers of one hand to her mound and found it drenched and not just with cum from these men, but with her own juices that were freely flowing. Jackie was ashamed of the fact that she needed someone else to stick a cock in her so that she could have an orgasm too. Why not? she thought to herself. John got to cum so I should too. Then Jackie began to regret her thoughts.

Holy shit, shes fingering herself! Timmy cried out. Jackie jerked her hand away from her pussy. They had mistaken her self-examination for masturbation. Well maybe we need to give her some more. Doug said. Jackie tried to hide the fact that she now hoped one of them would stick his filthy cock in her.

Shell get off alright, Don said. But let her daughter do it.

Jackie and Jana both froze.

Don grabbed the girl from where she lay crumpled on the floor after swallowing her brothers cum and began dragging her to where her mother lay. Jackie started to move but Timmy and Ray held her in place on her back while the others forced Jana down onto the floor and shoved her head between Jackies legs. Lick your momma. Someone said.

Jana slowly opened her mouth and began licking her moms pussy. She could taste the cum inside her mothers pussy as well as the natural juices that Jackie was discharging. Jana had tasted her own juices on her fingers before while getting herself off at night and recognized them at once. She had admired other girls bodies before. But never thought of having sex with them. And now here she was licking her own mother. She saw Jackies clit popped up out of the folds of its resting-place and knew that her mom was aroused. Without thinking anymore she moved her lips so that she could begin manipulating it with her tongue.

Jackies hips bucked as Janas tongue began slobbering on her clit. She needed release but not this way. Not on her little girls mouth. But there was nothing she could do. Jana was licking her clit and bringing her closer and closer to climax. Jackie rolled her head from side to side. She could see both John and Josh watching her being eaten by Jana. She could hear her own breaths getting more exaggerated as her body began losing control. Then she felt the first wave of her climax overwhelm her. Her legs thrashed about as Janas tongue got her off. Yes. She said aloud as she orgasmed against her daughters face.

Jana knew her mother was cumming. For her this was the ultimate ending of her nightmare. She had used her mouth to make her dad, brother and now her mother have orgasms.

Jackie went limp as her orgasm subsided and Jana ceased her licking. She felt blushed all over her body. She wanted to apologize to Jana but couldnt speak.

Now we need to get the other one off. She heard someone say.

Jackie saw their gestures and knew what she was expected to do. Two men held Jana down on her back as Jackie slowly got up and moved between Janas creamy thighs. She could not believe that she was doing this, but lowered her head and began licking her daughters pussy. Jana struggled at first, then felt something that she had never experienced before. She had gotten off many times, but always from her own fingers. Never before had she felt a tongue on her pussy. Jackie was stimulating her in such a way that Janas pussy flooded itself. She rolled her eyes back into their sockets as her body betrayed her by welcoming this new sensation. Jana began moaning uncontrollably as her mother continued licking her. She quit struggling and wrapped her legs around her mothers back. If she had to make them all get off then she was going to allow herself to enjoy this too. Jackie continued lapping at her daughter. Feeling her coming closer and closer to the edge. Jana began moaning louder, then her pussy exploded in a torrent of juices as she climaxed all over Jackies face.

Well that was really something. Ed said after watching Janas first non-solo orgasm. Jana was blushing as she looked around the room to see every man there sporting a full erection. Including both her brother and father.

Jackie was pulled aside as Ray dropped between Janas legs and began fucking her soaking cunt. Jana didnt want the man atop her but was unable to move before he was both on and in her.

Timmy quickly took position over Jackie, and was surprised when the older woman didnt even try to resist him as he got on her and began fucking her well-used pussy.

Ed got on the floor and raised Janas shoulders to slide a jacket under her, providing enough lift for him to push his cock into her mouth and begin fucking her throat while playing with her nipples. Seeing this, Doug did the same with Jackie. Now both girls were on their backs getting fucked and sucking cock.

Shit, aint no holes left for me. Don protested.

Try one of them. Ed called out.

Don smiled, then walked over to John. He unfastened his hands and forced him to lean forward. Suck my cock like your wife did. He ordered.

John felt disgusted as he opened his mouth and took another mans dick into his own and began sucking. He could feel Dons excitement grow as the scared man began fucking Johns face.

Josh stood motionless, watching his mother and sister getting fucked from both ends and seeing his dad sucking another man off. But as disturbing as it all was, all he could think of is that he wished he had someone playing with his own cock.

Ray was enjoying the hell out of Janas young, tight pussy. Even after being fucked and licked she was still tighter than any other woman he had ever been with. He pumped away until he blew his load into Janas belly then rose from the floor satisfied.

Doug came inside Jackies mouth then pulled out, leaving Timmy atop her. While Jana was still sucking Eds cock. Ed came, filling the girls mouth with his manseed and they turned their attention to Timmy and Jackie. Jackie was holding on and fucking back with intensity. She wanted this cock inside her to bring her to another orgasm in the worst way. But Timmy didnt care about the other womans pleasure and jackhammered her until he released his load into her. Then pulled out leaving Jackie unsatisfied.

Now all eyes were on John as he continued sucking the overweight mans cock, then closed his eyes, clenching his muscles tightly, as he felt the man cum in his mouth. Don continued pounding his face until he was certain that John had swallowed it all.

Jackie lay on the floor panting. Her hand rubbing her clit. When Ed saw this he called for someone to untie Josh and bring him over. John was pulled to the center of the room and shoved to the floor.

If you want more cock there it is. Ed told Jackie.

Jackie wanted to be fucked, but not by her son. But the men began ordering her to ride him. Jackie slowly rose to her feet and straddled her 19-year old. Josh wanted to roll away but felt his own desires growing within him. He admitted to himself that he would rather this be Jana, but right now he would welcome even his mothers cunt. So Jackie slowly lowered herself onto her sons rod. She was so wet that she needed no effort to get his 9 inches inside her. She had always loved Johns big pecker, and now was on one that filled her even more. Jackie began riding her sons cock, putting on a perverted show for the others to watch. She couldnt take the shame of what she was doing, but inside her pussy was overwhelmed with delight.

John was on his knees fighting back the bile in his throat. He watched his wife riding his sons cock and couldnt believe the look on her face. Then he was dragged next to them and left lying on the floor. He heard someone telling Jana to ride her dad but didnt have the strength to say or do anything. Then he felt Jana climbing on him. She took his cock in her hand and slowly slides herself down upon him. John could not believe how good his daughters pussy felt. He hated himself for thinking in such a way. But her tight pussy was simply wonderful around his meaty shaft. And she was just so damn beautiful. John couldnt resist matching strokes with his daughter as the men cheered the family fuckfest on.

Josh lay still as his mother fucked him. Jackie was riding like a woman possessed. She climaxed on his big cock and continued fucking. He had to admit to himself that he was enjoying this. His hands rose to his moms breast and he began massaging her small mounds and playing with her huge nipples. Yes, oh god yes. He heard his mother exclaim as another orgasm wracked her body. This time Josh joined her as he shot him cum inside his mothers pussy.

John was thrusting up to meet Janas pussy. Thoroughly enraptured by his daughter. Jana was quickly losing control as she was feeling her pussy trying to milk her dads cock. She was beginning to feel the same sensations she had when her mom was licking her and knew that she would soon be climaxing on daddys dick. Oh fuck me, daddy. Jana cried out. Give it to me. John couldnt believe that his daughters words would turn him on so much. He began thrusting faster. He could feel Janas pussy quivering around his cock. Jana cried out as she climaxed. Then Johns orgasm overtook him and she shot his seed into Janas waiting pussy…to be continued

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Holly’s Family Fortune’s Parts 3, 4, & 5

The sheriff said the gunman must have been following her or knew her itinerary as security at the conference centre was very strong. Who would target mum? She was kind and gentle. Holly broke down sobbing her heart out. Matt tried to hold back his own grief but was failing miserably, the big lump in his throat expanding while he held Holly tightly, both consoling the other. The news was a hammer blow to both of them and after the long process of grieving and coming to terms with...


My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 21 – Cayman Island Girl's Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Characters Introduced: Penelope, 40, Brianna's Mother, 5'5, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck Iris, 18, Brianna's Sister, 5'4 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Julian, 16, Brianna's Sister, 5'2,White, Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck Jillian, 16, Brianna's Sister, White, 5'2,Blond Hair with Green Eyes, 36C Breasts and a swan-like neck Keiko, 16, Orphaned Child adopted by Ben,...


My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 21 Cayman Island Girls Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings

Introduction: This is a purely fictional story. A continuation of the story of Ben Barnes and his family. My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 21 Cayman Island Girls Family Reunions and a Couple of Weddings Characters Introduced: Penelope, 40, Briannas Mother, 55, White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38D Breasts and a swan-like neck Iris, 18, Briannas Sister, 54 White, Blond hair with Blue Eyes, 38C Breasts and a swan-like neck Julian, 16, Briannas Sister, 52,White, Blond Hair with...


Large Family, Large Secrets. Part 1.

Introduction: This story follows mostly its main writer the only male of the story and thus shows alot of it from his perspective, this is based loosely on a true untold story. READ HERE FIRST This story was written elsewhere and copied over to this website, there maybe parts that should have spaces when they dont, though weve checked, there could still be 1 or 2 mistakes. This story is based loosely on a real familys story, there are parts that have been removed or simply not...


Leelus Family History-Daddys Story

Leelu lay in her bed for hours after her mother told her about her punishment. Soon she fell asleep and started having her special dreams, as she called them. They always started the same way. She is in the bathtub and her mommy and daddy are washing her. Every Friday night is bath night at her house. Her parents have her get in the tub and they fill it with bubbles. They kneel there and soap her up, wash her hair and rub her everywhere. They make sure to clean her butt and pussy...


The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 1, version 2

This is a reworked version of a previous story I posted on this site. I hope the fans of my work like this updated version. ****************************************************************************** The Family from Redgrove Chapter 1 ****************************************************************************** In the hills of New Mexico, is a 500 acre plot called Regrove. Unlike much of New Mexico, this land is green with trees, shrubs and grass, but got its...


Family Teufelturm.

The man was saddened that his recently deceased wife had never had the opportunity to meet his daughters or that she had not lived long enough to see Brigitte or Ingrid again. Rebecca, Brigitte’s daughter had not come with them because she and her partner wanted to remain in Europe to run the 'Lotus Blossom’ and as the pictures he’d seen showed that her partner is very definitely female He believed that the club would continue to be a popular venue for the jaded...


Cool Spring Nights (Part 1: A Family Finds Love)

This is an original work by inferis created in 2011. It is intended for mature audiences only. If you dont like it or find it offensive stop reading it and find something else to enjoy. ———— Cool Spring Nights (Part 1: A Family Finds Love) It was the sound of our garbage can being knocked over onto the sidewalk that woke me up on this cool spring night. I glanced at the clock on my bedside table. 2:17am it glowed. I lay in bed staring at the clock thinking of a phrase I...


Family Ties (Part one) Genesis

Introduction: This fictional story is sick and twisted but is legal due to my constitutionally given freedom of speech. If you dont like it, you can take my first amendment and shove it up your ass… if your not into grown ups and young ones, or incest, or rape then dont read it. If you do read it then we both know that you like it… regardless of how many negative reviews you give to it after you bust your nut and feel guilty. Dont be a hypocrite or a dick, its only a story:...


My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise

Introduction: The continuing adventures of Ben Barnes and his loving slaves My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 17 Holidays in the New Mansion, Family Reunions and a Korean Surprise Characters Introduced: Chasity, 20, Jessica Taylors Sister, 56, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 36C Breasts Carrie, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts Carmen, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50, White, Blond with Blue Eyes, 32DBreasts Carson, 15, Jessica Taylors Sister, 50,...


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