A Tribute to a Best Friend, Who Was More Than Just a Friend

Introduction: The life long friendship that started out with exploration. Dale and I

This is a true story of a friendship that had evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970s. A little background on what took place leading up to my friendship with Dale. In 1969 my parents separated due to the fact they no longer loved each other, or so they thought. For almost a year my mother, my other older siblings and myself lived in a apartment across town, while Mom and Dad sorted their lives together out. At the beginning of 1970 my parents reconciled and started living together again. During this transition period, my parents decided to sell our home and start over again somewhere where they were not so well notarized. So they bought a home in another city over from where we lived. This is where the story of how I met Dale and became friends begins.

While we were moving into our new house, the family that lived behind us came over and introduced themselves, and also helped us move in. They invited us over to their home that evening for dinner, which my parents accepted the invitation. The mothers name was Annie Ozisky, the husbands name was Robert Dale Ozisky, The three boys were, Dale, Billy, Bobby and the daughters name was Jilly Ann. As we walked in the door to the Ozisky home, Dale motioned for me to come over and sit next to him at the dinner table. Dale was a tall skinny, early to pre-adolescent boy and I just turned double digits myself. Dale definitely had the gift of gab, I could not get a word in edge wise as he talked about the school we would be attending, his hobbys, which girls he liked. Needless to say we became fast friends. As we were leaving their home Dale invited me to come over the next day and help him set up a train set. Annie reminded Dale that chores come first and play came later. The next morning I went over to Dales house and helped him with his chores so we could start having fun sooner. About midday we finished the chores and went up to his room where this massive train layout encompassed his whole room. We both worked to finish setting it up and getting it running by the time his parents came home from work that evening. Dales parents asked me to stay for dinner, with my parents blessing I accepted the invitation. Robert asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up, I told him I wanted to be an electrical engineer. As dinner concluded, Dale asked his parents if I could stay the night. They said it was ok if it was ok with my parents, I called my mom and she said it was alright. I went home to get my night clothes and returned. Dales family was already in bed when I returned. As Dale and I got changed for bed, I glanced over as he was sliding on his pjs. To my surprise he had six inch long flaccid cock. My mouth just hung open. He said, Whats wrong Mike, havent you ever seen a dick before? I responded,Not one that big on a boy who does not have any hair on his dick. Dale fell over laughing and told me he had the biggest dick in the whole school. Shit I looked like a girl next to him. His next question stunned me. Would you like to touch it or hold it? he quizzically asked. I really thought about it and how close we had become in such a short time. I thought what would it hurt and I did not feel pressured or ashamed for feeling curious. I gently reached over and wrapped my hand around his flaccid member, all the while Dale was beaming from ear to ear. So do you like holding it? Dale asked. I said yes that I really was enjoying myself. He invited me to examine it closer and he turned himself so that I could look at it up close and really personal. I moved in closer so that I was looking at his dick straight on. The shaft was smooth, good whitish/pink tone and not veiny at all. The head was well defined, with a ridge, pinkish and somewhat redish in color. His pubis had no hair at all, it was as smooth as a babies butt. I gently spread the prepuce apart and looked down the urethra. I gently touched the opening and Dale let out a soft ah, that feels good. I played with the shaft to test its flexibility. I next moved onto his tight scrotum and balls and gave them a gentle examination. His scrotum was smooth and devoid of pubic hair, also the scrotum had no vein bulging issues. I loved running my hands over his smooth balls. I was surprised again as Dales cock grew long and hard, I was witnessing my first ever erection. It looked to be almost a foot long. Dale said, He needed to rub it to get it to go back to normal. I asked if I could do that, as I was very curious as to what will happen. Dale said he was hoping I would ask. I gently again grasped the shaft and rn my hand up and down its full length. Dale suggested I spit on it so it would be more comfortable for him and not chafe the skin. I had a better idea, I licked the his cock like a lollipop, while rubbing it. Dales eyes rolled into the back of his head. He said, Oh Shit, Mike, something is going to come out. I had my mouth over the head at this point and he came in my mouth. I just swallowed it as it hit the back of my throat. His cum tasted really good, I do not know why. As his cock went limp in my hand, he smiled at me and asked if we were still friends. I told him we were still friends, but also more than friends. I told him I was looking forward to do this a lot more with him, if that is ok with him. He told me he would not have it any other way.

Dale and I, Part II

After our night together I did not see Dale for about two weeks, as my family took a vacation to see family in the south, at a family reunion. I really did enjoy that reunion as it would turn out to be the last one we would take as a family. I did miss Dale and called him from my aunts home. We talked for quite awhile about cars and girls, the usual shit. Dale asked me when I would be back home, I told him about a week and a half. He told me, he missed me terribly, I told him I missed him also, but was looking forward to working on the train setup with him when I got back home. My aunt asked why I was on the phone so long to a friend and was it my girlfriend. I set her straight and told her it was to a new friend I had made in our new neighborhood. She prodded further as to the girls name, I almost told her to mind her own damn business, but instead to keep the family peace, I said my friends name is Dale and walked away. I found out years later my aunt Bea asked my mom about Dale and asked if I was queer or what. My mom told her to mind her own business and stay the hell out of everyone elses business. Everyone has a busy-body aunt in their family.
The next morning after returning from the family reunion, I went over to Dales house and ate breakfast with him and his siblings.
After helping clean up the breakfast dishes, we grabbed our swimming trunks/towels and biked over to the YMCA. As luck would have it, today was free swim day. A little history on this, At one time the YMCA only allowed males access, females were not allowed, as such nude swimming was allowed at certain times of the week, this was known as FREE SWIM DAY, it had nothing to do with money. Dale explained this concept to me, as I was quite naive. He asked me if I minded and I said no I did not mind and I would be interested in trying it out. We went inside, got lockers assigned to us, we stripped naked in the changing room, walked or ran to the showers and washed up before getting into the pool. There were very few people at the time of day when we went to the Y and as such we had the facilities pretty much to ourselves. The showers were basically a large tiled room with about a dozen shower heads and handles. We turned on the all the shower heads and steamed up the place good. We could not see each other very well through all that steam.
As I was washing myself, I felt Dale rubbing his dick in the crack of my ass. I asked him what was he trying to do and he replied, Does this feel good?, Yes I replied. There was this wonderful sensation especially at this spot at the bottom of my anus, that just sent shock waves of pleasure through my whole body as he rubbed the head of his dick on it. I think he seen my response to it and focused his efforts in that area. He asked me if it was ok to push his cock into my asshole, I told him, to go slow because I heard my sister tell her girlfriend it hurt like hell for her the first time she got butt fucked. The neat thing about Dale was he was sensitive about not wanting to hurt me and agreed to stop if it really was hurting me. Dale grabbed a soap bar and lathered his stiff cock up. He then asked me if I was ready and I told him I was. He slowly pushed his head into my virgin asshole, I let out a OWWW!!. He stopped, I told him it was really hurting me. He said, Mike its in! The pain subsided and I could feel the fulness of his cock and the pressure being exerted on my tight asshole. We just stood there for a few minutes. Dale then said, I going to move it in slowly and out slowly, ok? I agreed and he slowly moved his cock in and out of my tight,throbbing asshole. The pleasure over rode the pain. The underside of his cock was rubbing that pleasure point at the base of my anus. I could not believe the pleasure I was receiving from this act. I was in heaven and I came for the first time in my life, and I had my best friend to thank for it. My dick was hard as a rock and I shot my first cum all over the tile wall. Dale whispered in my ear that he was going to cum any second. He let out a loud AAHHHHHHHH and I felt him filling my ass up with his cum. He slowly pulled his dick out of my ass. There was blood all over his cock, balls and pubis. I freaked when I turned around and seen the mess. I was scared I was going to bleed to death. There was no question that my ass was going to be sore for at least a week or more. We thoroughly washed that shower area down. I was worried someone was going to walk in on us, but luckily, the Y was pretty dead as far as having patrons at that time of the day. Part of me did not care though if we did get caught. After about a half hour my ass stopped bleeding. I told Dale that we should probably not do that again, at least for a good long while. He agreed. I seen he was really down about hurting me, but I reassured him we were still friends and that we agreed to do this together. I also told him, we could still experiment with other ideas. I then reached over and grabbed him by his now ultra clean dick and said, Last one in the pool can kiss the winners weener. I got up and sort of ran and limped to the edge of the pool and rolled in. He ran and dove over me into the pool. He swam over to me and dove under water and not only kissed my dick, he sucked it feverishly. I felt a hardon coming on, but also my ass was throbbing as my dick was getting hard. I reached down and pulled Dale to the surface and told him maybe we need to wait, I was getting a boner, but my ass was starting to throb also. He agreed to stop. We swam in this giant pool all to ourselves and we pretty much stayed in the water up to dinner time then we got out, got dressed and road our bikes home. I road my bike slower than he did his, as my ass was hurting something fierce. That was the last time we ever experimented with anal sex. The next day my mom seen I was in distress, took me to the doctor, he examined my sore ass. He said I had a bad case of hemorrhoids and gave me suppositories and a cream to take the inflammation out. The doctor asked me to stay back for a minute as my mom was walking out of the office. The doctor asked me was it worth the pain I was enduring for what ever it was I stuck up my ass? I told the doctor it was on a dare and it was stupid to say the least. The doctor asked me was it for a good friend? I said yes it was for my best friend. And I turned and walked slowly out of his office.

Dale and I, Part III

For the next couple of weeks I took it easy and let my ass heal up. I would go over to Dales house and we would work on his train set or his go-cart or his mini bike. We enjoyed each others company in a more platonic way, though there was those moments where we would talk about girls and having sex with them when we got older, get hot and bothered, and jack each other off. By the time the second week rolled around we had all of his toys up and running. He called me over to the house one morning really excited. I asked, Dale, whats going on? I have a great surprise for you and for me as well. Dale replied. Well what is it I asked. You remember those doors off the pool area at the Y? Yes, I answered quizzically. Well, I looked into what they were and they are little private suites that you can rent by the day, week or month. What are these suites? I asked. They have a shower, a toilet and a rest table, it is for guys who would rather shower and change privately. responded Dale. What does that have to do with us? Well, we can rent a mini-suite for the rest of the summer for $20.00. I pay ten and you pay ten, this also gets us full use of the facilities days and most nights. So what does that have to do with us? I asked again. Well Poindexter, it gives us a place that is private for our own fun and games, without surprises. Dale said sarcastically. I am sold. The next day we rode our bikes over to the YMCA and signed up and paid our $20.00 and $5.00 key deposit. We were given a set of keys and the rules of use. They did not ask any questions of us, other than respect the house rules. Life was easier in those days.
The next day we rode our bikes over to the Y and since it was free swim day we took advantage of this and skinny dipped all day. I really enjoyed seeing Dale naked, I do not know exactly why, maybe it gave me hope I would be built like that one day, at least I hoped so. Other boys and men used the pool area also, we were not alone this time, but it was still fun seeing all those naked male bodies. From no dick types to dicks half way down the leg types. Dale and I would get out and scurry off to our private suite as we called it.
Once inside we closed and latched the doors from the inside and no one could enter. Dale brought a book on the practice of Massage, it belonged to his mom, who was a professional masseuse. It was fully illustrated. We were both still naked at this point. He told me to lay face down on the table. He started rubbing my shoulders, and it really felt good, I do not know if it was the massaging action on the muscles or his touch that just felt really good. For someone as young as he was, he really was a quick study and had really strong hands. Am I doing it right Mike? asked Dale. I replied, God, Yes. At the age I was I was just grateful to have the touch of anyone, as my family was not the touchy-feely type. I was laying on the table face down and Dale walked around to the front of me and leaned forward , grabbing and pulling my arms and shoulders forward to stretch the muscles. I looked up at the a most opportune time to have his cock staring back at me. As he leaned forward again, I was getting weenie whipped in the face. Dale had not noticed I was face forward at that moment, but as his dick came in for another landing, I opened my mouth and inhaled this incredibly soft and delectable member of his. He jumped and said,Shit, Mike, you surprised the hell out of me!! His dick popped out of my mouth, as he jumped back I aim to please. I shot back. Roll over,Mike. Dale commanded. I rolled over with as big a boner my little dick could muster. God Mike, I think I am going to have to inflate Mike jr.,would you like that? Dale asked mischievously. I reached up and pulled him on top of me. He very slowly descended slowly on top of me. This was going to be my first 69 experience. Dale asked, Now what are we going to do? I nonchalantly said,We are going to suck each other at the same time and if we time it right, we will come together. Dale retorted First one to come and not together is a rotten egg. We had to reposition ourselves so we were able and comfortable enough to do this. Dale started massaging my nuts and it felt so damn good. I just got down to business and slid his incredibly soft and delectable cock in my mouth. I explored his cock with my tongue and also slid my finger into his ass. I found his prostate and started massaging it ( I had read in Playboy this causes intense and explosive orgasms). Dale screamed, Ahhh, Fuck Mike, What are you doing to me thaa.. that feels so fucking good, keep doing it, Ahhh, Oh,Oh I was definitely more creative than Dale, but he also allowed me to experiment with his body, any way I wanted to as long as I did not hurt him, which I never would intentionally hurt my best friend anyway. My other free hand was massaging his incredibly tight and large balls. They were my hands down favorite for tactile enjoyment. I was sucking his now tumescent cock, massaging his prostate and massaging his incredible balls. I knew he would come before me, which is what I really wanted, I do not know why, I just did. Dale asked if it was OK for him to massage my prostate and if my butt healed up enough to even try this. I stopped sucking him and said to use one finger and take it slow, that I would guide him.
He slowly inserted his finger into my anus and asked if I felt Ok , I said I did and believe it or not he found on the first try. I said he was a quick study and I was right. I resumed my oral activities with Dale Jr. I screamed, Holy Fuck DALE , that feels incredibly pleasurable (as waves of pleasure washed over my body. He was not only massaging my prostate, but at the same time that pile of nerves at the base of my anus). I was wrong, he definitely was more creative than me and knew how to play my body like a violin. The truth was we knew how to extract pleasure from each others body while infusing it into each other. We were both young but very sexually precocious. Dale screamed, Mike, I going to come and I think you may drowned, I hope you are ready, AAAAHHHHHHH. Right then what best can be described is a powerful burst of cum that not only could I not swallow fast enough, but it overflowed and covered my whole face in cum. Luckily, I was right on his orgasmic heels, and I blew my load all over his face and chest. I think I was more voluminous than he was. He collapsed on top of me from exhaustion. I just laid there and slowly stroked his now flaccid member. Dale? I asked, Are you alright?
A weak but solid voice responded, I am tired, but I am OK and you Mike, are you OK? Ya Dale I am OK. He turned around to face me. We look weird Mike he said laughing. I was laughing to. We simultaneously hugged and held each other for the first time. We held each so long we actually stuck together. When we separated it actually hurt. We showered and left for home.

Dale and I, Part IV

For the next couple of weeks I helped my parents paint the exterior of the house to ready it for winter and also seal the exposed wood that the paint had peeled off from. My dad came home from work one day in a really fowl mood and went right to the refrigerator and grabbed a bunch of beers. Well as part of his agreement with my mother, as part of the reconciliation, he was going to quit drinking as that was part of the problem in the first place and why their marriage almost crumbled the first time. Well Mom, my brother, Frank and I were outside painting and dad was inside getting pickled. My mom went inside to ask my dad to come outside and join us. The next thing I see is my mom flying backwards out the door she went in at and off the 3 foot high porch. Luckily my brother was there and he basically caught her before she could hit the ground. My brother hollered, Dad, what the fuck is wrong with you!!? My dad charged out into the yard and beat the holly shit out of my brother. Then for no apparent reason my dad came charging at me and at that point I threw a open full bucket of paint in his face, as I was not going to get beat for just being there. I ran for my life to get away from that crazy son of bitch.
The last thing I remember, as I ran from him is I was heading towards Dales house. I felt a sharp pain in the back of my head and then it was lights out. I woke up to sirens and Dale was holding me in his arms, and pleading, Stay with us Mike, please dont die!! I blacked out again and woke up in the hospital. A doctor was talking to me as I awoke. Mike, can you hear me? As my eyes came into focus it was Dr. Capitos, he was my pediatrician. Hi doc., I said. Doc, whats going on, the last thing I remember is running from my crazy SOB father. Well, Mike, your father apparently threw a brick at you and hit you in the head, and honestly son, you are lucky to be alive and you have this young man over here to thank for it. I looked over and there was standing my best friend and guardian angel, Dale. Dr Capitos continued, Had it not been for Dale beating your father with a baseball bat to get him off of you, you would probably be dead now. Mike, I want you to rest now, OK? Ok Doc. Doc left the room and Dale walked over to my bed. Mike, I am sorry I could not have done more. He had tears in his eyes as he talked to me. I seen he had two black eyes. I reached very slowly and touched his swollen face, Did my father do this? Yes Dale responded. I pulled him to me and held him, as we both cried. I cried for the pain my father inflicted on my one true friend and also for the irreparable damage he, my father, did to our whole family. I was in the hospital for one month. The hospital administrator and Dales parents allowed Dale to stay at my bed side. He was there to help me in and out of bed to get to the bathroom. He even insisted on helping with my sponge baths, to the chagrin of the nurses. He even helped me eat, as my arms were both broken by my fathers beating of me. Dale had a cot by my bed where he slept. As I was feeling better, I would invite him to sleep next to me. I would wake sometimes to find him holding me with his arms wrapped around me. I felt safe, secure and yes ,loved. I realized looking at him one night he literally laid his life down to protect me and put himself in harms way to do that. I thought to myself, how the hell do you pay someone back for that. I knew then that Dale and I were going to be friends for life and nothing and no one would get in the way of that.
I was released and my mother and brother met me and Dale, at the hospital for the long drive home. My brother, looked worse than I did yet somehow he fared better than I did. Dad was in jail, awaiting trial. While I was in the hospital, mom placed papers with the court for a divorce decree. We had savings to live on until mom found a job and my brother also pitched in as well. Life was ok, and we as a family were healing also. Mom found a job managing a local restaurant and made more money than our father did. My brother went to work in a local foundry and worked in the diecast department. His take home base pay was $40k a year, and that was in 1970s money. Between my mom and my brother, the household income was almost 100k per year. We did not suffer as my dad was no longer in the picture, we proved we could take care of ourselves.
While both my mom and brother were working I had the house to myself. In another month, school will start. I went and registered early for classes and took a bunch of advanced placement tests, at my counselors insistence. The next week my counselor called me to come in to discuss my courses I was to take that year. My counselor informed me that I tested two grades ahead of where someone my age normally would be. He said that he was going to recommend that I be placed in the seventh grade. This was great news, as Dale and I can now be in the same school and classes together.
I rode my bike from school over to Dales house. I knocked on the front door and Dale answered. I have great news and I think you will be happy also. Dale you and are going to be classmates!! I exclaimed. Mike, But how? I took a bunch of advanced placement tests and tested 2 grades smarter than is normal!! Dale looked at me and smiled and said, I am so proud of you, Mike. At that point he reached over and pulled me close and hugged me. I felt his hardon pressing against my hardon. Geez, Dale, you really are happy for me arent you?, I said. Dale leaned forward and placed his hands on both sides of my face. He slowly moved forward and gently kissed me on the lips. I had never kissed another boy before, a girl yes, but not a boy. As he let his hands slowly drop, I reached around his waist and held him close to me. I did not let our lips part, as I kissed him back, but I also slid my tongue between his lips and open mouth. I touched the tip of his tongue with mine, then I flattened mine out against his. He started to press his tongue against mine and the tongue wrestling was on. The feel and softness of his youthful tongue and lips were indistinguishable from that of a girl of similar age. I pushed him backwards onto the couch, without separation. I was on top of him, laying to his side. I stopped for a moment to slide off his T-Shirt. All the time we spent at the Y paid off as both of us used the weight and machine room, we were both ripped with 6 pack abs and muscles in places that no longer exist on my present day body. I just looked at his naked torso in utter amazement. Mike, what are you staring at? asked Dale. Your beautiful body, I said. Well, if you want to see beauty, just wait a sec. Dale jumped up and unzipped his cutoffs and flung them across the room. He was standing before me naked and all I could do was smile in amazement. Well what are you waiting for or am I going to have to get you naked myself? screamed Dale Fuck it, I strip you myself! With those words spoken, he pulled me to my feet, then he grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, in the same stroke of his hands he pushed me backwards onto the couch, as I fell onto the couch, my feet went in the air and my shoes went flying in opposite directions. He leaned down and unzipped my shorts, grabbed my shorts and undies, then flung them over in the corner of the living room. You still wear undies, are you kidding? he chided me. He was a little winded as he flopped down next to me on the couch. Next he said, OK, now I have waited long enough for some of you getting into all of me and I want it now. I miss you and your touch and I am pretty damn certain you feel the same, tell me if I am wrong!!
Dale, shut up and that said, I leaned over his left shoulder, leaned into his groin, opened my mouth and inhaled what made him so physically special, the beautiful veinless, soft and delectable cock. This time took considerable effort to help him get an erection, which in itself was strange, but munching on a soft young cock is always fun in itself, as I found out. The pleasure of sucking a flaccid young cock is when it starts to before hard usually instantaneously. I liked his cock as you could feel it engorging while in your mouth. I slowed down and started focusing my efforts on his incredibly smooth balls and his taught scrotum around his balls. I jacked him slowly and licked and massaged his balls. I learned how to bring him to the edge and stop. All this time Dale was moaning and groaning, please dont stop.
Mike, I want you in me. Dale exclaimed. I stopped, but kept stroking him slowly, as I asked Dale, I thought we agreed no anal sex, have you forgotten? Mike, I want you to try it on me and I do not want to do it to you as long as you do not want to, Dale reasoned. Dale, I know fucking you in the ass will hurt and possibly injure you. Mike, would you consider fucking me, please. Dale got up and ran up stairs and came back down with a large jar of Vaseline. He grabbed a handful and spread it all over my cock and the remainder in his ass crack, and asshole. Dale then leaned over the back of the couch and said, Please will you at least try Reluctantly I agreed, but said if I see blood I AM STOPPING. Dale said ok. I pressed the head of my cock at his asshole. He took a deep breath and his asshole seemed to lose all tension and actually loosened up. Dale screamed, I can feel it going in Mike. He was right it was sliding in, with minimal resistance. I was shocked and stunned. I stopped when I was balls deep in him. Dale, are you Ok, PLEASE TELL ME YOU ARE I am ok,it hurts a little bit. I am going to pull out and see if there is any bleeding, and if there is we are stopping, thats final I exclaimed. I pulled my cock most of the way out, and seen a little blood, but just a few drops. Dale, I seen a few drops of blood do you want to stop? No, Gawd does that feel good. Ok I WILL CONTINUE. I slid it back into him Awww AHHHHHHH,SHIT Motherfucker that feels so fucking good please keep going screamed Dale. I started to pick up speed, god was his ass tight. It felt like heaven on my cock. He actually bucked into my groin. Ahhh God this felt so fucking good. His ass was grabbing my cock with every thrust. I could feel my orgasm was coming soon. Dale, I whispered, I am going to come in a few seconds, OHHHHAHHHH and at that, squirt after squirt of cum was being deposited in my best friends ass. That was the first time in my life I came 5 consecutive times in a row. I was experiencing a lot of firsts with Dale. I collapsed on top of his back, I was exhausted, I came to the realization sex equals work at a very early age. Mike, are you ok?, Yes Dale, I am just exhausted, But , I want you to cum also. I went to the bathroom, washed up and returned. Dale was laying on his back on the couch. I sat down at his feet and started to rub them, mostly as a gesture to want him to feel good. I gently rubbed his inner-thighs, then I pushed his legs open and crawled up to where I had easy access to Dale Jr. I gently examined that beautiful young cock and always enjoyed my explorations of his willing genitalia. I gently caressed and needed his foreskin, it was flexible and stretchable, within reason. I ran my fingers along his flaccid member, noting the color and texture changes, I watched how the penile skin transitioned to the skin of scrotum, how the skina tension was controlled by the body as you breathed on the balls, the skin would tighten and as it was heated by my breath it would loosen its tension. I looked under his scrotum and how it connected to the base of the balls. I loved experimenting with Dales as he was a will subject, that never complained. I returned to the head of his cock. I gently spread the opening to his urethra. Dale screamed, Shit that felt good. I gently licked the opening, all the while listening to Dales praising of my efforts. I slid his cock head into my mouth, and licked it all around and sucked on it, as it slid in and out of my mouth. I thought I would try and swallow his whole cock to its base. The secret is learning to relax your throat muscles and control your gag reflexs. I just kept swallowing, and relaxing as I did it. I managed to swallow all but 2 inches. AHHHHHHH,SHIT that feels so fucking good please keep going screamed Dale. Just as I achieved this Dale started to cum and boy did he. I just held him there and he shot load after load down my throat. I thought I was going to get sick, but I held it together. Dales limp cock fell from my mouth, as did a little cum from the tip of his dick. Dale looked at me as I laid my head on his stomach, for a quick nap.

Dale and I, Part V

School was about to start in another week and a half and I had not gotten my school clothes yet. Mom walked into my room and handed me $300.00 for school clothes and supplies. Mom, this is too much money!, I protested. Michael, I want you to look good at school and not like a poverty case, many of those students parents frequent the restaurant and we need to keep a certain image, O.K.?, besides we can afford to splurge now and then, and this is one of those times. I got to my feet and kissed my mom on the cheek ( She was a great mom, there will be more about her in later chapters). I am going to ask Dale if he has gotten his clothes yet and if not, get him to come along, OK? Sure Mike, Dale is always welcome. I walked over to Dales house and knocked at the back door, Dales mom came to the door. Hi, Mrs Ozisky, I was wondering if Dale has gotten his school clothes yet? No , he is a procrastinator like his father. Are you going to get your school clothes Mike? Yes, Mam Dale get down here now his mom commanded. Dale slid down the banister and did as rolling summer salt, he could really ham it up if you know what I mean. Dale , Mikes going to get his school clothes and you need to get yours also. Why dont the two of you go and get them together? his mom questioned and reasoned at the same time. Dales Mom went and took money out of her purse and handed it to him. We left and got to my house and mom called to us to come outside. We got in moms car and left for the North Town Mall.
Mom drove up to the mall and told us to get out and she would be back at noon to pick us up and to be out front. Dale and I jumped out of the car and took off for the air-conditioned confines of the mall. We walked into the Sears store and made a bee line for the teen department. I knew my sizes for shirts and pants. My tastes were simple, a solid color shirt and blue jeans. But this time my friend had other ideas about how I should dress for school. Mike, you need a new Cool look and I am the one to do it for you Dale chimed. He went over to shirts and picked out 7 silk shirts with different Bahamian patterns and for pants, well he went and grabbed 7 pairs of split bell bottom jeans. He went to the socks and underwear shelf and picked out, get this, the then NEW thong underwear for men, a package of seven, no less. For socks black was the fashion of the day. Dale, where did you get all this fashion sense from? I asked I read my Dads Esquire magazine Now go get changed or do I have to do that for you? Dale teased. On the other hand??, No we are not creating a spectacle in the changing room Dale! I said sternly back. Shit, Mike where is that adventuresome spirit I have cummmm to love? questioned Dale. Oh, come on, but just a quickie thats it I said. We went into the changing room with the clothes in hand and locked the door for good measure. I sat down on the bench and slid off my cutoffs. Dale knelt between my legs. He started to lick my flaccid shaft, which grew in seconds to its masterful attentive glory. He licked my cock from under my balls to the tip of my dick head. He gently inserted the tip of his tongue into the opening to the urethra, at this point I was groaning into a pair of jeans, as I did not want to draw the store securitys attention. Dales head was bobbing up and down at a furious rate. I could feel my orgasm was coming at a equally furious rate and probably quite messy, as has been the experiences of the past. I leaned over to Dales right ear and quietly informed him IM COMMING. He squeezed my balls gently and that sent me over the edge. I hit his larynx with a torrent he was not ready for. He gagged and puked his breakfast on the floor of the dressing room. Thankfully, nobody heard what was going on and the store was not packed with people. Luckily his breakfast covered up the puddle of cum underneath it. I got dressed and we collected the clothes and quietly moved over to the dressing room at the opposite end of the dressing area. I kicked Dale out and just concentrated on trying on clothes. I was pissed at him, but at the same time appreciated what he was attempting to do for me and with me. The clothes looked really good and I had the body structure to carry it off. I walked out to where Dale was suppose to be, but he was nowhere to be found at least in the teen department. I went back to the dressing room and changed back into my cutoffs and collected the clothes. I went up to the register and paid for my clothes. I stood out in the long hallway of the store, hoping to see Dale and also apologize for being to hard ( no pun intended)on him. I walked up and down the isle hoping to see him. I turned around and there he was behind me, mimicking my moves. I have a surprise for you he said. He held up a pair of aviator sun glasses with a mirrored finish. Try them on, Ill bet you will look bitchin with your new stitchens, doing his best Wolf Man Jack impression. I burst out laughing, everything I was mad at him about did not matter anymore, all that did matter was my best friend was standing there smiling along with me. I put the shades on and I did look pretty cool in them, he was right as usual.
We need to go get you some new boots also, like the ones Billy wore in Easy Rider said Dale. You mean the Dingo(tm) brand, those are expensive. I cautioned. Come on, stop being a stick in the mud, besides they are on sale countered Dale. We went to the shoe department and sure enough the boots were on sale for 50% off. We both bought a pair each and doubled back to the teen department and he copied my purchase, but in his size. Standing next to each other we looked like a mirror image of each other. I had a growth spurt ( I have a feeling the other spurting helped) and now I was as tall as Dale. We literally could have passed for twin brothers. We lugged all the bought clothes and odds and ends out in front of the mall. Before we left the store we put on our new threads, just to fake my mom out. You know what it worked, she drove right past us and did not recognize us. She came back around and passed us again, this time we waved at her. She slammed on the brakes and backed the car up. I did not recognize you boys, damn you two look good and I am going to hell for what I am thinking at this moment. my mom said. Dont worry mom, we will probably be right there with you I said laughing the whole time.
We arrived home and dropped Dale off first. Mike, who helped you pick out your clothes? Mom asked Dale did Mom, he reads his Dads Esquire magazine and he is hip to all the latest styles. I replied. He has been a real positive influence in you life hasnt he Mike?Mom, he is my best friend and he saved my life, I will always love him I told my mom gently. What do you mean you love him? I would do anything for him and I would lay my life down for him. Didnt Jesus say no greater love hath a man for another, than to lay his life down for him? Yes Michael, he did Are you and Dale lovers? Why are you asking me this? I see the look in his eyes and yours when the two of you are together, you are more than just friends, I can see it and so can your siblings. Then you also need to know Dale and I met a set of twins at the mall and we are going on a date with them this Saturday and would you drive us, Mom? I said sternly yet respectfully. Mike,you did not answer my question, Mom further prodded. Does it matter, sex is sex and only momentary and love is eternal. Mom, I love both Men and Women, so I am Bi-Sexual I am grateful for having the ability to be able to relate to both men and women sexually. I know this is hard for you and I am sorry you are taking it so hard, but I want you to be happy for me as I am happy for myself. Mom,you did nothing wrong in the way you raised me My Mom was sobbing at this point and demanded, Are you and Dale Fucking or not No not at this moment ( which was true technically at that moment- later that might be a different story). I answered her. My mom stopped sobbing and dried her eyes. Tell me about these girls. Well Mom we met the twins at the Hardees in the mall. They walked up to us and started talking to us and asked us which Junior High we were going to. We told them Middleton Junior High and they said they were also attending Middleton. So we started talking up a storm and they seemed to really like us. I suggested a date and they accepted. Dale was thrilled as hell about going on his first teen date and I am to. We both liked the girls equally as much and as we get to know each other better I am certain we will each settle on one of them, but for now its just a bunch of friends getting together for a movie and some eats after.
Saturday night rolled around and we had been talking on the phone to the twins on and off all week, so we got their address. My mom played chauffeur and drove us to the movies. Dale, Karly, Carrey and I went to see the Poseidon Adventure. We bought drinks and popcorn and all the stuff you should not eat and will pay for when you get old. The girls hugged and held onto us through the scary scenes. Dales dick damn near broke through his zipper, his boner was like a flag pole on a condemned building, it was that noticeable. Karlys hand was on Dales chest and as she was repositioning herself, her hand slipped and landed dead center on his boner. Karly jumped a mile and said out loud, What the hell is that!!We got shished and shutuped. Luckily the movie was ending when this happened. We walked outside and Karly reiterated her question What the hell is that bulge in your pants, pointing at Dales now sedated crotch. We sat down on some benches outside the cinema and started talking. Dale, do you want me to explain or do you want me to explain? Will you take this one buddy? Ok Karly, when a young guy like Dale or myself are out and about sometimes, involuntarily we have erections, it is something we have no control over, it happens to all young guys and walking down the halls at school you will see it a lot. Mike, you sound so mature and knowledgeable about it, how did you learn that it was normal? If you have brothers or fathers, it happens when we get up in the morning and pretty much any time and sometimes at a very inopportune time like in a movie on a first date. All I am asking from you two is a little understanding and compassion. I know I am speaking for myself and my best friend Dale, we would like to see you again. We had a great time and we would like more great times with you if you will allow it. Karly walked over to me and kissed me on the lips, Carrey followed behind and kissed me also. Karly then walked over to Dale and kissed him and Carrey followed suite. The girls said in unison, We want to start seeing you both, we like you both equally as well and we are asking you both out on a date, are you interested? We accept. Dale and I said in unison.

Dale and I, Part VI

School was about to start in a week, so Dale and I tried to pack as much summer fun into that time as was possible. This included movies with our new girlfriends, lake visits with our new girlfriends, museum visits with our new girlfriends, just to name a few things.
On Friday night, Dale and I were watching TV in my room. My mom was working the late shift at the restaurant and my brother was taking some college courses at the local Junior College. (The girls went to dinner with their parents, we were not invited.) My upper body was laying against the head board and the rest of me was planted firmly on the bed. Dale had his head on my thigh and kind of dozing off, as we had a real busy and fast paced day. He rolled over, placing his head in my lap and looked up at me and asked, Mike, do you think we are..? We are what,Dale, go ahead and ask anything, we have a solid and great relationship, I said. Well, are we starting to distance ourselves from each other? Dale asked. Dale, are you worried that now that we are going to have girlfriends, we will no longer have time for each other? I sort of coached his concern out into the open. I knew something had been on his mind all week, he had not been his usual funny, sarcastic and loving self. I let it ride as I thought maybe he was suffering from summer withdrawal early. Mike, I do not want to lose you as a friend and also as a lover, I would be truly lost without you. he said this with tears in his eyes. Now I was deeply concerned. Dale, where is this coming from, please tell me and we can work through it?, I cautiously pleaded. Mike, my Mom says that when guys get girlfriends, they usually stop being close friends, more like distant friends and then one day, they stop being friends. First,with all do respect to your Mom, she is full of shit. Second, You and I are always going to be friends and more, end of discussion. Third, We, if you have not noticed, are dating BOTH Karly and Carrey at the same time, that was their idea and I THINK WE ARE THE FIRST IN HISTORY TO SHARE TWO GIRLS AT THE SAME TIME, and have no jealousy issues. Dale this relationship you and I have is new to me and it has gotten a whole lot more interesting and fun with the addition of the twins. That is not to say I do not like it being just you and me, as that would be OK also. Oh, and one other thing, I leaned down and kissed him. I slunk down to where he was laying and slowly unbuttoned his shirt and slid it off. I kissed his firm chest and nipples, while he was kissing the side of my neck and then he sucked on my ear lobe. He pulled my T-shirt off, caressed and ran his hands up and down my naked torso, I was in heaven. His touch would always send a pleasurable shock through my entire body, whether a pat on the back or a gentle caress. I kissed his stomach and liberally frenched his belly button, just to elicit a hearty laugh from him. He let out a riotous laugh and I knew I was going in the right direction. I unbuttoned his cutoffs and unzipped them. I buried my face and mouth into his pubis, then I applied the Raspberries or Bronx cheer if you will at maximum vibration, pressure and amplitude His eyes rolled back into his head and all he could say was, OH Motherfucker that is out of this world!! I pulled his cutoffs completely off. His flaccid member greeted me, but this time semi-stiff. I wrapped my hand around it and licked it from asshole to tip of cock head. Then I applied my maximum vibratory technique up and down his ever pinking pecker. Ohhhhh AHHHHHH, Fuck, Shit Mike where did you learn this!!?? I briefly stopped and said, My Dads Playboy. then returned to giving my best friend the best head he will never forget. Im going to cum Mike, get ready!! Dale,I want you to now fantasize about me and the girls doing this to you!!, I blurted out. OHHHHH AHHHHH SHIT HERE IT COMES, screamed Dale. This time what came out was more like long voluminous twelve inch by three quarter inch wide strands of cum, flying through the air. I continued as he spewed gobs of cum that hit me from every angle. It must have lasted a good two to three minutes. His tank was full and I coaxed every last bit out. I literally enjoyed making and watching him cum. He looked down at me, I was covered in his cum, still stroking his deflating cock. Well what do you have to say for yourself? Now think if the girls were here and we were doing this to you and each other!! I retorted. One last burst of cum came out and hit me on my left ear. I feel your approval and whole heartedly agree But really Dale, are you feeling better, did I alleviate your fears, my friend and lover?? Dale was laughing so hard at this point he could not get the words out. I got up and went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stripped the remainder of my clothes off. I wiped the cum off of me with toilet paper and flushed it, otherwise it would clog up the shower drain and there would be hell to pay from my mom and a lot of explaining to do, which I did not want or care to do. I slid the glass door back and stepped into the shower, closed the door and started to clean myself up. The door slid open again and Dale stepped in next to me. Would you like some company? He asked. Sure, why not, we shower together at the Y and soon we will be doing it after gym class. Hey catch my back OK? Dale started to wash my back and massage my shoulders. He worked his way down to my butt. He started to massage my butt cheeks, God this felt heavenly, nothing says lovin like a butt massage. This really got me turned on, my cock shot straight up. Dale looked over my left shoulder and noticed my hardon. So you really like my massages as I can see by your reaction. I cannot help it,as you have that effect on me. Here let me help you relieve some of that sexual stress your feeling. Dale moved to being in front of me. There is a built in shower seat that I sat down on and Dale knelt down. Its my turn to try something on you, that I learned from you, are you ready? I am ready, do your best, as that is what I expect. With that Dale took my hardon in his right hand and took his left index finger and inserted it into my ass. He started to do the rasberries vibration technique up and down my cock and at the same time he started to finger fuck my ass, that bundles of nerves at the opening of the base of my anus, he also massaged at the same time. OHHH God, Dale, you are a quick study. I only learn from the best. retorted Dale. AHHHHHHH, FUCK, SHIT THIS IS REALLY GOOD, KEEP DOING IT, GO FASTER DALE., I commanded him. I think I am going to cum, no I know I am going to cum, AHHHHHHH,SHIIIIT, I cant hold it back, Dale, watch out, OHHHHH, SHIIIIT, AHAHAHAH OH. Dale swallowed my cock and held me close as I dumped load after load of cum down his expectant throat. This orgasm was different than any other I experienced with Dale, I shook and shook, like I was having a seizure. Dale looked up at me and he had the most worried and concerned look. Mike, are you OK, please say something!! I was rubbery legged, but I pulled him up to me, sat him on my lap and said, Thank you, that is one orgasm will never ever forget and I doubt will ever be duplicated by anyone ever. I leaned in to him and we kissed passionately until well into the morning hours.

Dale and I, Chapter VII

A New School and a New Start:

Dale and I were walking towards our very first day of school. Dale lectures,Mike, this is junior high school and it is nothing like grammar school. Yes I know ,Dale. No I do not think you do He looked at me with great concern. OK, fill me in! All I am saying is, we have to be different to each other in the presence of the other kids. You mean we cannot be our normal affectionate selves!?, I say sarcastically. Mike you damn well know what I mean. Yes, Dale I do, we have to hit each other in the shoulder as a way of showing our masculine affection towards each other rather than what we do in private, Right. Right ,Mike., Dale says somewhat dejected.
Karly and Carrey joined us as we walked past their house. Hi Mike, Hi Dale said Karly and Carrey. You guys look great in your new clothes. says Karly. Thanks Karly, your looking mighty fine to girl, said Dale. Karly blushed brighter than the lipstick she wore Hey Carrey, you look great also. I chimed in. I do not know what it is about two identical blonde twins, the both of them just looked so damned cute together, what a fucking turn on, my sex driven adolescent mind is working at light speed at this moment.
Once we reached the school, the girls hugged and kissed us both, then they turned to each other where they hugged and kissed each other and went in separate directions. They both hollered back,See you at lunch guys. Dale and I looked at each other and Dale said, Mike, was that hot or what? I think I will be sitting down for awhile, my dick is knocking at my zipper and it hurts. Dale, if we play our cards right, those girls and us will be in an orgy in no time flat. Mike what the hell is a orgy!? asked Dale. Simply put Dale, we will all be having sex with each other and you know what ORGY stands for, O means Orgasm, R is for Raunchy, G is for Great and Y because we like it. Dale was laughing his ass of at this point. Thank you Hef! Dale said sarcastically.
Dales friends, Bob and Tom walked up to us at this point. Hi Dale, whos your new friend? asks Tom. This is Mike Snyder, he moved into the Blakes old house this past summer. Hi, Guys, Dale has talked a lot about you both. What did he say? He has known you since preschool and he said you guys were at camp all summer. Hey Mike, arent you kind of young for junior high? Bob inquired. My buddy, Mike has a genius level IQ and placed higher than anyone in this school district for AP Testing Dale said defensively. Dale, I did not mean anything by that, he is just going to have a harder time as he is smaller than the rest of the student body. Bob said submissively. Well,guys, we are going to have to watch Mikes back, you do not have a problem with that, do you? No Dale we dont said Bob and Tom. Good I knew I could count on you both, as we are such good friends and Mike is NOW part of our friendship circle. said the budding Godfather Er, I mean Dale.
At this point we went our separate ways and I went to my first AP algebra class, ah math in the morning, whoopty shit. Then came history and chemistry.
Thank God for lunch, WOW, barf on a bun, beef stroken off, shit on a shingle or an abortion on a shingle, what a choice, aint this pukealicius, sucking Dales dick would be more nutritious than eating this shit, I thought. My gag reflex was kicking in as I thought about the unpalatable food placed before me. Luckily the girls walked up and gave me a friendly back caress on both sides. Hi, Mike, wheres Dale? said Karly. He should be along any moment, How was class for you Carrey I asked. Boring as hell How is the boy genius doing, Carrey asked somewhat sarcastically . Please do not call me that, it makes me uncomfortable, besides where did you hear that from., I pleaded. Mike, it is all over the school about you and your AP test scores, your IQ testing results were in the range of 175 and how you tested three grades ahead of the norm, shit, I am fucking dating Albert Einstein junior. Karly exclaimed. Karly, thank you, but I am not Albert Einstein, besides how did you get my test scores? I asked. I am an IWE for the counselors office and you are the talk of the counselors at the moment, you are a hot subject at the moment Mike.,said Carrey. Mike, I am not kidding, they think you are the golden child., said Karly. What Dale,Bob,Tom, Karly and Carrey did not know was, all of my life I always wanted to be normal, but that was not to be. I always tried to run from what I was. You see my IQ always intimidated people and pushed me away from normal relationships. It is very lonely when you can out think most people and solve problems that are considered unsolvable. Now my new friends have learned of my secret and I am afraid I will lose them also, before I get a chance to prove to them I am as normal as they are, I just think and reason differently than they do. I am as normal as you Karly and Carrey, I just think and reason differently than you do, but I have feelings and emotions and yes I want to be normal, not different. I said. We are sorry if we made you feel out of place, said Karly and Carrey. Dale never made it to lunch.
The warning bell rang for fifth period. I tossed my barfalicious lunch in the trash, I kissed both girls goodbye and I took off for my AP Physics class.
I got there late as I needed to stop and take a shit, which turned into a marathon diarrhea session. As I walked through the door I was greeted by Mr Ross. Mr Snyder, I do not tolerate tardiness., Mr Ross said with a condescensional tone in his voice. I am sorry sir, but nature called, and in all honesty, your food in your cafeteria gave me diarrhea. The class burst out laughing. Class be quiet, Mr. Snyder are you a class clown No sir I am not I just stated a fact Well Mr Snyder, then you must be a smart ass No sir I am not, I am just here to learn something about the physical world by way of mathematics. Well then, Mr Snyder, we were talking about the atom, what do you know about it? Well, Mr Ross, which model do you want to discuss, the classical view or quantum mechanical view also known as the Bohr model. Well, Mr Snyder, since you are so well versed, lets talk classical first. The basics are that the atom itself is comprised of electrons,neutrons and protons. The core or nucleus of the atom is made up of protons and neutrons, the electron circles the atom in a elliptical pattern. The atom itself is held together with meson particles, thought to be atomic glue, but those are predicted in the quantum mechanical theory laid down by Dr. Niels Bohr,if I may go off on a tangent, Mr Ross. I presented my knowledge before the class. Mr. Snyder, quite impressive, what are you looking to do in life? I was thinking maybe a Nuclear Physicist, Mr Ross. How fitting,Mr Snyder, did you know your IQ was measured at 10 points higher than Albert Einstein? Yes, Mr. Ross I do,but I think of myself as an average guy. Mr. Snyder, you are impressive and anything but average, but do not think for one minute I will let you get by with any bullshit in my class, you got me young man. I would have it no other way sir and I grok you, Mr Ross Thank you, Mr Snyder, for the quote from a Stranger in a Strange Land, it is good to know someone has literary acumen, beyond mathematical skills. OK, class, My Snyder has laid the ground work for your first assignment, I want a paper from all of you on the comparison of the classical model verses the Bohr model of the atom and how they differ, the paper is due next Monday, class dismissed. Mr Snyder , hold back for a moment? Mr Rosss tone towards me changed completely at this moment. Mike, You have a gift, one that one day will change the world, I can feel it and I want to help you get there, you are not anything like the rest of the students, yes they are of average intelligence and yes they will do well in life, but you are different. Think about what I am telling you, OK I will Mr. Ross. He wrote me a hall pass for my next class. Now onto English Lit. ( taught by a pompous twit, no less). Well I made it through metal shop, now that is visceral and actually I was interested in all the finer points of industrial arts. Luckily, Dale was also in my class.

The last class of the day was gym and Dale is in my gym class, Yippee, I get to see him naked, high light of my day ( must remember, look but no touch, at least at school). I grabbed my gym bag out of my locker. I went to the locker room to change, Dale showed up, stripping his clothes off on the way to his locker. Dale, whats going on? I will tell you later, after class, OK Mike? Ya, OK. As I got up to leave for the pool,I looked around and no one was left in the locker room, I reached over and gave Dale a little stroke of the dick, he returned the favor with a firm butt cheek stroke. He looked over at me and smiled. I quickly got going to the pool and Dale was right behind me. I signed up for the swim team and so did Dale. Ozisky and Snyder, your up next, I want you both to lap the pool and I am going to time you both., said Coach. The school had two Olympic sized pools side by side, the girls swim class was at the same time as the guys swim class, they used one pool, we used the other. Karly and Carrey had also signed up for the girls swim team and as luck would have it, they were next to us in the adjacent pool. Dale and I finished in a dead heat and we did it in record time according to the Coach. We made the team. We heard the girls screams and seen the hugs, They made the girls swim team also. Boys, you are the quickest I have seen in years in the water, who was your teacher, I would like to meet him or her? We looked up at him as we were still in the pool and said, The Y with big shit eating grins on our faces. Your shitting me, right?, No sir, we swam at the Y all summer, we continuously lapped the pool and used the weight room to build up our bodies., Dale and I said in unison. Well, boys, I think you are going to take us to state this year. Dale and I congratulated each other, with a slap on the back and a punch on the shoulder( nothing like being hypocrites, right?). The girls came over and hugged us and congratulated us and we congratulated them as well. Dale and I kissed them both. The coaches frowned at all of us,but we did not give a shit. We got pulled into the coaches office, after practice and given a talking to about inappropriate behavior. Dale and I told both coachs, Karly and Carrey are our girlfriends and as long as they are, we are going to hug and kiss them in public, and if they did not like it, we will quit right now, the coaches saw that we were serious and we meant what we said, they backed off on us. We told them we did not care if they liked it or not. Karly and Carrey were waiting for us outside the coachs office. Well what happened? asked Karly. The coachs did not like that we got so affectionate with you. Your kidding right asked Carrey. No, Mike is dead serious, Carrey, Dale interjected. We basically told them as long as you were our girlfriends, we are going to hug and kiss you in public and did not give a shit if the coaching staff did not like it, end of story. I said. Well, Mike did not tell you everything, we both threatened to quit, if they did not back off. You guys would have quit for us?,Carrey asked.Yes we would because Dale and I, both are in love with you two I explained. Holy shit, you are not kidding are you? No we are not kidding. At that moment Dale and I committed to Karly and Carrey to be their official boyfriends. Karly and Carrey walked up to each of us and kissed us both, this time though it was a deep and passionate kiss, that included our tongues intermingling. (though we were in love with both of them and that was going to be that way until we finished college. I ultimately married Karly after grad school and Dale married Carrey after he completed his residency and internship at Johns -Hopkins but I am getting ahead of myself here again.) Karly asked if they could be our study partners and we enthusiastically said,Yes. I think in our adolescent brains we heard sex partners, as that is what we were always thinking about anyway.
I called mom at the restaurant and asked if it was OK to have Dale, Karly and Carrey over for group study. She said it was ok and she was sending food over to the house, as she was working late at the restaurant. The food arrived and we setup the spread, which smelt and looked fantastic. But Italian food is always a favorite. It was a smorgasbord of all kinds of Italian food. I called my mom and we in chorus said thank you very much to my mom. She talked about that one event for years and it always brought a smile to her face.
Ah, cute blondes and garlic, not even a vampire could resist that.We can study in the living room or we can study in my bedroom, the difference is my room has a long desk and a king size bed we can comfortably spread our books out on and ourselves, I said. I vote for the bedroom, said Karly,I vote for the living room ,said Carrey. I vote for the bedroom ,said Dale. Well the bedroom wins, I said with subdued optimism. Come on little insolent one, said Karly to Carrey. As we spread out across my bed I paired off with Karly and Dale paired off with Carrey. I did not need study partners, but it was a great way for us to be with the girls a lot more than we would otherwise. Karly is in my AP Physics class, she was having trouble with some of the concepts of time relating to matter in four dimensional( time being one of those dimensions) space. As I explained, how matter moved thru time, that it actually becomes liquid at the speed of light and returns to a solid as it drops below the speed of light, Karly looked deeply into my eyes and said, Mike, how do you understand this and explain it so simply? I do not know I just do., I responded. Dale was helping Carrey understand polynomial theory and quadratic equations. Carrey gave Karly a knowing glance and Karly looked at both Dale and I and said.

Guys, Carrey and I have something we need to tell you and show you, OK? Ya sure, everything is cool, we are Ok with anything you want to share., Dale and I said. Karly leaned over to Carrey and kissed her passionately on the lips, then stopped, looked over at both Dale and I and said, Carrey and I have a very special relationship that goes beyond being siblings, we learned early on that we enjoy each other sexually and are each others lover. Now that you know our secret, does this bother either of you? At this point Dale and I both were sporting wood and could not conceal it. Well Karly, we sort of knew you two were very close and that has always been evident, we never thought though you two were involved in an incestuous relationship. I said. With that said, do you think you both will not have jealousy issues now that we are apart of your lives? Our relationship with you both is very complicated, in that both of you are our girlfriends. In all honesty, it is a real turn on watching you two make out. said Dale. We can see that is very self evident. said Karly and Carrey in unison. I guess what we are asking of you , Karly and Carrey, are you ready to share yourselves totally with Dale and I? I sort of interrogated them. Karly answered thoughtfully, We both want to experience you and

A Tribute to a Best Friend, Who Was More Than Just a Friend

Introduction: The life long friendship that started out with exploration. Dale and I This is a true story of a friendship that had evolved over 40 years. This is also a tribute and a memorial to my friend, Dale, who passed away a few months ago. I am not a professional writer. The names were changed. These events took place in the early 1970s. A little background on what took place leading up to my friendship with Dale. In 1969 my...


Chanel and Ethan 4

“Let me fuck you before I leave,” Ethan says, his mouth at my ear. We fucked for the first time last night, and it’s apparent he hasn’t had enough. To be honest, I haven’t either. I hardly slept, my dreams were vivid pictures of the two of us. So when I feel my cheeks get hot and slightly nod my head, he wastes no time finding my mouth. His arms wrap around me, pulling me as close as possible, and my hands are around his...


Minor Adjustments

Copyright 2018 DDMarshall Chapter 1 I came in around 10:30 pm Sunday night just as my mother was pulling her panties back up and adjusting them with her skirt up around her waist. Her latest beau was zipping up his fly. I called out, “HI” to be polite. Mom nodded looking a bit embarrassed. Ralph the Jerk, as I had dubbed him, just glared at me. God damn it, mom couldn’t even make it to the bedroom before she dropped her...


Just Friends Part 1

“I’m sorry. I just don’t believe you. And if I can’t believe you, why should I trust you? How can I commit to you in a relationship?” Sophie had to admit that Malcolm had a point, but one far too dangerous to concede. She sipped from her glass of Argentinean white and placed it on the bench in front of her just inside the shadow cast by the sunshade. She pursed her lips and glanced around at the other couples enjoying the late...


Whores And Pimps - Part 1

Whores and Pimps - Part I By Michele Nylons Malcolm was a middle manager with a small business in a large city. Malcolm led a pretty boring life; he was in his forties, single, devoted to his work, he liked to keep himself fit, all of his family lived interstate except for his older sister who lived nearby, and he led a quiet social life. Malcolm had a few girlfriends over the years but never anything serious; he kept himself to himself...


Best Little Whorehouse on XNXX

Prologue -------- Incorporated over 150 years ago, La Grange, Texas is a small town in southeastern Texas. With a population just under 5,000, and nestled up against the Colorado river, town folk (many of German and Czech heritage) enjoyed a relaxed way of life. 38 years ago, a landmark brothel known as the Chicken Ranch was closed down through the efforts of a Houston television reporter, and the state Attorney General. The...



We walked into the big eat-in kitchen and ordered our breakfasts from Janet. Mamma and Mother were there seated at one of the smaller tables off to one side. Taking the bull by the horns I walked over, said “Good Morning,” and turned to Mamma. “Mamma, I’ve made arrangements for you to return to Naples a week from Friday—the day after our Thanksgiving. I’ll see to it that your clothes are cleaned, pressed, and...


Whites vs. Blacks – Who Can Win the Interracial Sex Battle?- Part 2

Introduction: Hey Boyz: This is the sequel to my first sexual story which posted on 7-4-12 or so. PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTs/FEEDBACK. Round 2: The announcer states that round 2 will begin in 10 minutes, no exceptions. Both teams head back into the locker rooms to discuss their strategies for round 2. The White team is bouncing with enthusiasm at their win. The crowd of whites cheers them on, but little do Brit and Longman know that Kitty...


Whos Been Naughty?

This story only available on Lush Stories. “You’ve been a naughty girl.” The deep bass of his voice resonated low and sinister in her left ear, a shock of peppery fear oozing from the pit of her stomach, up into her chest, making her heart race and her face glow with a spread of crimson blush. A thrill of dread coldly washed over her, and he stepped closer so that she could feel his body the whole length of her as she stood...


Chanel and Ethan 19

His skin beneath my fingers, I trace feather light patterns on his firm chest. My head is next to my hand as I listen to his heart beat, the steady rhythm of his breathing. His arm is wrapped around my body, relaxed and comforting, and somehow protective. Always protective. I want to be no where else. “What happened tonight?” Ethan asks in a hushed voice. “Some of the best sex I’ve ever had,” I reply in a subdued mumble,...


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