Fantasy to Reality - Chapter One

In a flash, he grabbed her body roughly and pushed her up against the wall. His eyes were fierce with lust. He pinned her there, grabbing her forcefully by the hair, and pulling her face to his own. His eyes locked with hers, before pushing her head back against the wall. One hand restrained her arms above her head, and the other moved from her hair to her throat, gripping it tightly. She felt his erection push against her – there was no doubt what this man was about to do. His body -- his eyes, consumed with lust -- revealed everything. Though Jaylyn’s mind raced with fear, her body responded intuitively to this man’s desire. Jaylyn was lost in a trance as her mind played back this scene, over and over again, aching for it to be real. The words had been spoken to her in a deep voice on the phone just two days ago. They now came alive -- visualized by her -- and her body ached for the real touch of this rough man of her dreams. As her eyes opened to the boom of thunder, she sighed a wishful sigh. If only….

The October wind howled against the windows of the ocean front house, as the Atlantic waves repeated their assault on the shores of the Outer Banks. The chilled air rushed against the solitary house, beating rain down on the grey, weathered siding in a continuous pounding of melancholy rage. The tourists were gone; leaving the few local North Carolinians, like Jaylyn, huddled alone in their separate cocoons.

Jaylyn’s face glowed in the soft warmth of the fireplace fire, and the raging storm outside sent shivers down her spine. She curled up in her favorite chair alone in the big house, with a glass of red wine to warm her. Images continued to flash through her mind, stirring her arousal, as she closed her eyes again, and thought about the man that touched her deep down in her soul. Her nipples hardened and her legs squeezed together, as flashes of desperate acts of lust passed through her mind. Acts of force, control, and domination. This young, innocent looking wife, indulged her darkest fantasies where love and romance were thrown aside, and animal lust took control. They were images and desires that she would never admit to anyone but him: Tyler, the mysterious man that held her thoughts captive tonight. How could anyone know and understand her mind, her hidden desires, her dark cravings, and her deepest emotions, so completely and intimately as he did from their first conversation? A pang of guilt crashed through her revelry as a gust of wind blew a wall of rain against the ocean front window. Jaylyn’s mind turned to her husband, James, of three years. He was away on business this desolate weekend. She looked up to the window as a flash of lightening lit up the skies. “Was it really a betrayal, an infidelity, to connect with another man in such an intimate way when they had never met in person?” her mind questioned. “Surely this wasn’t an affair. They lived in different states and would never meet,” Jaylyn reasoned to herself. But oh how she longed to meet this man that touched her in ways that her husband could never begin to fathom.

They had been talking on the phone for more than a year now, having met on a website catering to erotic stories and flirtatious socializing. Jaylyn knew she shouldn’t have been there in the first place. She hadn’t even celebrated her third wedding anniversary yet, but a longing deep within her drew her there. There was something missing in her marriage. She loved her husband, and he loved her, but the passion she hoped for never materialized. She longed for more than love making, but James was not receptive to her soft spoken desire for something deeper, something more powerful, and something more decadent. She saw it in other men, their eyes full of lust and craven desire, as they passed her on the street, or met her at a bar. It was raw, and exciting, to stir a man in that way. There was no pretense of love or romance in their eyes, just raw sexual need, unencumbered by conventional norms. Why couldn’t her husband look at her like that? Why couldn’t he just throw her down on the bed, spank her ass, and fuck her like an enraged beast? Other men responded to her beauty. Why did her husband have to be so tame, so gentle, so tender every damn time? In some ways they were a perfect match, but in this deeply personal respect, Jaylyn needed more of a man. She needed a man with a beast inside that could be roused by her physical beauty and unspoken need. She craved more than a good provider, and caring husband. More and more, Jaylyn wished for a man to see the dark lust deep inside her, and push her past the normal boundaries with his commanding presence.

Jaylyn was a stunning blonde, with a sparkling smile, and deep blue, cavernous eyes that drew flirtatious attention. Her eyes pulled men to her, and many a man lost himself there. Of course her luscious, bountiful breasts often caught the first glance of men, before they looked up to her eyes. But once her eyes made contact with a man, he was putty in her hands. With soft skin men longed to touch, and an infectious laugh that all adored, she was the perfect flirt to engage in playful banter. Jaylyn was fun and flirtatious, and had an uncanny way of teasing and tempting every man that she came across, whether married or single. But behind her playful, sexy attitude, were hidden desires that she was almost embarrassed to admit. Certainly her husband didn’t share them. Yet the strong pull of dark desire had a hold on her; both frightening her and exciting her to the core. She craved to explore her deeper lust, but needed a seasoned guide to take her there.

Jaylyn was immediately attracted to Tyler when she saw him online; a tall man, fifteen years older than her, with a winning combination of wit and intellect. His written words moved her in a way that she never imagined possible. Tyler was a gentleman, and yet hidden under his tailored suit, there lurked a dominant sexual energy that was raw and commanding when unleashed. She saw his bio first, and he intrigued her. Was this the man that could unleash her own long suppressed desires, and guide her into a new sexual path? She had to find out, and that was the beginning of something that grew into daily emails, phone calls and a sexual journey on screen and by voice, that she hoped for. But now she longed for more – his physical presence; the touch of his flesh on her flesh.

From the very first, Tyler had some sort of hypnotic hold on her, and touched her deep in her soul with an understanding of her emotions and desires. She was reflecting on her fantasy man, a voice that was so often in her ear, when another flash of lightening and roar of thunder shook her out of her revelry. Jaylyn jumped at what appeared to be a shadowy image on her sea-side deck. An image that disappeared as quickly as the lightening vanished. She dismissed it as nerves, until her ears tuned in footsteps stumbling towards the entry. The pounding on her door elicited a short scream, and her hand came up to cover her mouth, in a vain attempt to stop the sound from escaping. Jaylyn jumped up and ran to the door, peering out the window into the covered entry, to see who could be standing there on this hellish night. He looked straight at her, openly, disarmingly, with a broad smile on his face, a wide brimmed hat covering his head, and a large carrying case in his hands. In the dark, shadowy night, it appeared to be her next door neighbor, the kindly and attentive man that often asked the young couple to watch his place when he was out of town. “Perhaps he was leaving town now?” she thought to herself.

Jaylyn pulled the door open to welcome her neighbor, but in his place, stood a tall and distinguished looking man in his forties -- and a total stranger. Or was he? Letting out a soft gasp, Jaylyn took a step back, cowed by the strength of this man’s presence. His voice was full, deep, sensuous and confident as he said a cordial hello. His eyes were penetrating, as if he looked right through her and had been reading her thoughts of sex just a moment ago. As she stepped back, he stepped forward, pushing Jaylyn back further into the house. He closed the door behind him, shutting out the wind-driven rain. Jaylyn screamed in protest:

“My god! What are you doing here?” Her voice stuttered in disbelief. Here he was, the man that she was dreaming of just moments ago. Tyler was standing in her front hall, shedding rain from his coat as it gathered at his feet in an ever increasing pool of water,

“Surprised to see me?” His tone was jocular, and his smile broad and inviting, but his eyes were intense and magnetic.

“But, but, you can’t be here.” Jaylyn could hardly get the words out. “It was all talk -- all fantasy. It was meant to stay online.” Her voice finally steadied as a stern look crossed her face. “Tyler, this isn’t right. You really can’t stay here. I can’t do this.”

As she spoke, Tyler moved towards her, and put a finger to her lips. “Shhh. Don’t say another word. Don’t agitate yourself. Everything will be just fine. Trust me. You do trust me, don’t you?” He cocked his head as he said it, and waited for her reply.

“But I can’t Tyler. I just can’t. I have never betrayed him. I have never done this before. It’s not like you. You’re used to this sort of thing. You have experience with affairs …” she hesitated, but then pressed on, “… and with everything else.” Her eyes dropped to the floor as she said it. The “everything else” she referred to was the dominance, bondage, restraints, torture and everything else that Tyler had experience with. It was one of the things that drew her to him – his experience.

Tyler took her chin and pulled her head back up so she was looking at him. He looked into her eyes with understanding. As he began to speak, he put his hands around her shoulders, and locked eyes with her. There was a magnetism there that drew her to him. In a calm voice, he said: “Is that what you’re worried about? Does the thought that your dark fantasies could become real, scare you?”

Jaylyn had always been open with this man. What was it about him that pulled the truth from their dark hiding places? How did he always get her to reveal her deepest, darkest secrets and desires? She told him things that she had never told anyone ever before, including her husband – or especially her husband. She was an open book to Tyler, and at times it seemed that he could read her mind. That thought sent a shiver down her spine.

“Yes, that’s part of it. It both excites me and frightens me.” There. It was out. She admitted that his presence excited her. And she knew that was just the opening Tyler was looking for. More than that, she knew that Tyler would take that opening and exploit it.

Tyler pushed Jaylyn back against the wall, pinning her there with his body. Her breath caught in her throat as she gasped. His touch was electrifying, but she knew she shouldn’t be reacting this way. Fantasy was one thing, but here, in the flesh, was something completely different. She couldn’t betray her husband like that.

“You want this. You want me. You want everything that I can give you.” His voice was low, calm, yet intense. “I’m here to finally make your fantasies come true.” That sent another shudder down her spine. Tyler felt it and smiled a dirty smile at her. “Yes, you want this.” His voice was deep and full of lust.

Jaylyn’s mind struggled to gain control of the situation, but it was an uphill battle as her body was responding to Tyler in every way. Her nipples were rock hard and pushing through the fabric of her thin top. She knew he noticed. Tyler always noticed those things. Her pussy was tingly and getting wet, as her body craved every bad thing that this bad man had to offer her. Still, she protested.

“Tyler. Listen to me. I can’t do this. I can’t betray my husband. I just can’t…”

Her voice held more confidence than she actually felt and she hoped that Tyler couldn’t read her mind or body, for then he would know that her words were empty. But of course he could read her. That’s one of the things that attracted her to this man. He knew and understood her from the first moment they talked.

Tyler didn’t listen. He pinned her to the wall and pressed his body against hers. She felt his hardening cock. Tyler bent down to kiss her but she turned her head away. “Resistance,” he thought, and his eyes darkened as a dirty smile came across his face. He clearly enjoyed a woman that did not easily give him what he wanted. Tyler’s hands grabbed Jaylyn by the face, and pulled it back to him. Then he kissed her, deeply, passionately and forcefully. This time she offered no resistance. How could she? She had craved his touch for so long, and now he was here pressing himself against her.

As he pulled out of the kiss to look down on her body, devouring her with his eyes, Jaylyn tried to pull away from his grip to get away. It was a vain attempt at escape. He held her firmly against the wall and then reached up and grabbed her by the throat and tightened his grip.

“Where do you think you are going, hmm? You don’t really think you can escape from me, do you?” A deep, taunting laugh escaped his lips. “You know you want this Jaylyn. And I’m going to get you to admit it very soon. In fact, I am going to have you begging me before I am done with you.”

Jaylyn bit her lower lip and a shiver rippled through her body in a reflexive response. He held her gaze and continued.

“Besides, I’m not going anywhere until I get what I came for Jaylyn., and I came here to fuck you. I came here to make you mine”

She let out a gasp as he said it, and Tyler knew that he had her.

He kept talking to her slowly, in his deep, lust-filled voice that her body always responded to over the phone.

“This is what you want Jaylyn. Don’t pretend otherwise. This is what you have always wanted from me.”

Tyler’s voice was firm, but calm. She could feel herself coming under his control, and her body tingled in anticipation, despite the fight her mind was putting up. Tyler leaned down and kissed her. It was an urgent, needy kiss. She felt his beast behind it, forcing himself on her. He pushed her lips apart and penetrated her mouth with his tongue. When he bit her lower lip, she let out a soft moan, and her pussy moistened with desire. As Tyler kissed her, his hands roamed her body, concentrating on her tits as he squeezed them, kneading them through her t-shirt. Jaylyn was enveloped in a fog of lust as he mauled her body. Her eyes opened sharply and a breath escaped her mouth when he grabbed the t-shirt at its neckline, and forcefully ripped it into two pieces, exposing her lacy bra to his hungry eyes. This time she leaned into him, and kissed him deeply and passionately – no longer a spectator in this act of passion.

“I see you are wearing the lingerie I bought you, just as I asked you to do this weekend while your husband was gone.”

Tyler was drinking in the sight of her large breasts, exposed to his desire in a sheer, lace bra, openly displaying Jaylyn’s breasts with their rock hard nipples. One hand moved to her breast, and he played with her tit through the bra, rubbing the nipple, and kneading the lush mound of flesh. She knew this was wrong. She knew where it was going to lead, but she could not resist him. It was everything she had always wanted – a bad man to bring out the bad girl deep inside of her. Instead of protesting his touch, she let out a soft moan.

Jaylyn’s moan turned to a gasp as Tyler quickly turned her around and pushed her face up against the wall. She felt his hand pulling her skirt up her body, revealing the lacy black thong that he had given her – part of a matched set.

“Such a luscious ass.” He murmured, as his hands began to roam her soft behind. His hands were soft, and his touch even softer, as tingly sensations pulsated from his fingertips and radiated straight to her moistening pussy.

“I am going to spank your bare ass, and keep spanking you until I decide another method of playing with you is ripe. Or should I say, that you are ripe for another method of me playing?”

His voice was deep, full of lust and sexual tease, and Jaylyn’s body responded with a quiver.

“I think you are ripe darling – very ripe and ready for picking. You’re more than ready. You are waiting to be picked; wanting to have a man pull you down that dark road of lust and depraved delights. You want a man to make you do bad things.”

He left the statement hanging there in silence, waiting for a response. Finally, she gave him what he wanted to hear. A single word, but it was enough.

“Yes,” she said.

He followed immediately with his pleased reply: “Good girl.” Then he continued to speak to her.

“You please me more than you could know. I want to take you there, down that dark road. I want to go there hand in hand with you: Into the shadows of desire; into the places we know we should not venture; into carnal pleasure and deep seated lust. I want to release you to your animal desire. To free you to be the bad woman you crave to be. To take you on a journey of unspeakable delights. Unspeakable because we have to hide these desires from the rest of the world. But we can be free with each other to speak the truth of what we want, what we crave, what we need: to admit to each other who and what we are.”

Her resolve was weakening. It always did in the onslaught of Tyler’s sexual pursuit. He was always able to make her do things and say things that she never would with anyone else.

Suddenly his hand that had been caressing her ass was in the air and it came down hard on her with a loud smack. It caught her by surprise and Jaylyn let out a scream. Her ass was screaming too, as the pain radiated out in a sharp sting that would not die.

“Did you like that dirty girl?”

After a moment went by, he pressed on.

“I asked you a question. I expect a prompt reply.”

As he said it, his hand squeezed the bare ass he had just spanked so hard.


Her voice was weak, but full of conviction. Jaylyn couldn’t believe how much she did enjoy his assault on her body. Just as she was reveling in her pleasure, his hand came down on her again, with a loud smack. The same spot was hit, and the pain radiating out from her ass grew.

“Good girl.”

His calm, lust filled voice reassured her, and filled her with desire. And with that, he resumed the spanking. Hard slaps of his hand, now alternating on both ass cheeks, one after the other. Her ass burned bright red and the pain was unlike anything Jaylyn had ever felt before – and yet, it increased her arousal more and more and her pussy dripped with desire.

The moment was everything she imagined it would be. Her body was alive with excitement, an excitement only this man could give her. Aroused to a wild, animal lust, Tyler was a beast that wanted to consume her. He was the bad man that she craved in her life that would do unspeakable things to her, but at the same time, the caring man in the suit that would never harm her. She trusted him with her life. With Tyler, she could relax and let the beast wash over her, knowing that as rough and debauched as he would get with her, that he would always take great care of her. Only with such a man could Jaylyn let herself go and succumb to her deepest cravings and lust. Now was the moment. Her moment. She let go, and relinquished herself to his control.

Tyler felt her body release itself to him, saw it on her face, and read it in her mind. She was giving her body over to him to use as he pleased, and a surge of animal lust overwhelmed him.

“You belong to me. Your body is mine.”

It was more of a growl than anything else, and Jaylyn responded as she knew she should – and as she truly believed.

“Yes. I’m yours. Use me as you please.”

“Good girl.”

With that, and three of the hardest slaps on her ass, each in rapid succession, Tyler once again grabbed her, and turned her around so his body pressed her back to the wall, pinning her once again facing him. One of his hands gripped her hard around the neck, as he slid his other hand to the inside of her thigh, which was now bare. There was a look of fear and sexual excitement in her eyes as his grip tightened hard on her throat. She couldn’t speak. He could feel the heat from her pussy as his hand drew close. Touching her through the thong, he could feel the wetness of her desire, as it had soaked her. Pulling her thong aside, his fingers circled her engorged pussy, teasing her with his strokes. She thrust her pelvis towards his fingers in an attempt to make contact, but he withheld what she wanted – toying with her. When Tyler finally pushed his fingers inside her, she let out a loud gasp of pleasure, and pushed deeper onto his fingers.

“You fucking slut. You’re dripping wet. Look at this pussy! You’re like a woman in heat.”

Tyler pulled his fingers out of her hole and pushed them to her face for added effect.

Jaylyn’s face turned scarlet. She had never been called a slut before – well at least not face to face. But he was right. Her mind still pushed back in revulsion, but her body betrayed her true desire. And her body craved all that this man could give her.

It was still there, that look of craven lust in his eyes. Jaylyn was drawn to that look, compelled to hold his gaze as his eyes made contact with her most hidden, depraved desires, and pulled them to the surface and out of their hiding place. The fear his look gave her aroused her desire in the most profound way she had ever felt before. No man had ever touched her core as this man was doing now with his eyes.

With one hand, Tyler quickly unhooked the clasp of her bra, and with his other, he began to maul her now naked tits, massaging them, kneading them, thumbing her rock hard nipples, then pulling on them – drawing her tits away from her body before releasing the nipple to start all over again. The stimulation moved like an electric current traveling straight from Jaylyn’s nipples to her pussy. Her juices began to flow, preparing her tight hole for what she craved.

Tyler kept her pinned against the wall as he played with her tits, and kissed her like a man possessed. He felt her body responding to him, inflamed by his lust for her.

One hand played with her wet hole while the other began to manipulate her tits. He pulled on her nipples, harder each time, until finally he was twisting them as he pulled. Arousal turned to pain as he pulled harder, and twisted them more. She cried out, and Tyler responded with a dark smile and a light slap on her face. Then he returned his hand to her breasts and punished them some more while he continued to play with her soaked pussy. Pressure and pain on her nipples was followed by euphoric arousal that flowed from the release of his grip there. The pain from his abuse of her nipples began to glide into sexual pleasure. Jaylyn enjoyed being manhandled in this way.

Tyler’s fingers moved to tease her opening, circling around her outer lips, then rubbing her hardened clit. Jaylyn’s aroused body responded to the stimulation as he knew she would. When his fingers suddenly penetrated her pussy, thrusting deep inside her, she inhaled sharply as a current of electricity rippled through her body. Tyler began to finger fuck her pussy, as Jaylyn moaned in pleasure.

While Tyler played with her body, he began to speak to her again.

“I will tease and torment your body in every way, raising you to a fever pitch and then bringing you back down again, only to repeat it over and over. With each new toy, or tool or torment, I will bring you to the edge and back again. Spanking is only the beginning. I will tie you to the bed while I run the riding crop across your skin. You will never know when the soft tease will turn to a crack against your bare skin. I will take the pinwheel and toy with your nipples, your breasts, and tease all of your body, as I leave tiny indentations in your skin. I will grip you by the neck, and tell you just how dirty a girl you are, and how filthy you are going to be for me -- telling you that before I am done with you, you will be begging me for release.”

Jaylyn was on fire. He had the perfect touch and the prefect words to send her into a fever-pitch of lust. As Jaylyn’s arousal grew, her breathing became more labored, and she ached for more than touch.

With a quick, easy motion, Tyler slapped hand cuffs on Jaylyn, locking her arms and hands in front of her. Her blood boiled as he pulled what remained of her clothes, off of her body. She stood before him, naked, head down, and submissive as a prisoner.

Tyler grabbed Jaylyn by the hair and pulled her into her bedroom. Her feet could hardly keep up with his fast pace, and hairs were being pulled out of her head. “Could this really be happening to me?” she thought. He stood her at the foot of her marital bed and pulled out some toys and tools from his bag. Jaylyn’s eyes went wide and her heart started racing with fear and excitement as she saw what he intended to use on her body.

“What’s wrong darling? Do these instruments of pleasure intimidate you?”

He drew out the words for added emphasis.

“Do I intimidate you?”

Jaylyn looked down at the assortment of ropes, clamps, probes, whips, riding crops, restraints, silk scarves, and a host of other toys and tools, and shuddered.

“A little. Well, if I’m honest, a lot, actually.”

“Good. A little intimidation and fear will add to your arousal. Trust me. I know what I am talking about. I also know what I am doing. You are in good hands darling”

His voice held a strange combination of calm, arousal and intimidation.

With that, Tyler reached down and grabbed the pinwheel. Made of stainless steel, its tiny pin-pricks on the rolling wheel made it look like something right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. Here was a medical device designed for torture. Tyler held it in front of her, with an evil smile on his face, and spun its smooth wheel with his fingertip.

“Ummm. This is going to feel so good.” He taunted her.

The first touch to her breast was gentle, but she jumped nonetheless, as Tyler laughed at her.

“I am going to have to tie you down sooner than I anticipated if you keep this up.”

He clearly was enjoying Jaylyn’s sense of jitters. He grabbed her by the throat with one hand, to keep her in place, and then resumed his torturing tease.

Holding it delicately by its handle, he began to roll the sharp wheel across her breasts, up one side, down the other, and with each pass, coming closer and closer to her hardened nipple. He circled the nipple with it, teasing her, each time she anticipated it’s touching her there, but he held the roll of the pins to the edge of her nipple on each pass. As time went by, he began to press harder into her skin, and the pain became more obvious as the pinwheel left tiny indentations in her skin – marks of her torture that would wear away before her husband returned home. She became engrossed in his teasing torture, which had fallen into a certain comfortable pattern. But when she was least expecting it, he glanced the pinwheel across her engorged nipple, and the shock and pain was instantaneous – shooting through her body in a flood of sensory overload that pulsated through every nerve until it reached its final destination in her pussy. She was on fire. Her whole body was on fire.

After the sweet torture of each breast, Tyler pushed Jaylyn down on the bed, laying her on her back -- her hands still cuffed in front of her. Her body was completely exposed to him, and Tyler began to wheel his weapon of pleasure across her entire body. Up her arm to her neck, and from there, into the crevice of her throat, Tyler wheeled the pins. Down from there he wheeled it between her tits, down her stomach, across her navel, edging closer and closer to her dripping pussy. A ticklish touch at times, it also brought pain as he pushed it harder into her skin, all the way from the bottom of her feet, up the inside of her calves, and in a straight line up the inside of her thighs towards her gapping pussy. Over and over again he wheeled it around her body, leaving a trail everywhere he went. With each move, each spin, each prick of the pins, her nerve endings were alight with new erotic sensations that Jaylyn had never dreamed of. He had not finished using even one instrument on her body, and already her pussy was dripping her arousal into a pool of liquid on the sheet. She had never been as aroused in all her life as she was at this moment.

“Stay very still.” He almost whispered it to her. “It’s very important to stay very still now darling.”

When he wheeled the instrument of pain and pleasure up and across her neck, Jaylyn held her breath. Something this sharp on her throat filled her with a terror and an excitement she couldn’t have imagined. How could something so terrifying be so damn arousing? Maybe it wouldn’t be if she didn’t trust this man, but she trusted him with her life. He wheeled it up her neck and brought it to a rest under an ear.

“You liked that, didn’t you? The danger I bring arouses you, doesn’t it?”

“Yes. I can hardly believe it’s true … but yes it does.”

“Do you want me to bring you to new heights of danger, pain and pleasure?”

It was almost a rhetorical question, for he knew full well that she couldn’t stop now. But he wanted her to answer. He wanted her to admit out loud what she craved.

“Please. Don’t stop now. Show me more.”

The words were out of Jaylyn’s mouth before she even knew what she was saying – almost a reflexive response of raw lust.

Then came his praise: “Good girl.”

How could two simple words fill her with so much pleasure? She couldn’t explain it, but they did. She craved his praise, and hearing those words from him provided satisfaction in knowing she had pleased him.

Tyler reached down and grabbed her face, pulling his own close to hers, and gave her a dirty grin.

“I’m not done with you yet. Not by a long shot.”

And with those words her body shuddered yet again. No one, not her husband, nor her former lovers, had ever had this kind of effect on her.

Tyler moved to his bag, and pulled out a short length of rope. Doubling the rope together, he threw the ends over a cross beam of the vaulted, beamed ceiling. It was perfect for what he had planned. He pulled the rope, now held high by the beam, through a large metal ring about eight inches round, and bound it there to hold the ring in place at the base of the cross beam. Then he took out a longer length of rope. Once again doubling the rope, he pulled the free ends through the ring and then clasped them together where they joined. This rope now hung from the ring with wrist cuffs positioned perfectly for holding Jaylyn in position with her arms pulled and bound above her head. She looked on with deepening nervous arousal. She had seen this in porn videos, but was he really going to do this to her?

As Tyler pulled down on the rope, testing it, he said:

“Relax, this won’t leave any marks up there when I’m finished. I’ve had experience with this before, and your husband will never know it was there. Trust me.” He paused before continuing.

“You are in for a real treat now.”

As he said it, he winked at her. Behind the wink, she saw the eyes of a beast, filled with animal lust for her. It thrilled her like nothing before, staring face to face with a man out of control from a lust that she stirred in him. Her pussy contracted in the face of such lust, and she quivered in anticipation.

Jaylyn looked on as Tyler pulled a soft cloth out of his bag, and standing on a chair to reach the cross beam, raised the rope just enough to slide the cloth over the beam – protecting it from the rope that he pulled back down.

When he finished, Tyler pulled the chair aside. Then he took Jaylyn’s wrists, and pushed her arms above her head. Tyler took the cuffs and fastened them around her wrists, locking her into position there. She was once again his prisoner.

With her arms and hands tied high above her head, her body weight was almost pulled up by the ropes. Jaylyn could twist and turn, but she couldn’t move one foot in any direction. Tyler saw the mixture of fear and raw sexual appetite in her eyes; arousal from the danger and the anticipation. Her eyes were clouding over with lust at the thought of what he was going to do to her.

He wondered what it was that so appealed to her. The restraint? The knowledge that she couldn’t stop him from doing anything to her? The excitement that he would force her to do things she didn’t want to take responsibility for?

Jaylyn’s lust overpowered her fear. Tyler could see it in the hardness of her nipples and in the dripping moisture from her pussy, which ran down her leg. She felt no shame as she stood in front of him, tied up, naked, exposed, in a fog of lust. He approached her and grabbed her by the hair, pulling it roughly to the side, and pulling her head with it. He locked eyes with hers and stared in silence for a long while – keeping her waiting. The anticipation was killing her, but finally he spoke .

“My job is to push your boundaries.” He paused for effect.

“I am the man to give you this experience -- this pleasure.” He lingered with the word, and then continued.

“You need the right man for this experience. A new man. A man you trust, but a dangerous man at the same time. I will bring that sense of danger into the depths of your soul: touching your deepest longing; your darkest desires; your most hidden needs; liberating you from your inhibitions; freeing you from conventional restraints; pushing you where you would never go alone. You need a guide. An instructor. A man that will not take no for an answer. A man that will dominate you. Control you. Take possession of you. And take your total submission. You need a man that will take you where your darkest desires and cravings secretly want to go. I am that man Jaylyn. And I will take you there, to places you never even imagined”

There was no reluctance left in her; no resistance. Her mind had lost this battle and her body had taken her over to the dark side of craven lust and desire. She was his. Her body belonged to Tyler and she relished it.

Jaylyn heard it before she saw it. Tyler had moved behind her and reached into his bag of toys. The snap of the whip cracked in the air behind her, and she felt the rush of the air behind it. Startled, she screamed, and turned to face him. Tyler let out a deep laugh.

“I thought that might get you attention.”

As he said this, he twirled the whip around in the air, creating a breeze that wafted over her naked skin. The motion of the spinning tips of the whip transfixed her, but the quick snap that followed caused her to pull back away from it.

Tyler continued to speak to her, in a low, hypnotic voice that almost had her in a trance.

“It’s the anticipation darling. You never know just when or where I will strike. Like everything else in this world of bondage, and control, it’s the anticipation that will drive you to a frenzy of lust like you have never experienced before. Don’t be afraid of it. Embrace it. Embrace the pain. Embrace your fear. I will take you past your boundaries, and you will love it: if only you embrace it. Now be a good girl, and turn around.”

She hesitated. She had never done anything like this before. Watching the whip circling in the air as Tyler spun it, she was transfixed and terrified all at once.

“Do it. Now!”

He snapped the whip next to her when he said it. She jumped back, but the rope would not let her escape far.

“The sooner you turn around, the sooner you will have the experience you have longed for. Now do it. I am not going to tell you again.”

His voice was firm. This was not a request. It was a command.

As Jaylyn turned her back to him, her shoulders hunched over in fearful anticipation of what she was about to feel.

“I will start gently. We will work up to something more intense after I have broken you in.”

Those words, “broken you in,” hit Jaylyn hard as she realized that she was like an animal that he was training -- breaking in. For some reason, her pussy tightened at those words. “What have I become?” she thought to herself.

She could hear Tyler swinging the whip in the air, circling it over her head, when with a crack, he brought it down on her back. The leather tips grabbed at her skin, and brought a streak of pain across her back as the whip fell downward on her. She tensed on the rope, and let out a scream as the pain radiated through her back and into the rest of her body. Her nerves were on fire with only the first swing of the whip.

Tyler had not brought the whip down hard. Nevertheless, the leather tentacles careening down her back, left red marks and a trail of pain, the likes of which she had never felt before.

“That wasn’t so bad, now was it?”

His voice was reassuring, and she knew he expected a response. Through a ragged breath, Jaylyn struggled to give him what he wanted to hear.

“No sir. It was just what I wanted.”

“Good girl.”

There were those words again. With them a thrill she did not expect, rose up inside her, as Jaylyn realized that she had taken the first step down this dark road of pain and pleasure, and she had pleased the man that now owned her body.

Again, she heard him raise the whip, and again pain radiated out from her back as the whip came down on her, leaving a new set of red marks attesting to her torture. She let out a scream, but it was controlled. Tyler approached her from behind. Standing close, he pressed his body against hers, and she pushed back against him. He raised a hand to the back of her neck, and whispered in her ear.

“Feel the pain? It has your body on fire, doesn’t it? My torture will enflame every nerve in your body, and you will experience more erotic pleasure because of it.”

His words were both reassuring and arousing. Then he pulled back from her body just enough to trace his hand down her neck, and back, as his fingers gently outlined the marks that he had just inflicted upon her. His hands were silky smooth and soft, and they caressed her back gently. Jaylyn let out a soft moan as he touched her. Tyler was the perfect combination of bad man and gentleman. This is what she had been longing for – the perfect combination of rough and caring. Her body responded to his touch with longing.

“We’re not done yet. This is just the beginning.”

The words were firm, but quiet. Jaylyn just nodded her head in anticipation – in submission.

He stepped back from her, just the perfect distance to strike her back with the tips of the whip. He whipped her again, and she whimpered as her back flared in pain. But as he continued down her back, and then to ass, the compound flashes of pain from each strike began to numb and then morph into an intense sexual stimulation. It was as if every nerve ending in her body was sending electrical signals to her nipples, her clit, and her pussy. She was on fire and mad with desire, as Tyler continued to give her gentle torture that she reveled in.

After several minutes of whipping, resting, and more whipping, her back was red and marked, as was her ass. But Tyler had been restrained and careful not to draw blood, or to leave marks that would linger beyond his visit. He liked the idea of marking his property, but he did not want marks left behind for her husband to see.

Jaylyn’s body had never felt like this before. A mixture of pain transformed into sexual stimulation and pleasure that she had never known before. Her fear, while still lingering, only compounded her pleasure. She anticipated each strike of the whip, which only sent her to new heights of arousal.

Tyler grabbed her by the shoulders and swiveled her around so she was facing him.

“It’s time to test your limits.”

He looked her directly in the eyes, and saw the consent she gave him there.

Tyler stepped back, raised the whip, and brought it down on her tits. The leather dug into her skin, and peeled across her hard, sensitive nipples, as she let out a scream. The pain was more than anything she felt on her back or ass. Her breasts were so sensitive, and her nipples ached, but flashes of pain and arousal shot through her body – ultimately culminating in her pussy, which was clenched tightly and longing for more. Giving her just enough time to recoup from the first strike, Tyler raised the whip again, and brought it down on her breasts in a new assault. He struck her more gently here than on her ass or back, but the pain and stimulation she felt as her nipples were hit, entangled, and then disentangled from the leather tentacles, was intense. After a few strikes, Tyler stepped back to look at the marks he had left on her. His eyes wandered down to her quivering pussy, and a big smile came across his face as he saw the stream of nectar running down the inside of her legs. His work was having the proper effect. Jaylyn’s pussy was on fire, and the proof of her need was the stream flowing down her legs.

“Good girl.”

Moving towards her again, one arm reached behind her and held her in position, as his other hand reached to her tits and began to play with them. He massaged them, kneaded them as he spoke to her in a deep, sensuous voice, telling her over and over what he was going to do to her, how much she was going to love it, and what a bad girl she really was. Then his fingers found her rock hard nipples and began to squeeze them and pinch them – as Jaylyn’s moans grew louder and louder. The pinching grew harder, followed by twists of her nipples. The pain was back, and shot through her body in rapid fire blasts as he tugged on her nipples, then twisted them. When Tyler grabbed each nipple, and pulled hard, she screamed in pain, as he pulled her entire body with his fingers clamped around her nipples. Her tits were stretched out as he pulled them by the nipples towards himself, and her body was pulled forward as far as the rope would let her move. Then he pinched them and twisted them hard, before releasing his rough grip on her. The sudden release of his grip had an overwhelming effect on her that she never imagined possible. The quick and immediate cessation of pain was followed by a wave of overwhelming sexual pleasure. Jaylyn’s head was spinning.

Tyler played with her nipples for a while, before returning to his whip. He left her body covered with red marks, which would fade in a day or two. Tyler had been careful to not go deep, but they were marks of ownership of her body, none-the-less. She knew what he was doing. A year ago she would have felt degraded at the prospect of being marked like property. But now, it thrilled her to be marked as belonging to him. She was ready for more.

He raised the handle of the leather whip to her face, and ran the cold smooth leather under her neck.

“You want more, don’t you?” he said with a taunting voice.

Jaylyn’s head bowed, and her face turned red. He raised her face up with the end of the whip, forcing her to look into his eyes.

“I know you do. I know every dirty, perverted, depraved desire you have. This is no time to be shy. Say it. Tell me that you want more.” His voice was sensuous and forceful.

Tyler knew that Jaylyn hated to speak the words, hated to admit what she craved, but he took pleasure in making her articulate her desire.

“I want to hear you say it. Tell me, or I stop.”

She knew he meant it. If he didn’t hear what he wanted to hear, Tyler would untie her, and walk away.

In a resigned voice, she spoke.

“Fine. Yes, I want more. I want it all. Give me everything you can give me.”

She hesitated, and then continued, her voice stronger now, and her desire clear.

“Don’t hold anything back. Use my body for your pleasure.”

With those final words, she looked straight into his eyes with a look he had seen before. It was the look of a woman completely consumed by lust, and ready to surrender all. Tyler smiled back.

“Good girl.”

He unclasped her wrists, and pulled her down from the rope. Her arms ached from being tied above her head, and she felt relief as he pulled her back to the bed, and laid her down on her back. She was not free for long. Ropes were used to tie her wrists to the headboard and her ankles to the footboard.

Tyler removed a metal box from his bag. Opening it, he pulled out a shiny silver metal dildo. But this was no ordinary dildo. This ten inch long, smooth silver object was curved in a relaxed S or cursive L. Four raised bulbs beginning on one end, and one raised bulb on the other, gave it a dramatic and menacing appearance.

He brought the cold metal tip down on her ankle, and slowly began to trace a line up the inside of her thigh. Reaching her spread legs, he slid the metal around the edge of her pussy as Jaylyn let out a gasp. Her body had tensed in anticipation of his touch, and was now tingling all over. He continued his path up to her navel, where he played with it. Then he traced a line to a breast, moving it up her soft flesh, and pushing against her hard nipple. Circling her nipple brought more wonderful sensations of electricity, inflaming her desire even more. When he moved the hard metal tip up her chest, to her throat, he paused and gave her a wicked grin.

“I am going to have a lot of fun with your throat later darling. Just you wait.”

Her whole body shuddered in response, and Tyler gave a little chuckle.

He lifted the metal probe to her mouth, and gently pushed her lips apart. As her mouth opened just enough to let it in, Tyler told her to suck it. Jaylyn took the toy into her mouth, and began to suck it like it was her greatest delight in the world, all the time keeping eye contact with Tyler.

“Fuck. You’re a deliciously dirty girl. You were made for this, you little slut.”

Never in her life did Jaylyn think she would want to hear those words escape the lips of a man, but at this moment, nothing gave her greater pleasure.

She made a sucking sound as he pulled it from her mouth, saliva dripping from the pointed ball of its tip, as Tyler withdrew it. He began to tease her body, running the sleek metal over her bare flesh in long strokes of teasing pleasure. Down her arm, across her stomach, up her thigh and down the other, over and over again tracing lines across her body – he was driving her to a fever pitch of desire. Jaylyn’s body responded to the probe, pushing against it, and she let out whimpers and moans as he pursued his relentless tease of her body.

Her moans became louder and her body pushed towards the probe with pent up desire, as Tyler moved the tip to the edge of her pussy, and began to circle it. He toyed with her, but never pushed it in, and never touched her clit; circling, over and over again, then running it across the inside of her thigh, only to come back for more torture along the edge of her pussy. Jaylyn squirmed against the ropes restraining her, trying desperately to make contact with the sleek metal.

“Anticipation. That’s what it’s all about darling. Never knowing what to expect next. Where you will be touched; how you will be touched. Never knowing what I am going to do to you.”

Anticipation indeed. Tyler knew what he was doing, and was very good at it. Jaylyn was in agonizing sexual bliss, as he played with her body, and toyed around the edges of her pussy.

“Tell me what you want, darling girl.”

Tyler paused briefly, and then spoke again.

“Tell me what you need.”

He drew out the last word slowly.

Jaylyn was squirming in frenzy now, trying to impale herself on the smooth metal that was teasing her flesh.

“Damn it. You know what I need.”

Her voice spit the words out in a rush to get what she craved.

“Just do it! Stick that thing in me and fuck me. Fuck my tight, wet pussy with your toy. Give it to me. Pleeeessse. I need it. Give it to me. Fuck me with that thing!!”

The words were barely out of her mouth when Tyler thrust the curved object into her soaking pussy. At ten inches long, he could easily penetrate her with all three bulbs on the shaft to a length that filled her like she had never been filled before. The ridges on the bulbs made her body jerk as each pushed past the lips of her opening. And the slight curve of the instrument touched her and pushed the walls of her pussy unlike any cock could.

She was gasping for breath, moaning with each stroke, and trying to raise up her hips to meet his thrusts. It was such a different feeling from a cock; cold, hard, curved, and ridged with rounded balls to produce a more intense feeling. Jaylyn felt that intensity fully as Tyler continued his thrusts. Using the toy, he began to fuck her soaking pussy, relishing the look of sexual delight on Jaylyn’s face as he did.

Jaylyn felt the pressure building inside of her, and her need for release was greater than ever. But Tyler seemed expert in knowing how to increase that pressure, bringing her to the edge of the looming climax, without pushing her over the edge into climax. He held her on the edge. It was sexual torment and she didn’t know how much more her body could take.

The thrusts picked up tempo, then eased back again, only to pick up in speed again, over and over in a continuous cycle of lustful bliss. It was agonizing sexual pleasure, building to a climax of overpowering intensity.

Just when Tyler was slowing down, cooling her off a bit, he reached down with his other hand, and gently pressed his index finger against her clit. She screamed out with pleasure, as her body was flooded with sensations racing from every nerve ending, directly to her pussy, which now locked down on the hard metal buried inside her with the force of a vice.

Tyler continue to massage her clit, pressing it, circling it, rubbing his fingers across it in a deliberate fashion to bring her a mind blowing orgasm. Yet he continued to hold her back. Just when she thought she was going to get the release she craved, he would ease up, holding her at the edge.

Jaylyn was frantic in her need to cum, and she berated Tyler to give her what she needed. Yelling at him to let her cum, because her body couldn’t take any more of the torture he was inflicting upon her. Never had a man built her up to such a massive orgasm, only to hold her back and keep building it higher again.

“Do you need something darling?” The words were soft and teasing.

“Please Tyler, please let me come. God, I can’t take any more of this. My body can’t take it. I need you to make me come Tyler. Please.”

Jaylyn pleaded with him, but he waited to respond.

“Beg me.”

His words took her breath away. She was panting now, her breathing so labored, that she gasped for breath.

“I will give you everything you want, but I need to hear you beg me.”

The lust in his voice revealed a beast deep within.

“I will do anything you want. Just let me come. I beg you. Please. I need this so bad. I beg you Tyler. Let me cum, and you can do anything you want to me. Use me anyway you want to. My body is yours to use and abuse anyway you want. I belong to you. Just fucking let me cum!! I need this so bad. I can’t’ take it anymore. Let me cum Tyler. Please!!”

With that, Tyler resumed his intense massage of her clit, and increased the tempo thrusts of the curved metal probe. As he pulled the metal back, he would push the tip against her upper wall – her G-spot – adding pressure there.

It was as if a rocket had exploded inside her body, sending off a series of shocks, and after shocks, that shook her, as wave after wave of blinding orgasm took hold of her, washing over her again and again and again. She gasped for air as the breath left her lungs, and her body shook in uncontrolled pleasure as she came for him – harder than she had ever come before. The climax didn’t seem to end. Her eyes closed and rolled back in her head. She threw her head back and let out a frenzied scream that would wake the dead. She soaked the sheets as she came at his touch. When her orgasms finally ended, she lay in her bed, barely able to crack her eyes, completely spent in orgasmic bliss.

Tyler released her wrists from the ropes, then lowered his head, and kissed Jaylyn deeply and passionately. With what little strength she had, her arms wrapped themselves around him, and held him tight.

“I am glad to have pleased you darling. But there is much more to come. After you have recovered, I have so much more to show you. And you will love every minute of it, just as I promised.”

Tears of joy ran down Jaylyn’s face, at the thrill of what he had already given her, and in anticipation what was yet to come.


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