One Night in Bangkok

The sun cast an orange glow over The Grove as it set in the
Great South Bay as if consuming all of Fire Island in its flame.
Nick Morell walked along the boardwalk. The gentle autumn
breeze caressed his long, brown hair as he hurried on his way.
Nick’s 5’7′ stature cast a shadow on the walks much greater than
his height. His defined features created a handsome picture in
the late afternoon light. He walked past the fairy tale houses
with their unique names – Helping Hand, First-on-Main, Utopia,
Ballroom, Shadows. Nick’s lover had been away from the Island
for a week and he was feeling lonely. His mind wandered as if
seeking some unanswerable quest. It was then in front of Bangkok
that Nick first met Steve.

Steve Tyson was new to the Grove. He was visiting friends at
‘Home’ and had decided to go for a walk. Nick became entranced
by Steve’s steel-blue eyes as they approached each other. Steve
was medium height but his muscular build showed through his tight
white sweatshirt. He smiled as Nick approached.

After a brief introduction, Steve suggested that the two return
to Steve’s house as it was getting colder now and he thought
they could get better acquainted. Nick hesitated. ‘Well,’ he
told Steve,’ I do have a lover.’ Steve stared into Nick’s brown
eyes. Nick was totally enchanted by the handsome stranger as if
some unearthly power had overcome him. He looked down at the
bulge in Steve’s tight 501 jeans and smiled. The two boys both
read the name of the house near the place where they stood.
‘Bangkok’! Each smiled as if the same idea had come over them.
Nick thought for a second and then decided that they should go to
his lover’s house on the beach. After all, Nick’s lover, Mike,
wasn’t do back until the next day. The two youths walked towards
the ocean front house as the sun slowly sank in the west.

Windjammer was a beautiful home which Nick’s lover had built by
the ocean. The ranch style home had a traditional Grove look to
it. The back deck,however, contained a large California hot
tub. The wooden decks and outer walls of the house had turned
grey from the salt air. Two huge sliding glass doors opened from

the decks into a spacious living room. Inside, flanked by the
glass doors, was a brass fireplace built into the wall in such a
fashion that a visitor could watch the fire burn and the waves on

the beach simultaneously. The two youths entered through the
front door.

Steve was impressed with the quiet elegance of the room. Nick
immediately went to build a fire while Steve walked over to the
deck doors. ‘Hey!’ Steve exclaimed,’ nice tub.’ He opened the
doors and walked out to the hot tub on the back deck. ‘Think we
could use it to relax a little?’

Nick smiled and turned the controls of the tub on. Soon the
water was steaming from the heat in the cool night air. The two
boys quickly undressed and sank into the warmth of the swirling
waters. The only light came from the faint glow in the west and
the dim lights built under the decks.

‘MMMMMMM, this is great’, Steve said. His eyes looked lovingly
at Nick’s nervous expression. Without a word he moved over to
Nick’s side of the wooden tub. ‘So, you like the place?’ Nick
asked. ‘Yeah, but not as much as the host,’ Steve replied. He
took him into his arms and they kissed passionately. Steve then
took a deep breath of air and dove into the swirling waters. He
moved his mouth over Nick’s seven inches of manhood and began to
suck hard until he could hold his breath no longer.

Nick did not say a word. The look of contentment on his face
revealed his inner thoughts and desires. Steve repeated his
action and went down into to the waters. He reached up with his
hands and fondled the nipples on Nick’s hairless chest. Nick
moaned with delight. Steve came up for air again. Nick
suggested that the two go inside to continue their play. The two
youths left the warmth of the tub and ran into the house.

The fire Nick had built earlier created a pleasant warmth while
casting a soft glow throughout the room. The boys dried each
other while feeling the muscular contours of the other’s body.
They fell onto the soft rugs to continue the passion they had
started outdoors.

Nick kissed every part of Steve’s soft, muscular body. Slowly
he worked his way down and took Steve’s hard cock into his
mouth. As Nick sucked on Steve’s tool, Steve grabbed Nick’s head
and f***ed him to take his cock deep into his throat. Nick began
to lick Steve’s throbbing shaft. He licked his large balls and
then continued sucking his rod. Steve moved his body down to
take Nick’s cock into his mouth again. Both sucked with vigor so
that the slurping echoed in the room. They each released their
protein into the other’s mouth and lay back to rest before
renewing their pleasure. Steve then noticed a set of handcuffs
which were bolted into the wall. ‘You into this?’ he asked Nick.

Nick replied by handing him the key. Steve took Nick’s arms and
handcuffed him to the wall. Nick looked hot, his muscular body
gleaming in the dim light. Nick’s arms were tight over his head
as his body lay on the soft, blue carpet. The sight of this hot
boy manacled to the wall made a nervous thrill rush through
Steve’s body. He wanted him again -badly! Steve took a tube of
K.Y from a nearby shelf. He lubed Nick’s love hole and worked
the ointment into his body with his fingers. First one, then
another, and then a third finger he pushed into Nick’s ass. But,
he wanted more and so did Nick. Steve lubed his tool, and
slowly pushed his throbbing, thick eight inch cock into Nick. He
pushed harder and harder, sucking on Nick’s erect nipples as he
fucked him. Steve loved fucking Nick. He couldn’t get enough of
him and pushed stronger and deeper into his body. Nick groaned
with a mixture of pain and delight as Steve rammed his tool into
Nick’s body. Both boys moved as one unit as Nick felt the
strength of his young master deep inside of him. The tight cuffs
began to dig into Nick’s wrists. His face showed a slight
expression of pain, but he revelled in each thrust that Steve
made into his body. His own cock was rock hard and ready to
burst at any moment. Both boys were covered with the sweat of
their passion and the room resounded with the cries of their

Then, without warning, the glass doors to the terrace slammed
shut with such a f***e that the glass shook in its base. The
heat of passion was replaced by a sudden, terrifying sensation.
Both youths stared with unexpected fear at the tall man dressed
in Black leather pants, boots, and jacket who stood glaring from
the doorway. He was a handsome man even in his anger. His dark,
Italian features were complemented by the leather. His moustache
formed a perfect line over his lips and his brown eyes were
seething with rage. As the figure moved forward, Nick’s heart
jumped from anxiety as he saw the face of his real master enter
the room. With anger of a man whose possessions were being
stolen, Mike smashed his mirrored glasses against the wall
causing them to shatter.

He moved towards the embracing youths, still joined as one, to
seek his just vengeance.

Mike grabbed Steve by the back of his hair and yanked him off of
Nick’s body. He took the handcuffs from his waist and secured
Steve’s arms behind his back. Taking some tape off the shelf, he
put the wide adhesive strip over Steve’s mouth and threw him
against the floor. He put on the in-ceiling room spotlights and
turned his attention towards Nick.

Nick was filled with anxiety and fear as his lover approached
him. He could see the raging anger in Mike’s eyes. As Mike came
closer, Nick felt his body go into a sweat. He was about to pay
for his disloyalty.

‘You ungrateful pig!’ he shouted as he released Nick from the
cuffs which held him to the wall. He took a chrome chain and
secured it around the boy’s neck. Nick knelt at his master’s feet
afraid to move for fear of what Mike would do.

‘Lick them!’ he ordered as he put his boot in front of Nick’s
face. Obediently, Nick licked his master’s boots. Mike then
took him and tied his hands with ropes to hooks that were in the
ceiling. As the boy hung with his face against the wall, his
master took a leather strap to his body

Each crack of the strap against Nick’s back made Steve fill with
fear. He wondered what his turn would bring. Yet, Steve felt a
new sensation come over him as he watched his friend submit to
the leather strap. His cock was becoming hard and he found
himself almost enjoying the spectacle.

Mike released Nick from his fetters. He laid the boy face-up on
the floor and spread his legs. Mike then removed the Leather
jacket and shirt that he was wearing. Steve saw that Mike had a
handsome figure and a hairy chest. The hair on his chest was
formed like silk. Mike then removed his pants revealing a large,
thick cock. He stood like an eagle over its prey. Nick looked
up at his master with wanting eyes as if begging to have Mike’s
tool fill him.

‘Beg for it,’ Mike ordered. Nick looked up pleading for his
lover to fill him with his love. But this would not be the
reward for treachery.

Mike went over and took a large rubber toy from a drawer. He
covered it with lubricant and knelt down between Nick’s legs. He
took his fingers and worked the lubricant into Nick’s hole. Then
he positioned the large toy and rammed it without mercy into the
boy. Nick tried to hold back his scream but gasped loudly.

‘You don’t deserve the love you received,’ Mike said. He shoved
the boy over to the side as if disposing of something unwanted He
then turned his attentions towards Steve.

Mike looked down at the helpless youth. ‘Hmmm!’ he thought, ‘not
too bad.’ He pulled the hard adhesive off of Steve’s mouth with
one sweep of his hand, then slapped him with his backhand. ‘So,’
he said, ‘you think nothing of stealing someone else’s property.’

Mike took two tit-clamps and positioned them tightly onto Steve’s
erect nipples. He removed the handcuffs binding Steve’s hands
and f***ed him to lie on his stomach on the floor. Mike rubbed
his hands over the smooth contour of Steve’s firm buns. Mike
slapped Steve’s beautiful ass vigorously until it took on a
reddish glow. Steve began to tear from the pain but felt a
growing desire to be Mike’s slave. Mike took the lube and
buttered Steve’s tight hole. Steve was growing in anticipation
of what he was about to receive. He found himself wanting this
hot man to take possession of his body. Mike slowly pushed his
throbbing cock into Steve’s ass. Steve was tight and he began to
moan as Mike worked himself deeper and deeper into him. Steve’s
face tightened as Mike’s cock spread his tender opening. He bit
his lip but inside he wanted to satisfy the man on top of him.
Mike had worked his nine inches into Steve’s body and began to
fuck him with great vigor. He moved faster and harder with each
stroke almost forcing the air out from Steve’s body. Both broke
into a sweat and with a sudden jerk Mike unloaded his vengeance
into Steve’s love hole.

Mike turned the moaning boy over and looked at his fine body.
Steve’s cock was standing erect. Mike tightened the clamps,
which had worked loose during the action, back onto Steve’s sore
nipples even harder than before. He then looked at him with a
sardonic smile. ‘I have something for you,’ he said softly with
a fiendish delight.

Mike then took a large amount of lubricant and covered his right
hand with it. He had large, manly hands. Steve knew what was
about to happen, yet he wanted even more to be under this man’s
control. Obediently, he spread his legs apart. Slowly Mike
began to work his hand into Steve’s orifice. First the fingers
-one by one he slowly moved them inside of Steve. He stroked
Steve’s cock causing Steve to be more relaxed and ready to
receive Mike’s offering. Mike twisted his hand inside of Steve’s
ass up to his knuckles. This would be the hard part, but, he
wasn’t going to offer Steve anything artificial to assist him.
Mike rubbed Steve’s cock with greater vigor. Steve wanted him
more and more.

Steve’s body broke into a sweat as Mike’s knuckles worked their
way into his ass. Steve groaned. ‘More, more!’ he cried as his
body took all of Mike’s hand into it. Steve’s cock spurted his
cum into the air as Mike took complete control of Steve’s being.
Steve’s ass made a popping sound as Mike pulled his fist from
inside. Steve laid on the floor in ecstasy as Mike left for a
moment to wash. He felt a feeling like he never felt for any man
before. He looked up lovingly as Mike reentered the room.

Nick lay in the corner ignored. His body felt not physical pain
but only mental anguish at the sight of his master, his lover,
having sex with another person. Tears filled his eyes as he
began to realize that Mike might be lost to him forever.

Mike lifted Steve from the floor. He removed the tit-clamps
which by now had put deep purple marks on Steve’s chest. He
looked into Steve’s blue eyes and the two were suddenly deeply
embraced. Mike led Steve towards the bedroom. ‘Let’s make love
now,’ he suggested. ‘All right,’ Steve softly replied with a
tender smile as he willingly followed into the bedroom.

The room had a kingsize water bed in the middle of it. Steve
laid back on to the warm, moving mattress as his new love lowered
himself onto his body. Steve wanted him more than before. He
felt his insides burning with an almost uncontrollable desire as
Mike passionately kissed him and held him close. Mike took full
control of Steve, loving him more and more with each move. He
inserted his throbbing cock again into Steve’s waiting hole and
pumped him with more love with each thrust.

Nick couldn’t stand the sounds coming from the bedroom. He felt
his soul cry out for his lost love. He removed the chain from
his neck and put his jeans back on. He went into the kitchen and
thought of the alternatives. If he couldn’t have Mike, he
thought, then no one should. He moved with determination towards
the bedroom.

Mike and Steve moved as one person in their new found love. Each
thrust of Mike’s cock made Steve become more filled with want for
him. Neither was aware of the door to the room opening.
Suddenly, Steve screamed as the blade of Nick’s raised knife
reflected the outside moon and thrust forward towards the lovers’

The blade lunged forward towards the water bed. Mike and Steve
moved out of its path. Nick’s body hit the bed with a great
f***e causing the knife to burst the bed like a gigantic water
balloon. The three sank in one tangled mass into the mattress as
it ripped open sending streams of water everywhere.

Mike quickly recovered himself and grabbed Nick by the back of
his neck throwing him against the door. Steve ran into the
bathroom to get towels. Mike picked Nick up again and dragged the
struggling boy into the living room. He attached his wrists to
the cuffs that were still suspended from the ceiling beam. Mike
took two larger bright metal clamps and fastened them onto Nick’s
nipples. He turned the fastened screws tight until Nick was
about to scream from the pain.

‘What the fuck were you trying to do!’ Mike screamed, spitting on
the manacled youth. ‘I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll never

Mike pulled a whip from the wall, raised it as if to strike, then
stopped suddenly. ‘Hmmm,’ he was thinking, ‘no, you’ll enjoy it
too much. I have a much better idea.’

He then retreated to the next room where Steve had dried himself
and was cleaning some of the mess. Mike picked up a towel and
dried the remainder of the water from his body while he made an
urgent call to a friend.

‘Come with me,’ he ordered at Steve.

Steve just stared into the air. Mike’s patience had been pushed
to the limit. He took a collar and chain from behind the bedroom
door, attached it to Steve’s neck, and pulled the still naked boy
into the next room. Mike sat Steve on the floor nearby Nick and
proceeded to put on his leather pants.

At this moment the glass doors opened. A tall, ominous figure
entered the room. Slowly he walked into full light. He was a
tall, handsome, black man. He appeared to be very muscular and
stood about 6’2′. His face had high cheekbones, deep-set brown
eyes. His sculptured nose was framed by a sleek moustache. He
was dressed in black leather shorts and boots, had leather
wristbands, and wore a leather and chain half-harness. This hot
man breathed sex from every part of his body.

‘Paul,’ Mike addressed him. ‘Thanks for coming by.’

‘Always willing to oblige a friend,’ he replied in a sensuous
tone. ‘So, you’re Nick,’ he said placing the edge of the riding
crop he was holding in his right hand close to Nick’s cheek.
Without notice he smashed the crop across Nick’s body with such
vigor that Steve shuddered even where he was sitting.

‘Well now, let’s see, my friend, what it will take to teach you
to behave.’

Paul picked up the leather whip that was lying on the table. He
raised his muscular arm and struck hard against the boys tender,
white back. One! Two! Nick’s body jerked with each strike as a
sharp sensation passed through him. Three! Four! Nick pulled
harder on the cuffs causing them to tighten even more onto his
wrists. Five! Six! Paul’s beautiful frame began to break into a
slight sweat as he administered the punishment to his victim.
Seven! Eight! Steve looked on like a spectator at a circus, his
mouth wide, his eyes sparkling with a strange delight as if he
wished he could change places with Nick. Nine! Ten! Mike’s
leather pants began to show a bulge as he watched this powerful
man subduing the boy.

Nick’s body was tense from the pain, yet his cock stood hard like
a rock. Paul released his slave from the cuffs and laid him
across the top of a wooden table in the center of the room. The
hard surface against his tender back caused Nick to feel the
product of the whip. Paul took a tube of lube into his hands.
Obediently, Nick spread his legs apart. Paul spread generous
amounts of lube into Nick’s hole. He also lubed a large, rubber
device. The rubber toy resembled a cock but was much longer and
very thick. Mike tied Nick’s hands together under the table and
then held Nick’s legs back over his head as Paul took careful aim
with the toy. Slowly, he began to f***e it into Nick’s ass. Nick
winced as his muscles stretched as the large device was pushed
deeper into him. Paul pushed harder and harder, hammering the
bottom of the toy to f***e it into his slave boy. Nick’s body was
sweating as he tried to show no sign of the torment he was
feeling. Each push into the boy caused him to moan louder and
louder. Finally, Mike released Nick’s legs, letting them fall
forward. He then tied them down so that the toy was f***ed to
stay in Nick’s ass which was flat against the tabletop.

Nick’s cock was still rock hard. Paul produced a slender, red
candle with a notch in the center of it. Paul covered the candle
with a thin layer of lube. Meanwhile, Mike had tied Nick’s cock
and balls with a rawhide strap so that Nick’s cock stood even
more erect. Paul grabbed the swollen head of Nick’s cock and
began to separate the sides of the opening. He slowly pushed the
candle into Nick’s shaft until it was three-quarter way in. He
tied a thin piece of leather around Nick’s cock near the point
where the notch of the candle would be in Nick’s cock. Nick was
sweating harder. He knew what was about to happen to him. His
eyes glowed with fear as Paul lit the candle and the hot wax
quickly dripped onto his hard tool. He cried out more as the
drippings covered his cock and balls. Nick watched as the flame
burned closer to the tip of his cock. He moaned and pulled in
his ropes as he could feel the heat near the top of the shaft.
‘Please!’ he begged as he tensed his body to withstand the
oncoming pain.

Paul looked down at his victim. Nick closed his eyes as the
flame was about to touch his skin. Suddenly, the heat was gone.
Mike had extinguished the flame. Paul released the leather
straps from around Nick’s cock and balls. He pulled all the wax
off the tender cock. Nick groaned from the pain, but felt a
certain relief. The men untied the boy and removed the toy from
his ass which came out quickly making a loud, popping sound.

Nick’s cock still was hard. Paul pushed the boy onto the floor.
He removed his leather shorts, revealing his own large, thick,
black tool. He lifted Nick’s legs over his head and pushed his
own cock into Nick’s well-worked hole. Paul then removed his
cock and f***ed the boy to turn over on his knees. He bent him
forward and proceeded to fuck him again, this time dog style. He
rammed his projectile unmercifully into the boy. Deeper and
harder with each stroke until he shot his load into Nick’s ass.
Nick loved the feel of his black master inside of him and shot
his own load as he received that of his new owner.

The sight of these two deeply engaged in hot sex caused Mike’s
own cock to stand rock hard. He removed his clothes and grabbed
Steve by his slave collar. He f***ed him to bend over the table
where Nick had been tortured. Steve obeyed, and spread his legs
wide apart. Mike pushed his cock deep inside of Steve’s love
hole, working it hard inside of him, causing Steve to bang into
the table with each thrust. Steve wanted Mike more and more. The
mixture of love and pain excited him with such intensity that he
shot his load onto the table and Mike release his juices into
Steve. The two fell onto the floor together feeling a great

Mike looked at his handsome friend, Paul. ‘Thanks,’ he said.

‘Pleasure was mine,’ Paul grinned as he dressed. He looked down
at Nick who was resting on the floor. ‘You don’t mind if I take
him with me?’ Paul asked Mike. Mike smiled and replied,

Paul gave Nick his clothes. He attached a collar to Nick’s neck
Nick followed as his new master led him out the door.

Meanwhile, Steve had been putting the room into some order. He
came across a strange looking card on the shelf. It was
decorated in oriental styles. Mike saw him reading it. He
smiled. ‘Since you’re here you might as well go with me
tomorrow,’ he said to Steve.

‘Where?’ Steve questioned.

‘To the largest party this Island will see for a long time to
come. Tomorrow night, in the Pines. It’s a Siamese theme party
called ‘One Night in Bangkok’ and I can promise it will be an
event that is not to be missed.’

Steve smiled as Mike took him into his arms and wondered what it
could all mean.

That last Saturday in September was most unusual. The
temperature had reached record breaking highs for the day, and
on that night the moon was bright and full against a black,
starry sky. It appeared as if the summer had not yet rested but
was indeed still present to enhance this night in particular

Mike and Steve had started at about midnight to cross the wooded
park which separates Cherry Grove from the Pines. Mike stood
tall this evening in the finest imported black leather pants
which wrapped tightly around is body. His paper-thin leather
shirt was opened to his waist, revealing his hairy chest. He
carried his jacket over his shoulder. The hat crowning his head
looked to be from a German submarine commander.

Steve wore his tight jeans, lumberjack shirt, and jean style
jacket. He wondered as they walked the moonlit paths, passing an
occasional couple engaged in some pre-party activities, what this
grand party could be like. Why had Mike insisted that they must

As they walked along Pines Boulevard they could see the bright
glow of the lights coming from their destination. They turned on
the boardwalk and proceeded towards a large house built on the
edge of the Great South Bay. The lights grew brighter and Steve
could distinguish a line of uniquely dressed guests waiting to be
permitted to enter the party. Mike guided Steve past this line
and walked directly to the man dressed in a Siamese guard’s
uniform. Before the guard spoke, the host called out from
inside, directing the guard to allow them to enter.

‘Hey man, glad you could make it,’ the host said kissing Mike on
his cheek. ‘So, this is the lad you told me about on the phone,’
he said giving Steve a close scrutiny. ‘Not bad. Maybe you
wouldn’t mind sharing the wealth.’ The host smiled lecherously
at Steve.

‘Max, you’ll never change,’ Mike replied laughing at his host.

Max was an older man, dressed in an elaborate costume as the King
of Siam. In a way he was a king and his home, ‘Paradise’, was
one of the finest on all of Fire Island. It was built on three
acres of wooded land that boarded on the Great South Bay. The
house itself was two large towers joined by a large mid-section
made entirely of glass. Each tower had stairs leading down
towards a large pool yard. The pool, however, was covered by a
large wooded platform. Already people were dancing on the
platform and on the tops of both towers.

Max had the decorators for the party make the house look Siamese
in every respect. There were statues of Buddha and Thai
in every section. He would faithfully prove to live up to his
Bangkok theme in many respects.

Surrounding the house was a large woods. They were dimly lit,
but were alive with people. As one would walk along the paths
there were small way-stations where crisco or other lubes and
necessities were strategically placed.

Back inside the house there were bars set up to serve the
hundreds of invited guests and last minute arrivals who came to
the house. Many of the favorite bartenders from the City’s
famous clubs were on hand to help with the festivities.

Max had sent out over 2500 invitations to people on the Island
and in the City. Everyone who was anyone was coming. In terms
of Fire Island society the gathering glittered. Drags in every
array of costume covered the house. Men in leather and jeans
danced, ripping off their shirts as they worked their hot bodies
to the beat of the music in the unusually warm night air.

Mike and Steve joined the crowd which was gathering near the
stage. The dancers had dispersed as Max came on stage to
announce the first event for the evening. When Max stepped off
stage a young Siamese boy started to dance, stripping off his
costume to the beat of the music. He had a handsome, muscular
well-tanned smooth body which glistened under the night lights.
The crowd was mumbling about his beauty, each wishing he could be
the first to open up this young, virgin boy’s hole. Suddenly,
four large musclemen in tight leather jeans jumped onto the
stage. They grabbed the boy and striped off the last piece of
his clothing. One of the men grabbed a table from the side and
they threw the young boy face down on top of it. His soft,
well-rounded buns were positioned by two of the musclemen. A
third held him down and the fourth prepared him for his
performance. The crowd cheered as the man pulled off his leather
jeans revealing his large, pulsating cock. He positioned himself
and slowly f***ed his cock into the youth. The boy cried out as
the man rammed his power tool into his ass. Harder and faster he
worked the boy’s tendered ass. The crowd cheered and applauded
when they knew that he had released his load into the lad.

The second man now prepared to mount the youth. He first grabbed
a paddle from a member of the crowd and smacked the young boy
across his firm buttocks. The crowd cheered with each smack, like
the audiences of ancient Rome watching the games at the coliseum.
Bang! The muscle man hit with such f***e that the paddle broke.
The boy squealed as the muscle man came up from behind him and
rammed his cock into the boy to seek relief. The third man stood
in front of the boy’s face and f***ed his cock down his throat.
The boy was sweating as he worked this third man’s tool while his
tight hole was stretched by the second man who fucked him
mercilessly. But the crowd wasn’t satisfied. They demanded more
of a spectacle. By now the fourth man’s cock was rock hard. He
had pulled of his pants and stood rubbing his cock faster and
stronger with his hand as he watched the Siamese boy sucking one
hot man while being fucked by a second hot stud. He stood near
the first violator and together they jerked themselves off,
shooting their loads onto the boy’s body while the others
released their cum into his mouth and ass.

The boy laid on the wooden platform completely spent. He was
covered with sweat and cum, and wanted something to refresh him.
As he asked for some water he felt a warm liquid on his body. The
four musclemen sent streams of yellow piss onto the boy. He was
f***ed to swallow some and was quickly begging for more. The
crowd applauded as the show came to a close and went to gather
drinks and danced before the next event.

Mike and Steve had begun to wander away from the crowd towards
the paths into the woods where many of the guests had already
wandered. The spectacle had aroused both of them. Their own
cocks were ready to burst from their clothes and they were
seeking hot action of their own.

The woods were filled with men on the prowl, each seeking his own
form of satisfaction that evening. The bright moon overhead cast
an eerie, bright light throughout. As Mike and Steve walked down
the narrow, twisted paths,they could hear the sounds of men
engaged in what men like to do best. Occasionally the smack of
leather straps against raw flesh would break the air.This would
inevitably be followed by mixed groans of pain and ecstasy.

The handsome pair walked farther from the festivities of the main
house. As they neared the bay, they could see the forms of
hundreds of men dancing on the roofs and platforms of the great
house. The sound of the pulsating music beat hard like the heart
of a man in heat. While they walked, Mike began to feel a
strange apprehension. He turned to check on Steve who was
directly behind him. He stopped in his tracks and began to kiss
Steve passionately under the night lights. They became deeply
entranced with each other. Mike started to remove Steve’s jeans
when suddenly three men appeared from nowhere. They were large
and powerful in appearance, but were not like the other guests at
the party. One was brandishing a chain and smashed over the
head, knocking him out cold. The other put a cloth over Mike’s
mouth. All Mike could feel was that his body was growing numb
and reality was beginning to blur away into an unfamiliar sl**p.

Steve’s head hurt him as he awoke in a darkened room. He had
little idea of where he was. From the sound of water hitting
against the wooden room surrounding him, he thought he might be
in the hold of a ship. His hands were tied tightly with wet
ropes behind his back, and his ankles were secured to each other.

He worked his way over towards a front wall that had a crack in
it which permitted a sliver of light to enter the small chamber.
Steve peered through the opening to see if he could distinguish
what was happening.

Through the opening Steve saw a handsome blond boy in his
teens. He was lying face up on a bed. He had long hair, blue
eyes, and a finely formed muscular body. An older man entered
the room. couldn’t make out his features that well, but he was
older and laid down on top of the boy. Steve watched as the man
f***ed his cock into the boy’s soft ass. The boy resisted the
older man’s advances. He was struck several times hard across
the face. Finally, he submitted. The man fucked him hard while
sucking on his nipples which were firm and erect. Steve’s own
cock was ready for action, but he couldn’t even jerk himself off
since his hands were firmly tied. Steve could hear the older man
cum. The young boy sighed with a relief as the older man left.
Steve watched the boy, becoming more desirous of having him.
While he dreamed, another man came down from the floor above and
repeated the acts of the earlier man on the helpless lad. Steve
tried to free himself from his ropes but was helpless to do
anything. He sat wondering what was to be his fate.

His anticipation mounted as the door to the room was flung open.
A man with a grayish-black beard grabbed Steve and threw him into
the lit room. The blond boy was no longer lying on the bed.
Steve could tell now that he was on a boat. The faint sound of
music could be heard in the distance, so he realized he was close
by the shore of the Island.

‘Hey Jake!’ a voice shouted from above, ‘what’s going on down

‘Not much,’ he shouted back, ‘just checking’ out the

Jake ripped Steve’s shirt from his body. He started to suck on
Steve’s nipple, biting hard, making deep purple marks in the
skin. He took a knife from his belt and cut the ropes from around
Steve’s ankles. Steve started to kick his captor. Jake rammed
his fist into Steve’s stomach, knocking him breathless onto the
bed. Before Steve could recover, Jake had cut the ropes around
his wrists and replaced them with handcuffs attached to the bed.
Jake pulled Steve’s jeans off of him. The youth resisted, but
his resistance was met with Jake’s hand hard across his face.
Jake pulled Steve’s legs up and tied a cord from both of his
ankles to the base of Steve’s balls. He pulled Steve’s legs down
to the bed, pulling down hard on Steve’s cock and balls, and
chained them to the end of the bed. While he was preparing his
prey, another man walked down the stairs.

‘He’s got a lot of fight in him, Ed ,’ he said to the man who had
entered the cabin.

‘I sure we can break him of that, ‘ Ed replied removing his
shirt. Ed was in his late forties, had a large frame and a
tattoo of an eagle on his shoulder. He had a hard face with a
small scar. He looked at the chained boy, hitting Steve’s cock
until it was red and hard. Ed pulled of his jeans. He cut the
cord from around the boys cock and ankles. Ed spread Steve’s
legs and positioned himself near Steve’s cock. Ed f***ed his ass
down over Steve’s face while he sucked hard on Steve’s cock.
Jake grabbed Steve’s head and f***ed him to eat out Ed’s ass. Ed
stopped sucking Steve’s beautiful cock. He sent Jake up-deck.
Jake returned with the blond boy that Steve had admired earlier.

‘You like him? ‘ Ed direct at Steve pulling hard on the blond
boy’s hair. Ed f***ed his head between Steve’s legs and made the
boy lick Steve’s hungry hole. The boy’s tongue massaged the
opening of Steve’s hole, causing Steve’s cock to grow hard again.

The boy pushed his tongue into Steve’s ass making Steve to start
to groan. Jake played with Steve’s nipples and f***ed Steve to
kiss him passionately. Ed tied the young boy against the post so
he could watch as the two older men enjoyed Steve’s body. Ed
rammed his cock into Steve, pumping hard and fast with such f***e
that Steve cried out from the pain. Ed released his load,
allowing Jake to take his turn on the boy. When Jake had
released his load into Steve, he took a razor and shaved off the
helpless young man’s pubic hairs.

‘See, I knew we could break him, ‘ Ed said to Jake as the two
went above deck, leaving Steve chained to the bed.

Steve lay there humiliated that this young boy would watch him
being so badly abused. His fear returned as he heard the motor
of the boat charge up,and the vessel began to move. The blond
boy looked at Steve and spoke.

‘We belong to them now, ‘ he said as tears filled his eyes.

Steve was silent as the sounds of the motors roared louder. He
thought of Mike and what was happening with him. Had Mike given
him up for lost? He couldn’t sl**p, he could only just

Jon was happily walking along in the woods nearby ‘Paradise’. The
night was still young and he was hoping for some more action. He
pulled the collar on his silk shirt, rubbing his hands through
his brown hair. He lost his footing as he walked. ‘Damn, ‘ he
thought, ‘what was that?’ He looked down and screamed with such
vigor that he was heard throughout the woods. People rushed to
his aid from every direction to find him standing, pointing his
finger at amass of black leather on the ground. One man, dressed
as a cowboy, bent down and turned over the seemingly lifeless
body of the man in black leather.

‘Mike!’ Jon gasped as he gazed at the leather man’s face.

The limp body of the man in leather was carried back to the main
house. Max had located a doctor who examined his injured friend
who had been placed in his bedroom. The party outside continued
as the host thought it best to try to keep the majority of the
partiers from learning what had happened. Word of the incident,
however, had already spread throughout the party and a d**g
overdose was the generally accepted reason for the accident.
This was not the case, as Max knew that Mike didn’t use d**gs.
However, he thought it best to keep the truth from the crowd to
avoid any panic.

Meanwhile, the local fire department had been summoned to bring
one of their emergency carts. Mike’s limp body was carried out
and placed on the electric cart while the doctor assisted the
patient. The cart was driven down the boardwalks to the beach
where the police helicopter was waiting to take the victim to the
hospital on the mainland. Max and the doctor rode in the
helicopter along with Mike. The dim morning light cast an eerie
grayish-blue glow over the Island as the police chopper lifted
off and headed towards Brookhaven.

Steve was awakened from his light sl**p by the distant sound of a
helicopter. The dim morning light crept through the small window
at the top of a wall. Steve could tell that he was in a
basement. His hands and feet were both bound. He was laying on
a small bunk. In the light Steve could make out several other
bunks with guys on them. He couldn’t distinguish their features
from the darkness. He tried to crawl deeper under the blankets
that covered his naked body to try to protect himself from the
dampness but the ropes hindered his body’s movements.
Occasionally, a cough would break the silence of the basement
prison. Steve lay there and continued to wonder what was to
happen to him. He drifted off into a deep sl**p as his mind
wandered in tormenting dreams.

Two men came into the basement and grabbed Steve, awakening him
abruptly from his sl**p. The bright light from the next room was
intense and blinded him for an instant. As his eyes focused, he
recognized the tattooed man, Ed,who had ****d him on the boat.
Several other men were in the room. Ed untied the ropes from
around Steve’s legs, leaving him standing naked with the men
staring at him. One of the men walked up and started to look at
Steve as if he were inspecting him. The man had a rough face
with a scar on his cheek. He began to feel Steve’s muscles and
tightly squeezed his nipples. He grabbed him by his balls. He
squeezed and twisted them until Steve screamed and fell over from
the pain. He then turned as Steve laid in pain on the floor.

‘Clean him up,’ the man ordered.

Several men, acting on the man’s demand, picked up the groaning
boy and carried him off into another room.

Mike laid back in his hospital bed as the sun came in through the
windows.He didn’t really know what had happened to him. The last
thing he remembered, he was walking in the woods at the party.
Why wouldn’t the doctors let him leave the hospital and why was
he here in the first place? He felt fine. ‘We want to keep you
a few more days for observation,’ the doctors had told him. This
didn’t make any sense to him. And what had happened to Steve?
Mike couldn’t understand why he wasn’t there with him if nothing
was wrong. None of this seemed to be logical. Mike sighed and
sat back staring out the window.

A young orderly came into the room to check on Mike. He was
handsome, young, and thin with blue eyes and dark brown hair. He
started to chat with Mike. Their eyes seem to speak a language
all their own.

‘Would you like a massage? ‘ he asked Mike.

‘Sure, Brad,’ Mike responded reading the orderly’s name off of
his name tag.

Brad closed the door to the room. He removed the top of Mike’s
hospital gown. He took ointment and began to rub it into Mike’s
shoulders. Slowly, he worked his hands down Mike’s chest and
fondled his cock and balls. Mike’s cock quickly grew rock hard.
Brad began to lick the head of Mike’s cock with his tongue,
teasing it to make the patient even harder and hornier. Mike
pushed his rod into Brad’s mouth as he worked the shaft with a
faster pace. Brad removed his clothes, revealing his ripened
rod. He continued to suck on Mike’s pulsating organ while Mike
began to massage his cock. Mike took some of the ointment and
worked his finger slowly around Brad’s tight asshole. Mike
pushed his finger into Brad’s hole working it more, relaxing the
tight muscle. Brad stopped sucking on Mike’s cock. He looked
wide-eyed at Mike’s hairy chest. He started to suck on the erect
nipples. Mike moved Brad onto the bed and positioned himself
over the orderly. They kissed passionately, their lips hard
pressed and their tongues rapidly stroking. Mike lifted Brad’s
legs over his head. He started to push his cock into Brad’s
moist hole. Brad resisted.

‘No, please, I can’t,’ he moaned.

Mike kissed him again and continued to massage his hole. He
started to rub Brad’s cock and pushed his cock again between
Brad’s tight ass muscles. He slowly rotated his tool working it
deeper and deeper into the moaning orderly. Brad relaxed and took
the rock hard organ into his body. Mike worked the hole faster
and harder. He rammed into Brad’s aching hole with f***e,
banging the bed against the wall. They kissed passionately as
Mike continued to push his root into Brad’s soft body.

Brad could only think of pleasing the man on top of him. He
wanted Mike’s cock more, harder, and deeper. His ass muscle was
sore as the large cock f***ed its way through his opening. It
didn’t matter though, as Brad’s body shook with the sensation of
this man on top of him. He wanted to cum, but he held back as
best he could, hoping to prolong his pleasure.

‘Cum in me!’ he begged as Mike worked him. ‘Cum! Cum!’ he
groaned louder as Mike reached the point of climax.

‘I’m gonna cum!’ Brad shouted as he released his load onto Mike’s

Mike continued to ram with more f***e than before. Brad couldn’t
take much more. Suddenly, Mike emptied his load into the boy’s
waiting hole. He continued to ram his pulsating cock into the
boy until he filled his ass with his cum. He pulled his cock
from the boy’s hole and rested next to him. The two laid quietly
for a few moments on the small bed. Brad got up, dressed, and
washed the cum off of Mike’s chest.

‘I have to finish my rounds,’ he said to Mike with a large grin.
‘I’ll be back later though in case you need anything.’

Mike smiled as Brad walked out of the room. He laid back and
began to wonder again about the situation. There was nothing he
could do now, however,until the doctor would come in the morning
and release him. Everything would have to wait until then.

Mike stood on the terrace of his Fifth Avenue apartment when the
doorman buzzed that there was a police officer who was waiting to
see him. He wondered what the cause of the unexpected visit of
New York’s finest would be all about. As he considered the
options, there was a knock at the front door. When he opened
the door, a handsome, blond haired officer stood at the door.

‘Excuse me for disturbing you, Mr. Conti,’ he said, ‘I’m Officer
Robert Mann of the New York Police Department. I need to speak
to you about a Steven Tyson. May I come in, please.’

Mike smiled and e****ted the officer into the living room. The
officer was about Mike’s height, in his late twenties with a
nicely defined frame. He explained that he was on his way home,
but that since he was working in conjunction with a Suffolk
County Police investigation and this was on his way, he would
save himself some time tomorrow and try to see Mike now. It
seems that during a raid on a house in Brookhaven they had
discovered Steve’s wallet. Among it’s contents was Mike’s
address, so it was decided that they should check into it.

‘You see,’ the officer explained,’ we are investigating a ring
which is connected to a group operating overseas which
specializes in a type of white slavery. Young boys and men, of
ages varying from 12-22, are taken prisoner. They are then
d**gged and f***ed to service the needs of men, usually wealthy
men, who pay to have them enslaved. Recently, German police
broke up one of these rings in Berlin. They had been hiding
youths in a deserted military building, and were to ship them out
of Germany disguised as a soccer team. There plans were ruined
when some of the leaders were caught. They were traced to this
group which has been linked to the disappearance of youths on
Long Island and Fire Island this summer.’

Mike responded that he could be of little help. He didn’t even
have a picture of Steven to show the officer. However, he would
gladly do what he could to help find Steve. He felt a little
responsible since Steve was living in the Grove at his
invitation. From what he knew of Steve, there really was no
f****y. He had met Steve at the Gayety Burlesque where he was
one of the dancers.

‘Well, Mr. Conti,’ the officer continued, ‘that is typical of the
type of youths that are usually a*****ed.’ He smiled at Mike as
they continued talking. ‘You were the last person reported to
have seen Steve Tysen before his disappearance. Do you think
that you might remember anything which might assist us?’

Mike related the events of the night of the party in the Pines
-the walk in the woods, the men jumping them, and then he
recalled only blacking out and walking up in the hospital. He
described the men to the officer who took notes. Mike discreetly
put his hand over his cock which was beginning to bulge at the
thought of making it with this hot looking cop. As they spoke,
Mike also noticed the swelling under Rob’s blue uniform pants.

Rob explained after finishing his notes that it was believed that
by now Steve was probably out of the country, either in Europe or
in the Orient. The investigating team was working with the
German police to try to find some leads as to the whereabouts of
any of the missing youths.

‘I think that is about all for now,’ Officer Mann said smiling at
Mike. ‘I’m off duty, so I guess I’ll thank you and be heading

Mike decided to offer the officer a drink. Rob Mann accepted and
the two sat and continued a friendly conversation.

‘Have you ever been to Fire Island?’ Mike asked Rob.

‘Not since I broke off with my last lover,’ he replied with a
large grin. ‘He was handsome, like you are,’ Rob said shyly,
blushing as he sipped on his drink.

Mike took this cue from Rob and took him into his arms. They
embraced passionately on the couch, their lips pressed hard as
they each fondled the other’s cock. They kissed each other with
a hot, manly passion, their tongues deep into the others mouth.
Mike opened Rob’s shirt and began to work his tits which were
firm and in need of abuse. Both of them were ready to break out
of their pants. Mike directed Rob into the bedroom. As they
started to remove their clothes, Mike ordered Rob to leave his
uniform shirt on, but opened.

‘Okay,’ Rob responded.

‘No, not okay,’ Mike ordered, ‘it’s ‘yes, sir,’ he continued,
slapping Rob across the face.

Rob obeyed and replied, ‘Yes, Sir! How may I serve you, Sir!’

Mike took Robs handcuffs and used them to secure his hand behind
his back. He ordered Rob to kneel in front of him, forcing his
thick, throbbing rod deep into Rob’s throat. Rob gagged as his
master’s tool went deep down the back of his throat. Rob wanted
only to serve the man he knelt before. Mike fucked his face
harder and harder, forcing Rob to take the full length of his
organ. As he worked him, Mike began to feel a need to relieve
himself. He pulled out of Rob’s mouth. Rob had tasted a drop of
Mike’s piss. He begged to take all of it. He then put his mouth
back over Mike’s cock and sucked every drop of the yellow fluid
until Mike was dry, allowing the fluid to drip from his mouth
over his body.

Rob was then led into the bathroom. Mike removed the cuffs and
tore off his wet shirt. He ordered him into the tub and allowed
him to shower. As the two stood under the warm spray of the
shower, they each began to rub the other’s body down with soap.
Mike looked at Rob’s beautiful, manly body which glistened under
the water. He wanted to have him, just as Rob wanted to service
him. Mike ordered Rob to bend forward as he stood behind him.
He slowly worked his hard cock into Rob’s waiting ass, forcing it
deeper and deeper as the warm water ran over them. Rob wanted it
hard and deep. He f***ed his ass back onto Mike’s shaft as he
pushed forward. As Mike rammed into him, he cried out.

‘More, uhhh, deeper, uhhh harder! Ohhhhhhhh!’

Mike fucked him harder and stronger. Rob rubbed his own cock
hard as he felt the strength of his master’s tool deep inside of
his tight hole. He wanted this man more and more.

‘Fuck me! Fuck me!’ he screamed as Mike continued to work his
rod in his firm ass.

Suddenly, Rob felt a warm feeling inside of him as Mike released
his load into him. With a load cry Rob also shot his cum onto
the shower tiles.

The two men finished their shower and dressed. Mike poured them
both drinks and they sat for several minutes holding each other.
Mike was just starring into space as if in some deep thought.
Rob poked him to bring him back to the present.

‘I’m going to go to try and find Steve,’ he told Rob. ‘I feel
responsible. He only went to that party because of me.’

He then looked lovingly into Rob’s eyes. He kissed him and asked
if he would come with him on his quest. Rob thought and realized
he had some vacation time still due him from work. And, since it
was part of the investigation, he felt that he might be able to
arrange it. More important to Rob, however, was the fact he
wanted to spend more time with this man with whom he was
enamored. It was then decided that they would leave on

Tuesday evening had come faster than anyone could imagine. Mike
laid back in the seat of the aircraft sipping on a glass of
champagne as Pan Am flight 74 headed out towards Berlin. He
looked at Rob sitting next to him and smiled. For Rob this was a
treat. He had never been to Europe before and to go first class
was unheard of for him. Mike glanced out the window. He could
faintly distinguish the lines of Fire Island as the giant 747
aircraft headed east. He smiled to himself and slumbered back as
the soft leather of the deep first class seat comforted him. He
closed his eyes thinking of this fine man who was with him. He
wondered what adventure would lie ahead and fell fast asl**p.

From their room at Berlin’s Intercontinental Hotel Mike and Rob
had a direct view of the huge silver tower which dominated East
Berlin’s famous Alexanderplatz on the other side of the wall.
As this was Rob’s first time in the celebrated German city, Mike
decided to show him the major attractions.

Berlin has countless museums, palaces, and of course the
infamous Berlin wall. Mike took Rob on the shopping tour of East

Berlin. After passing through Checkpoint Charlie, they proceeded

to Alexanderplatz. Outside the Centrum Department Store there is

a path which leads past the large tower to a park near Spandauer
Strasse. Many handsome German youths were milling about looking
for a chance to meet any man from the West. As Mike and Rob
walk-ed towards Unter Den Linden (East Berlin’s Fifth Avenue),
they were able to see the wide expanse of the avenue which
passed through the famous Brandenburg Gate. The journey in the
East lasted only three hours and they return back to the Western
sector and prepare for the evening activities.

As night approached, Rob and Mike dined at a small Gasthaus on
Kurfurstendamm near the ruins of the cathedral which once
dominated the Western sector before the war. Nearby stands the
Banhoff Zoo train station. Here young boys stood waiting for
prospective customers in order to earn enough money to feed their
d**g habits or to find themselves a place to spend the night.
Mike spoke with several of them to try and discover any clue to
the k**nappers whom they were seeking. There was a young boy who
could have been no more than f******n standing in the corner by
the money exchange. He looked cute despite his rather dirty
appearance. Mike spoke to him in fluent German. The boy told
him that a friend of his had vanished only the week before and
there was not a trace of him anywhere. He was last seen in the
company of a John he had picked up for the night leaving a
leather bar called Tom’s. Mike gave the boy 100 marks for his
information. He and Rob decided that they should follow this
new lead.

Tom’s Bar stood on a corner off of the main avenue. It was
already crowded with men in all types of clothing from boots and
jeans to full leather. Many of the clients were French, British,

and American servicemen who were stationed at the various bases
throughout the city. Mike was idly chatting with the bartender
when he notice a huge grin on Rob’s face. He turned and found
that there was a man next to him ordering a drink. This man was
naked except for a pair of black boots. They decided to follow
him as he went towards the back of the bar. As they neared the
dance room, the man went down a short fight of stairs and
disappeared into what seemed like a dark, underground cavern.

Mike and Rob entered into the darkness. As they felt their way
along the corridor they came upon a room with dim reddish-white
light. Here were men engaged in a large varieties of activities.

Mike decided that he only wanted to be a spectator of the scene
that was about to occur.

A man who in this light appeared to be in his twenties was being
stripped by two older men. After they pulled off his clothes,
one of the men held his arms while the other began to whip the
youth with a strap. The small group of viewers seemed to be
pleased with each sound of the leather hitting the boys back.

Several of the viewers had removed their own cloths and worked
their cocks while watching the boy who was being whipped. The
boy didn’t resist, but one could see his body quiver with each
strike. Another man prepared a sling. The boy was placed into
the harness with his legs spread wide open. One of his
tormentors removed his own pants revealing a large, throbbing
cock. He stood before the boy and rammed his projectile into his
ass. The boy screamed from the sudden entry, but the man pushed
only harder and harder until him came. The man with the whip then
took his turn. The shadow of his body revealed a muscular form.
His body was covered with sweat from the exercise he had
performed on the youth’s back. He took a handful of lubricant
and covered his fist and part of his arm. He moved towards the
fettered man, working the grease thoroughly over his hand. He
reached down and slowly began to work his hand into his victims
ass. He worked his fingers and turned his hand slowly, deeper
into the boy. Several men were standing over the boy rubbing
their own cocks to relieve themselves of the sexual energy
building within them. They worked their cocks until each shot
their load onto the smooth chest of the harnessed boy. He
screamed out as the man’s large fist passed entirely into him.

The muscle man wasn’t finished with him. He pulled his hand
from the boy and cleaned himself off. The boy was taken from the
sling. He was f***ed to bend forward. The boy’s wrists were
bound to his ankles by two pair of handcuffs. As the boy was
bent in this position, the man placed the head of his cock into
the boy’s widened hole. He relieved his pressured bladder and
f***ed the boy to take his warm piss into his ass. The boy was
moved into a squatting position as he held the piss in him. He
then was allowed to release the liquid from his ass into a bowl.
Another man release him from his handcuffs and attached a dog
collar to his neck. He face was positioned in front of the bowl
and he was f***ed to drink the piss which had come from his ass.
As he resisted, he was beat with a thick whip until he finally
obeyed and lapped up every drop.

Mike and Rob decided to leave at this point in the show. They
went back to the main barroom. In a corner near the front a
lone teen sat on the benches. He was d***k or stoned or both.
He had dark hair and very white skin. Mike noticed something
very familiar about the denim jacket that he was wearing. He
tried to speak to the boy, but the teen made little sense. The
teen said that his name was Yuri. Mike continued to talk with
him but could not keep his mind off of the jacket. The more Mike
looked at the jacket, he felt even surer about his feeling.
Then as the boy turned his neck, Mike noticed on the collar of
the coat the initials ‘S T’ written with an ink pen. Mike
questioned the boy as to where he got the coat. Yuri told Mike
and Rob that it was given to him by a man that he had ‘worked
for’. He told them also that there were several boys staying in
the house, many of them foreign. However, they had left the city
several days earlier. Mike tried to determine if the teen was
telling the truth. Yuri swore, of course, that it was. He
said that the man had wanted him to go with them, that he would
have a great time and make lots of money but Yuri had told him
that he didn’t really want to go to Bangkok.

Mike looked at Rob with a feeling of dread. Was this boy
telling the truth? If so, then they had no choice but to go to
Bangkok. They left Yuri and his world in the bar and headed back

towards the hotel. During the next few days, they searched for
more clues in Berlin, but all the leads pointed towards Bangkok.
Mike made up his mind. There seemed only this one choice. Mike
hoped deep inside of himself that this would be the solution.
The search now turned towards the East and Bangkok. The two men
prepared themselves to meet the challenges they were about to

The Lufthansa plane was like a giant bird with its wings reaching
up to worship the sky as it slowly descended into Bangkok’s
international airport. Mike and Rob were tired from their journey
and went to their hotel to rest. After their rest, they went
sight seeing around the city. Bangkok, oriental city, situated
on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, offered spectacular sites
to see. Numerous canals cross the city and it is filled with
beautiful temples. Among its greatest treasures is the jasper
image of Buddha, reputedly more than 600 years old. And, in
addition, there are the boys

One Night in Bangkok

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One Night in Bangkok

The sun cast an orange glow over The Grove as it set in the Great South Bay as if consuming all of Fire Island in its flame. Nick Morell walked along the boardwalk. The gentle autumn breeze caressed his long, brown hair as he hurried on his way. Nick’s 5’7′ stature cast a shadow on the walks much greater than his height. His defined features created a handsome picture in the late afternoon light. He walked past the fairy tale houses with their unique names –...


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Prologue: The Lamp's Journey by mypenname3000 Copyright 2014 Visit my blog at Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta-reading this! Six Shall be one, the Marid defeated. In the lands of the West shall be born our salvation, The Blood of Sultans and Warriors flows through his veins, Four wives and countless lovers shall he possess; the appetite of sultans. If you wish freedom for the Djinn, send a daughter of Jann, slumbering in a brass lamp,...


Utopia for One Chapter 6 - A Star is Torn

Claire said nothing but her shoulders slumped in despair. Running was not an option. First she was naked and second Richard blocked the way. Even if she got passed him, she would have to clothe herself and then get away. Richard was fast and strong. Even if she achieved the impossible and actually got dressed and out, she wouldn’t get far. The fast dawning realisation that her fate was sealed was solidified in that moment. Even in the gloom, she managed to find a...


The Creators: Book One

BRANDON My twin sister is dead, but she’s not gone. Death is a tragedy in the remote village of Towerhead, but it’s not a rarity. Farming accidents, disease, famine, natural disasters, you name it, it kills people in Towerhead. So, six years ago, when the oxen-pulled carriage ran my ten-year-old sister into the dirt, it was a tragedy, but it wasn’t an anomaly. I had seen this play before; the townspeople rushing to the accident, the driver sitting in shocked...


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