Spanking and Sex

Abi and Fran met at Uni. Both are now 20 years old and share a small two bed terraced house in the student area close to their University. They enjoy each other’s company and each other, sharing a large double bed leaving the second bedroom empty.

Both girls shared a fantasy. To be spanked. So it wasn’t long before spanking played a part in their love making. The spankings were long and hard, and the love making afterwards had both girls moaning and groaning in erotic sensations as they played with the others erect nipples, wet pussy’s, and hard clit’s. Both found the orgasms they achieved after being spanked were intense helped by her stinging bottom.

There was a limit though as only one girl was spanked. The girls had tried spanking one and then reversing the roles but they found that less satisfying so agreed to play the dominant and submissive roles alternately. Still satisfying, still erotic, still far better than just straight forward sex, but they hankered for a double spanking at some time.

The summer holidays had arrived and Abi asked Fran to stay at her parent’s house for a few weeks. Fran jumped at the chance as her own parents were at home as was her grandma and she didn’t want to face that normality just yet. The girls arrived at Abi’s house and were met by her Mum 47 year old Kate and Abi’s older sister 26 year old Jessica . Fran was shown to her bedroom, next door to Abi’s, and she settled down to a few weeks with her friend’s family.

The girls were very careful to make sure they were alone in the house when they made love . After all they weren’t in their own house now and Abi wasn’t certain how relaxed her Mum would be to know the two 20 year olds were an item. The days went by and they made love whenever they could. The two twenty year olds would often start in the shower, happily soaping each other’s breasts, tummies, inner thighs and then the others pussy. They would dry the other with soft bath towels before going still naked to the bedroom, Abi’s as it had the double bed Eagerly they would engulf each other kissing, licking, sucking, their tongues entwined or sucking the others nipples, inner thighs, and their wet soft sex juice filled pussy’s, bringing each other to wonderful multiple delicious orgasms.

After a few days when cuddling afterwards, breathing heavily, each girls fingers still playing with the other girls body, Abi asked, “Do you think we should risk a spanking, I so miss it?”

Fran asked, “Really? I would like to but how would you explain it to your Mum? Into spanking and girls?”

Abi laughed. “Well if Mum and Sis are out I don’t see why we shouldn’t. Making out by itself isn’t so exciting without a sore bottom is it?”

Fran readily agreed. “If you think so but I still don’t see how you will explain it.”

Abi said happily, “Look on the bright side. If we do get caught we might even get Mum and Jessica to spank us together, just as we had fantasised about so often.”

Fran nodded. Yes that wouldn’t be so bad she thought. In fact it was quite exciting, the thought of both being spanked together. That would really liven things up she thought.

So the next day they watched out the window as Kate and Jessica left the house to go shopping. Abi agreed as the hostess she should spank Fran. Both 20 year olds were naked as Abi sat on an upright chair and Fran bent down across her lap. The spanking was long and hard, first with the open palm and then the flat wooden back of the paddle hairbrush. Fran was yelping and crying out as her bottom was turned a searing burning red as Abi splattered her bottom with spanks. Abi knew how to spank, her firm hand unyielding as Fran’s bottom shook when Abi’s open palm flattened Fran’s bottom sending it in swirling waves until it subsided just in time for the next spank.

The spanking was followed by intense caressing and kissing and a string of orgasms although each girl knew the one who had been spanked had the far superior orgasms.

The next day they watched out again when Kate and Jessica left the house to go out for the evening. This time Fran spanked Abi before they again made love. What they didn’t know then was that part way through the spanking Jessica had returned home unexpectedly. The girls hadn’t heard the 26 year old come home but Jessica heard the smack smack of the spanking as she climbed the stairs. She thought her hearing was misleading her but after listening at the bedroom door she was sure she was listening to a spanking. Afterwards she went to her own bedroom lay on her bed and tried to blot out the gasps erotic sighs and panting which she knew was from love making. She went out in to the hallway, knew the love making sounds came from Abi’s room, listened outside Fran’s bedroom, and opened the door slightly. Just as she thought there was no one there. Abi and Fran were going hammer and tongs in Abi’s room for sure.

Jessica knew then wasn’t the time to say anything. She quickly showered and when she got to bed the gasps and panting from Abi’s bedroom continued. Her fingers found her hair mound ever so quickly and she was already damp as she ran her fingers along her pussy, pressing one finger inside, and soon she was having her own orgasm, followed quickly by a second and a third. She lay breathing heavily as her eyes closed, her last thoughts being a determination to ask Abi in the morning if she really had heard a spanking.

Next morning Abi and Fran came downstairs, fresh faced, both wearing short skirts that just covered their bottoms and vest tops, a bra and knickers. Both were laughing as they walked in to the kitchen to find Jessica sitting at the table sipping a cup of coffee.

“Hi,” Abi said.

“Morning,” Jessica replied.

Fran smiled at the 26 year old.

“Mum around?” asked Abi.

“No,” Jessica replied, “She stayed at Aunt Sonia.”

The two 20 year olds filled a plate with cereal pouring the milk on and sat down taking a couple of mouthfuls without a care in the world. They were students so that made sense.

Jessica interjected, “So did I hear one of you spanking the other when I got home?”

Fran almost choked on her cereal. Abi froze with her mouth full of cereal. Neither had heard Jessica come home although Abi knew it had always been a risk.

“Well?” Jessica demanded seeing she had hit a nerve, well several actually. The two 20 year olds blushed, looked blankly at each other and then back at Jessica who was enjoying herself.

Fran seemed to recover first and admitted, “Yes.”

Jessica asked sharply, “Did you make out afterwards as well?”

Fran nodded her head and said a quiet, “Yes Jessica.”

Jessica managed to cover her surprise and said reproachfully, “Hey, Mum and I didn’t even know that you are both an item let alone this spanking thing which certainly wasn’t expected either. So, who spanked whom?”

Abi explained. “We both like being spanked before sex. That’s it really.”

Jessica seemed to relax and reckoned Abi had told her the truth. “Ok, that’s cool then. Sex and spanking. Not what I would have expected but why not?” Jessica reflected on how her younger sister did some strange things for sure so if she liked spanking so be it. There was after all a love hate relationship between the two of them. Jessica reckoned her younger sister always got her own way when she was younger and hated that. She even wondered for a moment if she could get to spank Abi.

Abi grew in confidence and added, “The thing is sis we both like being spanked but we only do it one way so only one of us gets high on it during making out. We really would like both of us to be spanked. Somehow me spanking Fran after she spanks me isn’t the same.”

Jessica wondered if Abi was reading her mind and said casually, “I could spank you both if you like.”

Abi knew her older sister would offer that and said straight away, “That still means one of us cools off.” She saw Jessica thinking that as well but before she could say anything Abi continued, “So we were thinking Mum could spank one of us and you the other. What do you think?”

Jessica smiled. Exactly what she had been thinking. “I imagine Mum will be OK with that. Actually Mum asked me if I thought you two were an item and when I said yes she was really cool with it. So spanking you as well, hey why not?”

Abi and Fran smiled at each other. Fran could not believe the audacity Abi had but it was working.

Just then 47 year old Kate came in to the kitchen and Jessica explained to her Mum what had been discussed. Kate looked questioningly at her younger daughter. “Abi, so being spanked is good for both of you then?”

Abi replied quickly, “Yes Mum, we both get really turned on by it.”

“What, an old fashioned over the knee hand spanking?”

Fran realised Abi’s Mum was going to agree to spank them. How cool was that? Abi replied, “Over the knee is what I was thinking Mum. Your hand is great for a warm up Mum but we both like the hairbrush as well Mum, a flat wooden paddle brush like the one you use for your hair.”

Kate asked surprised, “Have you used my one on each other?”

Abi laughed, “No Mum, we have a few of our own.”

“Why a few?”

Fran blushed and said, “They break after a few goes Mum.”

“Ah, I see,” Kate said, understanding. She shrugged her shoulders, and said, “Well OK then that’s all fine with me. I am quite happy to help you two girls out. A good spanking for the two of you. I have to go out but will be back at tea time. Shall we say when I get back then?”

“Thanks Mum,” Abi said happily.

“Thank you,” Fran also said smiling at both Kate and Jessica.

During the rest of the day Abi and Fran spoke of little else other than how great it was going to be. Fran was here another month and if it all works out their sex lives might really motor. The two 20 year olds listened out whenever they thought they heard Kate return home and that only raised their excitement.

Eventually Kate did get home and they all had tea in the kitchen. Abi placed two paddle hairbrushes on the edge of the table and whilst Kate and Jessica smiled to themselves whenever they glanced at the hairbrushes not much was said over tea about the spankings to come. Abi and Fran were tense but really looking forward to them. Suddenly, or so it seemed, Kate announced, “Right girls, we’ll do it in the living room.”

They all got up from the table and went to the adjoining room. Abi and Fran saw the two upright chairs facing each other and Abi placed a hairbrush on each of them. Kate and Jessica both sat on a chair holding the hairbrush.

Fran looked at Abi and Abi nodded back. Fran said, “We kinda wanted to be spanked in the nude. Is that OK with you both?”

Kate said smiling, “No problem to us. Whenever you are ready then,” she ordered firmly.

Jessica asked, “Have we agreed who will spank whom?”

Abi was about to say she wanted her Mum to spank her when Kate announced, “Oh I think to be fair we should swap over half way through. I’ll start with Abi then we can change and I’ll spank Fran.” She said it as a statement.

Fran said, “That’s cool.” Abi blushed but accepted the decision.

Abi and Fran unzipped their short skirts and let them fall to the floor before stepping out of their knickers. Both took their vest tops off and stooped to pick up their skirts and knickers putting them neatly on the table before they put their arms behind themselves and unhooked their bras. Abi felt even more aroused than she had expected as she stood naked in front of her Mum and older sister. She felt her pussy flutter and knew she was already damp as much she supposed by talking to Fran about just this for most of the day as the excitement she felt now.

Moments later Abi bent across her Mum’s lap with her hands balancing her on the floor. She looked across and saw Fran across Jessica’s lap and Jessica’s hand was rubbing Fran’s bottom. Kate was rubbing Abi’s.

Kate announced, “Jessica, how about a long hand spanking, then 50 spanks with the hairbrush before we changeover?”

“Cool Mum,” Jessica replied.

Abi and Fran realised they had no say over this. So different to when they spanked each other and gave instructions. Not this time but they both felt the loss of control was adding to the sensation for the two twenty year olds.

Abi and Fran weren’t to know that Jessica and her Mum had discussed spanking the two girls during the afternoon. Kate and Jessica were both delighted with the task they had been given. For Jessica this was a welcome revenge on her younger sister. For Kate, she knew she had let Abi get away with too much as she grew up and so for her this was a belated cleansing of her guilt. They both agreed they would give long and hard spankings and not be overly concerned if they cried. In fact crying would be good.

Kate and Jessica nodded to each other and they started spanking the bare unprotected bottoms across their lap. They started with moderate spanks building up after a few dozen to much harder spanks.

Abi loved the feeling of humiliation being across her Mum’s lap. Not sexual like with Fran. This was as close to a discipline spanking as she had ever had. She knew this was about pain. Her Mum spanking her so her bottom stung and was sore and it hurt to sit down and she was pleased that is how it was turning out. She had no sexual feelings as she lay across her Mum’s lap naked, just a feeling of humiliation and helplessness, even feeling just like a naughty child who was getting the spanking she deserved. The pain was glorious, just as she had hoped, so much better than Fran spanking her.

Fran was getting more and more aroused by the hand spanking from Jessica. There were no family connections so she was free to enjoy and be aroused. Her bottom was nicely tingly as the spanking progressed having their bare bottom cheeks spanked alternately loving the fact she was naked as a sign of submission. She knew the spanking was harder than the ones Abi and her gave each other but that only made the experience ever more erotic for her.

Fran wriggled a bit and her legs parted. Jessica rubbed the backs of the legs of the 20 year old and then her inner thighs. Fran lifted her bottom wanting Jessica to spank her again but Jessica misinterpreted and slid her finger along Fran’s pussy lips. Fran gasped erotically and realising what had happened firmly closed her legs. Jessica hid her embarrassment by spanking Fran again but she had the answer to one of her thoughts. Fran was really aroused and her pussy was oozing her sex juice. That made Jessica happily spank the 20 year old even harder.

Abi and Fran looked across at each other from time to time and both knew they were getting more and more aroused. Being spanked together was just as Abi had imagined, and hoped for. Abi was looking across just when Jessica and her Mum nodded to each other and picked up the hairbrushes, tapped each girls bottom a couple of times, and started with what was supposed to be 50 hard spanks. Abi was howling as her Mum spanked her and heard howls coming from Fran. Jessica and her Mum looked across at each other and smiled, pursing their lips with the intention of maintaining hard spanks until each girl’s bottom was bright red.

Kate had kept count and stopped at 50 spanks. Jessica hadn’t counted and gave Fran a few extra before her Mum signalled to her to stop.

‘Sorry,’ Jessica mouthed as her Mum smiled back winking before she said, “Right girls, up you get and change over laps.”

Fran and Abi exchanged wet blurred glances as they stood up. They were both sobbing as their bottoms stung. Neither wanted to stop though as both had wet pussy’s and loved the stinging sensation in their bottoms far more than when they spanked each other. This was such a fabulous experience they both thought.

Kate and Jessica looked at the two naked girls. They saw both the girls had erect nipples and glistening pussy’s so knew they were enjoying being spanked. Jessica and her Mum looked at each other and both smiled as they too were enjoying spanking the girls for their different reasons.

Fran quickly bent across Kate’s lap sticking her bottom up slightly beckoning Abi’s Mum to spank her again. Abi hesitated as she stood by her older sister. This was a turning point and she bit her lip with a tinge of worry but when Jessica tapped her thigh Abi obediently nodded and bent across her sister’s lap. She felt good lying across Jessica’s lap. Her thoughts now weren’t of being spanked by her older sister but more that her lap was more like Fran’s with slim toned legs. Her Mum’s thighs were wider although more comfortable to be across. Strange thoughts to have Abi realised as she felt her sister’s hand rubbing her bottom.

Kate announced, “Jessica, another hand spanking then shall we say a 100 spanks with the hairbrush. OK?”

“Sure thing Mum,” Jessica readily agreed.

Again Abi and Fran had no say but both felt again the loss of control only added to the sensation. Tears ran down their faces as the hand spanking resumed. Abi now totally accepted being spanked by her older sister and any reservations she had were now gone. Abi started to struggle again as the hand spanking was adding to her bottom’s stinging sensation as well as the quivering in her pussy.

Fran was gasping as each spank landed loving her own stinging bottom. She looked across at Abi as she was spanked by her older sister and knew she was enjoying herself, at least as much as she can with the pain and all.

A long time passed or so it seemed before there was a pause. Abi looked up and saw her Mum pick up the hairbrush and knew Jessica will be doing the same. A few moments later Abi felt Jessica’s thighs tense and knew the paddle hairbrush was on its way downwards and the subsequent pain spread across her bottom cheeks.

Jessica smiled as she saw how the impact of the paddle hairbrush caused her sister’s bottom cheeks to swirl like a wave. She heard Abi howl but had no intention of spanking more lightly. Jessica’s feelings were different to when she spanked Fran. With Fran it was just a friend of her sister’s and she actually felt aroused by the pain she was causing and the control she had. With Abi it was pure revenge. Not hatred as she loved her sister, but she was just enjoying paying back her sister for all the things she got away with over the years. Jessica was really enjoying spanking her sister, first on her bottom, then on the backs of her legs, and the more Abi yelped the harder she spanked.

Kate found spanking Fran different to spanking her daughter. With Abi Kate kept thinking about something Abi had done wrong and used that as justification for spanking her harder and harder. With Fran though she focussed more on Fran’s wish to be spanked and watched her face as best she could and her reaction. The more Fran yelped but stayed across her lap the harder she spanked to see if she could push Fran to beg her to stop. It didn’t happen and Fran kept lifting her bottom to encourage Kate to spank harder.

This time both Jessica and Kate lost count of the spanks. The two 20 year olds were kicking and squirming as the spanks with the hairbrush continued to rain down on their stinging bouncing bottoms. Their heads jerked upwards and their ample breasts shook from side to side squashing against Kate and Jessica’s thighs. 100 spanks came and went as did 110 and 120. It was more like 150 spanks before Kate caught Jessica’s eye and they agreed it was enough.

Abi and Fran lay across the laps for a while crying loudly with heaving chests as Kate and Jessica admired their handiwork in the form of two very red and even bruised bottoms.

“Get up you two,” Kate eventually told the two 20 year olds.

Abi and Fran both slipped off their respective spankers lap and as they stood up rubbed their bottoms fiercely, stepping from foot to foot, their breasts swaying and shaking as they rubbed. Both had tear streamed faces but were thinking only about their stinging bottoms rather than their tear filled eyes.

“Go upstairs and enjoy yourselves girls,” Kate ordered. Sniffing and sobbing Abi and Fran walked quickly from the room rubbing their bottoms as they ran up the stairs. Still crying they went to the bedroom, closed the door and turned to face each other. Abi threw her arms around Fran’s neck and Fran put her arms around Abi’s waist and they hugged each other hard, both still naked, their bottoms stinging, still sobbing as they kissed each other, their tongues intertwined.

Abi soon took control, as she always did, and guided Fran towards the bed. Fran lay on her side and Abi lifted Fran’s leg over hers as they caressed each other. Abi sucked Fran’s nipple sucking hard and licking her breast enjoying Fran’s fingers on her pussy, her own finger running along Fran’s wet soft pussy. Abi gyrated as Fran’s finger flicked her clit and she moaned and groaned sexually. Abi kissed Fran’s breasts as her own fingers ran along Fran’s pussy edging inside finding her clit so they were both gasping erotically.

Abi and Fran were thrusting their fingers in and out of the others wet pussy each getting closer and closer to orgasm. Abi came first and as she gasped loudly still she thrust her finger in and out of Fran’s wet squelching pussy until Fran too let out long gasps of orgasm.

Abi and Fran lay holding each other as their breathing settled, still gently kissing each other, their mouths, breasts, tummy’s, legs, inner thighs, and pussy’s. Soon Abi and Fran licked each other’s pussy and sucked each other as they both reached orgasm again, even more erotic and sexual than the first orgasm.

Abi and Fran lay side by side, still kissing and caressing the others breasts and inner thighs. They looked deeply in to each other’s eyes. Abi said, “Wow that was the best.”

Fran smiled. “So cool. But how’s your bottom.”

Abi said with immense feeling, “So sore, I mean stinging, and hot. Awesome.”

Fran asked, “Should we go tell your Mum and sister?”

Abi said, “Yes, let’s and maybe tell them how much they helped us.”

The 20 year olds put on their knickers and bras, kissed each other once again and went downstairs. Kate and Jessica looked up surprised at the half clad 20 year olds.

“Mum, Jess, you are the best, being spanked so hard before we went upstairs was just so cool. We had the best sex ever.”

Kate and Jessica blushed and looked at each other speechless. Abi saw their looks and said quickly, “Look I’m sorry, I mean I’m just so turned on by the way you two spanked us.”

Kate and Jessica still stayed silent. Abi swallowed hard and asked seriously, “You will do it again. Like please Mum, Jessica?”

Her Mum asked, “You really want us to spank you again do you girls?”

Abi implored, “Yes Mum, Jessica, please please please.”

Fran licked her lips and nodded her agreement.

Kate looked at Jessica who nodded her head then back at Abi and Fran. “If you want then we will. Tomorrow night?”

“Wow yes Mum that would be great. I mean really great.”

Kate said firmly, “Right, that’s settled. Now, you two had better be well behaved or you might get another spanking tonight.”

“Yes Mum, sure we’ll be good, but we won’t be sitting down for a while yet. Maybe we’ll go back upstairs and lie on the bed.” Abi gasped with delight at the threat of being disciplined if she was naughty.

Abi and Fran left the room bubbling over, telling each other what they will be doing to the other when they get back to bed.

Kate said to Jessica, “Well I guess you and I get to spank them both again.”

Jessica said, “I hope tomorrow isn’t the last time Mum.”

“It won’t be I promise Jessica,” Kate assured her daughter. “Now I know your sister enjoys being spanked she will have to do as I tell her or she will get spanked when she doesn’t want to be as well.”

“She won’t like that Mum,” Jessica said laughing knowing her Mum will keep to her word hoping that she too might get in on the action and spank her petulant younger sister.

Upstairs Abi and Fran lay on the bed in each other’s arms. Fran said happily, “Who would have reckoned being spanked together would be so great?”

Abi gushed, “I know, it was awesome.”

Fran said with a worried tone, “You know there’s a risk you’re Mum might decide she spanks you when she wants to and not just when you want to be spanked?”

Abi laughed, “I hope so?”

Fran was confused. “What do you mean?”

Abi was smiling as she said, “Don’t worry Fran, Mum and Jessica will give us both several more spankings while you are here. I just want things to be more exciting when you have gone home. This is the start. They spank you and me because we want to be. But I know Mum wants to use spanking to discipline me so I reckon she will do just that, spank me for being rude or answering back or sulking.”

“You mean you planned that?”

“Sure. Look Fran, I really enjoy being spanked. Believe me I loved today being spanked so hard and you at the same time. It blew my mind making love to you with my bottom stinging and yours feeling so hot. It was awesome. It made it so much better than just one of us being spanked.” Abi said after a gap, “So I don’t want it to stop after you have gone home. I know I’ll have to compromise and yes I realise Mum will spank me when she reckons I’ve earned one and I just know she will let Jessica spank me as well. I’m even OK with that as Jessica is six years older than me and although she tells everyone I got away with murder when I was younger I always let her boss me around so her spanking me is cool. Let them both spank me I say.”

Fran asked, “So if your Mum starts imposing rules and spanks you when you break them? You are 20 you know. Aren’t you too old to be disciplined like that?

“That’s a risk, but actually its exciting not knowing when I’ll be spanked as well. I know I’ll make mistakes and get spanked when I don’t want to be but there will be lots of times when I will earn myself a spanking on purpose. I will get spanked and then have the most wonderful time masturbating. That’s far far more exciting than just thinking about being spanked when I masturbate.”

Fran smiled at her friend. “You so and so Abi. I can’t believe that you planned it all. You have asked your Mum and sister to spank us and made them think they are helping to make our experience more exciting and all along you wanted them to spank you even after I’ve gone home. That is so cool.”

Abi said wickedly, “I hope you don’t mind Fran?”

“Heck no Abi. I really enjoyed being spanked as well. I’m just sorry it will end when I go home. In fact if I’m truthful then I have to admit I’m jealous. Still, good on you Abi. You are sure going to get spanked a lot.”

“I think I will be Fran. I want a sore bottom and a wet pussy so want to be spanked as often as I can be then masturbate and get brilliant orgasms and these will help me. In the meantime you and I will get spanked tomorrow night and I reckon any night we want after that. Just watch though. Mum will be strict with me and I will get a discipline spanking before you leave, but then it will have started. It was awesome enough this afternoon with you, but once it starts for real it will be heaven across their laps.”

“I guess it will get interesting Abi, really interesting.”

Abi smiled. “Painful as well Fran, don’t forget the pain, but pain means orgasms and Mum and Jessica will be helping me more than they think. I’m already getting wet at the thought of it. Believe me Fran, this is only the start.”

The next morning Abi and Fran discussed their experiences of the previous day. The painful spanking and the glorious sex. They were laughing and giggling not realising they were talking so loudly. Kate opened their bedroom door and said sharply, “Please quieten down you two. Abi I did tell you to be good and making such a noise is what I call misbehaving. So better quieten down or I will give you another spanking.”

Abi was elated that her Mum had threatened the spanking. Just as she had hoped. She almost came there and then. “Yes Mum, sorry Mum.”

Kate seemed satisfied, gave the two 20 year olds a stern look, and left closing the door.

Abi and Fran looked at each other and Fran said in an amazed tone, “Wow Abi, just as you said.”

Abi smiled saying, “Quicker than I expected.”

Fran said smiling herself, “A real discipline spanking at 20 years old. I think I’m cumming thinking about it.”

Abi shrieked with laughter, “So am I,” and kept laughing loudly.

A few moments later the door flew open and Kate was standing there with her hands on her hips. “What did I tell you 10 seconds ago young missy?”

Abi blushed and stuttered, “Sorry Mum.”

Kate sounded livid. “Sorry? That doesn’t do it my girl. I told you what would happen if you didn’t quiet it down. Tell, me, what did I say would happen?”

Abi swallowed hard and said quietly, “I would get a spanking Mum.”

Kate said sharply, “Exactly. So young lady, guess what happens now?”

Abi was wide eyed. “But Mum, I’m still sore from yesterday. Please Mum, I’ll be quiet now. I promise.”

“No way young lady,” Kate said firmly. “Downstairs now.”

Abi stood up, bit her lip and rubbed her bottom which was still sore from yesterday’s spanking. She knew though she had to obey her Mum, wanted to in fact, knowing this was what she had wanted.

Kate said sharply to Fran, “Bring a hairbrush with you Fran.”

Moments later Kate was sitting on the upright chair in the living room. Jessica had heard the uproar and followed the others in to the living room and sat on the sofa watching the events unfold. Fran stood against the wall hoping she wasn’t going to be spanked.

Kate said in a hard tone to her Abi, “You said you like to be naked when spanked so get undressed.”

Abi gasped but again obeyed her Mum. She quickly slipped her shorty nightdress over her head and stood naked feeling humiliated and knowing this was really going to hurt.

“Get across my lap,” Kate ordered and watched as the 20 year old quickly bent across her lap.

Kate rubbed Abi’s bottom and said sharply, “Tonight’s spanking still happens as you asked for it and once we agree on it then the spanking goes ahead. This is an extra and I intend to teach you a long and hard lesson.”

Fran almost sighed with relief when she heard they will both still be spanked tonight. That was good for her. She now looked sympathetically at Abi although knew this was what her friend wanted.

Abi looked at the floor as her Mum rubbed her bottom. She knew it would hurt but so wanted her Mum to enforce her authority over her and to feel comfortable that it was right. Abi wanted to be disciplined, again and again, and although this spanking was too soon after her last spanking and there will be another spanking tonight that just had to be accepted. She had wanted her Mum and her sister to spank her and knew it would definitely make life more exciting and erotic.

Kate raised her hand and brought it down hard on Abi’s bottom. After several spanks she looked at Jessica and they smiled at each other. A smile Fran saw and was instantly aroused by and felt the flutter across her pussy. She so wanted her own Mum to do this to her, to spank her. She was more jealous of Abi than ever.

Abi struggled as the spanks stung more and more but whilst she could not stop herself squirming on her Mum’s lap she was so excited. She could look forward to being spanked far more often, aroused far more often, have better and longer orgasms than ever before. She had manipulated her Mum and her sister to spank her for her own sexual excitement and she had succeeded. Her bottom was stinging and she was on the verge of crying when her Mum picked up the hairbrush and the hard hand spanks became much harder spanks with the paddle hairbrush. Abi kicked and yelped as the pain enveloped her just as her pussy quivered and was sure a stream of her sex juice dribbled down her leg. Even as she shrieked with pain Abi hoped her Mum would see it and spank her harder.

Kate saw the glistening stream of her daughters cum and knew she was now in control of her errant 20 year old daughter. There would be many discipline spankings to come.

Abi and her Mum Kate both knew they were on a different plane now. Both loved their new status. The dominant 47 year old Mum and the submissive 20 year old daughter. The Mum who longed to have and now had the position of authority every Mum should have, and the daughter who craved the pain of being disciplined and the sexual excitement that delivered.

Life was going to get ever more exciting for them both.

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Poor Cedric! He´d never been a captive girl. What I was about to do was no more than I expected. I did not want to do it. But I had no thought of fighting against the inevitable. I was simply about to pay the tribute that a few million other girls had paid before me. Cedric ejaculated a startled and shocked: “No! Oh no!” He was on his feet in a flash and had seized a gun from the holster of one of our captors when one of the other ruffians shot him. It was done with the...


The Island (Chpt 7 Part 2)

Thus, Mike is pleased on both counts. But the alarming thing about Terry´s predicament was that she was sitting astride the rail of the ship ready to fall into the sea. She had no hands with which to save herself. Then I saw the rope on her ankle. It pulled her foot out sideways and helt her tight so that she did not go over the edge. Her other ankle on the opposite side of the rail was held by a handcuff. I wondered why, until I saw that it held her foot so that she could...


Island Royale: The Report (Chapter Six)

Introduction: Please read from the beginning…. Chapter Six ______________,,______________ Greg had warned me that Alexis was on a pretty tight schedule, and so the next morning, after having only fucked the cute little fourteen-year-old a couple of more times, I dismissed Anya from my quarters, showered, and arrived at Alexis apartment actually a pair of rooms much like the Guests quarters promptly at 10:00 a.m. Alexis greeted me pleasantly, dressed in a...



With the dispersal of so many of his crewmates, Gideon was comforted by the still X.O. presence of Astinal and many of the lower rate crewmen that he knew. The new captain, Ivan Smirnov, was very stern but also fair in his dealings with the crew. A good sign for a fit and happy ship. The ship had been renamed from the UGANDUZI to the TOLSTOY, to honor the new captain. This was unusual for ship of any type, but these weren’t normal ships, nor did they have normal...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

WORD COUNT: 76,000 Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. ----------------------------------------------- Chapter...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

WORD COUNT: 76,000 Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. ----------------------------------------------- Chapter...


Secrets of Liberty Mountain: No Man's Land

A Work in Progress Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. Author's Disclaimer: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. Chapter 1 I stuffed my last cardboard box of personal...


Love On A Desert Island.

.......... I had seen the sails of the ship as she approached and I had made my way through the forest to the headland, the same headland overlooking where the mutineers had been sunk on the rocks that were hidden just below the surface a few hundred yards offshore. I knew with certainty that this ship would hit those same rocks. They were sharp steep pinnacles that would rip the bottom out of her. I had once swum out there and seen them about six or a little more feet...


No Man's Land

(A Work in Progress) Copyright 2018 by Nathan Wolf - All rights reserved. AUTHOR'S DISCLAIMER: This is an adult work of fiction intended for mature readers. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents either are the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is too weird for words and 100% purely coincidental. Chapter 1 I stuffed my last cardboard box of personal...


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