Worshipping My Ass

Worshipping My Ass
by: EvaMartini
age: 22
Gender: f
Approx words: 3646

Today is my 22nd birthday and I am giving myself some free time to do what I want. For a long time, I have wanted to discuss the subject of guys worshipping my ass, so today is the day. Then tonight I will party and maybe blow out some candles, among other things.

I am five-foot-five with stylishly long dark hair and brown eyes. I have a medium build that is 34b on top and a gorgeous and attention-getting rear-end. I study journalism part time at a Southern California college and I wait tables and am a barmaid at other times.

I am 2nd generation Czech-American and I have all of the tolerances and amusements for the kinky, nasty, and depraved things that one would expect given some curious history of preceding ladies of my lineage. I am not into extreme-extreme, but I would listen to outlandish things even if I didnt choose to participate in them. Let me say it like this: If you invited me to watch (not participate in) a girl getting face-humped by a half-dozen dogs, I would likely say I am interested. If you achieve orgasms from killing catswellplease find another friend.

Why am I interested in the subject of ass worship?

Men have been commenting about my booty-butt since I was in elementary school and their comments became more emboldened as I passed through adolescence. Because of their ardor for my bottom, it seemed only natural that I would someday come to this conclusion: If my ass is that divine, then men should kneel behind me and put their mouth where there words have been.

If you think that opinion is in error, then please let me tell you that there are scores of men who want to kiss my ass and most of them would agree to the word worship if I pushed the issue. Yes, I did say scores of men. There are so many more than I ever anticipated who will kiss and lick and deep-tongue my round rear-end. I am not saying that I am so sexy that men cant stay away. Im saying that there is a surprising number of men who have a penchant for licking girls asses and if you are a girl who has not come to understand that, then you have some very hot and exciting times ahead of you, that is, if you are into that that sort of thing.

What do I like about men worshipping my ass?

There are a few primary things that make ass worship very erotic for me. 1) A sense of power because ass worshippers are sometimes weak-willed and pliable to whatever I say. 2) A realization of my own sexual appeal. I mean think about ita guy is willing to put his mouth right there? He finds me so appealing that he wants to drive his tongue deep up into my butt? He will stay back there and do it for long, long periods of time? Yes, that should make any girl feel very sexy. 3) It just feels so good! It takes finesse for a man to lick pussy and work the clit, etc. and actually get me to the big O. However, ass licking is straight-up simple and all it needs to get me hot is a man who is eager to do it. Simply put: There is no wrong way to lick a girls ass and get her hot, at least not in my experience.

Those primary elements are accentuated even more with the addition of facesitting. The guy lays down. He keeps his face pointed straight up. He sees my booty-butt spreading and descending yet he keeps his face pointed straight up knowing I am going to sit on it (otherwise I will not give him the pleasure of sitting on his face). I nestle down. I get his nose in the center of my ass. I let my weight come down on him. I slowly grind and rock on his nose and face. I am in charge. My ass moisture covers him. My butt is on his face. I rule. He lets me. All of it adds up to a great deal of self-empowerment and esteem for my sex appeal.

The problem with ass worshippers . . .

There is one issue about ass worshippers that I find a bit bothersome and that is this: Most men who proclaim themselves to be ass worshippers really are not ass worshippers. Im not saying that they are lying, although many will say anything if they think it will lead them to pussy, but rather that they dont understand what ass worship is.

To those who dont understand let me say that ass worship is more than licking a girls ass and maybe deep-tonguing it although those are elements of it. There are nasty boys who love that and if they sincerely are after ass licking and not just moving on to pussy, they are very pleasurable to me because they will lick and tongue for long periods of time and with enough enthusiasm to get any girl hot. However, long periods of enthusiastic tongue-work is not, by itself, ass worship. Most men think it is. However, by themselves the arts of licking, kissing, sniffing, and deep-tonguing do not amount to true ass worship. At the most, they might at times qualify as partial ass worship.

Ass worship as defined by Eva . . .

So then, how do I define ass worship?

Well, Im not saying that I am the expert, but I am saying I am very convinced of what the term ass worship means to me and it is the power of my own convictions that makes me willing to risk giving my opinion.

More than licking or other oral applications, ass worship is a deep and profound adoration of a girls nether region that is expressed with words and accompanied by prolonged experiences of the worshippers senses for sight, feel, smell, and taste. I might also add facesitting as an addendum. In other words, you are a worshipper if you want to gaze upon my ass close-up and praise its beauty, fondle my buttocks and extol the divine nature of their texture and contour, lick, deep-tongue, and kiss my rosebud and speak words of love and adoration to it, sniff my deep and mysterious cavern and extol its fragrance as something you love and crave.

For me, there is a sequence of those activities that seems appropriate:
1) Hands to fondle my glorious and full buttocks (remember words of adoration)
2) Nose to sniff that scent and love it (No other girl smells as good, its okay to lie)
3) Lips to kiss my buttocks and then that canyon and then that rosebud (words of worship)
4) Tongue to lick that canyon, then that rosebud, then (if you are willing), deep-tongue
5) Face – If all goes well, then after those four steps, I will probably want to sit on your
face. This is the one step where you wont have to speak words of love and devotion to my ass becausewellwhen a booty girl sits on your face, you wont be able to speak at all.

The Nose step is so important to discuss. Maybe you think sniffing a girls butt just for the sake of worshipping her is too nasty or self-possessed or whatever. Okay, so dont do it, but be aware if a butt-sniffer comes along, your girl will probably make room for him. In my experience, buttsniffing is the one thing that separates a true ass worshipper from a partial ass worshipper. Very few guys will offer to sniff my ass and I am not going to suggest the idea to any guy because I know it sounds very bizarre, even though I love it a lot. The very few guys who are into and ask for it have never ever disappointed when it comes to being an ass worshipper. So girls, if you are into the ass worship thing and you run across a guy who is into buttsniffing, then I believe you have yourself someone who will please you immensely. I cant say this for certain because my sample-size is small, but I am about 100% certain that buttsniffers make the best and complete ass worshippers.

If you are a buttsniffer and the girl is into it, you must know one thing that is so important yet not ever thought about ahead of time and that is this: If you are going to sniff my butt, you must do it before anything else. Why? Well because licking or kissing or facesitting dissipates the scent and once that happens, why even sniff?

Always-always-always when you sniff, you must tell the girl that you are in love with her scent. For me, a buttsniffer who raves about loving it endears himself greatly while also alleviating the natural inhibitions girls have about smelling good.

Again, ass worship at all levels must include what you say about your adoration of the girls butt and that is even more true when it comes to worship-by-scent (buttsniffing).

Take your time!

The biggest problem that butt guys have is their rabid quest to get their tongues involved. Nearly all are so eager to lick and (especially!) get their tongues up there that they rush the important worship elements that should be done beforehand, such as fondling, sniffing, and kissing. Dont hurry! Take your time to enjoy the sense of sight, feel, and smell before rushing into the taste. Personally, I wouldnt put my mouth there or even my face in someones ass, but Im all into having guys so-possessed do it to me. If they want to do that with their mouth then why would I say no? I know that sounds ridiculously selfish, but it is a fact that some guys cant wait to put their faces, mouths, and especially their tongues back there. But, it can all go south quickly if the guy rushes things.

The point is for you to take your time with each stage. If it takes a half hour of fondling and a half-hour of buttsniffing and a half-hour of kissing her rosebud, then take that time. You will find it worthwhile because she will likely want you back again. Guys who rush might be good for a short-time thrill, but a girl who likes her ass worshipped is more likely to call back those who take their time to go through the stagesfondle, smell, kiss, lick, deep-tongue. There are too many guys willing to lick and deep-tongue. The harder ones to find are the ones who do it alland take their time.

How do you know when she is ready for you to move on to the next step?

Plan on 20 minutes per step. When you near the end of that time, just give her a hint that you are ready to move and see how she reacts.

For example: A year ago, I had one very eager buttsniffer who stayed back there for a half-hour and seemed like he wanted to sniff my butt all day. However, he seemed to realize that I might be ready to move on, even if he wasnt. He withdrew his nose and kissed the walls of my scented canyon tenderly. Ass kissingthe next step. With just three soft and romantic kisses on the canyon walls (not on my anus), he was asking if it was time. I cooed and he moved into making out with my ass.

If youre kissing her rosebud and wonder if its time for the tongue thing, dont just come out with a tongue on her rosebud. That is too assertive on your part. Instead, kiss her rosebud, then kiss up to her tailbone. When youre ready to move back down, kiss and kiss but apply some very recognizable and very short licksnot to her rosebud but to that dark canyon. When you get home resume kissing, give it a few seconds, then repeat. At some point, she will make it known she is ready for tongue. Otherwise, assume she still wants to be kissed. Just dont rush things!

What ass worship is not . . .

Some people are disgusted with the ass worship thing because they think it has to do with shit. That is so far from the truth. It has nothing whatsoever to do with toilet games.

Instead, it has everything to do with adoring a beautiful and special part of a female. If it was a shit activity, I wouldnt be interested. There is no thought or suggestion or even a hint of the sight, smell, feel, or taste of that. All of the sight, smell, feel, and taste has to do with the nether erogenous zones of the female anatomy that are given their special character in much the same manner as those that make pussy feel and taste and smell the way it does. You dont hear guys saying, No, I wont lick that pussy because Im not into urine! The same is true about a girls derriere. All ass flavor and smell etc. is achieved apart from toilet things, the same as it is for pussy.

The romance of ass worship . . .

This might sound absurd and had I not experienced it myself, I would probably agree it is absurd. But, there is a romance involved with ass worship.

I mean, think about it: When I spread myself before a guys face, I am opening myself to a guy like a girl spreads her legs for sex. I am offering the deepest and most intimate and most secret and most private part of myself. I definitely wont do that for just anyone, but I will especially for a guy who understands the deep intimacy that can be shared, the girl making herself most vulnerable to a man who is ready to adore her.

I have had a couple of romantic encounters that seemed to greatly parallel a normal date. The guy spoke words of endearment (ass-related), he fondled and kissed (buttcheeks), he inhaled my essence and then made-out extensively with his lips on my rosebud. From there, he transitioned to oral sex (in this case, oral/anal) and when the time came for sex, he penetrated me with his tongue and engaged in oral/anal intercourse until we both climaxed.

That might all sound strange and you might even be shaking your head as I did the first time I heard about it. But, if you have interest in ass worship, it is something to consider and while having a man make-out with my ass hole was strange at first, it didnt take long for the sensations of deep romance and intimacy to make themselves known.

Not all ass worship needs to be on a romantic level to excite me. Hell, sometimes Ill just take a torrid tongue from an ass licker who has no idea what worship is. Other times, I will go for a casual worshipper who understands and wants to worship even though he might not get into all phases of it. Still on other occasions, I want a true ass worshipper who wants to do it allromanticallyand take his time, like a lot of time.


When the other forms of worship have been concluded, I usually have a strong urge to sit on the guys face. Im not sure why I feel that but I believe it has to do with taking my rightful place and a sense of empowerment over the male like the final subduing of the vanquished male who lays sated and weak and helpless. Sometimes, I feel like a seducing goddess who is doing something extremely sensual and that makes me feel extremely sexy.

When I sit, I aim for the nose. Dont be mistaken! If I sit on your face, your nose will be deep in my ass. Too many guys think they will lick my ass when I sit on their face but that doesnt happen. I sit on noses. My round booty will certainly sit on the guys entire face because there is enough butt-cheek to cover any guys face, but I sit on noses.


Well, it brings me to an aspect of facesitting that I dont mention often, but as long as Im giving away my secret store here, I might as well fess up.

I sit on noses not just because it feels so awesome but because (the confession here) I want to be sure my scent is all over his nose so he smells me long after we are apart. I call it scenting and it is done very sensually with a slow rocking and rubbing motion on the mans nose.

The length of time I sit depends on how well I think I have scented him. If he just licked my ass and then I sat on his face immediately, then it will take some time before I can scent his face enough. If there has been a lapse of time between him licking the moisture from my ass and me sitting on his face, then there will probably be enough moisture rebuilt in my deep cavern that will make scenting his nose a relatively easy thing.

I dont demand that a guy lets me sit on his face but I do know that most butt guys want it. It is just a matter of a short time before his desire for me to sit on his face is exposed which means that the majority of my sessions have facesitting and the majority of sessions with facesitting will end with me scenting the guys nose. I dont think most of them know what Im doing and for most of them, I wont ever tell them about it. Ill enjoy my secret and just enjoy scenting their faces.

Of course, when Im done it will be pretty hard to miss that a booty girl just sat on their face but by then, its a little too late to avoid the consequences and I find that so exciting. I know all along what I am doing to him but he has no ideauntil I am off of his face for a long enough time for his nostrils to return to normalcy.

Booties vs butts: There is a difference

If you are still with me, then I owe it to you to reveal something you might not have thought about.

A girl with a normal butt will acquire normal moisture between her cheeks and she will therefore have a normal amount of scent and taste.

However, a girl like me who has a booty (butt is a little bigger than most girls with my build) has rounder butt cheeks and a much deeper canyon. Both of those factors create more moisture which means much more scent and taste.

Therefore, before you make a play for a booty girl, be sure you are truly into girl-ass because you will get quite a dose of it and you certainly will not do well if you say you want it only to discover that you cant do it because it is too much for you. Im not saying it is awful because to a true ass worshipper, they crave booty-type girls. They want all of the scent and taste they can get and booty girls give them that. But for those who are less certain of their ass worship-hood, it is a factor worth considering before you approach a girl with a booty.

Just one example as I wrap this up:

I dated a guy who loved having his normal-ass former girlfriend sit on his face, more specifically, on his nose. He wanted it all of the time. When they broke up, he had a chance to approach me and I liked him and thought a one-time thing might be fun and, after all, it was just facesitting. However, when I sat on his face, the moisture did what it often doesit caused squishing sounds on his nose and it spread over his face and he was soon pushing me off and taking deep breaths of air. He was not prepared for all of that because he had never had a booty sit on his face. I am happy to report that he regained his resolve and after about an hour of giving him squishy-nose, he kissed my sweet rosebud goodbye.


My parting message is just a reminder of the primary things I hope you will keep in mind if you are into worshipping a girls rear-ends:

1) Dont rush! (Feel, smell, kiss, savor, deep-tongue each with fullness, never rushed)
2) If you can bring yourself to it, become one of those rare buttsniffers. It will separate
you from the others who dont understand the sensual nature of sniffing.
3) Always-always-always worship with words! Her ass is the best smelling, best tasting,
most beautiful, etc. you have ever experienced. Lie if you have to. Just say it!
4) Try to comprehend the intimacy and romance that can happen if you date her ass
much same as you would for dating her normally (ie: make out with her rosebud,
have sexual intercourse with your tongue up there, that sort of thing).
* If you like or dislike or dont understand any of thisEvamartini at inbox.com, but
dont just contact me for a date okay?

I wish all of you the best in this strange and erotic and mysterious endeavor that is so sexy and exciting and romantic and orgasmic.

Yes, its not hard for me to have orgasms just from ass worship.

— Eva

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