Slave Training

Heather was waking up from her nap, and was regretting it already. She wasn’t a nap person, and was now

facing one good hour of headaches. It beat facing the full brunt of a seven-hour long flight, but for some

reason, the headache was really severe this time.


She had shoulder-length dirty blonde hair and cute features marred by baggy eyes and a few freckles. She

certainly couldn’t be confused for a guy, even with her tendency to wear practical male clothing, but her

body did lack any noteworthy curves. Heather was, through and through, an ordinary girl. There were times

when she regretted it, but in this moment, she just really wanted the headache to fuck off.

She winced and attempted to rub her forehead…only to realize she couldn’t move her hands.

‘…What the…?’

Still groggy, she opened her eyes, but saw only darkness. A jolt of fear broke the bonds of sl**p, and

Heather reflexively pulled as hard as she could. Her hand moved about twenty centimeters, but then slowly

went back to its initial position, pulled by some sort of mold encasing her entire forearm. What was this

thing? Panicked, the college student pulled with all four of her limbs, to similar results. She was

sitting on something, but it sure as hell wasn’t an airplane seat. More like a cushy gynecology chair.

That thought triggered a sharp sinking feeling in her heart. She realized she her legs were kept spread

open. And that she could feel the air on her skin.

‘Oh…Oh God…’

She was totally naked. It was pitch black and dead silent, but Heather now knew, without a doubt, that she

was in grave danger. As a modest, unadventurous girl, she started to panic. Her breath quickened, her

small B-cup bust rose and fell, and her voice came out as a high-pitched hush.

‘I’ve been k**napped, oh shit oh shit oh sh…’

Heather gritted her teeth. As frightening as her situation was, the last thing she wanted was to alert her

captors. She had to calm down, think of something…So she tried to focus on how this happened. Because,

seriously, what the Hell?

She was just traveling back to America with her friend Nico. Last thing she remembered was being on the

plane with her. Nico had been asl**p, her short-haired brunette head resting on her shoulders. Heather’s

impish friend never could stand boredom.

How could they have been a*****ed? And why? It was a trusted airplane company, neither of them were rich,

well connected or even beyond a cute-ish 6. They were nothing but thoroughly ordinary college girls…So

why would anyone want to k**nap them and strap them to a weird chair?

‘N…Nico? You there?’


‘…Oh, please, tell me she got out…’

Suddenly, something exploded inside her mind.

I am a slave. I live on my wonderful Master’s island. I choose to be a slave because I love my Master and

he wants me to. I choose to be a slave because I am grateful for Master.

I am free to act but I want to act like a slave. I want to because it feels comfortable and right. I want

to be a slave because it brings me everything I could ever want.

Heather gasped, awestruck. What in the possible fuck was that?! She had felt some sort of jolt around her

temples, then…Words, directly inside her mind, clearer than any thought she ever had. Like the f***ed

focus on a textbook definition you have to learn for a test combined with the clarity of a good idea.

Words that rang true, resonated throughout her senses…

…But were way too alien to fool anybody. Heather shook her head and easily regained control. She sure as

hell didn’t feel like a slave. If anything, she had greater clarity now. There was no longer any doubt

what was happening.

‘I…I am NOT a slave!!’ She yelled, mustering all her courage to silence the symphony of anguish her

collapsing nerves played throughout her body. ‘I’m Heather Chilton! Wh…who are you? Where is Nico? Why

are you d-d-doing this?!’

She had been k**napped. By slavers. Slavers powerful enough to make her lose time and inject thoughts into

her mind. She had heard tales of girls k**napped abroad, addicted to d**gs and sold as prostitutes, of

course, she had seen Taken. But this…this was terrifying. This was elaborate. They had a*****ed her on

the flight back home, for fuck’s sake. They had strapped her to a chair telling her to love and obey. They

didn’t want her or her body…they wanted her mind. They wanted her on her knees, content to be property.

A willing, loyal slave. The dirty-blonde girl tugged on her restraints with all she had, but it quickly

became apparent she was utterly powerless. She was going to be brainwashed and there was no escaping it.

Suddenly, the d**gs and bordello scenario looked much more comforting.

‘Th-this is crazy, you can’t actually brainwash someone…You can’t…’

But instead of going into panic, she latched onto this idea of impossibility. That’s right – if the US

government couldn’t find a way to brainwash people with that MKUltra thing, who could hope to? The words

in her brain had to be an illusion somehow. Yes! Just something to make her panic so she’d be open to

suggestion. Heather allowed herself a wry smile, even though she knew the small victory mattered little in

the midst of, well, being subjected to a fucking enslavement program. But she was willing to take any

comfort she could get. Besides, it reminded her of her life motto as a student librarian – knowledge is


So while it was no comfy night of peaceful reading, Heather gathered her wits and set out to understand

exactly what kind of machine she was strapped onto. There were the restraints. She tugged on them again,

if only to give herself hope, but couldn’t pull her limbs out of the molds even by a millimeter. But she

already knew that, and remained calm. This allowed her to perceive other things with her touch. For

instance, she felt pinches along her spine between her shoulder blades. The sound of her breathing

reverberated, making it sound there was some sort of dome around her. There were also some things taped to

her body. Electrodes? Scanning devices? If she was to be a mere machine to be reprogrammed, Heather

supposed the slavers needed feedback.

There was something on her modest breasts. Something like a bra, but…different. It wasn’t clothing, more

like…comfortable furniture? Likewise, her private parts were covered by some sort of solid but cushy

panties. She thought little of it until she realized she probably wasn’t just going to be a slave, but a

sex slave…And if the words they had injected in her mind were any indication, they wanted her to be a

compliant one. A…slutty one.

And just like that, Heather lost what little composure she had regained. panic reared its ugly head again.

Sooner or later, she was going to be ****d. While being brainwashed. While being stripped of freedom and

oh God they wanted her to associate obedience with sexual pleasure. They wanted to turn her into a

submissive. To literally get off of being a slave.

‘Oh God…Oh Ghooood…No. No no no c-calm down Heather…they want you afraid…’

In both things, she was right.

I am a slave. I love to be a slave. Being obedient and submissive feels so good. I wish I was born a

slave. Slave. Slave. It’s important I let that word burrow into my mind and become natural. Being a slave

isn’t scary. Being a slave is my life. I want to learn to love it and be happy at my Master’s feet.

My Master will show me how wonderful it is to be a slave. My soft slutty mind will listen and understand.

‘Wh-what oh shit did I really hear that last th…’

Submissive. Submissive. Submissive. The word echoed through Heather’s terrified mind. Devices were

whirring into place around her, but all she could think about was herself kneeling. Wet. Smiling. So

thoroughly subjugated that serving the bastards destroying her life had become her greatest pleasure.

The shock of feeling a mechanical cock enter her vagina made her snap back to reality. Unlike Nico, she

wasn’t a virgin, but she was by no means used to being made love to. She cried out in unwelcome pleasure,

then whined when another sinister device sucked on her nipples. That was it. Her captors had stripped her

of her humanity and turned her into a sex toy to be molded before use. The dildo went back and forth in

her increasingly wet folds and the breast pumps kept on sucking. Heather the modest geeky girl was being

fucked by a machine.


The poor girl was out of her mind. She would do anything, anything to stop this defilement.


But the machine wasn’t interested in surrender. If all the Master wanted of Heather was fearful obedience,

he certainly wouldn’t have put her in such an exquisite device. And so, through one of the four IVs

inserted into her back, the enslaving machine began to dispense a calmant.


The d**g acted fast, bringing down Heather from her adrenaline high and forcing her to docilely listen to

her quivering flesh. Preparing her to the next phase. As Heather started moaning, chemically f***ed to

reduce her resistance to a quieter level, the dome around her head lit up.


She saw herself. The girl in the picture was her beyond any shadow of a doubt. Same face, same hair, same

B-cup breasts, same freckles. There were some key differences though. Picture-Heather wore a Slave Leia

outfit. She was massaging her tits. She was smiling wide…And she was being fucked good and hard.

Real Heather blushed. Thoughts of outrage were kept at bay by the soothing d**g long enough for the poor

girl to feel butterflies in her stomach. She didn’t like to m***** her own breasts at all, but she had

always fantasized about wearing that golden bikini. And that penis sure was big…as big as the one

ravishing her right now. Heather blushed, in a daze, and was surprised by an intense pleasure wave.

‘Aaah! <,3’

The machine wasn’t r****g the student librarian anymore…It was making love to her. But the bubble of

pleasantness was fragile, and a lifetime of socialization came back to her. She realized what was

happening – the picture was who, or more accurately what, her k**nappers wanted her to be. A slutty slave

happy to be fucked. It was a terrifying sight…and one that almost made her orgasm.

‘No. No no no no no…’

To Heather’s anguish, the kinky picture began to animate. Motion made everything more real, more intense,

and…more exciting. Picture-Heather looked so happy. The dick in her matched the machine’s to a T. Real-

Heather wanted to block the video out, but her body was already focused on it. And the soothing d**g

ensured her mind wouldn’t have anything to say. It simply realized that taboo had always been exciting

throughout human history, and her torturers were banking on it hard. She was shamefully excited to see

herself be a happy slut, she really was. She was just terrified of it being the first step on a road to

complete, total enslavement.

‘No…no please I don’t want to…to…’

She held off the shameful word, but she knew the pounding was too much for her body. She had u*********sly

started to go with the back and forth, clenching her pussy against the ravishing piston. Each suction on

her tits sent another shiver down her spine. She was going to cum to a picture of her eventual self.

‘Please…mnghaaah…please stooooop…’

It was at this harrowing moment that the video started to come with sound.

‘Aaah! <,3’

Heather’s own cry of pleasure, synched with every thrust of the virtual man.

‘Oh God.’ She let out with a wavering voice. ‘No no n…mnnnnh…’

It was too much. Her pussy spasmed. Her whole body clenched. She was coming.


She came. The dildo and pumps disengaged. Darkness fell again but Heather could still see the fake her

moaning in ecstasy at being a sex slave.

Brainwashing wasn’t real, and yet they had made her cum at the idea of being a slave.

Heather went limp, her breasts heaving up and down and her hips still twitching. The return to stillness

came as a comfort, but the young woman only fell further into despair. She knew this orgasm was a

demonstration. This was no MKUltra fiasco. Her captors were very much able to do what they claimed. She

was naked in a fully functioning brainwashing chair. Alone. Powerless.


Her eyes welled up with tears.

‘Why me goddamit…I’m nobody special, I’m nobody period…I’m not even that pretty, why do you want to

make me a slut it makes no sense…’

She looked at the darkness, desperate to see someone, anyone, even the bastard behind this. In her

desperation, she latched on the idea of someone listening to her. Someone who could be swayed. But there

was nothing but the machine. Its onslaught had but started, and already Heather knew it would be nothing

but relentless.

Once again, she was right.

I am a slave. A slave is anything her Master wants her to be. I am a slave and I will do anything, be

anything for my Master. I will gladly accept surgery and be given massive tits and dick-sucking lips if my

Master wishes. I will think of myself as Slutdoll if my Master wishes. I’ll change everything and become a

slutty airheaded go-go dancer if my Master wishes.

My only wish is to know what my Master wishes.

Heather wondered what her Master wished her to be. Did he really want her to be some kind of bimbo? What

would it be l…

Heather took back control of her mind, eyes wide from disbelief. She had thought like a slave. Briefly,

but…she did. Was it a lapse in her resistance brought by despair and fear or was the programming already

taking hold?

Too terrified to even consider the answer, she burst into tears.

‘Why me why me why me this can’t be real…My parents are poor and I did nothing wrong to anybody! WHY ARE

YOU DOING THIIihihis…please please let me go…’

The machine whirred a bit again.

‘NO NO NO PLEASE NO MORE LESSONS PLEAAASE!’ She cried in utter terror.

The machine went silent.

‘Oh thank you thank you thank you…’

With a snort, Heather did her best to enjoy this moment of solace. She doubt the machine would do a

concession like that anytime soon.

…After a while, Heather realized she had dozed off. For a fleeting moment, she thought she was back in

her room in San Francisco, but the nightmare quickly came back to her. She was in the clutches of slavers

that apparently wanted to turn her into a bimbo slave…Along, probably, with her friend Nico, if they

weren’t already done with her. Nico does tend to focus the attention…

She whimpered at the mere idea of Nico as a painted up hussy. She tried to tug on her restraints again,

but it seemed to do even less than the previous times. She felt sluggish…and…

Her eyes shot open. She felt the dildo entering her again.

‘Oh no, no no n-‘

I am a slave. I am being turned into a sex doll and I love it. I can enjoy my body all I want if I’m a

slave. I can just be a happy slut and thank my Master.

I’m such a slutty slave. I’m always horny, always ready to cum. My Master understands my needs and lets me

fuck all my s****r slaves or even toys. Hmmm…I think I’m gonna cum again…

The words had barely left her mind and Slave-Heather was back in her field of vision. She wore a halter

top reading proudly Ŗ slutty 4 life’. Once again, her expression was nothing short of ecstatic, despite

wearing an appalling belt with two -two!- inward dildos. Heather was shocked to see the pussy juice

leaking from her violated hole, and dared not even think about the backdoor. Backdoor that was now being

ravaged in her true body as well.

The most degrading sight, however, was the blonde bimbo with c***dish pigtails sucking on Slave-Heather’s

erect nipple through the halter top. While certainly not homophobic, a hard thing to be in San Fran this

days, she was very, very straight…And seeing even the image of her engaging in saphism came as an

insult. The proof that the machine was going to change her down to the very core.

And yet, Heather’s outrage was once again sedated to the point of uselessness against the conditioning.

Heather was being fucked in both her holes, her breasts massaged by a lesbian, and she couldn’t hold back

the tide.

‘Aah…aaiie…Make it…nghaaah…stop…’

The machine further teased her by flashing words on the screen. Drawn to her own slutty expression,

Heather’s eyes feasted on





atrocities even her addled mind rejected. They could make her cum, she vowed, but they would never make it

normal to her. No, wait, they can’t make her cum either, this is disgusting, this is…


No, she pleaded internally as she moaned. Not again. Not like this. I can’t orgasm to such



Delightfully dirty thoughts. Being a slut was so wrong but…her naughty body couldn’t resist. Why would

those bimbos on campus get more action than her anyway?

…Heather caught herself thinking those dangerously slippery -if not entirely untrue, seriously, those

campus floozies- thoughts and refocused as she recovered from the orgasm. The pictures went away, the sex

toys left her alone, and she was left with a soothing afterglow…spoiled by regret.

‘I can’t let them worm their way into my head like that goddammit…’

The captive had fought two battles and lost both. She still had her mind, at least she thought, but for

how long? The machine could control her feelings, use her voice against her…and she could not escape it.

‘No, you can resist.’ She vowed, trying her best to sound calm to convince herself. ‘Mind control isn’t

real, mind control isn’t real.’

In her corner of Hell on Earth, Heather only had that knowledge, that certainty, on her side. People in

history had gone through worse torture. She couldn’t let that machine convince her it could change her.

She c…

Suddenly, light.

In their unbreakable bonds, Heather’s hands clenched. Someone had opened the door to the pit. She closed

her eyes, blinded by the sudden illumination. Her heart raced. Finally, someone. Odds were it was the

utter reprobate that imprisoned her in the first place, but in her panicked state, she couldn’t care.

Anything was better than being left in the machine. And so, not even knowing who she was talking to, she

let out a torrent of bottled-up words.

‘Let me out let me out please I wouldn’t be a good slave I’m so plain…I have no idea who you are you can

just sedate me and dump me somewhere, you would be safe, please let me out before that thing breaks my

mind please please…’

‘Hey hey hey! Stop freaking out, Hezzie!’

Heather f***ed her eyes open, ignoring the glare. That voice…

‘Oh…oh my God! Nico!’

Her friend was standing before her. Short brunette hair, an oval, c***dish face despite her 24 years,

pierced ears, and, of course, her signature band-aid over the bridge of her nose. Nicole Gillen, little

impish Nico, student in chemistry, her best friend. She still wore her dark brown hoodie and was still

flat as a board.

‘Oh my God Nico I thought they had turned you into some kind of stripper already oh God…’

‘Yeah, I saw some specimens in there.’ Nico chuckled, embarrassed. ‘Not going to happen to us tho. Anyway,

just calm down, okay? Think…did the Enslaver get to you yet?’

Heather’s dear friend turned her attention to the big metal cylinders encasing her hands, fiddling with

them. The freckled blonde sighed in relief. The nightmare was over.

‘Almost, but no…I’m me. I’m me. So you…you went first?’

‘…Yup.’ Admitted Nico with a blush.

‘Thank God. Thank God.’ Repeated Heather, tears of joy in her baggy eyes. ‘I knew it. That thing doesn’t


‘Oh, trust me…’

Nico took a step back and started unzipping her hoodie. Heather looked, confused…Then let out a

strangled gasp of terror.

Her friend was wearing Slave-Heather’s Ŗ slutty 4 life’ halter top…as well as her dildo belt. Nico

caressed her own naked midriff and smiled happily before moaning…

‘…It totally does.’

Part Two

Heather’s mind was blank. Her senses enraptured by the terrible spectacle in front of her. Her spunky

c***dhood friend Nico, being fucked by two dildos locked into her with a leather belt and…enjoying it.

Her dear friend looked the same, acted the same…only now she was a slut and a slave.

‘Yep.’ She confirmed with a friendly smile. ‘The Enslaver did its magic on me alright. I belong to Master

forever, like you will soon.’

No reaction from her soon-to-be s****r slave. Nico let out a comprehensive sigh.

‘Anyway, your restraints are good. You’re all set!’

‘Aw, I’m sorry Hezzie. I hated it at first too. But the first time the programming really began to set it

felt soooo goood!’ She giggles, biting her lip. ‘Plus it turns you into such a slut, it’s hard to think

about your old life when you cum twenty times a day you know? If Master didn’t want my personality to look

normal, I’d totally be flashing right now. He he he!’

She looked just like the old Nico, chilling in front of a video game and having a great time, only she had

a hand in her crotch, pushing the mechanical cocks further inside her.

‘So yeah, I figure you’ll do about as well as I did…Resist just fine until the Enslaver modifies how you

sl**p, and then become more open each session. You feel so passive right after a good slavesl**p. You just

can’t reject how good the conditioning feels.’


‘Yeah! Some kind of hypnotic dream, I dunno. It involves d**gs but none I’ve seen in class…Look, all I

know is, it feels awesome. Especially the slut training. Anyway! We’re a pair, and Master has broken me so

you have to break too, okay? It gets lonely in the big house, and I don’t want that.’

‘Nico, why…’

‘Oh and Master will not make us bimbos. We’re supposed to be the cute lesbians next door. I’m jealous of

His harem but I’m so glad we can give Him variation…besides, we’ll have each other.’

The short-haired brunette with a band-aid on the nose brought her face closer to Heather’s.

‘I had already learned to cum hard just getting my slavebrain reprogrammed’ She confessed in the wavering

voice of a slut in heat. ‘And then Master tells me you’re my twin slave. I…I’m sorry but I came sooo

hard when the slavethoughts came in! I mean, I don’t know why I was hoping they didn’t get you, I was

already a slave, of course I wanted to share that with you…’

Her breath was heavy, hot…passionate. With a sense of dread, Heather looked into her fallen friend’s

eyes…and was shocked.

‘N-nico what’s wrong with your eyes?’

‘I want to kiss you so much…I’ve fallen in love with you, for Master…’


How could Heather not noticed before? Poor enslaved Nico had pink irises with heart-shaped pupils. A

beautiful yet disturbing reminder how deeply the punkish girl, beyond her normal appearance and demeanor,

had been turned into a doting slave.

‘Oh, right, I forgot!’ Casually explained Nico. ‘When Master made me pledge eternal obedience, he said I

would keep my body unlike the others, but he did send me under the knife to get slave eyes. They’re

pretty, right? I can’t have big tits like the others but I’m glad I can still have proof of my


‘Nico…what have you become…this…this is too much…’

‘Then it’s a relief Master wants us to be ourselves, right? I mean, he even gave us a house across his

estate! We’ll have any book or game we want, and we just have to be his eternally loving slaves for that!


‘B…being a slave isn’t a win…goddamit…’

Heather was in tears, unable to look away from the insane creature in front of her but desperate to see it

go away. This was both her best friend and a puppet pretending to be. The connection to the reality

outside this Hell and the proof she would never escape it. This smile…it was Nico’s, yet instead of

being in thanks for life’s simple and humble joys, it celebrated the depraved pleasure of sex slavery.

‘Ha ha ha man, we are so stupid when we’re free. Don’t worry, Hezzie! The Enslaver will redpill you hard.’

As if on cue, the door to light and freedom closed shut. Heather whimpered at the idea of being left alone

with the monster in Nico’s skin. The subjugated girl did nothing, however, and the blonde was free to

notice a pink light being projected on the opposite wall. She hesitated to ask what was this new trick as

the light focused into the picture of a heart, but she really didn’t want to deal with Slave-Nico any

further. But the doll did explain the heart’s purpose in a quivering, addled voice.

‘Aaah…It’s time you learned how to slavesl**p, s****r…’

Nico knelt, breathing heavily. Colors flowed out of the heart. Wild, sharply contrasting colors,

constantly shifting. It was heavy, intense…and kind of painful to look at. Heather looked up, but the

projector reached even the ceiling. How did they do that? There simply was nowhere to look except the

heart. But Nico was looking at it so intently…It had to be part of the enslavement process. Heather

closed her eyes, intent on winning where her friend had failed.

But something was wrong. The blonde felt strange. Like she was floating away from her body. She didn’t

feel the restraints, or the IVs in her back. Nothing but a kind of a pleasant dizziness. Was it the d**gs

Nico was talking about? What were they supposed to do? And…was that the sound of waves she was hearing?


Was she relaxing? Or just so focused or something she couldn’t feel anything else? But there was nothing

to focus on…Well, maybe the heart. Wait, wasn’t she closing her eyes? She couldn’t feel her eyelids

either. Nothing but the heart…It had swirling colors too, but they were subtle, soothing…It invited

her gaze rather than repelling her.

‘Hello Heather.’

She blinked.


A deep, soothing male voice was talking to her.

‘Shh…Relax. Look at the heart.’

Heather couldn’t look away from the heart and had no idea how to react to the voice. She was so


‘The heart is who you are. It’s contentment. Happiness. You can use those right now, don’t you?’

The idea of being d**gged was so far away now…She just floated, vaguely aware of something being wrong

but too focused on the relaxing heart amid the stressful colors. It really was soothing somehow…and she

could use that right now. Heather kept looking at the pink picture, letting her eyes close halfway, and

drift away from the Hell she was in. Even the thought of resisting became something painful to escape


‘You’re dreaming, Heather. You’re safe in this state. You can relax. The Master’s brainwashing will never

reach you as long as you look at the heart.’

Heather recognized this was true. Her breathing hadn’t been steadier since the nightmare began. The man

she heard was compassionate and warm…so far from the cold certainty of the slave voice. She was in a

state of pure mind and the only sensation she felt was comfort. She moaned softly, as if to reply to the

soothing voice.

‘Yes, that’s it, Heather. This is your refuge. sl**p robs you of this wonderful relaxing feeling. You

don’t want to sl**p anymore, you have the heart…’

This was so nice. Healing, almost. Heather’s lips rose in a subtle smile. Yes, this was her sanctuary.

Nothing would reach her here.

‘Do you wonder how Nico did in the Enslaver, Heather?’

What did the honey-voiced man say? She was so relaxed it kinda went past her. The image of her c***dhood

friend, wearing a double-dildo belt with a calm and content smile, came back to Heather. How did it

happen, she wondered?

Just as the desired thought emerged in the subject’s mind, the heart on the wall began to show a video in

night vision. Heather thought a moment this was a mirror, since it was a girl sitting in the Enslaver, but

no…It was Nico, being fucked by the machines and pulling at the restraints with all her might.

Nico’s screams were silenced – they would likely have woken her successor from slavesl**p. But her fear

and revolt were readily apparent. She looked more combative than Heather had been, but that was hardly a

surprise. Nico was sweet, but she certainly could be a little spitfire at times.

The video shifted. Pink light bathed Nico’s face. Just the shade of pink the heart had. The brunette

closed her eyes halfway, completely relaxed. Then another shift. The light was gone. The sex machines were

back on her chest and vagina, but while not going with it, Nico seemed too calm to fight. She let out

small moans, listening to the Enslaver’s words with cautious curiosity.

‘My beautiful Heather…’ Said the sexy male voice. ‘You’ll see when you wake up…the treatment really

isn’t so bad. And then…’

Next, Heather dreamt of her friend undergoing the sluttification phase. The naked silhouettes of a

voluptuous bimbo and Nico went at it in front of her eyes. The brainwashing chair ravished her to the full

extent of its power. Nico was blushing, her mouth open, contracting her stomach in synch with the

delicious fucking.

The Enslaver showed Heather one last step in her friend’s descent into blissful slavery. Another learning

phase…but this time, Nico stared intently forward, her mouth agape and trickling with drool. Her

expression was one of pure awe. She wasn’t doing anything. She just listened, opening her mind to be

kneaded and molded into the shape that befitted her station.

‘Isn’t it exciting? You can see it in her face…she has let go of her former life. She’s letting the

Enslaver in, letting it show her the way. Her values are changing…she begins to understand.’

Heather had no thoughts. sl**ping slaves don’t think. They only feel and absorb. And the blonde was

absorbing her friend’s surrender, accepting it as a dream born of her psyche. And when the images faded

from the heart, she was left just as relaxed as before.

‘A beautiful dream, my beloved Heather. A dream of acceptance and becoming. Make it yours…follow her.

Once you let the slavethoughts in, consider their meaning…You will understand how delicious it is to let

me decide who you are.’

There was nothing but the heart and the soothing voice now. Heather didn’t mind. She felt wonderful. She

could go looking at the heart and absent-mindedly listening at her dream boyfriend for hours.

The Enslaver recognized its victim had successfully entered the desired slavesl**p state. The plain blonde

girl had been right – f***efully injecting new values would only cause resistance. But the teachings were

intended for a pliable girl, comfortable with her imprisonment and conflicted about her steadily growing

inner slut. Conditioning Heather to assimilate the empty-minded, relaxing state of slavesl**ping was the

basis of her eventual transition from ordinary American girl to slutty, programmable sex slave.

The compound was very short lived, its usefulness limited to silencing the brain’s normal processes into a

state close to REM sl**p without actual loss of consciousness. The Enslaver delivered sedatives, narcotics

and aphrodisiacs, but the slavesl**p d**g was the most important. Given as little time as three days, it

could lull even the strongest woman into associating the brainwashing machine with a comfortable bed.

And so, after giving Heather a few hours to relax and recover, it thinned the flow of the hypnotic d**g,

dimming the heart and the distressing colors around it.

The heart disappeared, and Heather woke up. And for the first time since her capture, she felt genuinely


How? She never even lost consciousness, it was just focused on the heart and the soothing voice. And yet,

as the hypnotic d**g wore off, the ordinary girl felt even better than if she just had a good night’s

sl**p. So much that she didn’t even mind the restraints. Wasn’t there a sexy guy’s voice, too? It didn’t

even cross the poor girl’s mind that he could be the nefarious Master. Slavesl**ping had completely taken

the edge off her predicament.

Perfect time for a learning phase.

I am a slave. I shouldn’t fight my brainwashing because there is nothing to fight for. Master is just

making me a worry-free, happy slave. It doesn’t matter if I’m plain – a sex slave gets way more action

than even celebrities. I am happy to be a slave and I love the process of becoming one.

Being a slave isn’t scary. Being a slave is my life. If I’m a good slave and let Master make me submissive

and horny, he will show me love and always fuck my hungry pussy. I’m about to become such a slut. I’ll be

so wet all the time I’ll need dildo panties. I am a slave and a slut. I want it.

Heather did not think the slavethoughts were hers any more than before, but she was too calm to violently

reject them. Was this Master dude so bad, she wondered? He never punished her, and seemed like he never

would. He didn’t want her pain and her fear, he wanted her pleasure and her love. She was to be a

treasured pet, not a victim. Without her justified anger at being turned into a sex toy, Heather really

found the difference significant. Enough to appreciate it intellectually, if not morally.

Her cheeks were flushed. How? Curious about the Enslaver’s arguments as she had been, Heather hadn’t even

noticed that it hadn’t deployed its fuck machines this time around. And…still, she was aroused? Even in

the afterglow of slavesl**p, Heather realized how twisted this was. Was she being injected with an

aphrodisiac or…was she…

Was she a natural submissive?

The thought was dreadful, yet her emotions were still dulled, leaving her to contemplate the possibility

on a purely intellectual level, as if she was reading a racy story revealing a prude character’s inner

kinks. If she had submissive fetishes, it would only make sense for her to become the Master’s doting

lover. Still…why wasn’t the Enslaver fucking her?

A hand caressed her belly. Suddenly, she knew why.

The dome around her head lit up with porn. Not any type either…lesbian porn. Heather recoiled as much as

she could, repelled by the display of deviant sexuality. She saw Nico’s bandaided face beyond the


‘Yep! Master put me in here to help your sluttification!’ She said with a proud smile. ‘Why use machines

when we can start being Master’s pet lesbian couple right away? Besides, I promise you, I’ll turn you into

the horniest lesbo in the world!’

‘Nico, no…please, anything but that…’

An aphrodisiac started to flow from the IVs on her back. Her budding arousal shot up, leaving the ordinary

blonde all hot and bothered. The eager, happily enslaved Nico slid her tongue inside her fated lover’s

moistening pussy.

‘Aaauuugh no don’t don’t please…’

Even with a jolt of pleasure contracting her abdomen, and even in her compliant state, Heather felt

nothing but anguish. Being programmed into morally abhorrent but tender and loving slavery was one thing.

Being lesbian-****d by her best friend was another entirely.

‘Hmmm your pussy’s so yummy Ezzie…Hurry up and turn so you can taste mine too…’

‘No, dammit…’ Pleaded Heather in a wavering voice. ‘Come to your senses, you…you can’t possibly be

that far gone…’

Heather couldn’t look away from the cornucopia of porn unfolding before her eyes. The student librarian

found normal for homosexual couples to have the same rights as everyone else, but she would never count

herself into their ranks. She was straight, and girl-on-girl sex was simply offensive to her body. Yet

neither Nico nor the Enslaver would let her come down.

The aphrodisiac kept her horny even in the face of the lesbian porn. Nico passionately made sure her

friend’s body assimilated how pleasant it was to be a dyke. Beautiful sex kittens wriggled on screen,

lapping wet funboxes and sucking on huge fake tits. Flashing words ordering the shy blonde to cum. Heather

cried out, resolute to at least make it out of this hell as a straight sex slave. But she knew her trusted

friend sucking on her clitoris with cute moans was only the start. Among the porn, a picture stood out.

Herself and Nico, cuddling and kissing in a double bed. Her friend wore the Ŗ slutty 4 life’ haltertop.

She herself wore a pink, tight-fitting t-shirt emblazoned with ‘I’m so gay I can’t even think straight’.

This was too much. Unable to vent via anger in her forcibly calm state, the blonde simply broke down.

Revulsion made way to stillness. She felt herself drift away from the sickeningly intense pleasure Nico’s

loving tongue brought her. Drift away from despair. To happier times…

‘Heya Ezzie!’

Nico was sitting in her bean bag chair, greeting her with a large smile. Her student pad was kind of a

mess as always, but Heather didn’t mind. She looked at the old TV.

‘Hi Nico. I heard you screaming from the hallway. What are you playing?’

‘Hyrule Warriors. And, yeah, I lost it. Those damn adventure maps can be annoying as hell.’

The chemistry student didn’t let it get to her, though. She blew a bubble and crept to the side of her

chair. Heather joined her and let out a happy sigh as her friend resumed playing.

‘So, have you thought about it?’ Casually asked the blonde.

‘About what?’

‘Well, you know, the trip.’

‘Ah!’ Nico smiled. ‘Yeah I did, actually. If Japan’s too expensive, why not try Hong Kong? They have some

pretty kickass temples.’

‘Hong Kong, huh? Yeah, why not…’

Heather put the thought into a corner of her mind and just watched Nico play for a while. Much to the

peppy brunette’s chagrin, she had never really gotten into these things, but she liked to simply spectate.

After a hard day of classes and cramming, there was something soothing to watching her carefree friend

waste thousands of goblins with a weird tiny guy in a green jumpsuit.

Yes. So soothing…She was with her friend. Not a care in the world. No d**gs, no enslavement. Just her

and Nico. If she could just stay in this reality of the mind, everything would be alright. Everything…

‘You know what?’ Suddenly uttered Nico. ‘Fuck this.’

She turned around, grabbed her head, then gave Heather a deep, sensuous kiss.

‘I’m in love with you, Ezzie.’

Heather was back inside the dark room. Nico was kissing her for real. She had left her pussy to ride on

her immobilized body and kiss her. Heather’s mind scrambled to defend itself again but found itself quite

subdued. The blonde felt her friend’s smooth skin, her quickening heartbeat. Her short, bobbed hair

obscured the offensive porn and left Heather to focus on the sensations. She came to realize that Nico’s

love was genuine.

‘I’ve always loved you, I just knew you wouldn’t never accept me…I’m so glad Master chose us so I can

show you my love…Ezzie, please, don’t go insane…Don’t resist and leave me behind…’

Tears of distress trickled from Nico’s cheeks to Heather’s as the brunette connected their lips again. The

kiss was hungry but sweet and affectionate. This wasn’t the kiss of a sex slave. The Enslaver didn’t just

destroyed her freedom and dignity – it had genuinely made her fall in love with her c***dhood friend.

Heather envisioned Nico sitting in the sinister chair, drooling and being f***ed to orgasm at nude

pictures of her. ‘I am a slave’ running through her head over and over. Her heart and soul slowly caving

in. Her c***dhood friendship for heather turning into an unrequited crush only her wonderful and loving

Master would let her act upon.

She imagined her accepting this lie in earnest, her new notions of trust built by the brainwashing. Unable

to choose to resist because the Enslaver had changed parts of her progressively until her every instinct

was that of a loving servant. And, finally, emerging from the dark room, a fully re-educated slave yet

still herself. Heather wondered why she had thought of her as a monster. It was obviously her friend,

just…it couldn’t really be said ‘improved’ but…yeah?

‘I can’t live if you don’t give in and become my s****r slave, please…’

Heather did not recoil at the contemplation. She had crumbled to the point of reliving the past, but

Nico’s loving embrace had brought her back. It wasn’t sex…not really. It was warmth. A moment of sincere

comfort that brought Heather’s mind back in the chains of the chemical relaxant.

Nico broke the kiss, careful of not hitting the glass dome. Heather didn’t smile but looked like she could

at any second. She had that pleasant, far-off look…She was open again. And she had tasted what was to

become her new sexuality.

With a smile, the loyal slave left Heather’s lap, giving a brush to her heaving breasts as she did. She

knelt down and marveled at her glistening pussy. So beautiful, so perfect…truly, only her Master

outshone it. But then again, Master was so perfect he made even a stone-cold lesbian slut like her sopping


She licked Heather’s funbox with tender love, sliding her tongue between its folds, and smiled as it

started quivering. The blonde didn’t appreciate the lesbian porn, yet, but she could no longer ignore the

aphrodisiac pouring in her veins along with the old-fashioned buzz following a tender kiss.


No ‘we aren’t slaves’. No ‘you are straight’. Just Nico and sweet, high-pitched moans. The machine

detected her open state. It did not wonder why human contact and a kiss could have opened her more than a

mind-breaking orgasm. It merely acted on it, switching off the porn and subjecting its ward with another


I am a slave. My life is full of pleasure and love and I just have to be obedient to earn it. I don’t need

to flirt and be uncomfortable anymore because I already know Nico is the love of my life. I can’t get

enough of her yummy pussy. I am a slutty lesbian slave and I can play with my Nico all I want. I just have

to be bi for my Master. I don’t mind because he’s perfect and wonderful. I want to know more about my


Heather stared forward, mouth agape. After so much confusion and borderline madness, she was impressed

with being able to think that clearly. The thoughts no longer felt alien to her – in fact, they were quite

comforting. She certainly did need some structure, lest Nico’s delicious pussylicking drive her wild.

‘Nico?’ She asked in a high-pitched, breathy voice. ‘What is Master like?’

Part Three

Although Nico felt relieved and elated at hearing her friend say those words, she didn’t have the time to

answer. The Enslaver had detected Heather’s response to the treatment and was moving the fuck machines

into place. Nico moved out of the way, joy and pride in her heart. A bit of benign envy, too…Heather was

going to be imprinted with Master’s glory! Once you stop resisting, the Enslaver becomes Paradise.

Heather still hadn’t taken control of her mind yet. For the first time, she didn’t challenge the

slavethoughts. And though at her point of the treatment, she couldn’t readily accept them as her Master’s

truth yet, they were enough to prime her. For slavery to creep inside her mind as something relevant to

the person called Heather. Had she snapped out of her calm, passive state, she’d already have been

compromised enough to wonder if all that resistance was worth it.

But she was still entranced, and the device gave her a healthy dose of the fourth key compound needed for

enslavement. Dildos started gently fucking her and she began to feel all funny and quivering.

Something showed up in the dome. A man. Another thin thread of droll escaped her mouth when she looked up

to it. She’d have wondered who he was but she just couldn’t think. And it wasn’t anything like the other

times either…Her head was swimming. She had butterflies in her stomach. She felt so trembling and

weak…What was this feeling?

Nico smiled when she saw love being born on her friend’s face. Just a little ocytocin and dopamine in the

beginning, but this wasn’t even worthy of being called a teaser. The Enslaver would teach her slaveflesh

to feel such incredible things about the man…she would never again be the same. And as if on cue, the

door opened. Nico’s heart skipped a bit.

‘Come, Nico, let’s leave your girlfriend to her lessons.’

‘Yes Master!!’

The energetic brunette practically ran to the sun of her life. Days of patient, thorough conditioning had

turned her opinion of him, his appearance, his voice, his everything into pure, mind-melting adoration. As

she ran, the dildos inside her slutty holes made her cum so hard she fell into his arms. Master took her

and wrapped her in a warm embrace. She melted.

‘There there, neighbor. Take it easy!’

‘Aaahn MasshhteeeEEeeEer~’

Her modified eyes, pink with heart-shaped pupils, gazed into his with submission and love. Her whole body

turned into a hot, quivering mess just being touched by his magnificence. She babbled confused nothings

about love and happiness. If the Master hadn’t let her keep her ordinary appearance and style, the small

impish girl wouldn’t have been any different from the platinum-blonde, bubblebrained bimbos in his harem.

He kissed Nico tenderly, and her mind exploded in incandescent elation. She was a lesbian, but her Master

stood above reality. He was her Creator and her God. And the only thing that made her as happy than being

his slave was the assurance that in the dark’s embrace, Heather was becoming just like her.

Meanwhile, in the dark, the poor blonde started thinking again. Slowly, gradually, just so she could think

her own thoughts about how wonderful she felt.

‘Hmmmm…What ha…What h…hmmm…’

Her whole body was so comfortable and relaxed. On some primal level, Heather’s waking mind recognized

something was wrong, but why? She hadn’t felt this nice in years. The sex machines were gentle, the

black-haired man displayed in front of her looked a bit shy but certainly attractive. A bit of a pretty

boy, but manly nonetheless…

Heather smiled. She really did feel nice. Her thoughts drifted to her terror and outrage and just found

them so alien. What was so bad about this place anyhow? That she was being brainwashed? That she was a

slave? That she would be made obedient and loving?

‘Hm…He he he…’

Well it wasn’t like she could escape, was it? She had been captured, deprived of rights, and was now a

slave. It was just the definition. Was she being brainwashed? Sure she was…dear Nico had gone first, and

now she was completely loyal and accepting. Happy, too. Heather was now in her place, and already she felt

so subjugated. The machine’s power had terrified her, but now? Well, she still felt trapped, but she

mostly felt in awe. It tugged at her hearstrings so easily.

Take the guy on the screen…Might as well call him Master, even if it meant nothing…Yet. She really

felt all funny and flushed down there just looking at him. The librarian didn’t mind. She would certainly

make love to him before a girl…Let him do everything he wanted, let him show her why a slave live f…

Heather interrupted the runaway thought and let out a fatalist sigh. She knew her programming had started.

She knew the old her would never have thoughts like that. But facts were still facts, were they? She

couldn’t deny what was now reality. And so she stated, consciously, calmly…

‘I am a slave.’

It was terrible, but liberating. No need to delude herself. She had been dragged into a life where the

only choice was submission and servitude. Realistically speaking, there was no escaping it, and Heather

realized her mind was adapting instead. It was a natural process, and many slaves throughout history had,

too, adapted to lives of servitude. The Enslaver was simply forcing Heather to adapt quickly and

painlessly. Heather realized she had been subjugated in a precise, surgical manner.

It didn’t mean she wanted to burst out of it just to kneel before Master and fuck him. It just meant she

acknowledged slavery, like it or not, was her new life, and the Enslaver was her teacher.

What would happen now? What was the next lesson? Would she be made a lesbian? Could it fail? Could she end

up an imperfect slave? Was accepting her inevitable fate enough to ensure she’d be as happy as Nico? Would

poor Nico handle it if her own enslavement failed? Would a traditional slave training work better? All

those questions and more floated in her head in pure, composed curiosity. Those were totally natural

concerns to a slave undergoing training by brainwashing, weren’t they?

Suddenly, the room lit up in vibrant, chaotic colors. Right in front of her, naturally, was a heart.

‘Oh, slavesl**p time already?’

The Enslaver injected her with the hypnotic compound and she felt her eyelids become heavy.

‘You are a very good girl, Heather.’

The blonde floated again, but she didn’t feel the same disconnect as the first slavesl**p. She felt

perfectly relaxed, but still there.

‘You…are M…Nico’s Master…’


She had a million questions for this man, and maybe a few leftover insults. But mostly, she felt the

butterflies in her stomach returning in f***e. She couldn’t see the handsome man, but his voice was so

smooth…She was confused by those sensation. Was she being d**gged again, or had the first session

already instill a budding love in her heart…?

‘You now realize that you are owned. A good truth to accept. But I do not just want your submission,

Heather.’ He spontaneously declared in his honey-sweet, gentle voice. ‘This is just the beginning. The

purpose of this wonderful machine is to perfect you. Mold every parcel of your mind until serving me

becomes Heaven. Slavery will become natural, pleasant, peaceful…and the only thing you will ever need.’

‘Aaah…Wha…What are you going to do…?’ She asked, struggling not to fawn over him.

‘You already got a taste of your sluttification, my little slave. After a good slavesl**p, you will begin

in earnest.’

‘What?! No, not the lesbian porn again, p…’

A quick flash of Nico kissing her appeared in the heart. Heather fell silent and stared into the darkness.

That’s right, Nico would be sad…

‘Don’t worry, in the phase you are in, your taboos will melt like Nico in my arms. And then it will be

wonderful. Your whole body will unlearn your former life to care only for pleasure and give you bliss

beyond your wildest dreams. Rejoice, slave…now you become a being of pure pleasure…’

The Enslaver finished giving Heather her dose of slavesl**ping d**g, and she fully went under. The heart

was filled with visions of tender embrace with her s****r slave, both of them under the absolute dominance

of their divine Master. Unable to question or feel anything beyond the heart, the former librarian could

not know her mechanical teacher was pumping her full of heavy-duty d**gs that would bring drastic changes

to her body chemistry.


It hadn’t been two hours since she had been brought out of slavesl**p, and already Heather wondered if she

hadn’t been a closet lesbian all along.

Big, round breasts, glittering pussies, even legs, thighs and plump little asses…And those sweet, sexy

moans! They had seemed repulsive to Heather not to long ago, but what little clarity of thought she had

left couldn’t pinpoint why. It simply felt so good to be fucked to the sound of moaning sluts! And


I am a slave. A slave and a lesbian slut with a lewd pussy. Master has given me a body that cums harder

all the time. What I thought was arousing was nothing. I am a true sex slave and if I’m a good little dyke

and become addicted to Nico’s juices, Master will allow me to cum even harder.

Her metal teacher was doing this to make her cum harder still! She wasn’t fully comfortable with orgasming

to female eye-candy yet, but she stared the Nico pictures with near ravenous focus. The androgynous

brunette was her fellow slave, who Heather was being groomed as a lesbian slut for…And the chief reason

why the blonde had given up on resisting the treatment.

‘I obey! I’m a slave! Give me a slutty body! Make me lose my mind with pleasure! Make me like Nico! I want

her so baaad!’

She wanted Nico’s wet pussy. She wanted it bad. And she wanted to cum the hardest she could just thinking

about licking it. There were no thoughts about America or college or freedom left in her altering brain.

She just wanted to drown herself in pleasure and be happy as a lesbian sex toy.

She had no idea how much time had passed. Countless lessons hammered proper slavethoughts into her

slavebrain. She had slaveslept three times, the Enslaver needing a lesser d**g dosage each time. And now,

she was just landing on Earth after experiencing an orgasm she could still hardly believe. An explosion of

searing light that had sent her shaking like a puppet, yowling in the darkness for what seemed like a

straight minute. It felt almost unfathomably good, like she couldn’t possibly still be human.

Amazed by her transformation, Heather tried to remember what she had been like. She did recall liking

books, but why? They were all so asinine and forgettable. Even her supposed ‘favorite’ books were fucking

boring in hindsight. Who needs stories when the Enslaver can make you feel like a slave?

Five minutes without any sex machines later, she came to the conclusion that her memories held nothing of

value. Even the most grave, serious stuff did nothing to break the docile contentment she felt. The death

of her little b*****r, meant nothing, unlike the nice buzz in her dripping wet pussy. Five minutes of

nothing but introspection, and she was still raring to go!

‘Oh…It worked!’ She realized, smiling. ‘I’m a slut now!’

She contracted her funbox, eager to try out her new sensations. They didn’t disappoint. Just clenching her

pussy made her moan…If only she had a proper strap-on in her!

‘Hmm…Fuck me more, please, suck on my tits…I want it, I want it please.’

Heather knew she was no longer a person. She was a slave. A true sex toy that would do anything, or

anyone, to continue being used. The Enslaver had rendered her body unable to not be in heat ever again,

and the poor brainwashed girl was nothing but giddy about it. Who needs dignity when your pussy feels so

good? If only she was being fucked…then everything would be right!

The door opened, and light invaded the born-again slave a second time. Escape and freedom never crossed

her mind, especially not when she recognized Nico’s silhouette.



The impish slave rushed to her fledgling s****r and hurriedly unlocked her restraints. This naturally had

nothing to do with freeing the blonde. Nico no longer had any concept of freedom and Heather was just one

lesson away from forgetting it too.

‘I’m so glad you became a slave, Ezzie! It only gets better from here!’

‘Yes, yes!’ Heather replied, euphoric. ‘Everything been awesome since I stopped being disobedient!’

Heather was free. She got out of the Enslaver and jumped on her lover. Nico was small and flat, and she

was perfect. Seeing her best friend in her birthday suit made the blonde wet as hell. Ravenously horny,

she backed off and gave Nico’s pussy a hard, lengthy lick.

‘Aaaaaannnggyeeess finally, my love’s finally licking me oh my Gggoooood so good so gooood…’

Nico’s flowing juices tasted so weird…but Master’s newest slave knew it was her new favorite taste. The

flavor blazed through her softened brain like wildfire, sending so much dopamine that Heather came as she

was being irreversibly addicted.


Heather wanted more. She simply had to lick more of the Olympian nectar and hear more of her dear s****r

slave’s moans. Nevertheless, there was one thing she desired even more. So she left Nico’s wet folds

behind and crawled on her, brushed her modest breasts against her lover’s non-existent ones, then

passionately kissed her.

‘I’m so glad we’ve got k**napped, honey…Being in love with you is so…’

‘So?’ Giggled the brunette.

‘So weird…But so fun! It’s a shame we’ve been born hetero…’

‘But we weren’t! We were always closet lesbians, Master simply made us accept it!’

Heather sighed. This again?

‘We weren’t. He turned us!’

‘No, we were! I didn’t recieve any lesbian programming. Master just told me I was gay once I was enslaved,

and I realized he was right.’

‘Nah, come on, you’ve always talked about your video games hazubandos…’

Nico giggled. Such a happy, innocent laugh.

‘You don’t get it, Ezzie! It’s the programming! When you’re perfected, whatever Master says becomes the

truth. No need for brainwashing, no thinking about it, your brain just scrambles to genuinely agree with

Him. Being reprogrammed only by his words, realizing you belong to him so much you can believe two plus

two equals four…Its Heaven.’

The brunette then kissed her deeply, a romantic embrace Heather readily responded to. She didn’t know what

to answer anyway. She felt silly…Nico was her senior slave, why did she try to contradict her?

‘I…I have to get back inside the Enslaver.’ Heather blurted in genuine anguish. ‘I’m a bad slave. I

doubt Master. I have to…’

Nico interrupted her shame-filled rant by sticking two fingers inside Heather’s dewey slut box.

‘Get bbbhaaaaah~’

‘Being perfected takes a long time, Ezzie…Master was just kind enough to let us fuck before you undergo

the final treatment.’

‘Oooh, he did? Aaah…he’s so kind to us…’ Smiled Heather, riding on the budding love she was imprinted


‘He is. Now shut up and let me fuck you, you naughty girl…’ Purred the perfect slave as she closed her

lips around her lover’s erect nipple.

Heather had a long, fiery lesbian sex session with her lover, then obediently got back into the chair. And

what a relief, too…She had a dildo gently fucking her hungry cunt, just what she needed to undergo the

final stage of her enslavement. Escaping never even crossed her mind. Her only wish was to become as

deeply obedient as Nico. She wanted to experience Master’s truth changing her without the need for the

Enslaver. It did sound like Heaven.

The image of Master was back in front of her eyes. So was his smooth honeyed voi

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A SLAVE’S LIFE There was something wrong when I woke up. I usually snap awake and go from deep sl**p to full consciousness without any intervening period. I know a lot of young guys like me like to just lie there and would stay in bed all day, but I’m a morning person, I’m wide awake, and ready to go. There was something else different, too – I didn’t have my usual morning hard-on. When I say that I don’t lie there like a lot of guys my age, that isn’t quite true...


Sisters in Slavery Chapter Five part 1

Author's note to readers. Nothing about this story is meant to portray any of the characters are under eighteen years of age despite the obvious sexual immaturity of the main characters at the beginning of the story. Also this story features taboo themes of rape, sexual slavery, bestiality, and incest. It is intended as fantasy and nothing else. If you don't like such stories STOP reading now. Also don't fill up the comments section with comments about how sick individuals in...


Kidnapped Sex Slaves

Michael watched as Sara and Becky squirmed on the floor. They were his latest victims. His occupation was a slaver. While little knew of it or even believed it existed in the United States, it was more common than most believed. In fact, this was the first week of training for a new slaver, Steve by Michael. Michael became a slaver almost ten years ago. He was personally responsible for capturing and training over one hundred slaves. It takes about four weeks to train a slave...


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