Barbies Bestial Birthday – Part 1: The Cousin

Introduction: An 18-y-o virgin has sex with her cousin (a studly dog) Authors Note: This story takes place in a world similar to ours. The only difference is that men and women are quite different. Though people walk on two legs and speaks English, women are human in appearance while men are dogs. Literally. Their breeds vary, but aside from their appearance, they are just as human as the women. If you are able to accept this odd little fact, I guarantee you will enjoy this kinky tale.


Barbie Lez was not what you would call typical. Not only was she extremely shy and a total loner, but she froze up each time she was forced to interact with others. As a result, her childhood had been filled with awkward moments and a fear of anything new. Unfortunately, her mother insisted on making her face her fears each and every time an opportunity presented itself. Of course, it had never actually worked, but the determined parent was not the type to give up. And that was a recipe for disaster.

As if being shy and awkward was not bad enough, Barbie had just turned eighteen. And since she was still a virgin, that made her even more of a freak. But her mother had a plan. Unfortunately for Barbie, it meant going on her first date. Ever.

It was not exactly the perfect birthday the young woman had hoped for, but it would have to do, because there was no way in hell she would stand up to her mother. Or anyone else for that matter. So it was with a great sense of dread that she entered the restaurant.

Her mother had taken care of everything. Not only had she chosen a young man Barbie had yet to meet, but the date was to take place at the family restaurant. The deserted family restaurant. The birthday girls father owned the establishment, so it had been quite easy to shut down the place for the evening. Unfortunately, the thought of being alone with her date in a deserted restaurant was in no way comforting. Quite the opposite. It meant there would be nothing to distract her and she would be forced to interact. The only upside was that she would be surrounded by family. Her uncle was the cook, her brother the server and her cousin the&hellip, well, he pretty much did everything else.

Barbies heart beat madly in her chest as she entered the restaurant. She was so nervous that the bell actually made her jump. Luckily, the door soon shut behind her and silence returned. As she waited for her brother to appear and escort her to her table, she decided to get comfortable. She unbuttoned her jacket and proceeded to hang it in the nearby closet. On her way back, she took the time to study her reflection in the large mirror that hung by the door. Her mother had spent well over an hour helping her get ready and Barbie was still unfamiliar with her new appearance. She had always been beautiful, but not she was a total knockout.

The nervous young woman could not help but smile proudly as she studied her flawless reflection. Her long, platinum-blonde hair had been flattered and a few bright-pink highlights had been added. Her sparkling blue eyes quickly traveled across her ample, pink lipstick-covered lips on their way to the next major attraction. Her firm, D-Cup boobs were barely contained within the bright-pink blouse she wore. Her mother had been quite adamant that flawless breasts like hers deserved to be shown off and had thus ensured they were her prominent feature. As a result, most of Barbies cleavage was out on display and her erect nipples could clearly be seen poking through the thin fabric of her blouse. But the most shocking part of the birthday girls outfit was her lack of panties, which left her tight, clean-shaven pussy only barely concealed beneath a bright-pink miniskirt. Of course, her firm, bouncy ass was just as slightly covered. But even with all of this, her most enticing feature was the large birthmark that seemed to hover between her pussy and navel. Barbie was in no way attracted to women, but the lesbian symbol-shaped mark on her stomach subtly made all the men she met wonder if she was gay. And, of course, that only made them want her more.

Barbies self-ogling session came to an end when her brother finally arrived. Just like all other human males on earth, he was a dog. Literally. But the fact that he had four legs and a tail did not keep him from being just as human as his beautiful sister. Like her, he walked on two legs and spoke perfect English. The only difference was that he was a dog. More precisely a Doberman Pinscher. He was an amateur bodybuilder, so his large muscles remained clearly visible beneath his short fur. Barbies eyes lingered on his exposed testicles for a split second and she could not help but wonder how he could bear to walk around naked. However, now was not the time for such questions. It was the time to meet her date.

The busty blonde was informed that her date had already arrived and was waiting for her. She was escorted through the deserted restaurant until they reached the only occupied table. Her date was a Jack Russell Terrier by the name of Jack. He was quite attractive and surprisingly tall for his breed. Had she not been so busy struggling to keep from running out of the restaurant screaming, Barbie would probably have found him cute. Maybe even hot.

Barbies brother handed them each a menu and was on his way. The next minute was rather uncomfortable. But that may have just been because Barbie was not used to wearing high heels. Especially not the six-inch stilettos her mother had picked out for her. In an attempt to rectify this, she slipped them off shoved them aside with her foot. Unfortunately, it did not help her break out of her shell of shyness. Luckily, Jack was quite the extrovert and had no trouble carrying the conversation. That was how Barbie learned that he too had been set up on this date by his mother. But unlike Barbie, it was because he was a player and his mom insisted he meet a good girl. And since they were now sitting opposite each other, it appeared as though Barbie was that good girl. But the busty blonde wondered how much longer she could remain good. She had fallen under the Jacks charm and was struggling to keep the resulting sexual energy contained. Luckily, her date had no such trouble. In fact, he was openly flirting with her and the shy young woman was finding it harder and harder to resist his subtly concealed advances.

From the confident smile on the canines face, it was clear he knew Barbie was caught in the web of seduction he had woven. The trap had been set and she had fallen in. Now all that was left to do was go in for the kill.

What are you doing? asked Barbie, speaking for the first time in quite a while. Her date did not answer. Instead, he just slid off his chair, vanishing beneath the table in mere seconds. The teens brow furrowed in incomprehension. That is, until she felt something hot against her bare pussy.

Oh my god! she gasped as she realized it was the Jacks breath. She was so shocked by the unexpected turn of events that she just sat there, legs spread wide. By the time she thought of slamming her legs shut, it was too late.

Fuck! she muttered as she felt something hot and wet against her cunt. By the time she realized it was her lovers tongue, it was already too late. His head was between her legs, stopping her from closing them and his tongue was slithering past her labia. Barbie struggled to figure out whether or not she wanted him to proceed any further. Fortunately, she did not have a choice and all she could do was let him have his way. And that was exactly what he did.

Mmmmm! she moaned softly as his tongue slid deeper and deeper into her soaking-wet pussy. It was not until she realized the incredible wetness of her cunt that she realized what was going on. She was turned on. A lot. This theory was proven correct by the soft, blissful moans that soon started flowing past her lips.

Barbie experienced a moment of confusion. Her entire life, she had been a shy, conservative girl. And now she was letting a man she had only just met lick her pussy? It did not make sense. However, that did not change the simple fact that it was indeed happening. And if she did not want to lose her virginity, it was in her best interest to put an end to things before it was too late.

Barbie took a few seconds to gather her thoughts. First the cons: She was still a virgin and had no idea if she was ready to take her first real step into adulthood. She barely even knew the man that was eagerly thrusting that long, dog tongue of his in and out of her pussy. Did she want him to be the one? The one she membered for the rest of her life? Now the pros: She was horny. Incredibly horny! And&hellip, Well, that was pretty much the only pro, but it was such a big one that it was enough to balance out every last one of her cons. If she did not find a way to tip the balance one way or the other, the decision would be made for her. Terrified at such a thought, she temporarily forgot about the lickfest unfolding between her legs and focused on the way she felt. Her date-turned-lover was quite an attractive man and a deserted restaurant was as good as a place as any to lose her virginity. Plus, tongue fucking was not actual intercourse, so technically, she would not even be losing her virginity. Apparently that was enough to convince her, because she gave in to the massive amounts of arousal coursing through her veins.

Oh yes! she moaned blissfully as her lovers tongue darted in and out of her soaking-wet poon with such speed that it was impossible for her to tell when it was in and when it was out. Barbie was quite familiar with the art of masturbation, but the feel of a tongue in her twat far surpassed that of her fingers. Especially such a long, power one.

The birthday girls moans intensified until she remembered she was surrounded by family members. Her brother was no doubt nearby, waiting for them to order and her uncle was in the kitchen, waiting to prepare their meals. As for her cousin, he was around here somewhere, undoubtedly completing some menial job that had been relegated to him by his father.

Mmmmm! moans Barbie, doing her best to keep the moan from reaching dangerous levels. But as her lover continued his skillful tongue dance, it became harder and harder. And as if that was not hard enough, the situation soon got even more complicated.

Where did he go? asked a voice to the birthday girls right. She turned to find her brother. He was standing a dozen feet away and she wondered if he had heard anything. But from the confused expression on his face, it was clear he was just wondering what had happened to her date.

Uh-oh! thought Barbie as she watched him approach. Not only did she have to keep from moaning, but now she had to come up with a plausible explanation for her dates disappearance. Luckily, the answer soon came to her.

Bathroom, was all she managed to say, so focused was she on keeping her arousal contained. She hated lying to her brother, but it was better that than him finding out the truth.

So, how are things going? asked the brother.

Barbie winced. She had hoped answering his question would be enough to get rid of him. Apparently, she would have to take a more direct approach.

Everythings fine, she assured. Now please go before he gets back, she added in a more forceful voice. It was not like her to be so direct, but drastic times called for drastic measures.

&hellip, said the brother, stunned by his little sisters odd behavior. Never before had she spoken to him so abruptly. In fact, he was so stunned that he just nodded and walked away.

Barbie let a sigh a of relief flow past her lips, but what actually came out was a powerful moan. She winced for a second, fearing her brother had heard it. But then something happened that made her forget all about it.

OH FUCK! she moaned. At least that is what she would have said had she not placed a hand over her mouth. Only a muffled moan escaped. But it was enough to inform her climax was imminent. Her arousal level had risen throughout her lovers skillful tongue dance and had forced a powerful orgasm to grow within her. And now, it was on the verge of exploding. Only a few more seconds and she would experience the first non-self-induced orgasm of her life. Upon realizing this, she experienced a moment of hesitation. Had she made the right choice by letting her date be her first lover? Would she grow to regret it? Would&hellip, But she never got a chance to finish, because that was the exact moment she felt her pussy start to convulse.

FUUCCCKKKK!!!!! she moaned at the top of her lungs. Although her hand was clamped down over her mouth, the moan that escaped it was still powerful. Luckily, no one but the two lovers heard it.

As the moan lingered on, the busty virgin felt her first wave of cum shoot up her vaginal canal. The hot orgasmilk traveled around her lovers tongue and past her labia before ending up in the hungry Jack Russells mouth.

Mmmmm! moaned the furry man as he swallowed the sweet nectar. He had made dozens of women climax, but never had one produced cum with such a potent sweetness. It was so intense that it was almost too much to handle. Almost.

Wave after wave flowed out of Barbie as she writhed around in her chair. Though she had climaxed each and every day since first discovering the pleasures of masturbation, this was by far the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her body jerked around and it took all the strength she had just to remain on her chair. Of course, it did not help that her cum-hungry lover continued darting his tongue in and out of her, forcing her orgasm to intensify with each passing second. Before long, it got so intense that remaining seated became impossible. So she just gave in to the intensity of her climax. It did not take long before she slid off her chair and joined her lover beneath the table. Somehow, her date managed to continue tongue fucking her cunt all while ingesting each and every drop of cum produced.

Barbie managed to keep her hand on her mouth and that was where it remained for the remainder of her orgasm. By the time the final wave oozed out of her and was ingested by her skillful lover, almost an entire minute had gone by. Not only had it been the teens most intense orgasm, but it had also been her longest. Not bad for a first time.

Once she was certain it was safe, she removed her hand and started panting. By the time she recovered, her lover was back in his seat. All she could now see of him were his hind legs, his balls and&hellip,

Uh-oh! muttered the teen as she realized her lover was turned on. Either that or the massive, rock-hard cock that stood between his legs was his way of giving her a thumbs up. Though he had just made her climax, the sight of his hard-on did not turn her on. In fact, it totally repulsed her.

Oh my god! she silently gasped. What have I done? She may not technically have lost her virginity, but the fact was, she had let a man she barely knew make her climax. And she had loved it. When moments before she was filled with arousal, only shame and regret now remained.

How could I have done this? she wondered. Of course, she had not actually done anything, but that was the whole problem. She had let her horny lover take advantage of her.

Barbie was not sure if she truly regretted what had just happened or if it was only a temporary post-arousal down. But no matter how she felt, one thing was clear, she needed time to think. And she could not do that with her aroused date mere feet away.

Taking a deep breath, she got to her hands and knees and shuffled out from under the table. Getting to her feet, she rearranged her messed up outfit and glanced over at her date. He just sat there, a proud smile curling his lips. He no doubt expected her to throw herself at him and repay the sexual favor he had just given her.

Yeah right! thought Barbie. And with that, she walked away. She was not sure where she was going, but soon ended up in the womens bathroom. A relieved sigh escaped her as soon as the door closed behind her. It felt good to be alone.

Unfortunately, she was not alone for long. Before she even got a chance to figure things out, the door swung open. She turned to find Jack strolling in. He had the same wide smile on his lips and his massive cock swung from side to side as he approached. The birthday girl was so stunned by his presence that she did not even consider trying to figure out what he was up to. So it was shock-filled eyes that she watched him pull her in for a passionate kiss.

Mmm? moaned the surprised teen as she felt that long, slimy tongue of his slither past her lips. He immediately started exploring her oral cavity, not giving her any time to react.

It took a while for her to figure out what was happening. But as soon as she did, she pulled away and stood there for a few seconds, staring at her date with wide eyes and dropped jaw.

What are you doing? she finally asked.

Jack smiled.

Im just finishing what we started earlier, he explained and tried resuming the interrupted kiss.

Stop it! ordered Barbie as she slapped his paw away. Everything that had just happened may have totally freaked her out, but it had also helped her come out of her shell. So it was without hesitation that she told him exactly what she thought.

What the fuck do you think youre doing? she asked.

Jack chuckled. Isnt obvious? he asked as he reached out and grabbed her ass.

Stop it! ordered the teen as she pulled away.

Why? asked the Jack Russell. You didnt seem to mind before.

Barbie winced. It was true, she had not complained once during the tongue-fucking session. However, that did not give him permission to do as he pleased. Unfortunately, Jack thought otherwise.

I took care of you. Now its your turn, he explained as he reached out and slipped his paw beneath the teens skirt.

Stop it! ordered Barbie yet again as she grabbed his paw and yanked it away from her pussy. Since words did not seem to work, she decided to get her point across with actions.

Im leaving, she said. And with that, she walked out. At least that was what she tried to do. But Jack grabbed her before she could reach the door and yanked her toward him. The busty blonde lost her balance and fell to the ground. She only had time to get to knees before Jack made his move. Grabbing her head, he jerked his body forward, forcing his rock-hard cock past the teens lips.

Mmmmm! moaned Barbie is a mixture of surprise, anger and disgust. She could feel the intense heat emanating from the red spear as it was forced deeper and deeper into her. Jack pushed on until every last inch had been swallowed up. Since the birthday girls mouth was not big enough to accommodate it all, the excess prick had been forced down her throat.

MMM! she moaned again as she struggled to break free. But her date-turned-lover-turned-sexual-assaulter was too strong for her. She struggled and struggled, but there was nothing she could do. Or was there?

Her eyes were filled with tears, her throat was stuffed with cock and she could not breathe. As dreadful as the thought was, she knew it was her only chance. So she closed her eyes and clenched her jaw.

AHHH!!! yelled Jack as he felt the teens teeth dig into his rock-hard cock. He immediately released her and pulled away. Luckily, the teen had not bit him hard enough to break the skin, but the pain emanating from his schlong was enough to convince him to put an end to the forceful blowjob.

As soon as she was free, Barbie scrambled to her feet and ran for the door. But once again, she was stopped before she could reach it. This time, she was not pulled back. Instead, she was pushed forward and went flying into the door.

Fuck! she groaned as she collided with the hard surface. Dazed, she lost her balance and once more crashed to the ground. Only this time, it was not a cock that awaited her when she got up. Instead, it was a slap.

MMM! she grunted as the paw made contact with her cheek. The power of the blow was so intense that she went flying. For the third time that night, she crashed to the ground. But unlike the previous two times, she stayed down. Not because she was injured. Not even because she was afraid of what would happen if she did. It was because confusion now reigned in the bathroom. Moments ago, they were alone and now, Jack was fighting with&hellip,

Mat? muttered Barbie as she recognized her savior. It was her cousin, Mat. He insisted on being called that because of his breed. Though his name was actually Francis, he only answered to Mat, claiming it was the only name that fit his DalMatian body. Speaking of bodies, Mat had the physique of a runner. Powerful, yet sleek. Basically, he was a stud. Hopefully, his studliness would be enough for him to overpower Jack. Luckily, that was exactly what happened next. Mat landed a blow that sent the Russell Terrier crashing to the ground. He was out before he hit the ground.

Mat rushed over to his cousin as soon as her attacked was out of commission.

Are you all right? he asked as he helped her sit up.

Barbie was still dazed, but she was otherwise uninjured.

Im fine, she assured with a grateful smile. Thanks.

I would never let anyone hurt my favorite cousin, assured the Dalmatian.

Barbie nodded. She knew just how much he cared for her. In fact, she was pretty sure he had a thing for her. And had she not just almost been raped, she would probably have admitted to herself that she also had a small crush on him. That is, had they had not been related. But incest soon became the last thing on her mind.

Jack had just come to and was now getting up. For a second Barbie thought he would attack them, but he just turned tail and ran away. Mat went to follow him, but Barbi grabbed his leg.

Dont leave me, she pleaded. She may have appeared to be fine but the truth was, she was putting up a front. She had almost been raped and the last thing she wanted was to be alone.

Mat hesitated. He desperately wanted to punish Jack for what he had done to his beloved cousin, but he could not bear the thought of leaving her alone. So after a few seconds of indecision, he nodded and sat down next to the birthday girl.

Its all right, he said as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. Hes gone now and hes never coming back.

That was all it took. Barbie finally snapped. The shock, fear and anger that had been building up within her suddenly exploded. Mixed in was the shame and guilt of what she had let her date do back in the dining area. Had she rejected him up front, things would never have gotten this far. However, she knew she was not entirely to blame. The main culprit was Jack and she hoped he got hit by a car and died like the dog he was.

This jumble of emotions made it impossible for her to control her tear ducts and it was a veritable river of tears that flowed past her eyelids. Mat kept his arm wrapped around her shoulders and used the other to stroke her hair in a reassuring fashion. It seemed to work, because the busty blonde soon started to calm down.

It took a few minutes, but her tears eventually stopped and she managed to regain control of her emotions. She appreciated everything her cousin had done for her, but now that it was over, all she wanted to do was go home and lock herself in her room. Maybe she would listen to some music. Maybe she would watch a movie. Whatever she did, it would not be sitting around and replaying what had just happened over and over in her head.

I&hellip, I should go, she stuttered as she got to her feet. She made for the door, but she was yet again stopped before she could. But unlike before, she was not assaulted. The only reason why she could not reach the door was because Mat stood between her and the exit.

You cant leave, he said nervously. Not yet. One second, he was lovingly stroking her hair and the next, he was totally freaking out and refusing to let her leave.

Why? wondered Barbie.

Mat got even more nervous. Whatever he was hiding, he did not want Barbie to find out. And the only way to keep that from happening was for him to find a plausible explanation. Unfortunately, he was not good under pressure and his mind went completely blank. The only thing he could think of was just how beautiful his cousin looked in that skimpy outfit of hers. So, although it was in no way perfect, it was the only distraction he could think of to keep the busty blonde from leaving.

I love you! he finally said. He had planned on admitting he had an innocent crush on her, but what had come out was a full confession of love. Not exactly smooth. Luckily, it was enough to distract Barbie.

What? asked Barbie, forgetting all about her cousins odd behavior. She had always suspected that Mat secretly had a crush on her, but she had never thought he actually loved her. At least not in a sexual manner.

There was a moment of silence during which both cousins struggled to come up with something to say or do to diffuse the awkward situation. Eventually, Barbie was forced to face facts. The only way out of this mess was for her to admit her true feelings for Mat. The truth would set them free, so to speak.

I always thought you were cute, finally said the birthday girl.

Mat was stunned.


Barbie shook her head. Actually, youre not. Mats expression went from surprised glee to confused sadness. That is, until Barbie finished her thought. Youre hot, she finally added.

The Dalmatians smile immediately returned.

Really? he asked again. This time, he got a nod.

An awkward silence followed this admission of incestuous attraction.

What now? asked Mat after a few seconds.

Barbie shrugged. Admitting she had a crush on her cousin had helped to diffuse the situation, but she still had no idea where to go from there. Luckily, Mat did.

Well, maybe we could&hellip, started the studly Dalmatian, but stopped before completing his thought.

What? What could we do? asked Barbie, eager for a solution to their rather awkward predicament.

Mat nervously shifted from paw to paw for a second before answering.

We could kiss, he finally said.

The proposal was so unexpected that Barbie started laughing. That is, until she realized it was not a joke.

But we&hellip, were cousin.

Mat shrugged.


Barbie was stunned. Apparently, Mat was not intimidated by incest. Actually, he seemed to enjoy the thought of it quite a lot.

Maybe its not so bad, realized Barbie. After all, they were only cousins. It was not like she was having sex with her brother. In fact, the thought of committing such a perverse act only made things hotter. It was not until then that she realized arousal had returned to her body. Massive amounts of arousals. And the sight of her cousins studly canine body was making her hotter with every passing second.

Why not? she finally thought. And just like that, her mind was made up. She would give incest a try. Though most people would have had a phobia of anything sex-related following a near rape experience, but Barbie saw it as a way to salvage the evening. If she ended the night on a high note, it would help make up for everything else. At least she hoped.

Better do this before I chicken out, she realized. And with that, she pulled Mat in for a passionate, incestuous kiss.

Mmmmm! she moaned as she thrust her tongue past her cousins lips and started exploring his oral cavity.

Mmmmm!? also moaned Mat, though his was more out of surprise than bliss. Fortunately, he soon recovered and started reciprocating his cousin-turned-lovers eager tongue strokes.

The incestuous make out session lasted well over a minute. By the time their lips parted, both relatives had sore tongues. But neither of them were complaining. Quite the opposite.

That was awesome, said Mat enthusiastically.

Barbie chuckled, but nodded nonetheless.

What now? she asked. But that question became irrelevant when her gaze came across her cousins crotch. The tip of his manhood was sticking out of his prepuce, making it clear he was aroused and ready for more. But first, he had to be sure they were both on the same page.

Are we really doing this? he asked.

Barbie nodded. She was just as stunned as he was, but the truth was, they were about to have sex. Incestuous sex.

All right, said Mat. And with that, he took control of the situation. How about you get undressed while I get ready? he proposed.

Barbie nodded and started unbuttoning her shirt. Within seconds, the skimpy garment floated down to the floor, where it was soon joined by her skirt. And with that, she was naked.

Meanwhile Mat had taken a seat on the floor and, using his canine anatomy to his advantage, had begun licking, then sucking his dick. Hid hard work had paid off, because a rock-hard, bright-red schlong now stood perfectly erect between his hind legs. His prick was slightly smaller than Jacks, but still measured an impressive ten inches in length by a little under two inches in width. Like with all canine manhoods, it started with a point and ended in a knot.

Barbie took a few seconds to study it and realized a few things. First of all, the sight of it did not fill her with disgust as Jacks had. Instead, it filled her with arousal. Massive amounts of arousal. As for her second realization, she forgot all about it. All she wanted was to get her hands on that enticing canine cock. Luckily, Mat was all too happy to oblige. However, neither of them knew how to proceed.

What now? asked Barbie.

I&hellip, Im not sure, admitted Mat.

Barbie frowned.

Havent you done this before?

There was a moment of silence during which the studly Dalmatian peered down in embarrassment.

No, he finally admitted. Well, kinda. After a short pause, he decided to elaborate. I usually just masturbate while thinking of&hellip, but he never finished his thought.

Barbie stared at him in incomprehension for a few seconds before she realized what her cousins interrupted comment implied. When it hit her, she could not help but smile proudly.

Do you fantasize about me when you masturbate? she asked.

Mat nodded, unsure if he should be embarrassed or not. Barbie came to his rescue by pulling him for another passionate kiss. There was now no doubt in his mind the birthday girl had taken the revelation as a complement. So as soon as their lips parted, Mat took control of the situation.

Get on all fours, he instructed. Barbie was happy to give up power and obeyed the order given to her. Moments later, she was on all fours, glancing back at her canine cousin over her shoulder.

Youre so beautiful, said Mat in utter amazement. He had always thought she was beautiful, but seeing her completely naked and on all fours made him realize just how breathtaking she truly was. And she was all his. At least for the next few minutes. Taking full advantage of this, he got to work.

The horny Dalmatian dropped to all fours. But his front legs left the tiled floor just as quick. Moments later, he was grabbing his cousins waist with his front legs and using his hind ones to hop forward. It took a few hops, but he eventually felt the tip of his manhood make contact with the birthday girls engorged labia.

Ready? he asked, momentarily coming to a stop. He had just saved her from a sexual assault and did not want to become the assaulter. Luckily, Barbie did not feel threatened in the least. Quite the opposite.

Fuck me! she ordered as she glanced back over her shoulder with lust-filled eyes.

Yes mam, said Mat as he jerked forward, forcing his manhood past the teens lower lips.

FUCK! moaned Barbie blissfully as she felt the spear slide deeper and deeper into her. Before long, her entire pussy was stuffed with her cousins hot, canine cock. But it was not meant to last.

Mmm! she moaned in disappointment as she felt the manhood being pulled out of her. Luckily, that marked the start of the first and most intense pounding of her life. Within seconds, Mats rock-hard cock was diving in and out of her soaking-wet pussy, forcing blissful moan after blissful moan past her lips. Though they were in the bathroom, Barbie could not moan as loud as she would have liked by fear of being heard. And the last thing she wanted was to get caught having sex with her cousin. Fortunately, she had more important things to think about.

Thats it, take it. Take it all, moaned Mat as he pounded her fast and hard.

I guess he likes talking dirty, realized the teen as an amused smile curled her lips. And talk dirty he did, barraging her with insults throughout the incestuous pounding. Fortunately, Barbie knew it was all in good fun and did not feel humiliated in the least. In fact, she even started enjoying being called a slut. A whore. A cu&hellip,

But she soon forgot all about that when she felt another powerful orgasm grow within her. Though she had climaxed less than fifteen minutes earlier, massive amounts of arousal now coursed through her veins. Perhaps it was because a cock felt a thousand time better than a tongue or maybe it was the perversity of incest. Whatever the reason, she was hornier than ever before and the most powerful orgasm of her life was impending. Sure enough, her pussy soon started to convulse.

FUUCCCKKKK!!!!! she moaned as the first wave shot up her cock-filled cunt. She was so busy focusing on the sweet nectar that now flowed around her lovers cock that she did not even realize her powerful moan had flowed past her lips unhindered. It was not until the hot orgasmilk gushed past her labia and flew in all directions that she realized what she had done. Unfortunately, it was too late and all she could do now as hope no one had heard it. Or if they had, that they would not come looking for the source of the moan. Luckily, she had wave after wave of cum to distract her. And distracted was as she squirted all over the place.

MMMMM!!! moaned Mat when he felt his own orgasm explode within him. As luck would have it, his first wave shot up his cock at the exact same time as his young lovers. As a result, the two substances soon mixed, creating a delicious nectar that was sent flying past the teens lower lips. The sheer power behind the squirts was enough to send the orgasmilk fling high into the air. But gravity soon joined the party and the millions upon millions of tiny drops were sent flying back down. They rained down upon the moaning lovers, soon covering them in a thick layer of cum.

Cum and moans continued flying through the air for the better part of a minute before the final waves final oozed out of them. With one final moan, Barbie felt her last few drops of strength drip away. Her virginity-losing orgasm had been so intense that it had completely depleted her energy. As a result, her knees buckled and she soon found herself face down on the ground in an ocean of cum. Luckily, Mat had enough strength left to remain upright. Nonetheless, he took a seat next to his naked lover and waited for her to recover.

It took almost a minute, but she finally found the strength to sit up. Wiping the thick layer of cum that still clung to her eyelids, she glanced at her surroundings. Her jaw dropped open at the sight of orgasmilk-stained surroundings. Though she had climaxed hundreds of times during her daily masturbation sessions, never before had she seen so much cum. Of course, some of it came from Mat, but the sheer amount displayed before her seemed impossible. But she forgot all about that when she realized something.

Oh my god! she gasped. Im no longer a virgin. For a second, she felt ashamed of the perverse events leading to her virginity loss, but it was almost immediately washed away by an overwhelming sense of pride and relief. After all those years spent as a shy virgin, she was now a woman. And even better, the incredible ordeal she had just been through had helped her break free from her shell of shyness and antisocialism. For the first time in her life, she felt normal. At least, as normal as a woman who had just lost her virginity to her cousin could feel.

That was awesome, said Mat.

The two cousins shared a glance and a smile. They immediately knew that neither of them were ashamed by their incestuous encounter. In fact, they were proud of it. Obviously both determined to celebrate the special occasion, they shared yet another passionate kiss. But unlike their previous make out sessions, this one was filled with cum. Mat had had the presence of mind to lick up a mouthful of orgasmilk before the start of their tongue dance and it was now in an ocean of hot cum that their tongues waltzed around. Unfortunately, the incestuous make out session was not meant to last.

What the fuck? The voice echoed throughout the bathroom, making both cousins realize they were no longer alone. The incestuous kiss immediately came to an end as they turned to find&hellip,

Oh my god! they gasped in unison as they discovered a tall, studly dog standing before them. It took a few seconds, but Barbies brain eventually recognized the newcomer. However, she did more than just know him. She was related to him. Before her stood none other than Mats father. Her uncle!

To be continued in Part 2…


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez

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